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LETTERS Imagine the Traffic Jam Editor: In your excellent article about how Nutraceutical is holding hostage the heart of Noe Valley’s most important shopping street, I was floored by one excellent suggestion for the abandoned Real Food Company building: the re-opening of the now-shuttered, only–in–San Francisco skin salon and workers' cooperative, the Lusty Lady. I can see the marquee now: “Strippers with Strollers!” Rik Myślewski Duncan Street

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1. Counterfeit 5. Backs of the neck 10. Campus recruiting org. 14. “___ Shanter,” Burns poem 15. Civil rights org. 16. Belonging to me and y’all both 17. Shakespeare’s river 18. First First Lady 20. Doesn’t own 22. Newspaper page with photos of rich people 23. Medley and Hatfield, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” singers 26. Sch. fundraising gps. 27. Part of A.A.R.P.: Abbr. 28. Ninny 29. Double ___ Oreos 32. Kind of rally 34. Clergyman Cotton 38. The missing part of 18-Across “&” the missing part of 23-, 49-, or 57-Across 41. Organ on the left side of the body 42. 38-Across serving, slangily 43. Q.E.D. part 44. “His Master’s Voice” sloganeer 45. Basic stuff 47. CEO, CFO, etc. 49. Dostoevsky’s Dmitri, Ivan, and Alexei 54. Menus list them 56. Giants broadcaster Kuiper 57. Certain friars who sound like they’re from the Bay Area 60. Tach readings 61. Rave partner 62. About to cry

63. ___the crack of dawn 64. “Uh-huh” 65. Bronte’s John and Jane 66. Without: Fr. DOWN

1. ___ King Elementary School 2. “___ got a deal for you!” 3. In the midst of 4. “Through April and May, and even still in July and August...” 5. U-turn from SSE 6. TV clicker battery 7. Pari ___ (at an equal rate): Lat. 8. Canyon comebacks 9. ___ & Span (cleanser) 10. Shelfmate of Webster’s Dictionary, often

11. “It is ___ here!” (56-Across home run call) 12. Aikman and Donahue 13. Channel for Anderson Cooper 19. Barely catches, as the heels 21. 24th and 30th, for short 24. Barcelona’s land, to a native 25. ___ all: everyone 28. One-celled creature 29. Texting, for short 30. Kind of dance 31. Address that has a 5-Down in it 33. Kid’s sandwich, for short 35. That woman 36. Good Feelings, for one 37. Alphabetic trio 39. Tumultuous 40. Bellow

46. Control: Abbr. 47. Jazz singer Carmen 48. Accra’s land 49. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest author Ken 50. Leave ___ (require plastic surgery, perhaps) 51. Frank of the Mothers of Invention 52. Pope’s “An Essay ___” 53. Waistcoats 55. Make reference to 57. Fish banquet 58. What may follow you? 59. Gov. Cuomo’s milieu Solution on Page 35 NOTE: The current Voice Crossword and all past puzzles can be found at

One of the Best Editor: Twenty‐fourth Street between Noe and Castro streets was number 10 of 10 of the best gift‐gathering blocks in the Bay Area, according to the Novem‐ ber issue of San Francisco Magazine. “The Looker: Gift Guide 2013,” a holi‐ day feature by Lauren Murrow, in‐ cluded 24th Street as one of its top 10 destinations. Using a pictorial format, the maga‐ zine championed items sold at nine Noe Valley businesses. It showed a Winter Factory onesie available at Small Frys, a Hajigang sari throw from Global Exchange, a wool half‐button‐ down sweater from Sean, bake‐at‐ home chocolate chip pecan cookie dough from Noe Valley Bakery, an Alana Douvros python cuff from Gallery of Jewels, Beatles guitar picks from Russo Music, Amattere chocolate bars from Spain from Chocolate Cov‐ ered, Katie Gilmartin prints and Merry Widow Moulin Rouge cocktail recipe glasses from When Modern Was, and a St. George Distillery gin sampler from PlumpJack Wine & Spirits. Dani Sheehan-Meyer for the Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals Association

Out of Sight For Supervisor Scott Wiener and San Francisco Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius for helping shut down the Market Street Recycling Center These are refugees from a country you’ve never seen nor can imagine Men and women damaged or broken or both, who know you despise them Know you worship greed and nourish our smug disdain to make them vanish —Tom Peck Sept. 12, 2013

Noe Valley Voice November 2013  
Noe Valley Voice November 2013