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24 The Noe Valley Voice • November 2013

On 24th Street

Asked on Saturday, Oct. 19, in front of Starbucks at 24th and Noe streets:

What is your favorite dish in Noe Valley?

Melissa Contreras, 29th Street: I love the pepperoni pizza at Patxi’s—it’s not like anything I’ve had. There’s just something about the crust; it’s really rich.

Ashlei Maihack, Duncan Street: My favorite dish is called the Sonoma at Savor. It’s a chicken sandwich with pesto and onions, and it comes with beer-battered fries and a salad. I also love any type of burrito at Casa Mexicana. They have 10 types of meats and melt the cheese on the burrito.

Doug Will, 21st Street: My favorite dish is the Eggs Benedict at Le Zinc. The restaurant is a great place for breakfast.

Erika Friday, Yukon Street: Firefly has a lovely vermouth cocktail. The proportions are just right.

Cara and Brian Whitehill, Dolores Street: The spaghetti and meatballs at Basso’s is great. It’s a good, spicy meatball. The vegetable delight with chicken at Henry Hunan’s is another favorite; it’s quality food at a good price. Another one of our favorites is the Brussels sprouts at Pasta Pomodoro, and for breakfast, the pancakes at Chloe’s.

Geoff Martell, 23rd Street: My favorite dish is definitely the White Roll at Saru Sushi. It has yellowtail and a little avocado. I also like the goulash at Paprika [at 24th and Bartlett].

Carolyn Reiser and Teddy, Chattanooga Street: The appetizer platter at Fattoush is great. It has baba ghanoush, hummus, and tabbouleh. It’s easy and you can get it any time of the day. It’s fresh, and quick, and is something I can’t really make myself. I also love the Elizabeth Roll at Hamano Sushi.

Jon Pierucci, Vicksburg Street: The pizza, every type, at La Ciccia is excellent.

Interviews and images by Shayna Rubin

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