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LETTERS Not a Proponent of Pigeons Editor: I walk the neighborhood three times

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daily between 24th and 30th streets, Dolores and Castro, and I have noticed an increased influx of those lovely flying rats we so glibly call pigeons…or is it the other way around? Attractive and cute as they are, they leave a terrible mess and possible infection risk below wherever they roost, and roosting they are. Many buildings have been or are being remodeled here in Noe Valley, and often the bird spike strips get removed in the process, not always to be replaced. These strips provide only uncomfortable, non-injurious roosting areas for pigeons, so they go elsewhere to build their nests and poop on other heads, sidewalks, doorways, window ledges, etc.  Somehow we are providing them with food, too, which makes this an even more attractive place. Partially, outdoor restaurants and coffeehouses and their patrons can be to blame—there are, after all, crumbs—but so are homeowners (messy garbage habits, exacerbated by the pirates who go through the bins) and the workers on construction sites who are not careful about disposing their leftovers. Our dogs get into the litter as well, and end up getting sick from spoiled food. FYI, it is against the law in San Francisco to feed pigeons. Please think about Noe Valley and its appearance and atmosphere. Our resident hawk and the five or six ravens the neighborhood seems to be housing are doing their part, but the pigeon population is propagating beyond their ability to control it, and potential pestilence may result periodically if we don’t pay proper attention to this persistent problem! Peace. Shannon Miller Duncan Street


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A History Detective Editor: Here are answers to two of the questions in the September Rumors column: #3. The market at 23rd and Sanchez streets was the Edison Market. It was run by Ed and June Bolman in the 1950s. I used to stock shelves with their son Ed on delivery days. Their son took over the store when his parents died. Years later, Ed Jr. sold the store and joined a national food company

IN MEMORY KATHLEEN DWYER “Bird Lady of Noe Valley”


athleen Marie Dwyer, 65, one of the more vibrantly colorful threads in the social fabric of Noe Valley, died on Sunday, July 28, 2013, of complications from lung cancer. Born in 1948 in the Bronx, New York, Kathleen remained in that eastern state throughout her years of schooling. She came to San Francisco in 1977, first to the Marina and then to Cow Hollow. But the special charms of Noe Valley were hard to resist and Kathleen partnered in the purchase of an Edwardian on upper 29th Street, where she lived happily for 30 years. Professionally, Kathleen pioneered the emergent profession of computer programmer for West Coast Life Insurance Company. Later, she worked as a programmer for Macy’s on Market Street. But her true abiding passion was domestic animals. Cockatiels and African grey parrots, in particular her beloved Clifford, were her favorite. Eventually, she started her own small business boarding and caring for birds. The business reached a squawking climax one December when she housed over 60 birds for the holidays, earning her the affectionate moniker “Bird Lady of Noe Valley.” Kathleen attracted friends wherever she went, and the afternoon coffee group at Martha & Bros. on Church Street said that her natural kindness,

in sales. He was a good friend and passed away about six years ago. #4. Bud’s Ice Cream was on the corner of Castro and 24th. When I was a student at James Lick, the owner would only allow one student in the store at a time. Now I have some questions: 1. What was the name of the bakery where Noe Valley Bakery is now? Answer: Plates Bakery. 2. There also was a bakery on the corner of Diamond and 24th, where they are now building a kid center. Name? 3. In the 1940s, there was a butcher shop on Castro Street by 24th, next door to the corner drugstore, which is now a cotton clothing store. Twenty-five years ago it was a Mexican takeout restaurant. Names? In the 1940s, there was a hobby and toy store on 24th Street (above Castro) called Al’s. Al Frey was seldom in the store, but there was a note on the door that said, “Call Al in the alley” (a door next door that led to his home in the back). As kids we’d scream “Al!” and he’d come out and open the store so we could buy balsa airplane kits, etc. I also remember the old Noe Theater

humility, and big heart were simply irresistible. Her affection for disadvantaged dogs drew her to travel summers to Utah to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill sanctuary in Kanab. She also was a serial adopter and foster guardian of dogs from Muttville, a local senior dog rescue organization, including her latest furry companions Patootie and Daisey Mae. (Above, she’s shown with Taco, someone else’s dog she coveted.) Even after her illness restricted her to a motorized wheelchair, Kathleen was seen zipping all over Noe Valley— at Basso’s for hamburgers, Chloe’s for brunch, and Alice’s for lunch—her colorful beanies bobbing along in the breeze. Bon chance, cherie. We miss you a bunch! —The Coffee Group at Church Street Martha & Bros.

on 24th (near where Whole Foods is now), and today saw a written suggestion on the window of the empty natural food store across the street that it should become a movie theater. Good idea. Thanks for taking me back. Dave Sanchez 25th Street Editor’s Note: The bakery at Diamond and 24th was called Taste of Honey. And the takeout was Simon’s Spanish Shop (Hahn’s Hibachi is there now). However, we’re not sure what the name of the butcher shop was. Please tell.

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