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It’s not surprising to see today’s young musicians taking full advantage of new technologies; computers, the internet, recording programs and such, to create, produce and market their music. After all, most of them don’t know anything else, they grew up with PCs at home, cel phones, laptops, smart phones, iPads, and of course the now ubiquitous internet… But what about veteran performers who learned oldschool? For those whose wealth of knowledge and experience was gained in a time before computers, Pro-Tools and home-recording, iPhones, tablets, YouTube and Facebook, how do they adapt? If you are a member of WORLD5 you do it with a vengeance. These pros have proven that decades of experience combined with embracing cutting edge techniques and technology can be an amazingly powerful combo. This group is truly “global” in every sense of the word. Formed by musicians from the United States, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden these five talented musicians from different countries and cultures compose their songs remotely from the comfort of their own residences. Using every new tool at their disposal, they have conquered the geographical barriers to create music together. Utilizing digital technology to write and record their contributions to the band’s music, they then put the internet to work in order to communicate, collaborate and compose. Very long distances may separate them physically, but not musically. During the early stages of the creative process for each project, they discuss the vision of the song by Skype chatting, e-mails and midnight VOIP calls. Final tracks are uploaded to Randy Miller, not only a band member of World5, but also a sixteen-time nominated and four-time Grammy Winning Music Producer. Based in Austin, Texas, Randy tweaks and assembles all the individual recordings together, including lead vocals and backing vocals, completing each new song from WORLD5. 

InterMixx independent music magazine #113  

The triumphant return of the InterMixx independent music magazine as the Official Magazine of the Independent Music Conference®. This issue...

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