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gc women’s center library Among the number of services that the Womens Center provides, we also have an in-house library that covers a variety of topics. Check out time is for 2wks, and any member of the GC community can come, get registered and utilize the Center’s book resources. We also accept and encourage donations. So if you have a book, bring it by!


The WC has a Nursing Nest where mothers who breastfeed can come to either breastfeed or express milk. The Nursing Nest is a comfortable area equipped with power outlets for pumps.


Men of Strength is a relatively new organization that gives men on Georgia College campus the opportunity to discuss and create awareness about gender issues. It was created by graduate student Dustin Miller to serve as a safe place for men to speak freely and openly about their thoughts and opinions regarding gender, particularly gender violence. The group met every other Tuesday of the month, and any and all males are encouraged to attend and have their voice heard.

Women on WEdnesday

Join us in the Women Center on Wednesdays to met with women who have demonstrated great leadership through their work and share your own stories of accomplishment and future ambitions. Meetings at held at 12 pm and everyone is welcome. Bring a lunch and join in the discussion!