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How Live Chat Makes Your E-Shop Better than a Physical Store? Live chat has truly eliminated all the concerns of vendors regarding the creditability and worth of an e-store. By integrating live chat software on their e-stores, the merchants can provide a fast and reliable contact center to their all online customers. Thus, the easy accessibility, seamless communication and quick issue resolution through live chat makes an e-store far more valuable than a walk-in store. Although, E-commerce has gained a considerable popularity owing to latest marketing and sales trends but still some merchants are hesitant to run their businesses without having a physical presence. They have their own justified concerns, as they cannot win their customers’ trust without having a face-to-face contact. Moreover, they also argue that serving their customers at the same level they used to serve in a typical brick and mortar store becomes a bit difficult. The strongest argument that most of the merchants present is that a virtual presence weakens the relationship between a customer and a merchant. Supporters of walk-in stores also believe that without having a direct contact with customers, entrepreneurs cannot judge their varying buying behaviors. This in-turn affects their customer service and marketing strategies. Taking these apprehensions into account, the IT experts and e-business gurus have come up with new e-business tools and software. One of these is, live chat software. Let’s have a detailed look on how integrating live cat software can resolve your fears regarding e-stores credibility. Provides Easy Accessibility Live chat on your e-commerce website makes it equally easy both for you and your customers to approach each other. Usually, the chat operators proactively greet the visitor, the moment he lands on your page or in case a customer himself can start a chat, when he needs assistance. Thus, the experience becomes the same as in a typical brick and mortar store. Seamless and Effective Communication Unlike a traditional store, the conversation between the sales persons and customers at an estore is carried out in a textual form. This enables both the sales persons as well customers to understand each other’s words easily. Neither customers have to stand long in the queues; nor do they need to wait for the slow email response. The seamless text based conversation through online chat, enables customers to get all their queries resolved just in a single meeting. Expands Your Reach

Having a physical presence limits your reach to a certain area. However, deploying online support, you can market and sell your products all across the globe. Actually, having a digital presence with live support, you can invite customers from all across the globe. The 24/7 availability feature of online chat enables you to maximize your services round the clock. This way, eliminating the time zone difference, you can invite your worldwide customers to buy from you, whenever they want. Turns Your Little Investments into Big Rewards Maintaining a virtual store is far less costly than a physical store. You don’t need to purchase a huge space to accommodate a large staff or invest on infrastructure; because live chat helps you maintain a virtual presence with real persons. The multitasking feature of this web-based chat application actually enables your single chat operator to handle multiple customers simultaneously. Thus, live chat not only cuts down the cost of hiring huge staff but also enhances the quality of your customer service. Enhances an Overall Level of Customer Service Live chat on your e-stores enables you to deliver an overall enhanced customer experience. By providing live chat apps for smartphones and other latest communication devices, you enable your customers to develop an easy contact with you. Your customers can multitask while shopping from your e-stores. Overall, live chat has revolutionized the online business world in an amazing way.

How live chat makes your e shop better than a physical store  

Live chat has truly eliminated all the concerns of vendors regarding the creditability and worth of an e-store.

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