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by Noe Rodriguez

Reputation Management Nowadays being aware of how your company is represented across the internet and knowing how these representations affect you is essential to the health of your online presence this is RM. Reputation Management is the process of tracking an entity's actions, the analyzing of the feedback people is giving to them, and the way we do respond or handle them. Being proactive in step of being reactive as normal management usually do. Having an eye in our Company's image, a new way of doing management.


Reputation Manager Profile The R. Mgt. Specialist manages accounts setup, client content gathering and workflow supporting reputation Management, social media and satisfaction surveys. Responsible for on-line content, tracking and analysis of reputation factors and coaching account to successful management of their on-line reputation. Reputation Manager specialist may prepare account for fulfillment by 3rd party team.


Reputation Manager Skills

1. Knowledgeable in online marketing strategies 2. Must be able to train clients and sales reps on products functionality 3. Must be able to speak professionally on technical issues and client training. 4. Demonstrate a good focus on Customer Service with mediation skills. 5. Basic knowledge of SEO and social media channel 6. Must be multi-task oriented and be able to respond to changing priorities 7. Must work well both independently and as part of a team 8. Excellent written and verbal communications skillS 9. Must possess excellent organizational skills


Reputation Manager Duties


Reputation Manager Duties 1. Prevention, The manager has to established an Internet Reputation Management Council; Develop policies and procedures; Train and communicate with the staff & measure progress against objectives 2. Monitoring, The manager has to understand the critical areas and the Internet ecosystem to monitor 3. Analysis, The manager has to data sorting, analysis & prioritize the threats; manage the organizational coordination through the brand protect 4. Mitigation, Define processes to address different threat; Mitigation services available: Review and remediation of mitigation processes


Reputation Mgt skills differ from regular Mgt skills Nowadays the internet has become an important matter in the hospitality industry, and managers does not have the time and either the special skills to take care of these problems. And there is where a reputation manager come an specialist in digital marketing, with an special and good understanding of the social media, good technical skills in Internet systems, a well understanding of this systems. A RM is someone proactive, in direct contact with all our clients, he knows how do they think, what do they want and how to answer them, while regular managers are working in other matters.


R. Mgt relation with Social Media MkgMgt The relationship between reputation Management and Social Media Marketing Mgt is a direct relationship, and is important that channels of communication between the two functions have to be established in order to get a well functionality of the company. Parallels strategies must be set as well, and a RM will always participated in the social media strategy as he knows what is better for the company and how this one has to be seen by their clients in the digital world.


Reputation Manager role - success evaluation. How your hospitality institution will be able to evaluate The success of their RM role, easily. This could be seen by the results, and by the way clients talk about us in the social media. Also if their Functions or duties as they are well defined are not done, the problems will grow faster, as information on the web internet moves around at a speed not seen before. Today this position is key for the image of any organization therefore this managers also have goals set, and their goal are not the easiest ones.


Reputation Management  

Reputation Manager Profile

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