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NJEWELLERY DEBUT COLLECTION 2011 I am delighted to present the Njewellery Collection and share with you some of my work over the past few months. It has been a hectic 2011 launching Njewellery, working on exciting private commissions and developing the debut Njewellery collection. The collection consists of simple, elegant, interactive pieces of fine jewellery that have been designed to encourage you to pick them up, play around with them and get a sense for how they feel on your skin. Although I believe jewellery to be something precious and special, my aim with this collection was to create pieces that become a part of your daily life. Not something that is kept in a box for 'special' occasions. It is about the nicks and bumps a piece picks up over time that tell a story – its something special every day.

The All Squared range consists of soft geometric forms, many of which have been designed to double up both as rings and pendants. The Lilly range came from a set of photographs taken at the local flower market and features one of my favourite pieces from the entire collection - The Split Lilly Ring.

From a gift designed and made for my mother came the Ama set of rings. Such was the interest in the piece that I decided to develop the design further and it has proven a massive hit. A small foray into men's jewellery has left me wanting more, so watch this space as I hope to further the men's Njewellery line in the not so distant future.

I hope you enjoy wearing the Njewellery collection as much as I have loved designing and making it. That is, after all, what it is all about.

Njwellery Debut Collection All Squared

18ct yellow gold square rose ring ÂŁ700.00

18ct yellow gold double square sapphire ring ÂŁ540.00

18ct yellow gold full eternity diamond ring ÂŁ1,200.00

18ct yellow gold half eternity diamond & plain square ring ÂŁ1,230.00

18ct yellow gold half eternity diamond ring ÂŁ900.00

18ct yellow gold three square stack ring ÂŁ880.00

18ct yellow gold half eternity diamond full stack ring ÂŁ1,800.00

18ct yellow gold double square stud earrings ÂŁ250.00

18ct yellow gold double square drop earrings ÂŁ270.00

18ct yellow gold double square pendant ÂŁ350.00

18ct yellow gold double square interchangeable sapphire pendant ÂŁ700.00

18ct yellow gold half eternity diamond pendant ÂŁ1,150.00

18ct yellow gold square and half eternity diamond pendant ÂŁ1,450.00

18ct yellow plain gold pendant & 18ct white gold full eternity diamond pendant ÂŁ1,500.00

18ct full eternity diamond pendant ÂŁ1,200.00

Men's double square white gold ring 18ct white gold £760.00 9ct white gold £350.00

Men's double square yellow gold cuff links 18ct yellow gold £740.00 9ct yellow gold £300.00

Njwellery Debut Collection Lilly

18ct yellow gold split lilly ring ÂŁ450.00

18ct yellow gold split lilly ring Half lilly ÂŁ250.00 Whole lilly ÂŁ450.00

18ct yellow gold diamond stud lilly earrings ÂŁ450.00

18ct yellow gold diamond lilly pendant ÂŁ450.00

18ct yellow, white & rose gold single diamond lilly stack ring ÂŁ825.00

18ct white gold single diamond lilly ring ÂŁ300.00

18ct rose gold single diamond lilly ring ÂŁ300.00

18ct yellow gold single diamond lilly ring ÂŁ300.00

Men's yellow gold lilly cuff links 18ct yellow gold ÂŁ760.00 9ct yellow gold ÂŁ350.00

Njwellery Debut Collection Ama

18ct rose gold Ama ring ÂŁ465.00

18ct rose gold Ama ring ÂŁ465.00

18ct yellow gold and pink sapphire Ama ring ÂŁ495.00

18ct yellow gold and pink sapphire Ama ring ÂŁ495.00

Client Testimonials

“We came to Nuria to create a pendant to give to my sisters and my mom at my wedding. When meeting with Nuria, Nuria, she listened to our very vague ideas and was able to help mould those ideas into a final work of art through providing pictures for inspiration and lot of her own ideas. She then put all the ideas together in sketches for us to pick the final design. The finished product looked even better than we imagined and we absolutely loved the pendants! We loved working with Nuria as she made it fun and easy to collaborate on creating a special piece of jewellery. jewellery. My sisters and my mom absolutely loved their gifts and we receive a lot of compliments on them all the time! We can't wait to create many more pieces with her in the future :)� :)� Adrienne and Ben Himmelberger, Himmelberger, London 2011

'We had our engagement ring made by Nuria. She was incredibly patient, taking the time to make sure we were comfortable with our choices. She listened all the way through the process and came up with a design that was perfect for us.‘ Darragh and Flora, London 2011

“Thank you for everything you have done to help make our wedding so special.� Naomi and Andrew, Edinburgh 2011

“Thank you so much for designing and creating my beautiful engagement ring, made with obvious care, skill and attention to detail. It is something I will treasure forever and it is extra special with xx”” how you and Anthony made it unique to me. xx Rachel, Dublin 2011

“Nuria has a great eye for the fashionable and elegant, which is a huge help in creating just the right piece for a loved one.� Kyle, New York 2011

“I just wish to state that Nuria's dedication and skill has made my fiancée very happy. From the initial meeting with Nuria to the delivery of the ring, the whole process and the craft evidenced have been exceptional. I would, and have, happily recommend Nuria to anyone looking for a piece of beautiful bespoke jewellery.” Philip O'Keeffe, London.

2011 really has been an incredibly busy and exciting year, more so than I ever could have imagined. Njewellery was born in April 2011 and since then we have moved into a new studio space, launched the collection and worked on many very special commissions. The coming year will see the Njewellery men's range further expand and I will be developing a range of engagement rings, so watch this space. As always you can follow any Njewellery activity on our website, facebook and twitter pages. For those of you already planning your Christmas presents, make sure to get your orders in before the 4th of December to avoid disappointment. Looking forward to a busy and exciting 2012.

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Njewellery Review 2011  

A review of the work from Njewellery, the jewellery design and goldsmith brand based in East London.