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2020, Issue 2

Reasons to Renew Your Membership NOW! Inclusion in our Member Services Directory! Reduced fees for the May Western Dressage Clinic

Reduced Fees for the NODA Adult Dressage Camp Keep Getting Your NODA News! Membership Form, page 20

In this Issue: Friends and Fun at NODA’s 2019 Awards Banquet Celebration, page 4 Painting Party and Lunch, page 8 Western Dressage Clinic, Information and Registration, page 10 From the Archives, page 12 Overview of the Collective Marks, page 13 Dressage and More Camp for the Adult Rider, Information and Registration, page 16 2020 NODA Member Services Directory—details to be included, page 19

This is your last issue of NODA News unless you renew your membership

Greetings from NODA’s President; Niki Sackman The Northern Ohio Dressage Association is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Education Organization

2020/2021 NODA Board Executive Board President Niki Sackman 440-454-4709 President@nodarider.org Vice President 330-357-9981 Rachel Aderhold VP@nodarider.org Treasurer Dee Liebenthal 216-534-1911 Treasurer@nodarider.org Secretary Patti Valencic 216-956-0985 Secretary@nodarider.org Parliamentarian Barb Soukup 440-339-3980 Parliamentarian@nodarider.org

Directors at Large Kathy Kirchner 330-995-6010 Kathy-DAL@nodarider.org Mary Lou Gallagher 216-941-6582 MaryLou-DAL@nodarider.org Dale Lappert 330-527-4683 Dale-DAL@nodarider.org Christine Thompson 440-590-1598 Christine-DAL@nodarider.org Arielle Brodkey 440-454-4709 Arielle-DAL@nodarider.org

Board Meetings

Greetings, As I write this and look out my window, Old Man Winter has Arthur decided to return. My windows are a sheet of ice, the wind is blowing, and the snow is swirling around the yard. The perfect opportunity to sit in front of the fireplace and work on various NODA projects, schooling show business, and to get things organized, as before we know it spring will be here. Personally, I’m not a big fan of winter. If it was 75° and Niki Sackman & Raina snowing, that I could handle, but 20° or lower I can do without. To those of you that show and spend winter in Florida, lucky you and enjoy! A fun social event that NODA has partnered with CADS is Passage into Painting on February 29th at Brecksville Stables. This will be a great opportunity to mingle with others who love horses and dressage, paint a colorful horse head with NODA’s Jennifer Cooper and enjoy lunch. The painting is limited to 30 participants (all ages) but all are welcome to come socialize and have some fun. Further details are on page 8 of this newsletter. NODA and CADS are exploring other combined events to host. On the schooling shows front, the committee is working on some new programs. One that I am excited to announce is a medals program for our schooling show competitors. Another program we are working on is benefits for our professionals who give countless hours caring for our beloved horses, teaching us, taking us to shows, providing friendship, and yes, at times, being our therapists. The words “thank you” do not express how much I appreciate my trainer and how much she means to me, and I’m sure so many of you feel the same way. We are in the beginning stages of designing our professional program and have most of the details ironed out for the medals program. More information will be forthcoming. NODA’s education committee is working on several educational events. Part 2 of the USDF L Program is being planned as well as some ideas for future clinics. I know many of you are looking forward to the Adult Dressage Camp and More at the end of July, which is open to any of our adult members (amateurs and professionals). All have had a great time in the past. In May, NODA is hosting a two-day Western Dressage Clinic and in June, we will once again offer a Dressage Ride-a-Test Clinic the day before the June schooling show. This is also a well-attended and enjoyed annual weekend event. I would like to thank and welcome Molly Reeves as our new Correspondence Secretary. In addition to handling certain correspondence for the board, she will be assisting with branding, designing letterhead and some other projects for the board. If you are interested in volunteering, have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out to any of our board members. Our members and volunteers are what makes NODA great! Stay warm, think spring and Happy Valentine’s Day, Niki Sackman President

Second Monday of the Month Panera Bread, 6130 Kruse Road, Solon

NEXT MEETING 6:00pm February 10, 2020 NODA News 2020, Page 2

Cover Photo: 2019 NODA Reserve Champion awards. Photo courtesy of Mosie Welch.

NODA Chairpersons & Committees Communications Correspondence Secretary : Molly Reeves 440-334-3947 Correspondence@nodarider.org Member Services Directory Mosie Welch: 330-618-5838 Directory@nodarider.org

Newsletter Lead Editor, Content/Layout Mosie Welch 330-618-5838 Mosie-Editor@nodarider.org Advertising/Classifieds Editor Jennifer Cooper 216-469-3920 Advertisers@nodarider.org Corral Magazine: Mosie Welch 330-618-5838 Mosie-Editor@nodarider.org

Website, Facebook & Email News Webmaster Lesley Matt 440-503-6214 Webmaster@nodarider.org

Instagram & Twitter Administrator, Janice Lawrenz 440-478-6806 Posts@nodarider.org

Education Programs Education Chair: Linda McGall 330-328-9878 Linda-Edu@nodarider.org

Membership & Liaisons Membership Chair Fran Cverna 440-834-1774 Membership@nodarider.org External Relations Lisa Gorretta 440-543-8682 Ext-Relations@nodarider.org Junior & Young Rider Liaison Christa Sandy 216-314-4871 Jr-YR@nodarider.org Member Liaison: Kathy Kirchner 330-995-6010 MemberRep@nodarider.org Professional Liaison Arielle Brodkey VP@nodarider.org 216-496-1299 Western Dressage Liaison Halle Clause 330-472-0888 WesternDressage@nodarider.org

NODA News 2020, Page 3

Historical Archives Historian : Fran Cverna 440-834-1774 Historian@nodarider.org

Competitions Recognized Shows Co-Chair Dee Liebenthal 216-534-1911 RS-Chair@nodarider.org Co-Chair Rachel Aderhold

VP@nodarider.org Manager/Secretary Kevin Bradbury 734-426-2111 Ext 111 Info@horseshowoffice.com

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Volunteer Coordinator Karen Shirring 330-220-4705 RS-vol-coord@nodarider.org Sponsors/Advertising Christine Thompson 440-590-1598 Sponsors@nodarider.org Program Coordinator Elizabeth Bross 814-881-2786 Program@nodarider.org

Little Stinker Farm North Crest Equestrian Center

Schooling Shows Chair Sally Burton 440-221-7544 SchoolingShow@nodarider.org

Poulin Dressage

Show Secretary Niki Sackman 440-454-4709 SS-Secretary@nodarider.org Volunteer Coordinator Sally Burton 440-221-7544 SS-Volunteers@nodarider.org

Year-End Awards

Rivendel Farm The Visiting Vet

Chair Janeen Langowski-Grava 440-666-6182 Yearend-Awards@nodarider.org

Silent Auction Chair Patty Keim 330-350-2775 SilentAuction@nodarider.org

Year-End Awards Banquet Banquet Co-Chair Sally Burton 440-221-7544 Banquet@nodarider.org Banquet Co-Chair Niki Sackman 440-454-4709 SS-Secretary@nodarider.org

Topline Stables Please Support NODA’s Advertisers with your Business! Please share your copy of NODA News with a friend or at the stable when you are finished reading!

Northern Ohio Dressage Association Friends and Fun at the 2019 Year End Awards Celebration Sunday November 24, 2019

Holiday Inn, Independence

Photos by Sabine Walker and Mosie Welch

NODA News 2020, Page 4

Northern Ohio Dressage Association Friends and Fun at the 2019 Year End Awards Celebration Sunday November 24, 2019

Holiday Inn, Independence

Photos by Sabine Walker and Mosie Welch

NODA Appreciates Our Banquet Sponsors Big Dee's By Design Equestrian Boutique Jennifer McLandrich Danial Rand Dee Liebenthal Horsemen's Pride Kathy Kirchner Lake Erie College ~ Pam Hess Massage in Harmony by Angela Angela Rahn Saddles 101 ~ Heather Soones Booher Schneiders Saddlery Stein Equine ~ Kristin Stein Sunnyside Toyota ~ Lori Sovey-Strah Topline Stables at Walden Janeen Langowski Grava Visiting Vet ~ Jeni Gaffney Kathleen R. Worgul Ohio Equestrian Directory Erika Milenlovich

Thank You for Your Generosity! NODA News 2020, Page 5

NODA News 2020, Page 6

Congratulations New 2019 USDF L Education Program Graduates Lexington, KY (January 2, 2020) - The United States Dressage Federation™ (USDF) is pleased to announce that 38 USDF members successfully graduated from the USDF L Education Program in 2019. This program is designed to prepare candidates to enter the USEF/USDF Recorded (‘r') Dressage Judge Training Program, to qualify individuals to judge schooling shows, and to give competitors, trainers, and instructors greater insight into the evaluative process of judging dressage. The program also serves to provide continuing education for USDF L Education Program Graduates and is an excellent opportunity for all USDF members to learn how to improve their scores and improve their ability to view other rides from a judge's perspective, whether or not they plan on becoming licensed judges themselves. The program's faculty are all approved USEF Senior (‘S') dressage judges, who also have experience in teaching judge-training programs. Congratulations to the following 2019 USDF L Education Program Graduates: Region 1: *Jennifer Brown, MD *Lisa Eagley, VA *Heather Hamilton, NC *Ginger Henderson,VA Brooke Leininger, PA Lisa Moosmueller-Terry, VA Stephanie Ormston, MD Region 2: Julie Davies Pagels,WI Helen Pianca, OH Region 3: Cara Blanchard, FL *Megan Compton, AL *Eline Eckroth, FL Dominique Ferguson, FL Paulette Stoudt, FL Kelly Theisen, GA Anna Toomey, FL *Michelle Velasco, FL Anne Zaharias, FL

Region 4: Samantha Martinson, MN Region 5: *Kirsi Hussa, WY Region 6: Cyra Carlson, WA *Matthew Eagan,WA Rachel Marie, WA Becky Mathews, WA Megan Pugh, OR Christine Robinson, MT Helena Rouhe, ID Linda Snyder, MT Christy Taylor, ID Region 9: Crystal Forsell, TX Noell Lacy, TX *Danielle Meyers, TX Grace Owsley, TX Ashley Shaw, TX *Bre Tamminga, TX Rebekah Wesatzke, TX

*Denotes those that graduated with distinction. Those who pass with distinction are eligible to apply to enter the USEF/ USDF ‘r' judge training program. For more information about the USDF L Education Program, to access a list of program graduates, for a calendar of upcoming USDF L Education Programs, or for details on hosting a program, visit www.usdf.org or contact USDF at Lprogram@usdf.org. Founded in 1973, the United States Dressage Federation is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to education, recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage. For more information about USDF membership or programs, visit www.usdf.org, email usdressage@usdf.org, or call (859) 971-2277.

Some Benefits of Northern Ohio Dressage Association, USDF Group Member Organization Membership Reduced fees at NODA schooling shows, clinics, camp, and symposiums Inclusion in the NODA Member Services Directory and Stable Listings—join by March 1, 2020 NODA and The Dressage Foundation scholarships for professionals, adult amateurs, and young riders Year-end awards program —recognized and schooling Compete at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions without paying the USDF non-member fee Participate in the USDF Rider Award Program Earn USDF University education credit or participating in accredited educational opportunities NODA News 2020, Page 7

Register and pay online at the CADS website


For More Information Contact CADS


NODA News 2020, Page 8

NODA News 2020, Page 9

NODA News 2020, Page 10

NODA News 2020, Page 11

From the Archives with Historian Fran Cverna Our wonderful website is in the process of being updated in 2020! Here’s a little backstory on our award winning website. NODA has had three webmasters starting with Ashley Habsburg; 2000-2003. Tiffany Shaffer took over briefly in 2004-2005. For 14 years (2006-2019) Linda Cooley was our Webmaster and took the NODA website to several national USDF awards. This year Lesley Matt is our new Webmaster. NODA first developed a website 20 Years Ago. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter did not exist. Cell phones were just starting to get smart!

From the March 2000 NODA News As many of you know, NODA now has an official web site. In this era of technical communications, it only seemed logical that NODA jump on board the cyber-wagon and add a web site to supplement our newsletter (put out by the generous efforts of Bonnie Gray). It seemed logical, but the question was how? Surely, more goes into designing, building, and maintaining a web site than simply the desire to do it! As any editor can tell you, committing yourself to a publication (whether on line or on paper) is a big undertaking, and demands considerable time, effort, and resources. Last fall, Ashley Habsburg volunteered to develop our new web site, and to serve as our inaugural webmaster. The Board approved the plans, and the project move forward. First order of business: Find an internet service provider (ISP) that offered web site hosting. And what web address to use These addresses need to be registered with Internic, and many names, acronyms, and phrases are already registered and being used. After the first few choices were rejected (already taken), the address of www.NODArider.org was accepted, and duly registered. Next, NODA needed to obtain web development software with which to create the web site. Ashley, who in real life is a computer programmer, was already familiar with Microsoft FrontPage, so that platform was chosen. Ashley volunteered to use her own computer to design and maintain the web <site>, but a scanner was in order, so that photos of our riding achievements could be scanned and posted on the web. After researching the options, Ashley recommended a scanner, which was approved by the board and purchased. So, what next? Design the web <site>, totally from scratch, and find things to put on it. Following some basic “rules” if web site design and development, Ashley created the framework for our site. Then she created links to additional pages, as well as to other pertinent web sites, such a AHSA and USDF. The we <site> will evolve as people send in information, and new features are developed. Scores from our shows will be posted on the web site as well as in the newsletter. Another goal is to be able to post ride times on the web site, thereby easing the toll (no pun intended) on the telephone time-giver. The newsletter and the web site work cooperatively to provide information to NODA members. Take a look, if you haven’t already, at www.nodarider.org; visit often to keep up with al the changes. Questions or comments? Send them to Ashley at webmaster@nodarider.org. A final note: the newsletter and the web site are provided to us through the time, effort, and commitment of volunteers. Both the newsletter and the web site benefit from and rely on the input of members. Been to an interesting clinic recently? Have some new veterinary information to pass on? How about a hose-related news-flash from your barn that you’d like to share? NODA members want to hear about it! Write something up and send it in to Bonnie (our newsletter editor) and/or Ashley! Your contributions would be most welcome, and can add to the scope and interest of our NODA publications! NODA News 2020, Page 12

USDF L Education Program Session C—Overview of the Collective Marks Event Location: Topline Stables at Walden

Instructor: Joan Darnell, “S” Judge and L Faculty by Mosie Welch

Session C of the USDF L Education Program- Part 1, brought the dressage test into focus as Joan Darnell discussed collective marks. Collective marks are on the back page of the dressage test and include gaits, impulsion, submission, rider’s position and seat, and rider’s correct and effective use of aids. Included is a box for further remarks written by the judge. Session C is designed to help L program participants correctly evaluate gaits, differentiate between impulsion and suspension, evaluate rider biomechanics, and learn to write a short but meaningful summary in the further remarks. As a silent auditor, Session C was extremely helpful in understanding collective marks can help the rider. “The priority of the judge is to score each collective mark with a number, then provide a meaningful further remark.” Only if there’s time does “the judge comment on individual collectives.” The “collective marks are a message to the rider and should reflect the body of the test. The gait score can be higher, but the other collective marks must match (the scores in) the test.” Yet again, participants were advised to “READ the USEF rulebook on gaits.” Overview: Darnell reminded participants of a judge’s responsibilities: correctly placing the class, advocating for correct development of the horse and rider, assessing the basics in every movement, enhancing the quality of riding and training through comments and scoring, while upholding the standards of dressage by advocating for the horse. To aid in achieving these goals, Darnell urges participants to ask themselves, “what is the most helpful thing you can say so people come back and become more successful in the next test.” People are spending time and money coming to the show, so “address basics first, find the positive in the pair as well as the negative, and formulate a constructive remark.” Comments should be related to the Pyramid of Training. Each collective is specific.

indicates clear issues in gait purity. Going for a “10” in gaits? Your horse must be regular, exhibit freedom and range of motion in the shoulders and back, active hindquarters, uphill gaits, scope, amplitude, reach, and elasticity. The horses head, a variable tempo, or a fleeting irregularity do not affect the gait score. If a horse’s gaits improve in the free or medium walk, trot, or canter; that is an indication of rider interference and can add a .5 to the gait score. If the gaits improve as the test progresses it can also increase the gait score. A horse’s gait score can go down with ongoing disobedience and tension such as jigginess. Impulsion is engagement or the desire to move forward. The back is a huge indicator of impulsion as indicated by The 2019 Glossary of Judging Terms – Swinging Back – the springy motion that occurs when the thrust off the hind legs is transmitted through a stretched top line by trunk muscles that contract and “release” rhythmically rather than remaining either rigid or slack.” This collective only relates to the trot and canter work. At Second Level this includes carrying power and engagement in collection. The walk does not exhibit these qualities so if the walk needs more power then the walk “needs energy.” The opposite of impulsion is earthbound, flat gaits, hurried or running, tight back, and short steps. Satisfactory is a 6. If you are getting a 5, your horse is earthbound and tight in the back and you need more” go.” The horse is blocked from moving forward. A “4” horse is sluggish and tight. A horse that gets a “7” meets the demands of the test to lengthen and to move forward. Scores of “8” and above are always about movements that express freedom, scope, reach, elasticity, and amplitude.

Submission is a horse’s willing cooperation and harmony with the rider, demonstrating an attentive and confident attitude. Willingness to perform the required exercise as well as cooperate with correct basics. Judges should look for a horse that is straight, able to accept and respond to a Gaits: Quality of gaits determines how much higher than rider’s aids, a horse that focuses on the rider and not the surroundings, and a horse that is light on the forehand 5 the horse should get. During the test a judge must and moves with ease through the test. If a horse does evaluate each gait and assign a number, then divide by spook, “is there an obvious reason for it and how do they three and that is the gait score. When considering gaits come back from it.” Submission issues are head tilt, look for regularity and rhythm. Is the horse even and drifting on simple changes, head bobbing in canter, behind sound? A ”6” performance is always regular in trot and canter, but there may be some irregularity in the walk. A the vertical, lack of bend, loss of balance, avoiding “7” is regular in all three gaits but has less freedom, scope, contact, incorrect alignment on straight and curved lines, lack of forward energy, and slow to fulfill riders’ requests. and reach than gaits scored “8” and above. A “5” is marginal ; the walk and canter are not clear, while a “4” NODA News 2020, Page 13

Rider Position and Seat: The judge looks for the rider’s Continued on page 14

posture and alignment, stability in the saddle, weight placement, rider elasticity and ability to follow the mechanics of the gaits. Judges see riders rock side to side in the saddle, shift weight on circles, stiff in arms and body, elbows out, leaning back, bouncing, unlevel hands, hunching shoulders, or chair seat. Judges also see yanking or pulling which must affect the score and be included in comments. It is appropriate to advocate for the horse and say, “I did not enjoy seeing you yank on your horses head.” A “7” is a nice picture with some loss of position. A “6” score is a busy looking rider with lack of core stability. A “5” rider interferes with the horse, can’t sit the trot, and has minimal connection. Intentionally yanking or impeding the horse is a “4”. If it is “extensive impeding, the score is a “3”; ring the rider out and give them a yellow card.” Rider’s Correct and Effective Use of the Aids includes clarity, subtlety, and independence of the rider’s aids and the accuracy of the test. Judges are looking for correct geometry, use of voice, timing of aids, horse’s timely response to aids, rider blocking energy, unclear aids, using the reins for balance. It does overlap with a rider’s position and seat as an unstable core, riding front to back, and a lack of security in the saddle affect the application of the aids. If you are getting a “7” then you are directing an obedient horse that is in front of your generally independent aids and you are generally riding an accurate test. A “6” is a rider that exhibits obvious lack of independence in the use of the aids, but horse responds with some rider induced faults such as head wagging or poor transitions. A marginal “5” is based on exaggerated aid that result in poor influence of the horse or a lack of the use of correct aids, and a poor rapport with the horse. A “4” indicates the rider is using conflicting aids and miscuing the horse. The Take Away: Collective marks are a valuable tool for riders to evaluate overall progress. Darnell encourages L program participants to develop a consistent and constructive methodology of assigning scores to collective marks and writing further remarks that concisely let a rider know what is needed for overall improvement. A movement score is one component of the test, a collective mark is the overall view of the test ride and is the way for judges to help a rider by answering the question, “what can I do to improve in my performance in the next test.” While the “fix” may not be so easy, reviewing tests over time can help riders pinpoint trends in comments and inform training decisions. Session C of the L program was extremely informative. I am thankful for the opportunity to audit, report, and write about all three sessions of Part 1 of the USDF L Education Program sponsored by NODA in 2019. It’s time for a review of the collective marks from my 2019 dressage tests. NODA News 2020, Page 14

NODA News 2020, Page 15

NODA News 2020, Page 16

NODA News 2020, Page 17

January 17, 2020

TDF's Dreitzler Fund to Provide Grants for Events with International Clinicians The Dressage Foundation (TDF) has announced that a change to a Grant Fund will result in funding being available for events with international clinicians. In 2013, Ralph and Freddie Dreitzler and family established the “Heldenberg Training Center Fund in Memory of E.L. Dreitzler” to give grant recipients the opportunity to attend educational events at the Spanish Riding School’s Heldenberg Center. A decrease in the training opportunities at the Heldenberg Center led the Dreitzlers to change the focus of the Fund, which is now the “Dreitzler International Clinician Fund.” The family’s goal is to help clinic organizers offer exceptional educational opportunities with top international clinicians in the U.S. Ralph shared, “We are happy to change the focus of this Fund to be of assistance in getting high caliber clinicians to come to the USA.” Equestrian organizations, dressage clubs, and owners of private facilities who are hosting educational events with clinicians from countries outside of the United States are eligible to apply. Details about the Grant Fund are available by clicking here. Contact Jenny Johnson, TDF’s Executive Director, at (402) 434-8585 or jenny@dressagefoundation.org with questions or for more information. The Dressage Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, whose mission is to cultivate and provide financial support for the advancement of dressage in the United States.

NODA News 2020, Page 18

Membership News by Fran Cverna, Membership Chair

NODA’s 2020 Membership Year runs from 12/1/2019– 11/30/2020 Thank you to our members who have renewed for 2020! As of 1/15/2020, we have 157 members, 103 Adult Amateurs 21 Youth 33 Professionals

Megan Barnhizer

Welcome New Members Kate Coleman-Morrison Jill Ekis

Traci Schon

Congratulations to the winner of a free 2021 membership, drawn from among those who renewed on or before the NODA banquet

Lizbeth Ann Overbaugh!

If you have not renewed your membership, this is your last issue of NODA News! Renew online at www.nodrider.org OR Use the Membership Form on Page 20

If you have not already done so, Renew your NODA membership today!

2020 NODA Member Services Directory A Benefit for Our Members An Opportunity for Free Advertising for Your Services 1. You MUST be a member by March 1, 2020 to be included in the 2020 Member Services Directory 2. There will be three service categories (members may be listed in more than one category) A. USEF/USDF Professionals: includes instructors, trainers, and judges B. Equestrian Professionals: other equestrian services C. Non-equestrian services offered by our members 3. Directory will be posted on NODA’s website for one year & in the NODA News for one month.

Members will be contacted the first week of March by email for inclusion The 2020 Membership Directory will be listed by category and include Business Name Member Name Services Offered Short Description of Services Contact Information For more information contact Mosie Welch at Directory@nodarider.org

NODA News 2020, Page 19

NODA News 2020, Page 20

NODA News 2020, Page 21

Classifieds & Member Stable Listings Classified Ads Info NODA Member BENEFIT One free ad at a time for 2 issues

60 words or less FREE 60- 80 words $10.00 Photo $10.0/two Issues Non-member Ads/2 issues 60 words or less $10.00 60â&#x20AC;&#x201D;80 words add $5.00 PHOTO w/ad $20.00:

APPAREL, TACK & EQUIPMENT 2010 FEATHERLITE GN TRAILER 2 horse, straight load, ramp Warmblood size. Mid tack & separate weekender LQ w/ electric. Great condition! Minimal use. Asking $18,000. Call or text 814-450-4496. (I-1)

Submit ad and payment by 15th of the month. Stable Listings Free for Members Only: include contact info, city and three lines. subject to editing. Website posting included. Classifieds Editor Jennifer Cooper


216-469-3920 Check payable to NODA: Jennifer Cooper 6395 Paine Road Painesville, OH 44077 Email ads to: Classifieds@nodarider.org

HORSES FOR SALE / LEASE FEI Pony wants to bring another child through the levels! Easy care, loves to show, no issues, never needs tuning. Brought current rider from beginner to Festival of Champions in 3 years with many Pony Cup championships. 2004 mare 13.3. Call Jayne Ayers for info 414-313-4146 or jayne@dressagehorse.com

Stall available Rosewood Stables in Columbia Station will have one stall available 2/1/20 for a gelding. Feed hay and grain 3x day, daily turnout in large paddocks (nighttime turnout in summer), indoor arena w shredded leather footing, fans in summer, warm water in winter. Check out our FB page for pics. Self clean $420, full clean $520. Jill 216/346-2811. (i-2) Stall available Double H Lane Stable at 12585 S. Reed Rd. Grafton (Easton TWP, just off Rt 82) Beautiful 8 horse stable has 2 stalls available. Large indoor and outdoor riding arenas, rubber floors in stalls, heated tack room and bathroom, wash rack, full turn-out on beautiful pastures. $475 per month. Call Lynn (216) 287-5425 (i-2)

MEMBER STABLE LISTINGS Bridlewood Dressage Farm Medina, OH Cheryl Slawter, 330-239-1997 www.BridlewoodDressageFarm.com

Indoor & 1 outdoor ring, pastures ,boarding, lessons, excellent care, friendly. Co-op boarding now available

Lake Erie College Equestrian Center, Concord OH Debbie Savage, 440-375-8011 USDF Gold Medalist, USEF S Dressage Judge dsavage@lec.edu Dressage training through Grand Prix. Schoolmasters available, accepting students. USEF /USDF Dressage Shows Meadow Creek Ranch Mantua, OH Kate Poulin, 386-624-3968 katepoulin@yahoo.com Heated barn/indoor. Ship in lessons welcome. Positive & Professional training atmosphere. Mithra Training Stable Jefferson, OH Wendy Gruskiewicz 440-213-0509 www.mithrastable.com Specializing in Arabian Sport Horses, dressage training, sales & lessons North Crest Equestrian Center Avon Lake, OH Julie Taylor, (440) 933-4654 www.northcrestequestrian.com

Dressage training & lessons, with lesson horses available, summer horse camps, birthday parties


NODA News 2020, Page 22

MEMBER STABLE LISTINGS Orchardview Stable Medina, OH, (330) 635-0161 Small private co-op barn. Indoor/outdoor arenas. Located across from MetroPark trails. Wash rack, pastures

Pleasant Valley Farm Willoughby Hills, OH Kris Lanphear, 440-942-9034 Board, daily grass T/O, trails, lessons, care of special need horses. Natural training to enhance dressage

Princeton Ridge Farms, Ltd. Huntsburg, OH 440-463-2428 www.princetonridge.net Quality horse care, boarding, lessons, and sport horse sales in Geauga County. Indoor/ outdoor arena, schooling jumps, trails Rhythmic Ridge Ranch Lorain County Debi Smith, 440-315-2660 Full care, indoor and lighted outdoor arenas, matted stalls and heated water buckets

Rivendel Farm Garrettsville, OH Bonnie Gray, Dale Lappert, R Dressage Judge (440) 813-4009 www.rivendeldressage.com Board, dressage/eventing. Indoor/outdoor, miles of trails with cross country fences

Member Stable Listings Rocky River Stables/Valley Riding , INC Cleveland. OH (216) 267-2525 www.valleyriding.org Margaret McElhany Boarding, lessons, pony /horse camps, therapeutic riding, indoor & outdoor arena, trails

Shadow Facs Farm Waterford, PA Debbie McCaughtry 814-796-6161 www.shadowfacsfarm.com Dressage and combined training, instruction, sales

Rosewood Stables, Columbia Station, OH Jill Voigt 440-236-8276 rosewood.stables@yahoo.com Small barn w/indoor arena,/outdoor riding, heated tack room, daily T/O, hay /grain, 3x/day, Full or self clean

Shade Tree Farm Bath, OH Betsy Rebar-Sell 330-351-1124 brsell@aol.com Full care, indoor & outdoor arenas, trails, turnout, lessons, and training

Topline Stables at Walden Aurora, OH Janeen Langowski Grava 330-995-0039 or 440-666-6182 www.topline-stables.com Boarding, lessons, clinics, sales, training, full care, indoor/outdoor, grass pastures Woods Edge Stable Burton, OH Anne Houin 216-598-0821 Houin3@yahoo.com Boarding, lessons, clinics, indoor/outdoor arenas. grass pastures, trails

NODA Board Meetings, Second Monday of the Month â&#x20AC;&#x201D; All Members Welcome to Attend NEXT BOARD MEETING: February 10, 2020 at 6:00pm Location: Panera Bread, 6130 Kruse Road, Solon OH NODA welcomes member comments, concerns, ideas, and questions regarding NODA activities, shows, and policies. Please contact your member representative at Memberrep@nodarider.org

Calendar of Events (**) Schooling Show Scores ELIGIBLE for 2019 NODA Year-End Awards

(**) Feb 23 Chagrin Valley Farms Dressage Schooling Show, www.chagrinvalleyfarms.com Chagrin Falls

April 2 - 5 Equine Affaire in Ohio www.EquineAffaire.com Ohio Expo Center, Columbus OH

FEB 6 - 8, 2020 USEF/WDAA Western Dressage Judges Seminar Open to Judge Applicants, Licensed Judges, and April 4-5 LEC Dressage Prix de Villes Auditors. Denver CO. More information at www.LEC.edu/equine-events USEF/USDF Recognized www.westerndressageassociation.org/WesternLake Erie College Equestrian Center, Concord, OH Dressage-Judges-Education-Program (**) Apr 19 Chagrin Valley Farms Dressage Show FEB 22 - 23 Dressage Clinic with Debbie Bowman Series Championship www.chagrinvalleyfarms.com Bowman is active with the United States Dressage Federation, and since 1991 she has served as Examiner of the (**) May 17 NODA Dressage Schooling Show USDF Instructor Certification Program. Meadow Creek Ranch, Mantua OH Jun 13-14 Dressage Prix de Villes Contact Kate Poulin at katepoulin@yahoo.com www.LEC.edu/equine-events USEF/USDF Recognized Lake Erie College Equestrian Center, Concord (**) Feb 23 Chagrin Valley Farms Dressage Schooling Show, www.ChagrinValleyFarms.com Chagrin Falls Jun 27-28 NODA Dressage 2020/Dressage 2020 Encore Shows, USEF/USDF Recognized www.nodarider.org March 13-14 LEC Winter Series Dressage Show Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls www.LEC.edu/equine-events USEF/USDF Recognized Lake Erie College Equestrian Center, Concord, OH July 30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Aug 2 NODA's Dressage Camp & More for Adult Riders See page 12 and 13 of this news**) Mar 29 Chagrin Valley Farms Dressage Schooling letter to register. Stone Gate Farm, Hanoverton, OH Show, www.chagrinvalleyfarms.com Chagrin Falls ALL NODA Events listed on page 16 of this newsletter For more calendar listings and information, www.nodarider.org USDF Recognized Shows by Region, www.USDF.org/calendar.competitions.asp NODA News 2020, Page 23

NODA News 8195 Guilford Road Seville, Ohio 44273

NONPROFIT Bulk Rate US Postage Paid Permit No. 6 Novelty, OH 44072

NODA Newsletter and Website Advertising Rates New Advertising Rates Effective January 1, 2020 Payment Deadline: 10th of the month to reserve space in NODA News for the next issue. Ads will be run print and digitally for the same amount of time. E-mail print ready ads in JPEG or .TIF format Select high quality or commercial printing, 300 dpi or higher when saving the file. Send to Jennifer at Advertisers@nodarider.org

Advertising Rates Width x Height One ISSUE Full Page 7.5” X 10” $100.00 Half Page 7.5” X 5” $55.00 Quarter Page 3.75” X 5” $26.00 Business Card 3.75” X 2” $20.00

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Complete and mail with your payment: Date: __________ Number of issues ad will run, choose one: One issue______ Six Issues______ Ad Size: __________

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2020 NODA News, Issue 2  

NODA News is a monthly publication of the Northern Ohio Dressage Association, www.NodaRider.org, USDF GMO Award Winning Newsletter & Websit...

2020 NODA News, Issue 2  

NODA News is a monthly publication of the Northern Ohio Dressage Association, www.NodaRider.org, USDF GMO Award Winning Newsletter & Websit...

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