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2018, Issue 4

Northern Ohio Dressage Association

Cover: Holly Taylor competes Cherokee Storm owned by Catherine Lavertu NODA Dressage 2017 Recognized Show Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls Ohio Photo Sabine Walker NODA News 2018byPage

In this issue:  President’s Letter  If you haven’t visited Chagrin Valley Farms in 2018 . . .  NODA Member News & Historical Archive Fun  Member Services Directory  NODA & Big Dee’s Bonus Bucks Program  NODA Recognized Shows News  Schooling Show News  Newsletter Submission Guidelines  USDF News

Greetings from the President The Northern Ohio Dressage Association is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Education Organization 2018/2019 NODA Board Executive Board President Barbara Soukup 440-339-3980 Vice President Arielle Brodkey 216-496-1299 Treasurer Dee Liebenthal 216-534-1911 Secretary Patti Valencic 216-956-0985 Parliamentarian Dee Liebenthal 216-534-1911

Directors at Large Kathy Kirchner 330-995-6010 Mary Lou Gallagher 216-941-6582

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ello NODA members, families, and friends, As I write this, I am amazed that the snow machine just refuses to let Springtime take its rightful place! I don’t know about you, but I am Barb Soukup & Hero so done with winter! On the bright side, the days are getting longer, and we have more daylight after work to help us get things done. Your Recognized Shows Committee has been working tirelessly to give member and nonmember competitors the best show experience possible. Before recommending a 2018 venue, the committee completed extensive research, reviewed venue survey responses (thanks everyone who participated!), and met with representatives from venues. The venue recommendation was presented and voted upon at the March NODA board meeting. MARK YOUR CALENDARS July 21 Dressage 2018 and July 22 Dressage 2018 Encore shows will be held at Chagrin Valley Farms in Chagrin Falls, Ohio The location of Chagrin Valley Farms (CVF) as a show venue is closer to many of our membership which makes it easier to get show volunteers and presents less travel expense for member and non-member competitors. We are very confident in Chagrin Valley Farms’ plan for improvements before our show which include working on drainage in the rings and around the barn and replacing the footing in the show rings area with top quality footing. The board feels CVF is working hard to supply our area with a top-quality venue, not only for shows but also for educational opportunities. With that in mind we feel it is important to show our support for their continuing improvements. Exciting news for riders 25 years of age or younger, of all levels! Kate Poulin is organizing a “Dressage4kids” Team Clinic featuring Lendon Grey at Chagrin Valley Farms June 9th and 10th. This will be an valuable educational opportunity for 8 to 12 lucky riders. Visit for rider application and clinic information by clicking on Programs, then select Team Program. Auditors are encouraged and welcomed!

NODA has joined the Big Dee’s Bonus Bucks Program which is an opportunity for NODA to earn up to $1,500 per year which will be used for awards and scholarship programs. You can support this wonderful opportunity by providing your name and mailing address to Big Dee’s the next time you are in the store or make a purchase online. Further details about the program are provided in this newsletter. The 2018 NODA Schooling Show Series Prize List has been mailed to all members. It is also available on the NODA website SCHOOLING Shows page. The first show is May 13 at Chagrin Valley Farms. Entries Open April 18. Save the date and be sure to submit your entry online or by US mail early! This show will fill quickly! Show volunteers are needed for all shows and signup available now for all shows. Visit the NODA website SCHOOLING Shows page for details and the VOLUNTEER page for job descriptions and NODA Buck information. 2018 Year-End Awards Criteria and Awards are available on the AWARDS pages of the NODA website. Please take some time to review the criteria, eligibility requirements, and awards for which you would like to apply. NEW for 2018 A Horse and Rider combination may apply for a total of three (3) Trophies in the following divisions:

  

Recognized/Unrecognized Trophies Unrecognized (Schooling) Shows Trophies

Recognized Shows Trophies NOTE: You may apply for any Special Trophies & Other Division, Recognized Shows Scholarship Awards, and Unrecognized Year-End Scholarship Awards.

Remember you must be a NODA Member BEFORE you earn any show scores to be used toward NODA Year-End Awards. The 2018 NODA Membership Form is available on the NODA website MEMBERSHIP page. Thank you for being part of NODA! Barb Soukup, NODA President

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If you haven’t visited Chagrin Valley Farms in 2018… By Betty Weibel, APR


With indoor improvements nearly complete and numerous new shows being added to the expanding 2018 show calendar, planning is full speed ahead on phase two of the outdoor renovation. Chagrin Valley Farms’ owners and management expect phase two will equal the cost and depth of improvements devoted to phase one. They are committed to being prepared for the spring horse show season which begins in May.

his fall the Schneider Family purchased Chagrin Valley Farms (CVF) and committed hundreds of thousands of dollars for major changes and improvements to bring new life to the 35-year-old equestrian facility. The Farm sits on 85 acres in Bainbridge Township and hosts a full slate of Dressage Schooling shows, Hunter/Jumper/Academy Shows, as well as USEF A- and B-Rated Shows. Phase one of the remodeling included the interior and is winding down “We are securing contractors and finalizing plans that and all eyes will turn to phase two – the exterior include refurbishing and/or replacing outdoor ring remodeling. footing, improving drainage and expanding stabling,” Dawn added. “We have a full calendar of outdoor Among the major interior investments was new arena events and we plan to be ready. We are very excited footing and heating the indoor arenas. “We made the with the opportunity to host the NODA Recognized decision to work with Footing First™ and co-owner Shows in July and look forward to welcoming the Karen Leeming for the front indoor arena. It is a dressage community. completely dust-free footing that provides excellent traction, stability, and cushion for unrivaled shock While Mother Nature will factor into the renovation absorption and performance. This is the company that plans, anyone who doubts the ability of Chagrin Valley worked with Olympians McLain Ward, Lendon Gray and Farms new leadership team to meet their new goals, Beezie Madden for their footing needs,” said Dawn need only look at their successful and impressive track Gilbert, CVF Managing Officer. record over the past six months. In addition to new footing in the front ring, CVF got a makeover with new lighting, refurbished walls and ceilings, new flooring and windows in the Club room/ lounge, and more. In the main barn, stall fronts and Dutch doors were repaired, as well as fencing. Even the lesson horse barn has received an upgrade and improvements. Coordinating the construction work has taken masterful talent as Chagrin Valley Farms continued to host a full calendar of horse shows and riding lessons. Facility Manager Matt Gilbert scheduled work in shifts including early morning hours and evenings to avoid equine activities. NODA News 2018 Page 4

Chagrin Valley Farms is a full service equestrian campus serving the rider and horse through every stage of the horsemanship cycle from the first pony ride to top level horse show competitor. Built in 1982, CVF is located on 85 acres in Bainbridge Twp., Ohio. The facility includes 75,000-square-feet under roof including two heated indoor riding arenas. The Farm also has four outdoor rings, pastures, and trails. Purchased by the Schneider family in 2017, CVF is undergoing major renovations as it continues to evolve as a full service equestrian campus. Chagrin Valley Farms has been instrumental in developing new horses and riders through riding lesson programs for all ages and abilities, summer camp programs and hosting horse shows for every level of competitor.

If you haven’t visited Chagrin Valley Farms in 2018‌ (continued) By Betty Weibel, APR The Schneider Family has purchased Chagrin Valley Farms and has committed hundreds of thousands of dollars for major changes and improvements to bring new life to the 35-year-old equestrian facility.

Save the Dates * Mark Your Calendars

Northern Ohio Dressage Association presents July 21st Dressage 2018 Show

July 22nd Dressage 2018 Encore Show

USEF/USDF Recognized Dressage Competitions

at Chagrin Valley Farms Chagrin Falls, Ohio NODA News 2018 Page 5

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Northern Ohio Dressage Association Joined Big Dee’s Bonus Bucks Program Sign Up Today & Support NODA! To help NODA earn additional money for awards and scholarship programs, NODA has joined the Big Dee’s Bonus Bucks program. It’s an wonderful opportunity to earn up to $1,500 per year based entirely on purchases made by members, friends, and relatives! NODA has a commitment to its members and supports, not to release the personal information. BUT you can join voluntarily by providing your name and mailing address to Big Dee’s the next time you are in the store or make a purchase online. When you check out, let them know you would like to be a part of NODA’s Bonus Bucks supporters. How the Program Works • • •

At check-out, simply request your purchase amount go toward NODA and its Bonus Bucks program. Supply your name and mailing address which enables Big Dee’s to track your purchases for the Bonus Bucks Program. 5% of your merchandise purchased in-store and on-line is accumulated for NODA. Questions & Answers

Q: If I become a part of this program for NODA, will I lose my personal points gained

on each purchase? A: No. You will still receive the 2% you currently earn with your personal Big Dee’s card. Q: I am signed up under another organization, may I belong to NODA’s program too? A: No. You may only support one organization at a time. You can, however, move your support from one organization to another if you want to. Q: I own a barn and I make purchases under the name of my business. Will these count towards NODA’s rewards? A: No. Purchases under the name of a business are not eligible for NODA rewards total. Q: Do you have to be a NODA member to add your name to NODA’s Bonus Bucks supporter list? A: No. Anyone (members and non-members) who would like to help NODA, may add their name to the list for NODA.

Northern Ohio Dressage Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. NODA News 2018 Page 8

NODA Membership News & NODA Historian Archive Fun by Fran Cverna, NODA Membership Chair

Welcome (& Welcome Back) New Members Doreen Marie Chester, Lizbeth Ann Overbaugh, Tina J. Perko Carissa Skelly, Kaylee Skelly, Ruth Wagner

NODA currently has 228 Members 144 Adult Amateurs, 25 Youth, and 5 Professionals

Over 100 members from last year have not yet renewed yet! Please remind all your horse friends who have not renewed their NODA membership to renew . The printed 2018 Schooling Show Series Prize List and NODA Year-End Awards Program, will be mailed to members who join before May 1, 2018.

Thank You to Everyone who Renewed for 2018 Fran Cverna,

Historical Archive Fun from March 2001 NODA Newsletter Martha in the Barn - Top 10 ways you know that Martha Stewart has been in your barn: 10 9 8 7 6 7

There is a potpourri pomander hanging from each halter The horse's hooves have been cut with pinking shears The horse treats are all stored in McCoy crocks The manure fork has been decorated with raffia That telltale lemon slick in each new silver water bucket You find carrot and apple treats stamped out with copper cookie cutters and decorated with royal icing using a #2 rosette tip 4 Mane and tail hair has been collected and put into wire baskets for nesting material for the birds 3 A seasonally appropriate grapevine wreath adorns the front of each stall 4 Your horse goes outside naked and comes in wearing a thyme colored virgin wool hand knitted blanket with matching leg wraps And the #1 reason you know Martha Stewart has been there: 1 The manure pile has been sculpted into swans

NODA Member Horse Services Directory (formerly known as NODA Directory of Professional & Equine Services)

It’s time to update the Directory for 2018/19! NODA members listed in the 2017 Directory are being contacted by Heidi Miller about re-listing in the 2018 Directory! Want to list your equine related business or service? E-mail Heidi today at

Did you know? • Directory Listings are FREE • NODA Members only may list their equine related business or service. • Available on the WELCOME, ABOUT US, and FAQ pages of the NODA Website • Excellent way to advertise your equine related business or service! • Directory is a popular and useful resource to NODA members and friends. NODA News 2018 Page 9

NODA Board Meetings Next NODA Board Meetings April 9, 2018 6 to 8 PM

May 14, 2018

6 - 8 PM

Panera Bread, Kruse Road, Solon, Ohio Mark Your Calendar! All members are welcome to attend!

Meeting changes or updates are posted on the MEETINGS page of the NODA website NODA welcomes all comments and opinions regarding NODA activities, shows and policies. Questions or Concerns? Please contact NODA Member Liaison, Kathy Kirchner at

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Schooling Show News

NODA Website Calendar of Events

by Sally Burton, Show Manager

ith our first show right around the corner, here are answers to some frequently asked questions .

Q: Why did you change when the large ring and small ring classes will show? A: Our judges have been asking us to organize the show schedule so upper level tests are in the morning when the judge/scribe are more “fresh”. Upper level tests are more involved and take more concentration than the intro level tests. Competitors have asked for this schedule change to enable them to ride in the morning before it gets too hot. Q: How does the three ride limit work? I want to bring two horses. A: EACH RIDER is limited to 3 total rides PER HORSE. Three (3) rides include dressage tests, equitation classes, and rider tests. If you bring two horses, you may ride each horse in three classes total. Q: I share my horse with another rider. How many rides can we both do? A: A horse may be ridden by more than one rider, but cannot have more than 4 rides total. Q: Why is there a volunteer requirement for the Championship Show? A: Our shows run on volunteer power. Without volunteers we would not have shows. Please volunteer and get involved as much as you can. Volunteers learn a lot, have fun and are very appreciated! Q: What is meant by volunteering a full shift? How many hours is that? A: The terminology “a full shift” was added because each job can last a different amount of time and we need a volunteer to work an entire shift. For example, setting up the ring before a show lasts 1-2 hours. This is hard manual labor and counts as a shift. Working in the office as a tabulator may last over 4 to 5 hours as listed on the sign up genius. We expect the tabulator to work until the last ride is scored. It is not easy to put an “hour” requirement, so we ask you to work one shift. Q: Are there any perks for volunteering more than the required shift? A: Besides hanging out with fun horse people, learning more about dressage, free lunch and our gratitude? Yes, you earn 1 NODA buck for each hour you work! Q: What can I use my NODA bucks for? A: NODA bucks are wonderful! You can use them for show entries, membership, the end of the year banquet, NODA sponsored clinics, year-end awards, and more. They never expire! BUT REMEMBER: To be eligible for NODA year-end awards, you must include 4 NODA bucks from this competition year when applying for the awards. NODA News 2018 Page 12

Complete Calendar on NODA Website . E-mail to add your event (**) Show scores eligible for 2018 NODA Year-End Awards

April 20-22 "The Will to Want" Clinic with Obbie Schlom-Hefner (Presented by GHPA) April 27-28 Fieldstone Farm TRC Annual Tack Sale May 5-6 (**) Jackpot Dressage Schooling Show www.BuckeyeEquestrianEvents.Com May 13 (**) NODA Schooling Show at CVF May 19 (**) Western Dressage Schooling Show www.BuckeyeEquestrianEvents.Com May 19 BHP Combined Test May 25 Spring Combined Test June 2 (**) Dressage Schooling Show & 4H State Qualifier June 8-10 Tri-State Region USPC Dressage & Show Jump Rally June 10 (**) NODA Schooling Show Sweetwater Equestrian Center, Ravenna June 17 BHP Ranch Show & Trail Challenge June 23-24 (**) Dressage Derby of Ohio I & II June 30 Dressage Clinic with Emily Gill July 7 NODA Ride-a-Test Clinic Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls July 8 (**) NODA Schooling Show Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls July 21 (**) NODA Dressage 2018 (USDF/USEFShow) Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls July 22 (**) NODA Dressage 2018 Encore (USDF/USEF Show) Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls August 12 (**) NODA Schooling Show Rocky River Stables, Rocky River September 9 (**) NODA Schooling Show Topline Stables, Aurora October 6 (**) NODA Schooling Show Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls October 7 (**) NODA Schooling Show CHAMPIONSHIP Chagrin Valley Farms, Chagrin Falls

NODA News 2018 Page 13

NODA News 2018 Page 14

Time to Nominate Candidates! Nominations are being accepted for Participating Member (PM) delegates in all regions until April 15, 2018. To accept the nomination, and to be elected, a PM delegate nominee must be a current USDF Participating Member, have a permanent residence and reside in the region for which they are running as a candidate, and attend the 2018 AdequanÂŽ/USDF Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, UT. PM delegates serve a one-year term, from the time of election in mid-year 2018 until the election in mid-year 2019. Nominations are being accepted for USDF President, Treasurer, and Regional Director in Regions 2, 4, 6, and 8, until June 1, 2018. Nominations for these Executive Board positions will also be accepted from the floor of the Board of Governors meeting at the 2018 AdequanÂŽ/USDF Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, UT All nominations, in addition to any inquiries regarding nominations, should be sent to Attention Competitors and Judges! Please be Aware of the New USEF Rule Changes USEF 'R' Technical Delegate and Co-chair of the US Equestrian Dressage Sport Committee Lisa Gorretta explains the newest USEF rule changes in episode 176 of the USDF Official Podcast . Dressage Seat Equitation Rider Awards Available Scores earned by adult amateurs, professionals, juniors, and young riders are eligible for the Dressage Seat Equitation Rider Awards. Award recipients will receive a certificate and lapel pin, and will be recognized on the USDF website. View the current USDF Member Guide for complete award requirements. Scores Do Not Expire For USDF Horse Performance Certificates Horses may be awarded a USDF Horse Performance Certificate for every level, Training through Grand Prix, including Young Horse, and scores do not expire. Recipients receive a certificate of achievement, with embossed seal and ribbon, suitable for framing and a letter of recognition. Check out the USDF website for more information. 2018 FEI North American Junior/Young Rider Dressage Championships Applications of Intent for the USDF North American Junior and Young Rider Dressage Championships are available on the USDF website. Applications submitted on or before May 1, 2018 have a $50 application fee. Applications submitted after May 1, and on or before May 15, have a $300 application fee. Applications will not be accepted after May 15. If you have any questions, please contact . Regional Championship Owner Membership Requirement Update Effective for the 2018 regional championship program year, owners must have a USDF Participating or Business Membership and a USEF membership [Junior Active, Senior Active, Life, or Recorded Farm (with Active Farm Owner)]. If the horse has more than one owner, at least one owner must have both an active USEF membership and an active USDF Participating or Business Membership. For a business or farm to be the valid owner under this requirement, it must be listed as an owner of the horse with both USEF and USDF. .

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Classifieds and Member Stable Listings Classified Ads Info NODA Member/2 issues FREE: 60 words or less $5.00: 60- 80 words Photo $5.00 Non-member/ 2 issues $5.00: 60 words or less. $5.00/issue for photo in newsletter and on website Free member ads will run for two issues only. One free ad per member at a time. Submit ad and payment by 15th of the month. Free Stable Listings include contact info, city and three lines. Ads subject to editing. Website posting included. Classifieds Editor Jill Voigt 216-346-2811 Check payable to NODA: Jill Voigt Rosewood Stables 10021 Station Road Columbia Station, OH 44028 Email ads to:


No Current Listings

APPAREL & TACK SADDLES FOR SALE: Black County Perfection dressage 18”, medium tree, short flap, $2,000. Black Laser Rendezvous dressage 18”, monoflap, adjustable tree, $2,000. Black County W.B. dressage 16.5”, narrow tree, $1,000. Contact Sherrie at 330-239-1997,

NODA News 2018 page 16

STALL AVAILABLE Double H Lane Stable, 12585 S. Reed Rod. (Eaton TWP, just off Rt. 82) . Beautiful 8 horse stable has stall available. Large riding arena with leather footing. Outdoor arena and trails. Rubber floors in stalls, heated tack room and bathroom. Wash rack. Full turnout on beautiful pastures. Contact Lynn 216-287-5425. (I-5) STALL AVAILABLE: Offering partial board in exchange for morning feeding and cleaning of two stalls. Must be responsible, dependable, and have experience. You provide grain and clean your own stall. We provide hay, water and turnout. Outdoor riding arena and over 18 acres of riding trails. Located in Olmsted Falls. Text 440-465-6497. STALL AVAILABLE: Private farm in South Russell. Preference will be given to a boarder/client that will be in training with Melissa Borror of MB Dressage. 12x16 stall that is cleaned daily, sand footing, pastures, daily turnout, Progressive grain and quality hay. Please contact Melissa Borror for more details about the facility and training programs available. Call 440-668-0861 or Email

SERVICES HEIDI’S CUSTOM EMBROIDERY and SEWING Helmet bags, backpack bags, stirrup bags, saddle covers, and more. Please contact Heidi for projects and prices.


Bridlewood Dressage Farm Cheryl Slawter Medina, OH 44256 330-239-1997 2 indoor & 1 outdoor ring, pastures ,boarding, lessons, excellent care, friendly. Co-op boarding now available.

Candle Light Farms Noell Sivertsen-Edgell Chesterland, OH 44026 440-376-2117 Boarding, lessons, sales, training, leases, indoor/outdoor arena.

Fair Weather Farm Kate Poulin Chagrin Falls, OH 386-624-3968

Heated barn/indoor, Grass /all season T/O, stalls cleaned 2X/ day. Two outdoors, trails.

Grand Prix Farm Kelli Flanagan Valley City, OH 44280 330-483-9055 Boarding, lessons, schoolmasters available, indoor & outdoor arena, heated observation room.

STABLE LISTINGS CONT’D KKM Stables Karen Stephens Bellville, OH 419-688-1331 Full-Service quality dressage training thru the Levels. Improve balance, strength of horse & rider. Kirgis Farm Mantua, OH 330-554-1716 Dressage barn, all day turnout, competent staff, large stalls, pastures, safe fencing, indoor arena Ledge Hollow Stable Jeanne & Terry Fashempour 330-239-2587 Medina, OH 44256 Full care, co-op, turn-out, Instruction, NE Medina

Lake Erie College Equestrian Center Debbie Savage, USDF Gold Medalist USEF S Dressage Judge 440-375-8011 Concord, OH 44077 Dressage training through Grand Prix. Schoolmasters available & accepting students. USEF Dressage Shows Mithra Training Stable Wendy Gruskiewicz Jefferson, OH 440-213-0509 Specializing in Arabian Sport Horses, dressage training, sales & lessons

Member Stable Listings North Crest Equestrian Center Julie Taylor Avon Lake, OH 44012 (440) 933-4654 www.northcrestequestrian. com Dressage training & lessons, summer horse camps, birthday parties. Pleasant Valley Farm Kris Lanphear Willoughby Hills, OH 440-942-9034 References. Board, grass T/O, trails, lessons, care of special need horses. Natural training. Princeton Ridge Farms, Ltd. Huntsburg, OH 440-463-2428 Quality horse care, boarding, lessons, and sport horse sales in Geauga County. Indoor/ outdoor arena, schooling jumps, trails.

NODA News 2018 page 17

Rhythmic Ridge Ranch Debi Smith Lorain County 440-315-2660 Full care, indoor and lighted outdoor arenas, matted stalls and heated water buckets.

Rivendel Farm Bonnie Gray & Dale Lappert- R Dressage Judge Garrettsville, OH (330) 527-4683 evening (440) 813-4009 days Board, dressage/eventing. Small, experienced care, 7 day T/O , Indoor/outdoor, trails, jumps. Rocky River Stables Cleveland Metro Parks Cleveland. OH (216) 267-2525 Boarding, lessons, pony /horse camps, therapeutic riding, indoor & outdoor arena, trails.

Rosewood Stables Columbia Station, OH 440-236-8276 Small barn w/indoor arena,/ outdoor riding, heated tack room, daily T/O, hay /grain 3x/day, Full or self clean. Scenic Run Equestrian Center Novelty, OH Nancy Lewis-Stanton 440 - 567-3057 Large airy stalls, fed 4X daily, indoor and outdoor arenas, trails and much more. Ask about boarding discounts.

Shade Tree Farm Betsy Rebar-Sell 330-351-1124 Full care, indoor & outdoor arenas, trails, turnout, lessons, and training.

Shadow Facs Farm Waterford, PA 814-796-6161 Dressage and combined training, instruction, and sales. Topline Stables at Walden Janeen Langowski-Grava Aurora, OH 44202 330-995-0039 440-666-6182 Boarding, lessons, clinics, sales, training, kids camp. Full care, indoor/outdoor, grass pastures.

Woods Edge Stable Anne Houin Burton, OH 44021 216-598-0821 or Boarding, lessons, clinics, indoor/outdoor arenas. Grass pastures, trails.

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NODA News, 2018 Newsletter Issue 4  

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NODA News, 2018 Newsletter Issue 4  

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