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President’s Letter (continued from page 2) 2017 Banquet news: We want to thank Shannon O’Hara who for the last three years volunteered to serve as • NODA’s Banquet Chair. Her experience and skill in negotiation and event planning were extremely valuable to NODA. Thank you so much. With Shannon stepping down, we welcome a new crew to plan and execute the 2017 Banquet. Sally Burton, Halle Clause, and Patty Keim have stepped up and are hard at work visiting venues and • looking at formats for this year’s event. Thank you all for your responses to the recent banquet survey. Judging from the number of responses, it is an important subject for many of you. I think we can expect some changes to enhance the event, shorten the awards process, and improve the general experience for all in attendance. I know, I know, you already have heard these, but they are important! So, as the NODA schooling show series is set to begin this month, please remember:

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New requirement for NODA schooling show championship – in addition to your qualifying scores, you (or a proxy approved prior to the event) must volunteer a minimum of 4 hours at a NODA schooling show. These volunteer hours can also be used for year -end awards. You must be a member of NODA at the time you earn any scores you want to use for the championship and/ or year-end awards.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the show season as much as we are. Happy Show Season, Dee Liebenthal, President

Issue 5, 2017  
Issue 5, 2017