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you love Do what

and you’ll never work a day in your life. What’s your Passion? Discover your passion, turn it into a career, and you’ll be both happy and successful. It sounds simple, but it’s far from easy to do. At Lindner, we focus on providing you with a multitude of real-world business experiences because doing is the best way to learn what you are (and aren’t) passionate about. Your entire experience at Lindner will be customized to help you decide what you want to do and where you want to go. Once you’ve determined your ideal career, we can help you make it a reality. Recent graduates have gone from Lindner to Facebook, to Procter & Gamble, to IBM, to GE Aviation, and to many other leading companies around the country and around the world. Our passion is helping students like you find their passions.

Lindner students working at Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, ESPN in Bristol, CT and Warner Music Group in New York City

To schedule a visit to Lindner or to ask us any questions, please email business@uc.edu or call us at 513-556-6392. The early admissions deadline for scholarship and business honors consideration is December 1. To apply for admission, please visit admissions.uc.edu/apply

LINDNER College of Business

The freshman experience

that can’t be beat “

We are continually impressed by the quality of the Lindner freshmen, their presentations and their recommendations throughout Project Strategy.

The Lindner Fast Track is our freshman year experience and the entire program is designed to help you hone in on your passions and identify your key strengths.

Lindner students on Welcome Day

Meet your first-year family On Day One at Lindner, all freshmen are grouped into Learning Communities of approximately 20 students. Your Learning Community will soon become your “second family” because you will take the majority of your first-year classes together and throughout your freshmen year, you will work as a team on your Fast Track projects. Project Strategy For Project Strategy, you will be partnered with a world-leading company such as Procter & Gamble, Target or the Cincinnati Reds. You’ll meet with executives to learn about their organization and then perform a strategic analysis of their operations. You’ll learn how to fully research a company and its industry, you’ll brainstorm and investigate potential strategies and you will ultimately present recommendations to your “client.”

– Greg Eling, Group Vice President, Cintas Corporation


Lindner freshmen partake in team building exercises with their Learning Community

Being a Bearcat is in demand. In fall 2013, the University of Cincinnati


Project Innovation In Project Innovation, you’ll focus on the startup end of the business spectrum in order to hone your creative, innovation and entrepreneurial skills. You’ll start by dreaming up a new product or service and then perform market research, develop financial models and plan out strategies in order to build out a full business plan to support and launch your concept. This isn’t just a class assignment. It’s a real-world opportunity to determine the feasibility of an actual business. You will even have the opportunity to enter your business plan in startup contests sponsored by the UC Center for Entrepreneurship to win cash prizes to help fund your business idea. Project Impact The benefits of a business education aren’t limited to the “for profit” realm. In Project Impact, you will select a United Way partner organization to work with and you will utilize your newly-acquired business skills to help that organization achieve its goals and simultaneously improve the Cincinnati community. Recent Project Impact partners ranged from the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio to the Freestore Foodbank to the Northern Kentucky Education Council.

recent lindner Fast Track Partners Agar Cincinnati Bell Cincinnati Children’s Cincinnati Reds Cintas Cornerstone Brands Delta Air Lines Dewey’s Pizza Duke Energy dunnhumbyUSA Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fifth Third Bank Florence Freedom Frisch’s General Electric Gold Star Chili Graeter’s

Project Impact teaches the importance of volunteering and giving back. The effort builds a culture of sharing time, talent and energy that will permeate our community and bring about an even brighter future.

- Rob Reifsnyder, President United Way of Greater Cincinnati

IKEA INEOS ABS KAO Brands Kroger LaRosa’s LPK Luxottica Macy’s Procter & Gamble Siemens Skyline Chili Target The Habegger Corporation Total Quality Logistics Toyota United Way of Greater Cincinnati

2013 Lindner freshmen class

U.S. Playing Cards Vantiv

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LINDNER College of Business

Design your own


What’s my major? As a freshman, you’re not expected to know which aspect of business you want to focus your education—and ultimately your career—on. After all, there are a lot of choices to consider. Business Pathways is a freshman course that introduces you to every major offered within Lindner. Each week a guest speaker will share his or her real-world experiences with you. Those stories and question-and-answer sessions will really help you narrow down the list of business tracks that you do (and don’t) want to explore further. With 12 majors and 13 minors to choose from, there are over 150 degree combinations available, so there’s sure to be one that’s right for you.


Combine any major with any minor to create your customized degree Majors


u Accounting

u Accounting

u Business Economics

u Business Analytics


u Economics

u Entrepreneurship

u Entrepreneurship

u Finance

u Family Business Certificate

u Industrial Management

u Finance

u Information Systems

u Information Systems

u Insurance & Risk

u Insurance & Risk



u International Business

u International Business

u Marketing

u Management

u Operations Management

u Marketing

u Real Estate

u Operations Research u Professional Sales u Real Estate

Hard-earned money goes further here. UC ranked as the #1 college


Lindner students on co-op at Walt Disney World in Florida, Macy’s in New York and BMW in India

Real work. Real money.

Real smart.

After your freshman year, you’ll have the opportunity to work full-time at a leading organization such as Kroger, PNC, PricewaterhouseCoopers or NASA. This opportunity is the perfect time to “test” out your major and discover what type of work you enjoy the most. The University of Cincinnati literally invented cooperative education (co-op) more than 100 years ago, so it’s no surprise that our co-op program is ranked as one of the nation’s finest. One of the many reasons why our co-op program is so revered is that it provides you with true work experience and real pay before you even graduate.

The best combination of learning and earning u The

UC co-op program is ranked among the top 12 in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

u Lindner

co-op students earn more than $41,000 before they graduate.

u 75%

of Lindner students who co-op have a fulltime job at graduation.

Because our co-op partners pay you, they will rightfully assign you real work (not just “busy work”). That real-world work experience will provide you with a huge competitive advantage when you enter the job market.

w h e r e s t u d e n t s g e t t h e “ b e s t b a n g f o r t h e i r b u c k . ” - Kiplinger


LINDNER College of Business

The best place

Cincinnati has more Fortune 500 companies per capita than New York, Los Angeles, Boston or Chicago

to study business


Cincinnati was named the ninth smartest city in the country by Movoto


CNN Money ranked Cincinnati one of 6 top places to start a company

rankings to rave about The Lindner College of Business was named a Best Business School by U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Princeton Review. Seven undergraduate Lindner programs were ranked among the Top 15 in the nation by Bloomberg Businessweek.* u Accounting u Marketing u Ethics

Ranked #5

Ranked #5

uInternational Business Ranked #14 u Operations u Finance

Ranked #7

Management Ranked #15

Ranked #16

u Macroeconomics

Ranked #10

u Information

Systems Ranked #37

u Microeconomics

Ranked #10

u Entrepreneurship

Ranked #41

*Specialty rankings based on public institutions in the United States as ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012


“The University of Cincinnati is one of our largest hiring sources.


Most Mashable named Cincinnati as the most social city in the country



400 Fortune 500 companies have a presence in Cincinnati

The world headquarters of Procter & Gamble, Kroger and Macy’s are all located within 3 miles of campus


Kiplinger magazine ranked Cincinnati best bet for “hot spots” and among the 10 greatest cities for young adults

Top Talent, Top Teachers A key reason why so many of our programs are so highly ranked is our faculty. Our faculty is comprised of both leading-edge thinkers from the business world and award-winning researchers. Our professors don’t just teach from the textbooks, they write the textbooks. Perhaps that’s why terms they coin are added to Webster’s Dictionary, why their expertise is cited by national media outlets ranging from The New York Times and The Washington Post to ABC News and CBS Sports and most importantly of all, they routinely win teaching awards both locally and nationally.

M a n y o f P & G ’s t o p l e a d e r s a r e U C a l u m n i .”

- Theresa Triantafilou, HR Senior Recruiting Manager at P&G

LINDNER College of Business

Diversity is


Today’s workplaces are tapestries woven together from varying genders, ethnicities and cultures. These differences can fuel innovation and high performance, but only if team leaders and members have the skills and capabilities to harness and properly manage diversity. That’s one reason why Lindner welcomes and promotes diversity in all of its forms. u The

Princeton Review ranked UC among the nation’s Top 20 schools for diversity of student population

u Students

from 40 different countries currently attend Lindner

u UC

offers more than 50 student organizations targeted to specific cultural, ethnic, and religious groups.

Lindner business Fellows

Lindner Women in Business

Business Fellows provides African American, Hispanic and Native American students with personalized academic and career advising, a mentor network and a series of professional development workshops to ensure they succeed at Lindner and beyond.

Lindner Women in Business is an organization dedicated to inspiring, connecting and empowering female business leaders. The group provides students with information regarding all of the business opportunities and resources available to women.

Called a “vibrant quilt of culture” by students, UC was an inaugural





going GLOBAL

It really is a small world after all and international business knowledge is more important today than ever before. That’s why we offer our students the opportunity to travel to six different continents (sorry, we’re still working on Antarctica) to immerse themselves in local cultures and business communities. We have our own international studies office located inside Lindner Hall to make it as easy as possible for you to venture to destinations ranging from Guatamala to Austria to India. Hundreds of Lindner students travel internationally each year.

International programs at Lindner introduced me to how fast the world is integrating and the trips abroad gave me a chance to be a part of this ever-changing world.

- Jared Yates, Audit and Assurance at Ernst & Young former team member at Project Chacocente in Nicaragua


recipient of the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.

LINDNER College of Business

At Lindner, business is more than a major —

it’s a behavior Once you’ve discovered your passion, your ability to succeed will be primarily driven by who you are and what you do. By focusing on the continual development of your Professionalism, Academics, Character and Engagement (PACE), we can ensure you become the professional that employers are seeking and the leader that others will want to follow. Professionalism Team meetings. Emails. Presentations. Video conferences. Today’s business world involves navigating all of these and a lot more. Our real-world learning opportunities such as the Lindner Fast Track and co-op make sure that you will learn the communication skills you will need to excel in both the conference room and the boardroom.

Academics Your passion makes you unique. That’s why our curriculum ensures that you have a foundational understanding of the key business functions, but the majority of your academic plan is fully customizable and you can augment your in-class learning with co-ops, internships, and international experiences of your choosing.

Character Character means having the strength and conviction to both lead and work with teams made up of diverse social, cultural, and economic viewpoints. We’ll prepare you for the inevitable times in your career when philosophical questions become realworld dilemmas via ethics seminars, global opportunities and leadership experiences.

Engagement Your life and your career will be comprised of much more than just “work.” Community service, citizenship, and organizational involvement are all key components of personal growth. No matter what topics or causes you’re passionate about, you’ll be empowered to get involved. Lindner offers 20+ student organizations and the University of Cincinnati offers more than 300 student activities and organizations.

Thanks to its dedica tion to exp eriential learning, The Wa shington


PACE in Practice

Janelle Wichmann, class of 2013

Having grown up partly in Northern Kentucky and partly in Gabon, Africa, Janelle is always ready for an adventure. At Lindner, she spent significant time abroad learning aspects of international business hands-on in both China and South Korea. Janelle also travelled to numerous other countries, including Poland, France, India, Spain, Ecuador, Germany, the Galapagos Islands, Monaco and Thailand.

Janelle’s familiarity with multiple cultures has certainly come in handy. She was recently a keynote speaker for a United Nations International Youth Conference and is currently a mentor to girls all over the world via the online platform BeingGirl. In between her world travels, Janelle completed an internship at Google in San Francisco and co-op rotations at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati. These opportunities provided her with real-world experiences working on billion-dollar brands such as Oral-B, Amazon.com and Google Chrome. Janelle followed her passion and recently accepted a job offer with the Olay Global Marketing Team at Procter & Gamble after weighing additional offers from Google, L’oreal and Booz Allen Hamilton.

More Reasons To Become A Bearcat

T he Fiscal Times named UC one of 10 public colleges with “Insanely Luxurious Dorms”

“ Among the world’s most beautiful campuses.” – Forbes

Best College Reviews ranked UC as “the #1 Most Amazing Campus Student Recreation Center”

Only major college football program to win its conference title four of the last five years

Ce n t e r n a m e d U C t h e 2 0 1 3 P u b l i c U n i v e r s i t y o f t h e Ye a r.

Ready to

join us?

admission Application deadline UC utilizes the Common Application. All UC applications are due by May 1. We recommend submitting your application as early as possible to maximize your admittance potential. To apply for admission, please visit admissions.uc.edu/apply.

Scholarship application deadline To be considered for any UC and/or Lindner College of Business scholarships, your UC application must be submitted by December 1.

business Honors application deadline Lindner has two distinguished business honors programs, Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS and Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars. To be considered for these programs, your UC application must be submitted by December 1. For more information on these two programs, please visit www.business.uc.edu/honors or contact us at business.scholars@uc.edu or 513-556-6392.

Campus Visit Information To visit Lindner, please email business@uc.edu or call us at 513-556-6392. To schedule a UC campus tour, please visit admissions.uc.edu/visit or call 513-556-1100.

General Information If you have any questions about Lindner, please email us at business@uc.edu or call us at 513-556-6392.

Higher education, Lower cost Students in local areas ranging from southeast Indiana to Louisville benefit from the University of Cincinnati’s reduced metro rate tuition program. Permanent residents of the state of Ohio, 28 counties in Kentucky and 25 counties in Indiana may qualify. For details regarding the program, please visit: admissions.uc.edu/indiana admissions.uc.edu/kentucky admissions.uc.edu/costs

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