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Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood

“When I heard about WELL I thought of it as a chance for a better job. I could work while learning and earning something...”

WELL stands for Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood. It is operating in the surrounding villages of the International Township of Auroville - India (www.auroville.org). WELL project started in 2005 after the tsunami. The main goals are to create alternative livelihood for local women and to develop products made of recycled / waste materials. One of the objectives is to empower women by providing an extended training program to help women set up their own profit sharing production unit. WELL Centre offers technical training in creating objects from newspapers, along with social programs in: communication skills, learning English, business, yoga, and health and hygiene awareness.

cycling well

The ladies have access to a bicycle scheme, based on donations provides them with bicycles for their daily use.

well global

The interaction with the WELL team and volunteers from different parts of the globe gives the ladies a rich cultural experience and broaden their horizons. It awakens the curiosity to other cultures and make them wish to learn English in order to communicate.

well yoga

Yoga is one of the favorite programs. Yoga practice gives physical and inner benefits, some even took it home to teach their children. Yoga practice in the morning gives energy for the all day.

being well

The ladies have access to dental check-ups and health insurance, as well as accident insurance.

“With my salary I buy clothes for myself and for my kids. I pay tuition fees for my children, I no longer depend on my husband. Now I am able to take responsability for the family.”

Krishna, a woman of WELL

“When I was working in the field, I used to get headaches from working in the sun. So many days I used to cry for I had to go to work in the fields...Now I am really happy about my job and I thank WELL for it. I don’t have health problems anymore.”

“My mother-in-law was always complaining that I was unable to take care of the family and kids. Now that I am working they are kind of proud and happy.”

By buying these products you improve the women’s quality of life and support environmental awareness.