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Fourth Quarter 2017 • Vol. 5 No. 4


50th Annual Conference & Membership Meeting

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Fourth Quarter 2017 • Vol. 4 No. 4

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Board of Directors



Chairman Christopher Mix, Mr. Bults, Inc. Vice Chairman Eric Hoxsie, HazMat Environmental Group, Inc. Secretary Terry Borwegen, Borwegen Trucking, Inc. Treasurer Mark Giuffre, United Parcel Service

Improving safety in the trucking industry has always been one of the Trucking Association of New York’s top priorities. Ensuring TANY members are up-to-date on rules, regulations and industry best practices is not only an investment in the membership, but in overall highway safety as well.


Western Region Joseph Berti, Speed Global Services Genesee Region Sean Dubman, Wegmans Food Markets Central Region Stephen Erwin, Clinton’s Ditch Co-Op, Inc. Eastern Region Joe Fitzpatrick, Lightning Express Delivery Service, Inc. Metro Region Barry Panicola, Sprague Operating Resources LLC

REGIONAL SECRETARY/TREASURERS Western Region George Hutcheson, Reid Petroleum Corporation Genesee Region Robert Peckham, CurAegis Technologies, Inc. Central Region Mark Henderson, Patriot Tank Lines, Inc. Eastern Region Becky Derway, GilDer Transport Solutions, Inc. Metro Region Ken Tirone, Hub Truck Rental Corporation


Maintenance Council Swede Oun, O&K Truck Repairs, Ltd. Safety Council Joseph P. Peplinski, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. Safety Group John Simon, Grand Island Sales and Service, Inc.


Helen Brooks, FedEx Corporation JoAnn Hayes, George Hildebrandt, Inc. Penny Husted, Charles J. Husted, Inc. Kenneth Staub, Riverside Service Corporation


Steven Wadhams, Wadhams Enterprises, Inc.


John Russell, Tracey Road Equipment, Inc.

TANY Staff Kendra Hems, President Karin White, Vice President Kate Kennett, Director of Safety & Maintenance Programs George Damoretcki, Director of Membership Relations Francesca Pardi, Events Manager Jennifer Andrelos, Administrative Assistant

Last year at this time, I wrote that a primary objective for the association during 2017 was to provide more training, education and networking opportunities across the state. I am happy to report that the association has done just that. In 2017, the association offered 20 percent more training and educational classes than were offered in 2016. A total of 36 classes have been offered since the start of 2017, which is an average of three training opportunities, in various parts of the state, per month. It’s important to note that the association goes beyond educating just the industry to improve safety. It works to educate the general public as well, through programs including Share-theRoad, Safety Breaks and Trucks-Eye-View. These programs enable our members to teach the general public how to drive, walk and bike safely around large commercial vehicles. The effort of the association and its members when it comes to improving safety has not gone unnoticed. In meetings with state regulators, TANY members are frequently cited as being among the safest operators on our highways. This is a huge acknowledgement of TANY members’ commitment to safety on our highways. This should rightfully be a significant source of pride for TANY members, but it also helps TANY staff advocate for the industry when we meet with regulators and legislators on issues that are important to the membership. To continue to promote and improve safety, communication is key. The association’s weekly newsletter, the Friday Final, has long-been our primary communication source. Recognizing the need to communicate in several forms, the association has launched two new tools to keep members up-to-date this year. First is the TANY mobile application. The free app can be downloaded to both android and apple devices. It provides instant access to roadside services, TANY events and industry news. Most importantly, it provides the association a mechanism to communicate important safety and emergency information instantly. Enabling the push notification feature on the application allows information such as road closures, emergency information related to storms and construction and more, to reach you- as it happens. Whether you are in your office or on the road, the app provides reliable information in a safe manner when you need it. The app is free to anyone and I encourage you to have everyone you know and work with download the app as well. The Trucking Interchange, TANY’s online member forum was launched in September to provide a new tool for members to communicate with members. This provides the ability for networking amongst the membership to occur at any time, so members can continue to share valuable information and best practices with their peers long after they’ve last met. The Trucking Interchange can be accessed directly from the TANY membership portal, or the association’s website,, using the same sign-on credentials you use to log-in to the portal. If you have never logged into the member portal, or don’t remember your log-in credentials, please contact the association for assistance. It’s been said many times that knowledge is power. The more you know and share, the safer our highways will be. TANY will continue to provide education and training opportunities throughout 2018 and we hope that you will take advantage of those opportunities, as well as the new Trucking Interchange to help us continue to make strong investments in safety. Best Regards, Kendra L. Hems TANY President Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017






Annual Conference & Membership Meeting

THE HAR BOR HOTEL , WATKINS GLEN, N Y The Trucking Association of New York kicked off its 50th Annual Conference & Membership Meeting in quick fashion - with laps in a pace car around the famed Watkins Glen International Speedway in Watkins Glen, NY on Sept. 25, 2017. The pace laps were part of the conference’s opening reception at the speedway’s Glen Club on Monday evening, which launched two days of compelling discussions regarding the hottest issues in the trucking industry. Tuesday’s sessions began at the Harbor Hotel in Watkins Glen with a discussion from American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) President & CEO Chris Spear, who touched on many of the issues the trucking industry is facing in Washington, D.C.’s current political climate. He illustrated that people in every industry are having difficulty getting legislation passed, largely because of the handful of ideologues in Congress. “They do not know how to compromise,” Spear said. Spear explained how ATA is changing the way they approach legislation, focusing on painting a broad picture and building coalitions to show the supply chain and that trucking is the 6 • Trucking Association of New York

economy rather than something partisan. It is unmatched, he noted, and exists in every congressional district in every state in the country. “Where we tell your story best is in the halls of Congress and over at those regulatory agencies, pounding marble, knocking on doors, and making asks… There are very few industries that have the position, the breadth, and the power that we bring to the table,” Spear said. Spear illustrated how significant the difference is in the current climate using the 1980s philosophy of President Ronald Reagan who said regarding compromise that he would take 80% of what he asked for and come back for the other 20% later. “Twenty percent is a victory these days,” Spear noted. Despite this, ATA has been able to catch the ear of the president and a delegation of 11 CEOs and 12 Road Team Captains was invited to meet President Trump and some of his top advisors at the White House. Spear provided footage of the meeting during which the president acknowledged the importance of the industry, saying, “America depends on you day and night through all kinds of weather. Truckers course the arteries of our nation’s highways. You carry anything and everything with the food that stocks our shelves the fuel that runs our cars and the steel that builds our cities.”


Bob Peckham from CurAegis Technologies, Inc. and Penny Husted from Charles J. Husted, Inc. participate in a demonstration by Brad Gardner.

Zach Miller receives the 2017 Outstanding Service Award from TANY President Kendra Hems

After Spear spoke, TANY President Kendra Hems commented that regardless of anyone’s political affiliation, seeing the trucking industry acknowledged for its important role in the nation’s economy by the President of the United States is a huge victory for the industry. Rousing applause followed her statement. The conference continued on Tuesday with a presentation from NYS Thruway Authority Acting Executive Director Matthew Driscoll. He offered a unique perspective as he transitions from the top job at the state’s Department of Transportation to the top job at the New York State Thruway Authority. He discussed state-wide efforts to improve infrastructure through both large projects and small. He cited over 2,500 small projects currently taking place, designed to help each regional economy grow.

The Benefits of Being Healthy: From Insurance Strategies to Health Management

Driscoll also discussed his commitment to opening up the lines of communication more to the industry during times of inclement weather when roads are closed or restricted to trucks. “I understand and appreciate that we frankly need to do a better job of communicating when that’s going to happen,” he said. TANY’s efforts toward immediate notifications in just such instances were discussed in the TANY Tech session, immediately following Driscoll’s presentation and included the introduction of the new TANY app, which was unveiled during the conference. The app can push out real-time notifications about road closures, weather emergencies and other timely information. Also discussed in that session was the creation of TANY’s online forum, the Trucking Interchange. The Trucking Interchange provides a place where all association members can connect with one another, discuss timely topics and access a library of reference material. Daily discussions have been taking place since the forum’s launch at the conference. CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 u Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017



ATA President & CEO Chris Spear discusses the political atmosphere in Washington with attendees.

A session entitled The Benefits of Being Healthy examined the impact of employee health on insurance rates and crash likelihood, courtesy of Bob Madden from Lawley Insurance, Dr. Richard Hanowski from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, and Physician Assistant Nancy Hart, from Eastern Medical Support. Hanowski reviewed his extensive research which shows that three or more “unhealthy factors” seem to indicate a higher crash rate for commercial truck drivers. Hart recommended ways in which employers could incentivize employees to maintain their health, including offering paid time off for wellness screenings, and wellness calculators to show how much more a driver could make in his or her lifetime if he or she weren’t pulled off the job early for health reasons. Most importantly, Hart said to lead by example. “Use yourself as a testimonial,” she said. “Walk the walk.” Tuesday afternoon, the group relaxed with a Wine, Spirits and Beer Tasting Tour to two of the Finger Lakes’ noted “sipping” 8 • Trucking Association of New York

destinations: Three Brothers Wineries & Estates, and Finger Lakes Distilling. Tours of both facilities gave attendees insight into both the grape and grain selection process and the manufacturing side of spirits. The Member Recognition dinner on Tuesday included the recognition of Zach Miller of as the 2017 Outstanding Service Award recipient by TANY President Kendra Hems. Miller was recognized for his commitment to improving the trucking experience, particularly in the New York City area for the association and its members. He volunteered to serve as the chairman of the newly-created Metro Region Government Affairs Sub-committee, and consistently participates in the association’s legislative days in both Albany and Washington, D.C. Hems also noted that he regularly volunteers to work with organizations that TANY is trying to develop positive relationships with by attending meetings with NYCDOT, and hearings with City Council. The final day of the conference began on a heart-wrenching note, as Safety Expert Grad Gardner recounted in great detail,


“All leave comes with an absolute job guarantee.” - Laura Harshburger, Employment Laws and Workers’ Compensation Reform: What it Means to You

the day he lost his arm and nearly his life in an industrial accident. As a former air traffic controller he explained that he had become a stickler for detail, yet still fell victim to a horrific accident. As he has relived the incident thousands of times in his mind, he said that he realized that it was caused by many small mistakes made at all levels of management. “Mistakes were to blame on every level,” he said. He stressed that safety policies aren’t enough to avoid accidents. It has to be made a priority from the top down. To illustrate the difficulties he faces on a daily basis, he blindfolded one volunteer and incapacitated the arm of another, then asked them to take on the routine activity of making a sandwich. David Cooper of the Transportation Security Administration discussed the changing landscape of cyber security and the CONTINUED ON PAGE 10u Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017



“If you’re not prepared now…then you’re behind.” - David Cooper, Examining Vehicle and Cyber Security

need to protect individual vehicles from cyber attacks, as they’ve increasingly become used in violent incidents. He detailed how to minimize cyber security risks, including limiting internet access to only computers which need it, controlling access to information within the company, and changing passwords from individual computers to firewalls and routers. Much like Gardner’s overall message, Cooper said that awareness at all levels is key. Cooper also said that compared to just a few years ago, people’s focus seems to have shifted from protecting just entire systems from cyber attacks in largely populated areas, to protecting even single vehicles in more rural areas. “If you’re not prepared now, if you don’t have some type of basic training that your employees have gone through and are aware of what to look for, if you see something who to call, what the procedures are within your company, then you’re behind,” he said. The conference closed with an overview of employment laws and workers’ compensation reform from Laura Harsburger of Bond Schoeneck & King Attorneys, and Michael McEvily and Genevieve Keller from Keevily/Spero Whitelaw, Inc. Paid family leave was Harshburger’s hot topic. It is being administered by the Workers’ Compensation Board, beginning Jan. 1, 2018 and allows for up to eight weeks of leave with 50% pay to tend to family members’ illnesses. Harshburger raised many concerns about the new mandate. She noted that while it is theoretically paid for by employees through a payroll deduction, an employee’s contribution equates to only $85 a year, but an employee may receive over $5,000 in pay over the course of eight weeks of leave. Additionally, the decision about time off is not within an employer’s control. “All leave comes with an absolute job guarantee,” she said.

10 • Trucking Association of New York

Further, she explained that the law does not address the potential for abuse of the law. “There is nothing built into the law where you can say ‘this person is being fraudulent,’” she said. Workers’ compensation reform, another of New York’s hot topics followed her presentation. McEvily started by acknowledging that New York is considered one of the most expensive states for workers’ compensation costs, where beneficiaries pay no co-pays or deductibles. Additionally, he said that the market for workers’ compensation is becoming more restrictive. “If you’re a white collar business, everybody and their brother will write insurance for you,” McEvily said. “If you’re in a high hazard business like trucking for example, there is a much smaller assortment of companies willing to write that insurance at a reasonable price.” He noted that a carrier’s individual workers’ compensation claim record impacts the rates available to them. Keller started her portion of the presentation by stating, “There is some good news, at least in the workers’ comp arena.” She went on to talk about cost-saving measures that have come into effect with 2017’s workers’ compensation reforms including the permanent-partial safety valve and drug hearings, as well as others that are being proposed such as the proposed change in the Scheduled Loss of Use guidelines. The Annual Conference closed with a social lunch and plans for attendees to meet again next year: Sept. 24-26, 2018 at the sister hotel to the Harbor Hotel in Watkins Glen, the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel in Clayton, NY.

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Programs and Services Al DeRoose Scholarship Each year, the Trucking Association of New York awards the Albert T. DeRoose Memorial Scholarship to a student whose immediate family member is a member of the association. The scholarship program was established by the association in 1987 as a way to honor Al DeRoose, an industry champion who always placed an emphasis on truck safety. He was also a vocal advocate of higher education. The winner of the 2017 Al DeRoose Scholarship was Nicole Laing, daughter of Andy Laing, of DeCrescente Distributing Co. Nicole attends SUNY Adirondack, where she is majoring in music performance. She is very active with volunteer activities in her community, in addition to holding two or three jobs at a time. Nicole hopes to move to New York City and perform in pit orchestras for Broadway musicals after she graduates.

Bestpass, Inc. Bestpass is in the business of saving commercial fleets and drivers time and money. Founded in 2001 by the Trucking Association of New York, Bestpass provides nationwide streamlined toll management services, including consolidated billing, volume discounts, violation processing and a single service compatible with more than 40 tolling groups and all transponder-based weigh station bypass networks. With more than 390,000 transponders on the road spread out over more than 4,200 accounts generating more than $50 million in tolls each month, Bestpass is a trusted partner both on the road and in the back office. The company offers participating carriers: • Enhanced discounts ■ Up to 20 percent for all New York State Thruway tolls ■ Up to five percent on the New Jersey Turnpike ■ Up to three percent on the Pennsylvania Turnpike ■ Up to 20 percent on Maryland toll roads ■ Access to additional discounts on the MTA Bridges & Tunnels, as well as other toll roads around the country • Best and only national coverage: Bestpass is operational on 98 percent of the trucking accessible toll miles in the continental United States, including all of the major toll roads. Full compatibility with a single toll unit with all E-ZPass facilities, SunPass, K-Tag, TxTag, PIKEPASS, FastTraK in CA, ExpressToll, WSDOT’s Good To Go! and more. • Automated Misread Identification Service (AMIS): three percent of toll usage results in a misread, and not disputing these misreads results in a 60 percent higher bill. Bestpass technology identifies incorrect toll charges. After correction 12 • Trucking Association of New York

and submission back to Bestpass, Bestpass applies for toll credits to go back to the carrier. • A single unit for toll and weigh station bypass that is compatible with all transponder-based weigh station bypass providers • Toll usage data tracked by transponder, truck and cost center • Single point of contact: All issues are handled by the knowledgeable, responsive toll experts on the Bestpass customer support team. Customers no longer need to call E-ZPass, the Thruway Authority or other tolling authorities for any reason. • Full-featured, secure, state-of-the art web portal: Bestpass customers can conveniently access their account, manage vehicles, make payments, download tolls and order transponders online • Powerful notification platform: timely, proactive alerts for exclusion zones, credit card expiration, payment due, inactive transponders and more • One monthly statement and single point of payment • Eight of the top ten and nearly 50 percent of the top 100 for-hire trucking companies in the United States call Bestpass a valued partner in management of their toll. Contact Bestpass today to find out how you can save time and money on toll. To learn more, visit

Affinity Programs TANY members can save time and money by using services from association partners at a discounted cost. Currently TANY offers the following programs: Haylor, Freyer & Coon – Liability Insurance Haylor, Freyer & Coon will work with TANY member companies to find the best rates available for their insurance needs. Since the affinity program began, many TANY members have realized significant savings by working with HFC. For more information contact Scott Wichmann at (315) 703-1399. United Parcel Service – Small Parcel Shipping UPS offers savings of up to 28% on small parcel shipping services. For more information, visit Express Truck Tax – Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Services Express Truck Tax offers an inexpensive and simple way for member companies to file their IRS Form 2290. For more information visit Carman Callahan & Ingham LLPs – Legal Services in the New York City Area Carman Callahan & Ingham is the metro-New York preferred

legal services provider, able to handle clients and issues unique to those doing business in New York’s five boroughs, Long Island, and Rockland and Westchester counties. Contact Brian Berger at (516) 370-5579 or Carter Conboy, Attorneys and Counselors at Law – Legal Services in upstate New York Carter Conboy is the Upstate New York preferred legal services provider, with the ability to handle clients and issues across the state. Contact William Decaire at (518) 465-3484 or WDecaire@ J.J. Keller – Electronic Logging Devices J.J. Keller is the preferred provider for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) services, with many options available to meet the needs of fleets of any size. TANY members receive a 10% rebate from the association on the cost of each ELD unit they purchase. Vigillo’s JUST Crash Review Since 2016, the Trucking Association of New York has had a referral agreement with Vigillo, LLC for their JUST Crash Review program, providing a 10% discount to TANY members for each crash review they submit through the program.

Additional Benefit Programs Since 2014, National Income Life Insurance Company has been offering an automatic accidental death and dismemberment policy to all TANY member employees, and benefit plans which offer discounts on prescriptions and health services including eye, hearing and dental plans to TANY members whose insurance covers only a limited portion of those services. These are not insurance plans but are designed to supplement existing insurance plans. Any employee of a member company is eligible to participate.

Safety groups are workers’ compensation insurance programs that are underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF). A State Fund safety group is a cost-plus plan for workers’ compensation insurance producing low-cost nonprofit coverage for groups of employers with similar operational hazards. As an incentive to group members to operate safely, the State Fund returns generated savings in the form of dividends to the group members. Hence, every dollar saved by a prevented or properly managed claim is a whole dollar returned to group members. Unlike a group trust program, there is no joint and several liability in a safety group. Keevily Spero Whitelaw Insurance manages and runs the safety group and is able to provide quotes on workers’ compensation insurance for TANY members, at a significant discount. For more information, please contact Mike Cryan at (716) 250-4291.

Safety Supplies In 2017, over 70 companies benefited from the association’s discounted safety supplies including driver medical forms, log books and driver vehicle inspection reports, with members saving an additional 10% over non-members. As a benefit of membership, TANY can provide its members with all of their safety supply needs at lower prices than most of the national retailers. Contact the association or visit the TANY website at www. for a complete listing of reduced-cost supplies available to members.

Training Library The Training Library offers the use of hundreds of training DVDs, often valued at $300 or more, to TANY members at no cost. In 2017, member companies who took advantage of this service only had to pay postage to send the training material back to TANY! This has proven to be a convenient, cost-saving resource to the membership. A list of available titles is available on the TANY website at

TANY Workers’ Compensation Safety Group The TANY Workers’ Compensation Safety Group was created in 2011, shortly after the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board made the decision to close the association’s Workers’ Compensation Group Trust.

Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017



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Membership Committee The Trucking Association of New York’s Membership Committee was established to determine how best the association can meet the changing needs of its members. The committee assesses the needs of the membership and suggests programs and services which may be beneficial to current, as well as potential members. The committee looks at both membership retention and recruitment to determine how best to serve the members, and is responsible for making recommendations to the board regarding new or existing programs. Affinity programs, which are partnerships between the TANY and specific service providers, are under the purview of the Membership Committee.

Government Affairs Committee The Government Affairs Committee of TANY was created to develop policies to guide the association’s stand on local, state and national issues. The committee meets via regularly scheduled conference calls and is tasked with: • Advocating for the industry by promoting highway safety; • Providing educational programs and fostering a healthy business environment; • Assisting in developing the association’s legislative agenda; • Reviewing regulatory and legislative issues and assisting in determining the association’s position on those issues; • Reviewing policy and position papers; • Assisting with the development and promotion of the association’s annual visits to legislators in Albany and Washington, D.C.; and • Continuing to develop and enhance the association’s Government Affairs program.

LEGISLATIVE SESSION In 2017, the association’s primary legislative initiatives were to increase the number of divisible load permits available, ensure state adoption of federal size and weight provisions, repeal of the Highway Use Tax, increase truck parking and achieve significant workers’ compensation reform. Overall, 2017 was a successful year with TANY achieving three out of five of its priorities. In the summer of 2016, TANY was informed by the NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) that they were

getting close to reaching the statutory cap of 25,000 divisible load overweight permits (DLOPs). Had the cap been reached, the industry would have been forced into a lottery system to obtain future permits. TANY was successful in getting an increase of 10,000 permits included in the governor’s budget, which would have been phased in over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, following negotiations with the Assembly and Senate, the final budget agreement only contained an additional 2,000 permits. While this is far less than TANY advocated for, it

was still a victory as NYSDOT was able to avoid implementing a lottery system. TANY remains in contact with NYSDOT to monitor the status of the DLOP cap. At this point it appears NYSDOT will have enough permits to get through 2018, so TANY will plan to advocate for an additional increase in 2019. The association was also successful in ensuring the budget included language to adopt size and weight provisions that CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 u

Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017


GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Council of New York, of more than 200 associations, businesses and chambers of commerce, advocating for workers’ compensation reform. As a result of the coalition’s efforts, significant reforms benefitting employers were included in the enacted FY 2018 state budget. A full summary of the changes was included in this year’s second issue of Milepost. Overall, the changes are anticipated to create significant savings in 2017 but will continue to create savings well into the future as the new Scheduled Loss of TANY Government Affairs Committee Chair Use guidelines are implemented at the beginning of 2018. It is estimated that the Ken Johnson of Leonard’s Express, Inc. and TANY President Kendra Hems present 2017 reform will save employers hundreds the “Friend of Trucking” Award to Assm. of millions of dollars annually – savings Donna Lupardo. that have been long overdue. had been included in the 2015 federal Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. Specifically, the legal length of stinger-steered automobile transporters has been increased from 75 feet to 85 feet. The overhang allowances on stingersteered automobile transporters have also increased from three feet to four feet on the front and from four feet to six feet on the rear of the unit. Additionally, weight exemptions for natural gas fueled vehicles and tow trucks transporting disabled commercial vehicles to repair facilities have been adopted, as well as a length exemption for manufacturers delivering trailers. Adoption of these provisions was critical to ensure uniformity of federal size and weight laws. To help push much needed workers’ compensation program reform, TANY joined a coalition headed by the Business

The 2017 session ended without TANY’s initiatives of repealing Highway Use Tax or increasing truck parking being addressed. Both of these issues will be at the top of the list heading into the 2018 session. TANY tracked over 200 bills during the 2017 session that impacted the trucking industry in one manner or another. Key bills of note were: MoveNY Plan (S6287 Lanza/A306 Rodriguez) This legislation would create a congestion pricing zone in New York City south of 60th Street. Tolls on currently tolled East River bridges would be reduced, however tolls would be reinstituted on the currently free East River crossings. Additionally, gantries would be placed along 60th Street and tolls would be collected to enter what

is called the “Central Business District” in New York City. While there are some small concessions in the legislation for the trucking industry, TANY is concerned with the overall impact of the MoveNY plan. The legislation was not voted on in either house in 2017. Governor Cuomo has indicated that he plans to introduce a congestion pricing plan of his own in 2018. Thruway Commuter Discount (S2205 DeFrancisco/A695 Magnarelli) Legislation was passed during the last week of the 2017 session which would provide for commuter permits to travel between exit 34-A and 39 of the NYS Thruway free of charge. TANY opposed the legislation over concerns about precedent setting, and putting more pressure on an already financially strapped Thruway. Governor Cuomo ultimately vetoed the bill on October 23. Rear Wheel Guards (S4979 Diaz/A6127 Crespo) Introduced again in 2017, this legislation would require the use of side-impact guards on vehicles operating in New York City. TANY has been successful in opposing this legislation for the last couple of years. The New York City Council did pass legislation requiring municipal owned vehicle to install side guards and TANY suspects this is just a first step in moving towards a requirement on all vehicles. As such, we continue to watch this issue very closely. No action was taken on the bill by either house in 2017.



NEW YORK CITY 2017 brought with it a renewed focus on advocacy efforts to improve the operating environment for motor carriers in the New York City metropolitan region. To engage the TANY membership in this effort, the association created the Metro Region Subcommittee of the Government Affairs Committee. The Metro Region Subcommittee has been very active, meeting via conference call on a monthly basis as well as holding several in-person meetings throughout the year. TANY President Kendra Hems, and several members of the Metro Region have been active participants in the NYC Department of Transportation’s (NYCDOT) development of the Smart Truck Management Plan. TANY was a member of the fleet advisory group, as well as four working groups that were set-up to develop recommendations to assist in improving the efficiency of freight deliveries in New York City. Recommendations made by TANY include standardizing marking requirements with state and federal law, updating NYC’s size restrictions to be uniform with state and federal requirements (including the use of 53 foot trailers), implementing an overweight permit program, addressing parking issues (both curbside and overnight), updating the NYC truck routes and eliminating the 2-point license penalty for violation of a truck route. TANY continues to work with NYCDOT as they begin to finalize recommendations to be included in the plan. It is anticipated that a final plan will be released to the public by the second quarter of 2018. In 2017 the TANY Board of Directors also authorized TANY President, Kendra Hems, to issue a request for proposal (RFP) for a contract lobbyist in NYC to advocate for TANY recommendations and initiatives. The RFP deadline was in mid-November and the TANY Board will make a decision on whether to move forward with a contract before the end of the year.

TANY members during the 2017 Call on Washington in May.

ALBANY AND WASHINGTON LOBBY DAYS On Feb. 7, 26 TANY and the Government Affairs Committee hosted Trucking Moves NY Day at the Capitol. Twenty six members attended 22 meetings with elected officials discussing the issues and concerns of the industry in New York. The primary topics of conversation were Highway Use Tax repeal, reopening closed rest areas and workers’ compensation reform. During the opening of the association’s Day at the Capitol, Assm. Donna Lupardo was presented with the “Friend of Trucking” Award. Assm. Lupardo has been a long-time supporter of the trucking industry and sponsored bills to allow for a 400 pound weight allowance when using auxiliary power units (enacted in 2010) and prohibit the use of indemnification clauses in shipping contracts (enacted in 2016).

During the award presentation Assm. Lupardo spoke to the importance of the trucking industry to the economy of New York and her commitment to assist in the industry’s initiatives where she can. Twelve TANY members participated in 21 meetings held as part of ATA’s Call on Washington program in May. They met with congressional members and staff as well as senate staff to discuss issues impacting trucking. They focused on the need to modify the Federal Aviation Authorization Act of 1994 to make clear the original legislation that preempts state laws from passing meal and rest break requirements on interstate trucking and state bans on “piece rate” pay, redundant background checks, infrastructure funding and tax reform.



Safety Maintenance Management Council The Trucking Association of New York Safety Maintenance Management Council (SMMC) develops, promotes and organizes all phases of safety and maintenance activities for the association and serves as a resource to the association by providing training and education to the membership. Additionally, the SMMC is involved in outreach efforts which help educate the public about interacting safely with trucks on the road. Comprising safety and maintenance personnel employed by TANY members, the council works toward developing standards and best practices for the industry.

TRAININGS Smith System Driver Trainer Course/ Smith System Recertification Course Three members received their Smith System Driver Trainer Certification following the 4-day course in Clifton Park in January. Heavy Advanced Braking Systems Over the course of 2017, 177 technicians attended 14 two-day Heavy Advanced Braking Systems trainings. Five courses took place in Tonawanda in January, April, May, and November (2 courses), one took place in Mechanicville in March, one in Farmington in June, two in North Syracuse in July and August, one in Gainesville in August, one each in Weedsport and Malone in September, and two in Watertown in October. You: The Inspector Eighty two people attended three You: The Inspector trainings held in Saratoga Springs in April, in Tonawanda in May, and in Farmington in October. Electrical Systems Training Over a dozen technicians attended a two-day Fundamental Engine and Electronics Training course in North Syracuse in March.

PM/CSA Training In 2017, 28 people attended two PM/CSA Trainings held in North Syracuse in October. Lights and Hoses Regulation Updates and Review Forty one people attended a new Lights and Hoses Regulation Updates and Review course, developed by the SMMC. The training took place in Syracuse in June and in Mechanicville in September. Steering, Suspension and Tires Thirteen people attended a Steering, Suspension and Tires course in Mechanicville in September. ELD Training Over the course of 2017, 110 people attended seven ELD Training classes. The classes took place in Rochester and Selkirk in February and in Farmingdale, Poughkeepsie, Weedsport, Rochester and Lancaster in August. Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food Webinar Nearly a dozen people participated in a webinar designed to educate those who transport human and animal food on upcoming compliance changes.

PUBLIC OUTREACH EVENTS Job Fairs The SMMC held one Trucking Industry Job Fair in 2017. It was held in Liverpool in April. Job seekers met with dozens of potential employers who were looking to fill trucking industry vacancies. Share the Road Over 700 students in 22 Driver Education Classes in New York were trained in the Share the Road Program by TANY member Walmart Transportation in 2017.

18 • Trucking Association of New York


PUBLIC OUTREACH EVENTS continued No-Zone Demonstrations TANY members were involved with no-zone demonstrations across the state in Brooklyn, Buffalo, Clarence, Clifton Park, DeWitt, Forest Park, Manhattan, Mount Sinai, New Baltimore, Plattekill, Queens, Scottsville and Syracuse. Member companies Clinton’s Ditch Co-Op, Inc., DeCrescente Distributing Company, Inc., Emerson Express Co., Inc., Galasso Trucking Inc., Golub Corporation, HazMat Environmental Group, Inc.,

Leonard’s Express, Inc., Lightning Express Delivery Service, Inc., NOCO Energy Corporation, O & K Truck Repairs, Ltd., Page Transportation, Patriot Tank Lines, Inc., Petro Corporation, Reid Petroleum Corporation, Sprague Operating Resources, LLC and Walmart Transportation provided equipment and volunteers for the events. In total, over 7,000 people were educated on the blind spots surrounding large trucks.

TRUCK DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS A total of 88 drivers competed in the 59th Annual New York State Truck Driving Championships in Syracuse on June 9 and 10. The competition included a written exam, pre-trip inspection and road course where drivers navigated and were scored on six obstacles or skill challenges in nine vehicle classes. Straight Truck Class 1st place: David May, XPO Logistics 2nd place: Deangelo Rivera, FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd place: Charlton Paul, Jr., UPS Freight 3-Axle Class 1st place: John Jadrossich, FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd place: Timothy Burnett, Walmart Transportation 3rd place: Michael Guanciale, FedEx Express 4-Axle Class 1st place: Randy Merle, FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd place: William Connolly, Walmart Transportation 3rd place: James Kohr, FedEx Express 5-Axle Class 1st place: Martin McMahon, RIST Transport, Ltd. 2nd place: Donald Colvin, Walmart Transportation 3rd place: Frank Marano, FedEx Express Gerald Thompson of XPO Logistics receives the Grand Champion trophy from TDC Chair Melissa Eppard of FedEx Ground at the 59th Annual New York State Truck Driving Championships.

Grand Champion: Gerald Thompson, XPO Logistics Team Trophy: FedEx Express Rookie Award: Deangelo Rivera, FedEx Freight, Inc. Pre-trip Inspection Award: Randy Swart, FedEx Express Written Test Award: Michael Guanciale, FedEx Express Ray Dagostino Award: Ron Wheatley Step Van Class 1st place: Jeffery Evans, FedEx Ground 2nd place: Tomarco Wilson, Sr., FedEx Express 3rd place: Alex Aizin, FedEx Ground

Tank Truck Class 1st place: Raymond Waage, FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd place: Zachary Bourque, HazMat Environmental Group, Inc. 3rd place: Richard Rockefeller, Walmart Transportation Twin Trailer Class 1st place: Gerald Thompson, XPO Logistics 2nd place: David Watson, FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd place: Pete Vukas, XPO Logistics Flatbed Class 1st place: Randy Swart, FedEx Express 2nd place: Kenneth Meyer, YRC Freight 3rd place: Robert Collins, Walmart Transportation Sleeper Berth Class 1st place: Mark Lockwood, Walmart Transportation 2nd place: Steven Bullinger, Golub Corporation 3rd place: Luke Stowell, Walmart Transportation Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017



SUPERTECH COMPETITION Twenty six technicians from 12 companies competed in the 21st Annual SuperTech Competition and Training, held on June 9 and 10 in Syracuse, NY. The event included a training course and challenges in 13 event categories: Annual inspection procedures, brakes, coolant & DEF, drive belts, electrical, engine, fasteners, fifth wheel, precision measuring, preventative maintenance, tires, wheel end and written exam. Electrical Competition 1st place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation 2nd place: Kurtis Washburn, Penn Power Group 3rd place: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. Engine Competition 1st place: Jeremy Lamarti, Regional International Corporation 2nd place (tie): Ted Adriaansen, Johnson Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. 2nd place (tie): Bruce Bennett, DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc. Fasteners Competition 1st place: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 2nd place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation 3rd place: Mike Strong, Walmart Transportation Adam Farney of Walmart Transportation receives the Overall Winner Trophy at the 21st Annual TANY SuperTech Competition from committee member Swede Oun of O&K Truck Repairs, Ltd.

Overall Winner: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation Jeremy Ayres Award: Bruce Bennett, Penn Power Group

Fifth Wheel Competition 1st place: Nathaniel Ives, Charles J. Husted, Inc. 2nd place: Vincent D’Angelo, Hub Truck Rental Corporation 3rd place: Bruce Bennett, DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc.

Overall 1st Runner Up: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 2nd Runner Up: Bruce Bennett, DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc.

Precision Measuring 1st place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation 2nd place: Kurtis Washburn, Penn Power Group 3rd place (tie): Mike Strong, Walmart Transportation 3rd place (tie): Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Annual Inspection Procedures 1st place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation 2nd place: Jeremy “Bo” Colf, Regional International Corp. 3rd place: Nathan Sensenig, Penn Power Group

Preventative Maintenance 1st place: Joseph Catlin, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 2nd place: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 3rd place: James Yaddow, II, Walmart Transportation

Brake Competition 1st place: Jeremy “Bo” Colf, Regional International Corp. 2nd place: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 3rd place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation

Tire Competition 1st place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation 2nd place: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 3rd place: Miguel Rivera, Walmart Transportation

Coolant & DEF 1st place: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 2nd place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation 3rd place: Jeremy “Bo” Colf, Regional International Corp.

Wheel End Competition 1st place: Dylan Vazquez, DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc. 2nd place: Bruce Bennett, DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc. 3rd place: Joseph Catlin, Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Drive Belts 1st place: Howard “Russ” Underwood, Kenworth Northeast Group, Inc. 2nd place: Bruce Bennett, DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc. 3rd place: Ted Adriaansen, Johnson Equipment Sales & Service, Inc.

Written Exam 1st place: Adam Farney, Walmart Transportation 2nd place: Christopher Tate, Mohawk Truck, Inc. 3rd place: James Yaddow, II, Walmart Transportation

20 • Trucking Association of New York


RECOGNITION PROGRAMS Driver of the Year Award

TANY presents the Driver of the Year Award to drivers with long, safe driving records, who have demonstrated acts of courtesy or safety on the highway and a proven commitment to professional development through civic involvement. Statewide Driver of the Year: Timothy C. Burnett, Walmart Transportation Regional Driver of the Year Award Winners: Albert Battaglia, ARG Trucking Corporation Donnie Colvin, Walmart Transportation Chris Eschbach, Walmart Transportation Kendall Heffernan, Reid Petroleum Corporation Mark Lockwood, Walmart Transportation George Seelig, Lightning Express Delivery Service

Tim Burnett of Walmart Transportation receives the Statewide Driver of the Year Award from TANY President Kendra Hems.

Fleet Safety Award The Fleet Safety Award is given to TANY member carriers who have an accident rate of 0.5 or less based on their miles traveled in New York. Fleet Safety Award Grand Champion: A. Duie Pyle, Inc. Pickup and Delivery – Small Class 1st place: Baker Commodities, Inc. 2nd place: Reid Petroleum Corporation 3rd place: Guard Contracting Corporation Pickup and Delivery – Medium Class 1st place: Terpening Trucking Co., Inc. 2nd place: Ginsberg’s Foods, Inc. 3rd place: Patriot Tank Lines, Inc. A. Duie Pyle’s Safety Supervisor, Leo Flack, accepts the Fleet Safety Grand Champion Award from TANY President Kendra Hems and SMMC Safety Chairman Joe Peplinski.

Golden Wrench Award

Pickup and Delivery – Large Class 1st place: Byrne Dairy, Inc. 2nd place: A. Duie Pyle, Inc.

Long-Haul/Truckload – Small Class 1st place: Grand Island Sales & Service, Inc. 2nd place: P. L. Gaetano Transportation, Inc. 3rd place: R.S. Maher & Son, Inc. Long-Haul/Truckload – Medium Class 1st place: A. Duie Pyle, Inc. 2nd place: Clinton’s Ditch Co-Op, Inc. 3rd place: ABF Freight System, Inc. Long-Haul/Truckload – Large Class 1st place: Leonard’s Express, Inc. 2nd place: Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. 3rd place: ARG Trucking Corp. 3rd place: FedEx Freight, Inc.

The Golden Wrench Award is given by the TANY Maintenance Council to recognize excellence among heavy vehicle technicians in New York State. For 2016, four technicians were presented with regional awards, while one was named the statewide winner. Tyler Salonich of Cummins Sales and Service is recognized as the winner of the 2016 Statewide Golden Wrench Award by TANY Maintenance Chair Swede Oun of O&K Truck Repairs, Ltd.

Statewide Golden Wrench Award Winner: Tyler C. Salonich, Cummins Sales & Service Regional Golden Wrench Award Winners: Chris Beckhans, Hub Truck Rental Corporation Bo Colf, Regional International Corporation Stephen L. Link, Hub Truck Rental Corporation Kurtis R. Washburn, Penn Power Group

Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017


Meetings and Regional Events Throughout 2017, the Trucking Association of New York held numerous meetings and conferences, including Town Hall Meetings, the Truck Safety and Education Symposium & Safety Exhibition, and the Annual Conference & Membership Meeting. Members of the individual region chapters were also active, holding both social and educational events to meet the needs of the association members within their regions. The five regions of TANY are: Central Region - Broome, Cayuga, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, Otsego, St. Lawrence, Tioga and Tompkins counties. Eastern Region - Albany, Clinton, Columbia, Dutchess, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, Orange, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Sullivan, Ulster, Warren, and Washington counties. Genesee Region - Allegany, Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne, and Yates counties. Metro Region - Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Putnam, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester counties. Western Region - Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans and Wyoming counties.




New York State Truck Safety and Education Symposium and Safety Exhibition

The Eastern Region hosted a NYSDEC/ NYSDOT training in Schenectady in February. Twenty attendees were on hand for an Above Ground and Below Ground Storage Tank (AST) presentation by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) along with a Level I Inspection Training and ELD update by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).

NYCDOT Outreach Meeting Smart Truck Freight Management Plan

The Metro Region hosted an outreach meeting on behalf of the NYC Department of Transportation to discuss the NYC Smart Truck Management Plan, discuss with city officials the issues associated with operating commercial vehicles in New York City, and to develop ideas and solutions to address them. More than 50 TANY members attended.


The New York State Truck Safety and Education Symposium and Safety Exhibition was held in early April at the Saratoga Springs City Center. Nearly 250 attendees and vendors learned about safety and compliance issues pertaining to “Moving the Industry Forward” over the course of the event.

MAY - JUNE DOT Audit Prep & Level I Inspection Training

The Central Region hosted a DOT Audit Prep & Level I Inspection Training for 21 attendees in May. Conducted by NYSDOT, the training reviewed what DOT is looking for during an audit, as well as what a Level I Inspection entails. • Trucking Association of New York

Touch-a-Truck event in Albany, NY

Touch-a-Truck- Eastern Region

The Eastern Region held a Touch-a-Truck event in conjunction with Bestpass, Inc. on May 20. Twenty seven TANY member companies participated through sponsorships, equipment donations and volunteering. The event drew hundreds of people, many of whom sat in a big rig and learned about the No-Zone. The event benefitted The Veterans Miracle Center, which offers assistance to veterans and active-duty military personnel and their households.

Western Region Golf Outing to Benefit WNY Heroes, Inc.

Chestnut Hill Country Club in Darien Center, NY was home to the Western Region Golf Outing on June 7. Ninety five golfers participated in the tournament to benefit WNY Heroes, Inc.’s mission to provide immediate financial assistance to veterans and their families in need.


The Central Region Golf Outing was held in June at Timberbanks Golf Course in Baldwinsville, NY. Seventy golfers participated.


Touch-a-Truck- Genesee Region

The Genesee Region hosted a Touch-aTruck event at Veterans Memorial Park in Henrietta, with 13 TANY member companies participating. The event benefitted Kelly for Kids, which serves disadvantaged and disabled youth in the Buffalo and Rochester areas.

DOT Audit Prep & Level I Inspection Training

The Central Region hosted a DOT Audit Prep & Level I Inspection Training for 19 attendees on August 29. Conducted by NYSDOT, the training reviewed what DOT is looking for during an audit, as well as what a Level I Inspection entails.

SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER Pre-Trip & Level I Inspection Training

Trucking Industry Clambake

Trucking Industry Clambake Central Region

Two hundred fifty people attended the Trucking Industry Clambake at Spinning Wheel Restaurant in Syracuse in July.

Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training

The Eastern Region hosted a Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training in July for 34 attendees who learned about driving impairment, and identifying the signs and symptoms of impairment from alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription drug use.

Lake George Dinner & Fireworks Cruise

Metro Region Golf Outing

Metro Region Golf Outing

Brookville Country Club was the site of the Metro Region’s October 16 golf outing, where 66 attendees took part in the region’s first golf outing in over a decade.

The Western Region hosted a Pre-Trip & Level I Inspection Training for 17 attendees in September. Taught by Master Trainer Swede Oun and the NYS Police, attendees learned what to look for during a pre-trip inspection, as well as what law enforcement is looking for during a roadside inspection.

NYSDOT Audit Prep

TANY 50th Annual Conference & Membership Meeting

Town Hall Meetings were held in Binghamton, Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and Saratoga in October and November, 2017. Nearly 100 people attended the meetings around the state.

The TANY 50th Annual Conference & Membership Meeting was held September 25-27 in Watkins Glen, NY with over 80 in attendance.

The Eastern Region hosted a NYSDOT Audit Prep course in Amsterdam on October 24. The course, taught by NYSDOT staff, was designed to teach the 22 attendees present what they should be prepared for during a DOT audit.

Town Hall Meetings

Touch-a-Truck - Central Region

Over a dozen member companies participated in the Central Region Toucha-Truck event in October in Syracuse. The event supported Paige’s Butterfly Run Inc., whose mission is to raise funds to benefit current and future pediatric cancer patients and their families in Central New York.

In early August, 34 TANY members attended the Eastern Region’s Lake George Dinner & Fireworks Cruise.

Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017


Membership Update NEW MEMBERS IN 2017 In 2017, 50 new companies joined TANY, bringing the total membership in the association to 581 companies. Existing members continue to be the best source of referrals for the association. Any member who knows of a company who is not a member of the association that they feel should be is encouraged to contact the association. AJ Forwarding, Inc., Bronx, NY

Mack Trucks, Inc., Allentown, PA

All Aboard Transport, Inc., Monroe, NY

Marin Trucking, Inc., West Babylon, NY

ApneaMed, LLC, St. George, UT

Mercy Hill Farm LLC, Richfield Springs, NY

Arnan Development/Oneonta Block, Oneonta, NY

Merrick Trucking Corp., Merrick, NY

ASAP Drug Screens, Royal Oak, MI

Metropolitan Recycling, Brooklyn, NY

Bellreng’s Towing & Automotive, Tonawanda, NY

Mirabito-Gresham Insurance & Bonds Agency, Baldwinsville, NY

Brothers Auto Transport, LLC, Wind Gap, PA

Monarch Transport, LLC, Port Chester, NY

Burnett Trucking Inc., Cuddebackville, NY

Move Rite NY, Inc., Spring Valley, NY

Burr Truck & Trailer Sales, Inc., Vestal, NY

Nealon Transportation, Inc., Binghamton, NY

Carma Systems, Inc., Albany, NY

New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS), Bridgeport, CT

Cason Transport, LLC, Duanesburg, NY Chestertown Farm, West Babylon, NY Chobani, LLC, New Berlin, NY Crest Logistics, LLC, Schenectady, NY

North Jersey Trailer & Truck Service, New Hampton, NY Northeast Equipment Dealers Association, Inc., Liverpool, NY Orange Transport, LLC, Goshen, NY

Donnelly Construction Inc., Mechanicville, NY

Phima Trucking Inc. | Allia Materials Inc. | Bema Materials Inc., Brooklyn, NY

E. A. Eaton Trucking, LLC, Lyons, NY

Q’s Moving Corp., Whitestone, NY

Eastern Medical Support, Amsterdam, NY

Shell Lubricants, West Springfield, MA

EROAD, Tualatin, OR

Superior Truck Lines, Inc., Newark, NY

Ferrari Driving, Astoria, NY

TA-Petro / Travel Centers of America, Lancaster, NY

Filtrec Corporation, Auburn, NY

Teletrac Navman, Glenview, AK

G & L Trucking, Locke, NY

The Fuel Mileage Dr., Inc., McAlisterville, PA

GLE Transport, Inc., Mineola, NY

Truck-Lite, Liverpool, NY

Greg Karam, Buffalo, NY

Verizon Telematics, San Diego, CA

H.R. Ewell, Inc., East Earl, PA

Vestal Asphalt, Inc., Vestal, NY

Hudson Valley Logistics & Distribution, LLC, Hudson, NY

Wendel Companies, Williamsville, NY

LTU Industries, Inc., Catskill, NY

24 • Trucking Association of New York


2017 EVENT SPONSORS The programs and events held by the association would not be possible without the support of the following companies, who sponsored TANY events in 2017: A2D

Frank’s Truck Center, Inc.

Peckham Materials Corporation

ABF Freight System, Inc.

G.A. Bove & Sons, Inc.

Penn Power Group

Access Compliance, LLC

George Hildebrandt, Inc.

Pro-MECH Learning Systems, LLC

Action Tire Service

GH Berlin Windward

Pullens Truck Center

All Systems Brake Service, Inc.

Golub Corporation

Rapid Recovery Towing

All Ways Concrete Pumping

Hasco Realty, LLC

Regional International Corporation

AP Property Services

Hawk Frame & Axle, Inc.

Reid Petroleum Corp.

Bang’s Towing, Inc.

Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc.

Roli Retreads, Inc.

Beam Mack Sales and Service, Inc.

HazMat Environmental Group, Inc.

S M Gallivan, LLC

Bestpass, Inc.

Hendrickson Emergency Services

SAF - Holland, Inc.

Big Red Towing

HINO Motor Sales

Service Tire Truck Center, Inc.

Buffalo Truck Center

Hub Truck Rental Corporation

Southside Trailer Service, Inc.

Byrne Dairy, Inc.

Hunter Buffalo Peterbilt

Speed Global Services

Carter Conboy

Hurtubise Tire, Inc.

Sprague Operating Resources LLC

Century Linen & Uniform

Stadium International Trucks, Inc.

Cintas Corporation

Interstate Motor Carriers / Capacity Agency, LLC

Clinton’s Ditch Co-Op, Inc.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

Stiloski’s Automotive

CNR Refrigeration

Johnson Equipment Sales & Service, Inc.

STS Trailer and Truck Equipment

Cross Island Wrecker Service, Inc.

Keevily / Spero Whitelaw, Inc.

Terpening Trucking Co., Inc.


Kenworth Northeast Group, Inc.

Thermo King of Long Island

CurAegis Technologies, Inc.


Timco Transportation, Inc.

Curtis Lumber Co., Inc.

Law Offices of Arthur L. Miller

Tracey Road Equipment, Inc.

D. A. Collins Construction Company

Leonard’s Express, Inc.

Tri-Tank Corporation

DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc.

Lightning Express Delivery Service, Inc.

Truck Body Associates

DeCrescente Distributing Company, Inc.

Maxon Lift Corp.

United Parcel Service

Dimension Fabricators, Inc.

Meyer’s RV Superstores

Utica General Peterbilt

Doodle Bugs

Mike’s Heavy Duty Towing


Doritex Corporation

Milea Truck Sales Corp.

Venice Enterprise, Inc.

Double J Transport & Repair

Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Wadhams Enterprises, Inc.

Eastern Medical Support, LLC

Mr. Bult’s, Inc.

Walmart Transportation

Emerson Express Co., Inc.


NOCO Energy Corporation

Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc.

Farmington Service

Northeast Battery

Wegmans Food Markets

FedEx Corporation

Northeast Great Dane

Weller Truck Parts

FedEx Freight, Inc.

Omnitracs, LLC

Fleet Maintenance, Inc.

Patriot Tank Lines, Inc.

Star Energy Transportation

Milepost Magazine • Fourth Quarter 2017


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TANY Milepost 4th Quarter 2017  

The Official Publication of the Trucking Association of New York

TANY Milepost 4th Quarter 2017  

The Official Publication of the Trucking Association of New York