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And, A New CEO! SPRING 2014


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serving the needs of the restaurant industry for more than 45 years

• Acquisition, sale and financing of restaurants • Liquor license acquisition

and sale • Defense of liquor license citations and enforcement actions • Dram shop liability • Structuring to limit liability • Employment law and wage & hour issues • Litigation, mediation and dispute resolution • Intellectual property protection including trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets • Tax, business and estate planning SERVING THE FOLLOWING AREAS:




PRLA 2014 Officers CHAIRMAN Rick Sell Bahama Breeze, Exton Philadelphia Chapter VICE CHAIRMAN Mike Rodden Philadelphia Marriott West, West Conshohoken Philadelphia Chapter TREASURER Jeff Cohen Smallman Street Deli, Pittsburgh Western Chapter


IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIRMAN Matt English Milestone Hospitality Management LLC, Lancaster Central and Lancaster chapters



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DIRECTOR OF MEMBER SERVICES—Eastern Region Brenda Mendte | MEMBER RELATIONS COORDINATORS Christine Preuss | Eric Adams | MEMBERSHIP SALES REPRESENTATIVE Charlie Anderson, Northwestern PA


DIRECTOR OF FINANCE & HUMAN RESOURCES Diane Sherwood | GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS REPRESENTATIVE Melissa Bova | EDUCATION COORDINATOR Hope Sterner | MEETING & EVENT PLANNER Heidi Howard | COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR Stephanie Otterson | FINANCE ASSISTANT Paula Judd | PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PROVIDED BY GENERAL COUNSEL Shumaker Williams, P.C. Keith Clark GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Pugliese Associates, Harrisburg Lou Biacchi Greenlee Partners, Philadelphia Andrew Zalenski ACCOUNTANT AND INDEPENDENT AUDITORS Brown, Schultz, Sheridan & Fritz Jim Nace, CPA INVESTMENT ADVISORS Conrad Siegel Tara Mashack-Behney Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Matters is a publication of the PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING ASSOCIATION 100 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 800-345-5353 | |


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Graphtech Sarah DiCello, Publications Manager 717-238-5751 For Advertising Information: Alexis Kierce, Account Manager 717-238-5751 Creative Design Graphtech

Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Matters is published quarterly by the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association, 100 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101, tel 800-345-5353, and is a benefit of membership in the association. Articles do not necessarily reflect the view or position of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association. Editorial coverage or permission to advertise does not constitute endorsement of the company covered or of an advertiser’s products or services, nor does Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Matters make any claims or guarantees as to the accuracy or validity of the advertiser’s offer. ©2014 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in print or electronically without the express written permission of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association.


Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA) board of directors unanimously voted to appoint hospitality industry veteran John Longstreet as president & CEO. Longstreet will assume his position on April 21. He most recently was CEO of Quaker Steak & Lube, headquartered in Sharon, Pa. Prior to taking the helm of Quaker Steak & Lube, he was the executive vice president of ClubCorp USA, which operates more than 160 golf and business clubs around the country. He also served as senior vice president at Bristol Hotels & Resorts, vice president of the Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Mayor of Plano, Texas. His proven leadership ability in both the restaurant and lodging industries, coupled with his service in elected public office, give him the ideal background to be PRLA’s next leader. Please be sure to check out the summer issue of the magazine for a profile of our association’s new president & CEO. This year is an election year, with every seat in the House, half of the Senate seats and the Governor’s office all up for grabs this fall. Legislators will begin focusing on their campaigns this summer, meaning we have a short window of opportunity to accomplish several legislative goals. We made great strides towards educating legislators on the impact of their policies on our industry at this year’s Legislative Day. On March 11, more than 100 PRLA and industry members came to Harrisburg to meet with legislators to discuss the affect issues like minimum wage increases, mandated paid leave preemption, hotel tax reform and more, have on the hospitality industry. PRLA made several changes to the event this year, which allowed our members to meet directly with their 4 •


Rick Sell

John Doulgeris

representatives and senators— rather than their staffs as in years past. Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati addressed attendees in the afternoon. The Taste of the State reception was once again a popular event for legislators, giving our members another opportunity to network with their elected officials and industry peers. This event is really one of the most important events on the PRLA’s calendar. If you haven’t participated before, we strongly encourage you to attend in 2015. This is your opportunity to advocate directly for your business and your industry. The event is free for members. PRLA prepares you for your meetings with legislators by providing you with issue papers that outline each issue, coordinating a briefing session prior to your meetings and setting your appointments for you. This summer and fall, PRLA will be hosting its annual golf tournaments— the Golf Classic East and the Golf Classic West. These tournaments are the primary fundraisers for our political action committee and political education committee funds—funds we use to support our government affairs efforts throughout the year. The Golf Classic East will be on June 24 at RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve in Phoenixville. This event is always a sellout, so visit www.prla. org/golfeast for event details and to register. The Golf Classic West will • SPRING 2014

be September 29 at Fox Chapel Golf Club in Pittsburgh. Visit www.prla. org/golfwest for more information. PRLA recently unveiled its new website. The article on page 10 highlights features of the new site, including updating your profile, one-click dues renew and registering for events online. In the coming weeks, PRLA will be adding chapter pages, communities and a dining/lodging guide. In other PRLA staffing news, on February 5, Patrick LeBlanc joined the PRLA staff team as the state director of member services. His primary responsibilities include leading the membership team in growing new member sales, expanding member services and improving member retention rates. We look forward to seeing you this summer and fall at the golf tournaments. Thank you for your continued support of your association and industry. With best regards,

Rick Sell Chairman of the Board

John Doulgeris Chief Operating Officer

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• SPRING 2014

Intro to Online Reputation Management By Fishbowl

Do you know what people are saying about your restaurant or hotel? Your guests have a wide variety of ways to get the skinny on your menu, amenities and service. In fact, one survey[1] shows that 85 percent of customers consider online reviews when choosing local businesses. It’s essential for restaurant owners and hotel operators to understand how the Internet’s many review sites can affect their bottom line. It may sound intimidating, but you need to know the basics.

Finally, increase and leverage your positive reviews by replying to some of those as well. One study[3] showed that 84 percent of customers have a better impression of companies that appear to listen to their customers and find out more about their needs. Occasional replies to positive reviews can help you establish an ongoing relationship with your guests. Other social spaces like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram can also be ripe with chatter about your business. We’ll talk in more detail about these social sites in future articles.

Online reviews can make or break a restaurant or hotel. A study showed that a single bad review on Yelp can lead to a 13 percent drop in sales.[2] That is major money lost because of one person’s bad experience! But how can you keep up with your website’s reviews? Here’s how owners and operators need to approach critical reviews:

One survey shows that 85 percent of customers consider online reviews when choosing local businesses.

First, focus on checking the big review websites—Yelp, OpenTable, Trip Advisor—as part of your daily routine, then regularly Google your establishment to check if any bad reviews slipped past your notice. If you don’t have time to do this, technology can help you stay on top of it. Secondly, respond to negative views in a timely fashion. You should respond to every negative review. Although review sites generally do not allow you to remove negative commentary, you can better counteract it by responding in such a way that demonstrates you take the criticism seriously. Reviewers occasionally change their rating to something more positive when they receive a response.

Fishbowl is a proud partner of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association. Joe Gabriel from Fishbowl presented an informational session on online reputation management at the 2014 Spring Membership Meeting, April 7–8 at the Nittany Lion Inn, State College.

For more information on Fishbowl, please visit:, “Local consumer review survey” (2013):


Luca, Michael. “Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of Yelp. com.” Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 12-016, September 2011.


Alterian, “Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth?” (2012):




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The Fair Labor Standards Act — ­­ Reprised Congress enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in 1935, but certain provisions are frequently revised over time. The FLSA establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards in private businesses. Pennsylvania employers must be in compliance with both the FLSA and Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Act (collectively called the Acts). Where there are differences between the two Acts, Pennsylvania employers should follow the regulation that provides the greater benefit to employees. Depending on the outcome of ongoing Congressional debates, employers may see the minimum wage jump to $10.10 per hour by 2016. Employers in private businesses should ensure compliance with current wage laws and be on alert for potential changes in the near future. Presently, both Federal and Pennsylvania minimum wage rates are set at $7.25 per hour. Minimum wage for tipped employees in the Commonwealth is set at $2.83 per hour, 70 cents higher than the Federal minimum. This subminimum wage for tipped employees can be applied only if the employee receives more than $30.00 in tips during the month. If the employee does not earn $30.00 in tips, the employee retains all amounts earned, and the employer must pay the difference between the subminimum wage and the full Pennsylvania minimum wage for hours worked that month. Even if $30.00 in tips is earned monthly, if the employee’s tips and the $2.83 per hour combined do not meet the full minimum wage in any given hour of work, the employer must still make up the difference. Minimum wage may also be reduced to a special minimum wage rate for employees with disabilities for the work being performed. According to Federal standards, a worker who has disabilities for the job being performed is one whose earning or productive capacity is impaired by a physical or mental disability, including those relating to age or injury. The special minimum wage can only be applied if the disability actually impairs the productive capacity for the 8 •


work being performed—a disability alone is not enough. The applicable special minimum wage, or commensurate wage, is calculated as follows: The employer must first determine the wage that prevails in the area for essentially the same type, quantity and quality of work when performed by an experienced worker who does not have a disability. Then, the employer needs to determine the relative productivity level of each worker with a disability compared to the standard established by the worker who does not have a disability. The special minimum wage to be paid is the relative productivity percent multiplied by the prevailing wage. During the school term, student workers are limited to a set number of hours on certain days, depending on their age. Under Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Act, student workers’ pay can be reduced, but not less than 85 percent of the minimum wage rate. Additionally, the FLSA allows employers to pay a youth minimum wage of not less than $4.25 per hour to employees who are under 20 years of age during the first 90 consecutive calendar days after initial employment by their employer. However, Pennsylvania limits this time period for the subminimum wage to the first 60 days of employment. Regarding overtime pay, Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Act follows most of the Federal standards. Unless the employee falls into one of the exempt categories (i.e., professional, administrative or executive, determined based on job duties, not title), employees must be paid at least time and a half for any hours worked in excess of 40 during one workweek. Although compensatory time may be allowed during the same workweek to assure that an employee does not exceed 40 hours in any one work week, compensatory time is not an acceptable alternative to mandatory overtime pay whenever the 40 hours in the same workweek has been exceeded, even if it is the non-exempt employee’s preference.

• SPRING 2014

by Megan Rooney Shumaker Williams, P.C. General Counsel, Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association

The FLSA does not require time and a half to be paid for hours worked on weekends or holidays (provided same does not result in the employee working more than 40 hours in one workweek), but excess pay for such days can be set at the employer’s discretion. If a non-exempt employee is paid a flat weekly rate or is on salary, overtime is still required for any hours worked in excess of 40 during one workweek. The employee’s hourly wage should be calculated by dividing the weekly pay rate by the number of hours the employee was hired to work that week. The employee is then paid half of the calculated hourly wage for each hour worked in excess of 40 during that workweek. Federal regulations allow an employer to restrict overtime if an employee earns over $100,000 annually. However, the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act does not permit such a restriction. Therefore the Pennsylvania law will apply. Pennsylvania employers cannot restrict overtime payments if an employee earns over a certain amount in a year. In addition to these regulations, employers should be aware of the certificates or licenses required before paying a subminimum wage for student workers or workers with disabilities. Employers also need to be in compliance with regulations of the Acts regarding mandatory record keeping and workplace postings. Employers found not in compliance with the terms of these Acts can be held liable for back pay or be subject to civil or criminal actions depending on the violation. If you have any questions concerning the subject of this article, please contact Marc Tarlow, Esq. (tarlow@shumakerwilliams. com) (717.718.8304); Michael Rowan, Esq. ( (410.825.5223); or Keith Clark, Esq. (clark@ (717.909.1612) at Shumaker Williams P.C.

PRLA Unveils New 1




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At the end of February, PRLA unveiled its new website. Most members received an email with their default username and password. If you did not receive an email with default credentials, you can easily create your own account or call PRLA at (800) 345-5353 to set up your username and password. Once you log on, you can change your username or password to something else (or just leave it with the default credentials since they are unique to you). The site is best viewed in the Firefox or Chrome web browsers. Our members who use Internet Explorer to visit the site must turn on compatibility view to access the site properly. The new site integrates seamlessly with PRLA’s membership database, which allows for members to update their member profiles easily, one-click membership dues renew and registration for events or ServSafe classes. 10 •


• SPRING 2014

PRLA will be adding more features to the website in the coming weeks, including chapter pages, communities and a dining/lodging guide, as well as continuing to refine the new site for the best possible user experience. Please contact Stephanie Otterson, sotterson@prla. org, with your comments or questions about using the new website.

Website Compatibility View: Internet Explorer users can turn on compatibility view in one of two places, either by clicking the icon in the tool bar a or selecting compatibility view under pages. b Home Page: 1 Use the search bar to easily find the info you want. 2 Visit PRLA’s social media sites for news, events, member accolades and more. 3 Rotating carousel images highlighting upcoming events, news and member programs and benefits. 4 The area below the images is

for announcements and breaking news. Sign In/Create Account: 5 Clicking Member Login will take you to the sign in/create account page. If you have forgotten your username and password, just click the links to be emailed your information or to reset your password. My Account: Once you have logged onto the site, you can click My Account 6 to view or edit your profile. 7 Click the

pencil icon to edit the information in the box. If your dues need to be renewed, then the one-click dues renew box 8 will be highlighted in red. Event Registration: If you have not logged into the site, the register button will be grayed out 9 and you will be prompted to log on or create an account. 10 Once you are logged onto the site, the register button for open events is active. 11


(555) 555-5555 (555) 555-1234 (555) 555-6789




8 123 Main Street Anytown, PA 12345 (555) 555-5555 (555) 555-6789 fax




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ServSafe® Certification Class Schedule April – August 2014

The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association’s one-day and online courses are approved for Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture certification. All course materials will be shipped via UPS two weeks prior to the course date, unless otherwise specified. Shipping & handling fees apply. A $60 transfer fee will be assessed if you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the course date. ONE DAY COURSE WITH CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION AND PROCTORED EXAM $135 M / $175 NM Recommended for most registrants and includes textbook and answer sheet. Participants study at home and in the classroom. HOME STUDY WITH A PROCTORED EXAM IN THE CLASSROOM $110 M / $135 NM Recommended for the experienced foodservice professional since no classroom instruction is provided. Participants study at home and then attend a proctored exam. ONLINE COURSE WITH PROCTORED EXAM IN THE CLASSROOM $150 M / $190 NM Recommended for the experienced foodservice professional since no textbook or classroom instruction is provided. Online course takes about 8-10 hours to complete and requires a high-speed internet connection. RETESTING This option is provided for those who must simply re-take the ServSafe exam.


2014 ServSafe® Schedule with Locations APRIL 4/7 Harrisburg, Central Penn College 4/7 Monroeville, Courtyard by Marriott 4/7 Philadelphia, Hampton Inn Center City Philadelphia 4/14 Erie, Sunset Inn 4/14 Reading, The Inn at Reading 4/28 York, York Co. School of Tech. MAY 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/12 5/12

Greensburg, Courtyard by Marriott State College, Hotel State College Tannersville, The Chateau Resort Carlisle, Carlisle Area High School Philadelphia, Hampton Inn Center City Philadelphia 5/12 Uniontown, Holiday Inn 5/19 Butler, Fairfield Inn & Suites 5/19 Lancaster, Bird-in-Hand Restaurant

JUNE 6/2 Hazleton, TBD 6/9 Bethlehem, Northampton Community College 6/9 Monroeville, Courtyard by Marriott 6/16 Harrisburg, Central Penn College 6/23 Altoona, TBD

7/21 7/28 7/28 7/28

Wilkes-Barre, Comfort Inn Harrisburg, Central Penn College Media, The Towne House Restaurant Monroeville, Courtyard by Marriott

JULY 7/7 Lancaster, Bird-in-Hand Restaurant 7/7 Philadelphia, Hampton Inn Center City Philadelphia 7/7 Pittsburgh, TBD

AUGUST 8/4 Butler, Fairfield Inn & Suites 8/4 State College, Hotel State College 8/11 Reading, The Inn at Reading 8/18 Greensburg, Courtyard by Marriott 8/18 Lebanon, TBD 8/18 Philadelphia, Hampton Inn Center City Philadelphia

Early Bird Pricing*


$130 PRLA member $170 non-member

*Early bird pricing must be pre-paid 14 days prior to the class. Shipping & handling fees apply.

online call (800) 345-5353

100 State Street I Harrisburg, PA 17101 I 800.345.5353 I 717.236.1202 FAX I


ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL LEGISLATIVE DAY On March 11, PRLA held its 26th annual Legislative Day. This year’s event had more than 100 participants from around the state and more than 70 meetings were held with legislators. PRLA’s Taste of the State Reception, which featured food and drinks from PRLA members, was popular once again with members of the Legislature—more than 80 legislators attended, as did Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley.

STATE OF THE LEGISLATURE The Legislature is struggling to gain traction on key legislative issues and pass a budget. At the same time, legislators are spending as much time as possible campaigning in their home districts. With the uncertainty of the upcoming elections, 2014 is a key year for PRLA to achieve some of our key legislative priorities.

MANDATED PAID LEAVE PREEMPTION PRLA continues to advocate for and supports mandated paid leave preemption, which would ensure that only the state, not local municipalities, can mandate leave requirements on business. PRLA supports House Bills 1807 and 1960, sponsored by Rep. Seth Grove (R—York) and HB 1796, sponsored by Rep. Todd Stephens (R—Montgomery).

ALCOHOL REFORM While fully privatizing the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is no longer a priority of the Legislature, it is discussing if there is first step that can be taken related to alcohol reform in the name of consumer convenience. PRLA continues to articulate to members of the Legislature the association’s five main priorities: 1 Preserve of the value of current licenses. 2 Increase the licensee discount from 10 percent to 20 percent to reflect a true wholesale partnership between licensees and the PLCB. 3 If flexible pricing is implemented, a reasonable cap must be established. PRLA recommends a cap of no higher than 32 percent. 4 Eliminate the 30 percent mark-up on special liquor orders (SLO) for licensees only.

Thank you to all of our participants for taking the time to attend this important event. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

5 Allow licensees to purchase a reasonably priced permit (example, $500/year) to sell four to six bottles of wine-to-go and two 1-liter sized bottles of spirits.

HOTEL TAX REFORM PRLA continues to work as part of a hotel tax task force to address the misuse of local hotel taxes. The task force is hopeful that legislation all interested parties can agree on will be introduced by late spring.

REMINDERS RELATING TO UNIFORMS AND TIP POOLING Due to an increase in enforcement and lawsuits, please make sure you are following federal regulations pertaining to employee uniforms and tip-pooling. 1 UNIFORMS | You CANNOT deduct the cost of uniforms from the salaries of employees whose base pay is below minimum wage. So even if employees make more than minimum wage, including their tips, you may not deduct uniform costs— because their base pay is below minimum wage. 2 TIP POOLING | Tip pooling can only occur for those positions that are interacting face-to-face with the customer. Bussers, servers and bartenders are eligible to participate. Dishwashers, chefs or cooks (anyone in the back of the house) may not be part of a tip pool.

MORE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT RULES ANNOUNCED The Treasury and IRS have issued a final rule relating to the following key items under the Affordable Care Act:

The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association is committed to representing the hospitality industry at all levels of government on legislative and regulatory issues that have a direct impact on our industry and our members’ bottom lines. The above issues are just a few of the priorities in which your association is currently engaged.

14 •


• SPRING 2014

• A look-back measurement, which allows businesses an easier way to measure part-time and seasonal employees. • Seasonal employee is now defined as an employee that works six or fewer months in a year. • Employers with 50 to 99 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees will not be subject to the employer mandate until 2016. All businesses with 100 or more FTE employees will still be required to offer coverage to employees working over 30 hours per week, beginning in 2015. • Businesses that have to offer coverage in 2015 can avoid penalties if qualifying coverage is offered to 70 percent of eligible employees. The percentage jumps up to 95 percent in 2016, though.

MINIMUM WAGE THREAT CONTINUES IN PENNSYLVANIA As expected, House Democrats filed a discharge resolution for HB 1896 (Kim—D, Dauphin). HB 1896 would raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to $10.10 per hour, as well as the tipped wage to 50 percent of the minimum wage. This action, if brought up for consideration on the House floor and passed, would allow the bill to automatically be moved out of committee and able to be brought up for consideration on the House floor. PRLA remains opposed to an increase in the minimum wage and will continue to educate legislators on the impact this legislation would have on PRLA members.



Knowledge is power in your operation. As a PRLA member, you have many informational resources available at your fingertips to help you with your day-to-day legal, regulatory and operational questions.

Q A Q A Q A Q A 16 •

How many restaurants are there in the United States? How much money does the average American spend eating away from home? In 2013, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) reported 990,000 restaurant locations in the United States.

$2,500 ... Amount spent eating out annually,

How many of those are independently operated?

$8 billion ... Amount spent last year dining

Seven out of 10 restaurants are categorized as single-unit operations.

according to the US Department of Agriculture.


out just on Valentine’s Day.

What are the total restaurant sales in Pennsylvania?

How many employees does it take to staff all of the restaurants in the United States?

According to the NRA’s Industry Forecast, Pennsylvania’s restaurants are projected to register $18.3 billion in sales this year.

NRA estimates that restaurants employ nearly 13.5 million people, not including non-restaurant food employees, in the United States.

What are the advancement opportunities in restaurants?

How many restaurant employees are working in Pennsylvania?

NRA projects that in 2014 restaurants will account for 538,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, or 9 percent of employment in the state.


• SPRING 2014

Nine out of every 10 salaried restaurant employees begin as hourly workers. An incredible eight out of 10 restaurant owners began their industry careers in entry-level positions. Statistically, restaurants are in the top 10 percent of businesses that sell to their employees.

legislator spotlight

Prior to being elected Whip, Rep. Saylor served as Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee which provides a forum within the Caucus to develop legislative priorities and agendas and conducts hearings and meetings throughout the Commonwealth on timely and relevant issues. He also served as the Chairman of the House Local Government Committee. Rep. Saylor also serves on the House Rules Committee, the Bipartisan Management Committee, and is a member of several informal House Caucuses.

State Representative Stan Saylor STANLEY E. SAYLOR, state representative for the 94th Legislative District, York County, was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1992. Rep. Saylor was elected by his colleagues to serve as House Majority Whip on the Republican Leadership Team. As whip, he is responsible for encouraging attendance by House members, keeping the members informed of upcoming legislative debating, and helping maintain voting majorities on the House floor.

He received the Elected Official Award from the York County Chamber of Commerce, the Guardian of Small Business Award from the Pennsylvania National Federation of Independent Business, and the Statesman of the Year Award from Pennsylvanians for Right to Work. Saylor was selected as Elected Official of the Year by the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Public Works Association in 2010. He was also named as an outstanding champion by Parents Anonymous of Pennsylvania for his continued work with community-based agencies in York County to sponsor professional seminars on child abuse prevention and received the Standing with Nurses Award from the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association. He was honored

to receive the 2012 NGV Public Policy Champion Award from NGV America. Stan is a member of numerous clubs, associations and organizations in his district and in York County. He is a member of the York County Task Force on Domestic Violence, the Child Abuse Prevention Council of York Inc., and the Healthy York County Coalition. He served as president of the Pennsylvania Jaycees from 19901991 and is a past member of the Red Lion Area Jaycees. Stan is also a member of St. John’s United Church of Christ in Red Lion, The Red Lion Library, Stewartstown Library, Red Lion and Mason-Dixon Business Associations, Red Lion Lions Club, Red Lion Masonic Lodge, York County Farmer’s Association, Pennsylvania Farmer’s Association, Red Lion Grange, Red Lion Historical Society, White Rose Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, and an Honorary Life Member of the Southern York County Forest Fire Crew. He is also a member of the National Association of Sportsmen Legislators and the Hopewell Fish and Game Club. Stan graduated from Dallastown Area High School and majored in political science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He resides in Windsor Township, York County.

Harford Mutual

is serving up complete Restaurant Coverage in Pennsylvania Liquor Liability—new for 2014 Ask your agent or visit SPRING 2014


• 17


what’s happening around the state? BRANDYWINE CHAPTER • On Saturday, February 8, Victory Brewing Company was awarded the 2014 Sustainable Agriculture Business Leadership Award by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). Presented as part of the PASAbilities Leadership Award Series at PASA’s 23rd annual Farming for the Future conference, the honor recognizes Victory’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, innovation and environmental leadership within the community.

by the PRLA Central Chapter, the Brewers of PA, the American Culinary Federation and the Department of Agriculture’s PA Preferred Program. This sampling event brings together Pennsylvania breweries and restaurants, along with PA Preferred food producers, to focus on Pennsylvania products. More information and online ticketing may be found at • Chickie’s & Pete’s is bringing CrabFries and more to Hershey Park. The Philadelphia-based franchise will be operated by the park and located in Midway America. It will be open in time for Hershey’s Springtime in the Park. • Room renovations are complete at the Hilton Harrisburg. Lobby and restaurant areas are slated for renovations over the summer and opening in the fall. Stay tuned for further updates. • The Dave Magrogan Group expansion continues. Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar will open in June 2014 at the Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace, Harrisburg. KEYSTONE CHAPTER

CENTRAL CHAPTER • PRLA wishes to thank the following Central Chapter restaurant members who provided appetizers and beverages at the Taste of the State reception on Legislative Day. Alfred’s Victorian, Appalachian Brewing Company, Hershey Entertainment Complex, Flinchy’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Firehouse, PA School of Culinary Arts, Stock’s on Second, Ellis Coffee Company, Hilton Harrisburg and MoMo’s BBQ. What a great day for our members!

• PRLA’s 2014 Spring Membership Meeting took place on Monday, April 7 and Tuesday, April 8 at the Nittany Lion Inn, State College. Monday’s dinner celebrated the contributions members of our industry made in their communities by honoring the nominees for the Restaurant Neighbor and Stars of the Industry awards. The Nittany Lion Inn hosted the dinner, where attendees had a chance to meet PRLA’s new President & CEO, John Longstreeet. LANCASTER CHAPTER • Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant, Smoketown, is proud to be hosting two dinner concerts this spring. Attendees will enjoy a delicious, all you can eat meal then relax after dinner with gospel music by The Taylors on April 7 and Paul’s Journey on June 23. LEHIGH VALLEY CHAPTER

• PA Flavor – the ultimate beer & food pairing will be held on Saturday, April 26 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. PA Flavor is presented jointly

• On March 27, Bethlehem Brew Works and Historic Hotel Bethlehem hosted its inaugural Brewers Summit. This Meeting of the Malts featured a five-course beerpaired dinner and panel discussion with Dick Yuengling, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Jim Koch, founder of Samuel Adams.

Walnut Street in Philadelphia, where creative and traditional dishes are brought to life with local and fresh ingredients. An extensive wine and specialty cocktail list pairs with each dish to complete the dining experience. • Women in Hospitality Philadelphia will hold a networking event called Pop-Up Monday on April 7 at SUPPER, 926 South Street, which will feature complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials. More information may be found at Women in Hospitality is a new club formed by PRLA, as the Pennsylvania offshoot of the American Hotel & Lodging Association Women in Lodging group. WESTERN CHAPTER • St. Clair Country Club hosted the Western Chapter Awards & Installation night in February. The chapter’s annual award winners were honored in the following categories: Restaurant Member of the Year—Steve Musciano of ARAMARK; Lodging Member of the Year—Omni William Penn; Allied Member of the Year—Bob Hruby of US Foods; Wilmer S. Lapp Keystone Award— Joseph DiSalvo of DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant; Best New Restaurant—Central Diner & Grille; Best Libation Venue—Meat & Potatoes; Member Employee of the Year —Martin Vecellio of Common Plea Catering. • Western Chapter board member Lane McFarland of Beechie’s Place, Meadow Lands, was recently named one of FSR magazine’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars. FSR Rising Stars are chosen for making a significant impact on their companies and communities by introducing innovation, creativity, and dedication to their restaurant operations, food and beverage menus and dining experiences. • Congratulations to Angelo’s Restaurant, Washington. On March 28, owner and former PRLA chairman of the board Michael Passalacqua’s restaurant celebrated its 75th anniversary. Here’s to many more anniversaries! For more information on any of the above events or to include your event or news in the next issue of Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Matters, contact Heidi Howard, PRLA meeting and event planner, at (800) 345-5353 or email to

PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER • In October 2013, the Dave Magrogan Group opened Stella Rossa Ristorante at 929

For more information on any of the above events or to include your event or news in the next issue of Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Matters, contact Heidi Howard, PRLA meeting and event planner, at (800) 345-5353 or email to

18 •


• SPRING 2014

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Restaurant Members 3rd & Ferry Fish Market Easton Appalachian Brewing Company Gettysburg Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar Ephrata Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar Harrisburg Bangles Indian Cuisine Downingtown Bellewood Country Club North Coventry Bocktown Beer & Grill Monaca Bonefish Grill – Camp Hill Camp Hill Bonefish Grill – Edgmont Newtown Square Bonefish Grill – Lancaster Lancaster Bonefish Grill – Langhorne Langhorne Bonefish Grill – Montgomeryville North Wales Bonefish Grill – South Hills Pittsburgh Bonefish Grill – Whitehall Whitehall Bonefish Grill – Willow Grove Willow Grove Brittingham’s Lafayette Hill Broadway Grille & Pub Jim Thorpe Central Diner & Grille Pittsburgh Cracker Barrel Muncy Cracker Barrel State College

Eighty Acres Pittsburgh Hoopty’s Pizza & Pasta Havertown Irwin Country Club Irwin Jack Duggan’s Pub Philadelphia JD’s Pazzo Pizzeria Ephrata Lancaster Brewing Company Lancaster Mediterrano Pittsburgh Mick’s All American Pub Lititz Moe’s Southwest Grill Mechanicsburg Oakview Golf Club Slippery Rock Pizza Joe’s New Castle Red Rooster Restaurant Hunlock Creek Yorkmiss York

Allied Members Agilysys 1000 Windward Concourse, Suite 250, Alpharetta, GA 30005 Daniel Strother Commercial Utility Consultants 1556 McDaniel Drive, West Chester, PA 19380 John McGillian D & L Coffee Service Inc. 7000 Holstein Avenue, Suite 3, Philadelphia, PA 19153 Donato Marino Ecolab Inc. 100 Matawan Road, Matawan, NJ 07747 Tom Gies Gerald Kolaski Duri Greene

ElectroMenu 200 Turner Industrial Way, Aston, PA 19014 Mark Owens Brian Egan

Sofranko Advisory Group LLC 6400 Brooktree Court, Suite 200, Wexford, PA 15090 Ron Sofranko

Harford Mutual Insurance Co. 150 Laurie Lane, Lititz, PA 17543 Martin Kyper

Steadfast Hospitality 163 Mitchells Chance Road, #234 Edgewater, MD 21037 Ken Free

Harford Mutual Insurance Co. 951 Red Coat Farm Drive, Chalfont, PA 18914 Maureen Arnold

Weber Gallagher 2000 Market Street, Suite 1300 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Matthew Laver

Heathers Healthy Snacks 209 Shropshire Drive, West Chester, PA 19382 Charles Stickland Integrity Design Concepts Ltd. 730 Homel Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 Christopher Hutt JetPay Payroll 3939 West Drive, Center Valley, PA 18034 Donna McCorkle Wayne Hart David Dent Jim DalPezzo Kip Hartman Tom Plinke Livingsocial 1317 East Moyamensing Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Larry Ferenchick LivingSocial 109 Hartman Road, Pottstown, PA 19465 Jean Rossell

Where Magazine 1845 Walnut Street, Suite 980 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Laura Burkhardt World Cafe Live 500 North Market Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Derek Newton

Lodging Members Courtyard By Marriott Lancaster Courtyard Marriott Philadelphia – South @ the Navy Yard Philadelphia Hilton Garden Inn State College State College Homewood Suites By Hilton – Harrisburg West Mechanicsburg The Inn at Jim Thorpe Jim Thorpe

Lyoness 627 Churchill Road, Chester Springs, PA 19425 Nancy Bennett

Institution Members

Power Management 1600 Mosely Road, Suite 100 Victor, NY 14564 Ashley Borelli

Laurel Highlands School District Uniontown

Berks County Jail Systems Leesport

Reliable Fire Protection Inc. 1323 Morris Street – Front Office Philadelphia, PA 19148 Fred Vidi SPRING 2014


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