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Help an employee get healthier for $5 a month. • Group medical plans for your employees • Health plans for individuals and their families • Solutions that work with your budget


The UnitedHealth Allies discount plan is administered by HealthAllies,® Inc., a discount medical plan organization. The discount plan is not insurance. The discount plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services. The discount plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. The member is obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization. HealthAllies, Inc. is located at P.O. Box 10340, Glendale, CA 91209, 888-809-6539. Insurance coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates. Health Plan coverage provided by or through a UnitedHealthcare company. ©2011 United HealthCare Services, Inc. UHCPA535776-001


PRLA 2012 Officers CHAIRMAN Jeff Metz Metz Culinary Management, Dallas Northeastern Chapter FIRST VICE CHAIRMAN Matt English Milestone Hospitality Management LLC, Lancaster Central and Lancaster chapters VICE CHAIRMAN Mike Rodden Philadelphia Marriott West, West Conshohoken Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chapter

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Watch What the SCOTUS ruling means for you





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... how it affects your bottom line

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and PTLA ... [present a] strong, “ PRA unified voice [which] promises greater political clout in the legislative and regulatory arenas.... We encourage you and your staff to exercise your right to vote this coming Election Day.” Jeff Metz

IN JULY, the Pennsylvania Restaurant

Association and the Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association entered into an alliance to create the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA)—one organization to represent the Commonwealth’s hospitality industry. By combining our memberships, we represent an industry that employs more than 960,000 people and generates revenues of more than $42 billion annually. Our strong, unified voice promises greater political clout in the legislative and regulatory arenas. We are working hard to ensure the transition to PRLA is smooth for all of our members. We also are working with our Executive Committee Branding Task Force and a consultant to develop a polished and professional brand, logo and website for our new, unified hospitality organization. The branding process is nearing its culmination. The task force and our brand consultant presented two logo options to the Executive Committee at its September meeting and we plan to unveil the committee’s selection at our Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Gala this November.

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The entire membership is invited to attend November’s meeting and gala. The committee meetings take place on Sunday, November 4 and Monday, November 5, and provide you with the chance to participate in the work of your association. Sunday night’s awards gala is our opportunity to honor several exceptional members and industry leaders for their service, safety, civic engagement, leadership and dedication to the association and industry. We hope to see you at the Hilton Harrisburg in November—look for your formal invitation in the mail. Other components of the transition to PRLA are upgrading our membership database and redesigning our website this winter. These upgrades will streamline our invoicing and event registration, simplify online membership renewals and allow members to update their information in real-time—just to name a few features. The State Legislature returned to Harrisburg on September 24. With all 203 House seats and 25 Senate seats up for grabs, we don’t anticipate a great deal of activity or significant new legislative issues to emerge prior to the November election. Should the Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate, we would

FALL 2012

Patrick Conway

expect them to pursue an aggressive legislative agenda in 2013. We encourage you to subscribe to our weekly Legislative Update to stay informed on all the issues that impact you and your business. Simply email to subscribe. Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day. We encourage you and your staff to exercise your right to vote. It is an important election year for both the state and the nation. Visit to find your polling location. Thank you for your continued membership and support. We look forward to seeing you in Harrisburg this November for our annual membership meeting. Best regards,

Jeff Metz Chairman of the Board

Patrick Conway President & CEO



The bridge between music creators and the businesses that use music THERE IS NO DOUBT that music is one of the

quickest and easiest ways for restaurants to establish atmosphere and ambiance. But what many restaurant owners and managers have long known is now being supported by research: Music not only establishes ambiance, it also serves as a powerful tool for driving profits. Music branding—the process of compiling playlists to suit an establishment’s brand and positioning—has become an increasingly popular consulting service, with a host of companies advising establishments on the right soundtrack to drive real business results, strengthen customer loyalty and enhance the dining experience. To facilitate and simplify the process of licensing music for their members, more and more restaurant associations are partnering with Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)—and availing members of discounts as high as 20 percent off licensing fees. Founded in 1939, BMI is a performing rights organization. BMI represents more than 500,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music and more than 7.5 million musical works. The company provides licenses for more than 650,000 businesses that publicly perform music, and distributes the fees it generates as royalties to the musical creators and copyright owners it represents. A “public performance” of music is defined in the U.S. copyright law to include any music played outside a normal circle of friends and family. Songwriters, composers and music publishers have the exclusive right to play their music publicly and to authorize others to do so under the copyright law. This is known as the performing right.

To make the process of licensing the work of so many songwriters and music publishers as simple and affordable as possible, BMI provides businesses with a blanket license. The BMI blanket license is an affordable and fair way for business owners who use music to comply with copyright laws, and grants unlimited access to the more than 7.5 million songs written by BMI songwriters, composers and publishers, often for less than a dollar a day. More than half of the businesses that BMI licenses pay the minimum licensing fee of about 91 cents per day. For those businesses who are not on the minimum rate, the average cost is about $2 per day. The factors that determine the cost of a license include the amount of music used, occupancy and square footage. Often, this information is provided by the businesses themselves. Most PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters

The vast majority of the songwriters that find a home with BMI are not household names—they are not even performers. They are writers—the smallest of small businesses—and the royalties they receive from the public use of their work is a critical part of their income. The quarterly payments they earn reach every state in the country, and go right back into the communities where they live. As a free-to-join organization with an open-door policy for all songwriters, BMI seeks to be a bridge between the music creators we represent and the businesses who wish to use their songs to drive profits. BMI representatives are available to answer any questions about the process of licensing music, and are happy to discuss the substantial discounts available to state restaurant association members. For more information, please visit or call (888) 869-5264.

Tempo Findings

For every dollar collected, 86 cents goes right back out the door as royalties to BMI’s songwriters, composers and music publishers, whose right to ownership of their songs is granted by Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

6 •

business owners who use music contact BMI directly, registering and making payments online at They recognize that a music license is a small cost of doing business, and that the profits that music generates are immeasurably greater than the cost of a license.

FALL 2012

According to the Gallup Organization, one restaurant study revealed that low-tempo music can increase per dinner party bar sales 40.9 percent, and that patrons stay 24 percent longer when slow tempo music is played. Restaurant Management Magazine reported on a test titled “The Influence of Background Music on Restaurant Patrons,” which revealed sales increased 11.6 percent when up-tempo music was played during lunch. Sales increased 15.7 percent when slower tempo music was played during dinner.

LEGISLATIVE CORNER Statewide elections Once again, the big fight will be over the state House of Representatives this year as Democrats fight to regain control of the only chamber they have a chance for. Democrats are counting on the Obama presidential campaign, and outrage against voter ID to bring voters out, while the Republicans are counting on anti-Obama sentiment and the repeal of healthcare reform to help their chances. If Republicans do keep control, expect a somewhat aggressive legislative agenda in 2013.

a union vote to 10 days was not valid. The court reiterated that the NLRB did not have a quorum at the time of the vote for the rule. The court did say that the agency was free to go back and enact the regulation with a sufficient quorum. The PRLA, National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) continue to be opposed to the proposed NLRB rule. Off-premise catering permit changes After being signed by the Governor in July, Act 116 of 2012, went fully into effect at the beginning of September. One important section of this act makes a variety of changes to off-premise catering permits for licensees. Please review the following list of changes; they now apply to your business: • Food must be included with the sale of alcohol. • Patrons may not leave the permitted location with alcohol. • The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board must receive written notice 30 days prior to the function—this notice must include the location, time, host of the function and general information regarding guests (if it is a wedding, fundraiser, birthday party, etc.). • The 30-day notice may be waived if the applicant has previously conducted functions, is in good standing, pays a $100 late fee, and provides notification at least 14 days before the event. • You must notify the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement of the event 7 days in advance.

Fall session All 203 members of the House and 25 members of the Senate are up for re-election this year, so the legislature’s fall schedule is expected to be light and consist only of items that absolutely need to be accomplished before the end of the year. Healthcare Businesses need to start preparing to implement the healthcare law’s requirements for employers even though key regulatory guidance is still missing and changes may be made in the future. The healthcare act will require businesses with 50 or more fulltime-equivalent employees to offer health benefits. It is highly suggested that businesses stay on top of new regulations, delve into their workforce demographics to understand what parts of the law affect them, talk to their insurers about possible changes in benefit-plan design, and think about how to communicate with employees about the law. PRLA will communicate to members any legislative changes that are made to the law and will announce all regulations as they are released. National Labor Relations Board In August, a federal district court in Washington, D.C. ruled for the second time that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) 2011 rule to speed up the time frame between a union petition and

• An event cannot last longer than 5 hours and must end by midnight. • Tickets may only be sold if it is for an eligible entity or holds tax exempt status under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue code of 1986. • An event cannot be held in a location that is subject to a pending transfer application, a mobile location or a sporting or concert parking lot. • You cannot obtain a permit if your license is subject to a pending objection by the Director of the Bureau of Licensing. • You must pay the $500 permitting fee to obtain your offpremise catering permit by March of each calendar year, regardless of whether you have scheduled catering events. Hotel tax As more and more cities and counties struggle to find funding for services, raising the local hotel tax is seen as a solution to financial problems. The PRLA and the Pennsylvania Association of Travel & Tourism are coordinating a working group of key members to meet this fall. The group will develop a comprehensive position on the issue along with positions on the variety of other items that accompany such a tax.

The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association is committed to representing the hospitality industry at all levels of government on legislative and regulatory issues that have a direct impact on our industry and our members’ bottom lines. The above issues are just a few of the priorities in which your association is currently engaged.

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FALL 2012

legislator spotlight

Senator Wayne D. Fontana

A RELENTLESS FIGHTER for working families

and underprivileged children, Wayne D. Fontana was first elected to the Senate on May 17, 2005, in a special election. He was re-elected to represent the 42nd Senatorial District in Allegheny County in 2006 and 2010. Sen. Fontana currently serves as Democratic Chair of the Senate Community, Economic & Recreational Development Committee. He is also a member of the Appropriations, Law & Justice, and Urban Affairs & Housing committees. His senate district comprises Pittsburgh’s vibrant downtown along with the city’s budding North Shore development, historic South Side, colorful strip district and Fifth Avenue near the new Consol Center. All of these areas are growing and transforming into residential, retail, culture, sports, tourism and entertainment destinations. As a senator, Sen. Fontana has championed causes aimed at helping abused and underprivileged children and families. He authored bills that would toughen child abuse reporting requirements for school personnel; established a 19-member task force to examine the educational problems facing homeless children; helped expand the CHIP program that provides health insurance for children; and helped launch a website to assist people working with child abuse victims, both caregivers and advocates. He has fought to bring new jobs and revitalization to many of the struggling industrial communities he represents. To that end, he has co-sponsored a legislative package that would invest in statewide job creation and economic development incentives — without raising taxes. Sen. Fontana is, by profession, a real estate sales associate and broker. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Business from the Community College of Allegheny County and also participates in continuing education for real estate licensing and bi-yearly education requirements to retain his broker’s license. Sen. Fontana has deep roots in the community. Prior to his election to the Senate, he served as an inaugural member of Allegheny County Council, representing the 12th District and has served as a 19th Ward Committee Person for the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. He and his wife reside in the Brookline section of Pittsburgh. They have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Stay Connected MORE THAN HALF of all mobile phone subscribers

in the United States own smartphones, according to a recent Nielsen estimate. To cater toward the growing trend of mobile applications, technology companies are developing new solutions that allow hotel employees to wirelessly connect to property management systems. Property management systems (PMS) provide hotel employees with essential tools to efficiently perform their daily tasks, which include handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, managing room inventory, accommodating guest needs, and handling accounting and billing. When using a mobile PMS solution, employees can provide guest services without the confines of a desk. On-the-go hotel operators and managers of multiple properties can stay aware of their guests, have constant access to hotel data and make important business decisions. Scott Gowdish, director of development, hotel e-commerce solutions, for MICROS Systems Inc., says mobile PMS solutions increase efficiency at hotels. Alerts are delivered directly to handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and modifications can be made on the fly. “It provides more information and quick access to information to anyone on the property,” Gowdish says. “You don’t need to be sitting at a terminal to get updates on room status or updates on occupancy.” 10 •


FALL 2012

NEW LEVEL OF MOBILITY When MICROS client feedback indicated a demand for quick check-in and checkout applications distributed over the Web, the company developed a mobile PMS solution called OPERA2Go, which has since been implemented at three pilot properties, including Trump Hotel Collection’s Soho and Chicago properties. The solution is fully Web-enabled, which means it doesn’t require an app to be loaded, and works on all mobile devices. Functionality of the agent-facing user interface includes reservation look-ups, check in and out, room assignments, special requests, profile management, room availability, housekeeping room status task sheets and key reports. General managers and front desk managers can access due-in reports on the mobile platform so they can provide service to guests anywhere on or off the property. Network capabilities aren’t typically a concern, Gowdish says, because most properties with any kind of interconnectivity should be able to support the solution. Rather than delivering huge data chunks across the device, he says, the solution is compact across the interface. While concierges and guest services members who roam properties have more mobile ability, Gowdish says there will always be a need for front desk terminals. More in-depth tasks, such as managing guest profiles and managing reservations, don’t always scale well to handheld devices.

“As devices get better resolution and as they get better access to the local networks in properties,” Gowdish says, “you’ll start to see more services being delivered this way.” ALWAYS IN TOUCH As smart mobile devices became more widespread, Multi-Systems Inc. (MSI) introduced a hotel-facing mobile application for internal functions that works with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Called the nTouch, it works in conjunction with the company’s WinPM solution to provide real-time access to hotel data via Internet connection. Staff members can check availability, look up VIP guests, manage room status and monitor ADR and occupancy. The ability to constantly monitor hotel performance allows general managers to more effectively manage their inventory and rates, says Rick Munson, CEO of MSI. “It directly impacts your profitability,” he says. The nTouch allows staff to manage each property individually and gain access to each hotel’s key data. A general manager of multiple hotels can access all information, from guest arrivals lists

smartphones. “We, as the property management system supplier, need to send a signal to the phone so that the phone gets the correct room number,” Munson explains. All of the pieces are integrated through MSI’s cloud system. “That’s the miracle of today’s cloud computing,” Munson says. “It’s a platform that really brings a tremendous amount of value.” MICROS is developing a business-to-consumer solution called webHotel, an eCommerce product and services platform that leverages OPERA-based hotel and customer data to attract online travel consumers. It allows customers to search for reservations, browse, and book in one place. A business-to-consumer mobile app also is in pilot, through which guests can book reservations and customize their hotel stay. Gowdish acknowledges that becoming an early adopter in emerging technologies can be a “death sentence.” He advises hotels to partner with technology companies that will provide the right solutions without putting the properties too much at risk. “In our industry, in general, we’re all very cost conscious,” Gowdish says. “We know how horrible the economy has been to us.”

Mobile PMS solutions are designed for on-the-go employees committed to guest service. by Megan Sullivan As seen in Lodging Magazine June 2012.

to occupancy stats, from his single nTouch application. “He gets to look at daily stats for multiple hotels from one phone anywhere in the world,” Munson says. A housekeeper can use her mobile device to update the status of a room from dirty to clean, and it will automatically communicate to the PMS so the front desk staff knows the room is ready. If an available room suddenly has a leaky pipe, the engineer can immediately take it out of inventory. “The bottom line is, it’s improving the guest experience,” Munson says. GUEST-FACING COMPONENTS To build on nTouch capabilities, MSI is in the final stages of completing a customer-facing component that will allow guests to bypass the front desk when checking in or out. The question is: Will guests use it? “All hotels are saying yes they will,” Munson says. Airlines allow travelers to use boarding passes that are sent straight to their smartphones, so he sees a similar concept working in hotels. “If you can get on an airplane, why not get into a hotel?”

devices get better “ As resolution and as they get better access to the local networks in properties, you’ll start to see more services being delivered this way.” — Scott Gowdish

Director of Development Hotel E-Commerce Solutions Micros Systems Inc.

Munson says MSI is working with Square, a card reader that plugs into mobile devices, so that roaming staff members who greet guests can swipe and process credit cards for check in. MSI also is working with other suppliers on keyless technology that would allow guests to unlock their hotel room door with their

FALL 2012


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Watch What the SCOTUS ruling means for you

By now everyone knows the Supreme Court has upheld the 2010 healthcare law’s individual mandate The court called the mandate a tax under Congress’ tax-and-spend authority as cited in the U.S. Constitution. It also ruled that states can choose whether or not to participate in the Medicaid expansion under the law, and the federal government cannot coerce them to participate by threatening to pull the funding for their current Medicaid program if they refuse. by Michelle Reinke Neblett Director of Labor and Workforce Policy, National Restaurant Association

So what does this mean for the foodservice industry? Following is a brief synopsis.

in 2014, employers with “ Beginning 50 or more full-time equivalent employees must offer affordable healthcare coverage that is of minimum value to their full-time workers and their dependents or face potential penalties.”

All of the employer requirements stand. Beginning in 2014, employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees must offer affordable healthcare coverage that is of minimum value to their full-time workers and their dependents or face potential penalties. Called applicable large employers, they must also provide specific information to the Internal Revenue Service regarding the kinds of plans they offer and to whom they offered coverage. Furthermore, the employees must receive the same information the IRS does. For employers with 200 or more full-time employees, they must automatically enroll those full-time employees into least-cost coverage no more than 90 days after hire. Rules for this, however, also aren’t expected until 2014. In addition, the law will require employers to become a resource for employees, especially where it concerns the state exchanges. Notice requirements on the exchanges will begin in March 2013. Also, new taxes were passed and existing ones increased to “pay for” the law. A new health insurance tax on insurers will be passed down to small businesses and individuals in the form of higher premiums. Another increase, in payroll tax, will impact many small business owners and now will include net investment income, including capital gains. Americans must purchase minimum essential coverage for themselves and their dependents. Because the individual mandate was upheld, employees will be responsible for purchasing coverage or pay a tax on their tax returns for not doing so. There are some exceptions for those who don’t earn enough to file their taxes, and other allowances, but for the most part, all Americans will be required to have “minimum essential coverage.” They could obtain that coverage through their employer, through the state exchange, Medicaid, Medicare or certain other state and federal programs. Also, those individuals who are under the age of 30 can purchase catastrophic coverage to satisfy this requirement. Still, that type of coverage does not satisfy the employer mandate. The impact of the ruling on the Medicaid Expansion is still to be determined. This will depend on whether a state chooses to participate in the expansion program or not. Medicaid is a joint federal-state program that originally was designed to help certain people, such as poor youth and the disabled. The healthcare law greatly expanded that eligibility to anyone with income below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Many states are concerned about their ability to fund such an expansion and the impact this would have on their budgets. Some restaurant employees could be impacted as to where they obtain their minimum essential coverage — Medicaid, exchange or employer — depending on whether or not they qualify for Medicaid under the new eligibility requirements.

If a state chooses not to participate in the expansion program, an employer’s plan could be impacted as more full-time employees trigger penalties if the plan is “unaffordable” for those employees under the law. Exchanges—another decision for states. Will each state set up its own exchange, engage in a partnership to run it jointly with the federal government, or will the Department of Health and Human Services run the federal exchange in the state? Under the law, states are required to establish and operate an exchange — a marketplace for the individual and small group insurance markets. Exchanges may be a place where restaurant operators could purchase small group plans for their businesses or where individuals find coverage. The idea is that exchanges would pool people together to reduce the cost of coverage for everyone. At first only those with 50 or fewer people to insure can purchase coverage on the state exchanges, but each state may choose to allow large group plans — 51+ or 100+ lives insured — in future years. If a state does not choose to set up an exchange or partner up with HHS, the federal government will operate one for them. If they do choose to set up their own or partner with HHS, states will be given flexibility in how the exchanges operate. Furthermore, each state may be different. While only a few have passed legislation or issued executive orders establishing exchanges, most states have accepted federal planning grants to develop an exchange. And several key deadlines are fast approaching. By mid-November, states that want to partner up with HHS will have to submit a blueprint for their plans and will have to prove to HHS by January 1, 2013, that they will be ready to operate their exchanges by January 1, 2014. You can determine your responsibility and find out more about what employers must do to comply. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) hosted a webinar for members this summer to explain the law’s employer requirements and answer questions. Members may access the archived webinar at NRA is committed to your understanding of the law’s requirements and its effect on your business. To understand the basics, visit the NRA’s Health Care Knowledge Center. If you’re interested in how the regulations are developing, visit our Health Care Policy page. We’ll continue to keep you informed about current healthcare implementation issues. Email us at healthcarereform@

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2012 Golf Classics: a success story The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA) would like to thank this year’s sponsors and purveyors for their generous support of the 14th annual Power PAC Golf Classic East and 15th annual Power PEC Golf Classic West. POWER PAC GOLF CLASSIC EAST Cabinet Sponsors Eat’n Park Hospitality Group US Foods–Philadelphia Senate Sponsors Citibank N.A. Ellis Coffee Company Outback Steakhouse Reinhart Foodservice SYSCO Central Pennsylvania SYSCO Philadelphia House Sponsors Auntie Anne’s Inc. Heartland Payment Systems Hilton Harrisburg UnitedHealthcare

Schneider Valley Farms Dairy Southern Wine & Spirits UGI Energy Services US Foods Allentown Product Sponsors Bassett’s Ice Cream Capital Wine & Spirits Coca-Cola Heineken Iron Hill Brewery MillerCoors Southern Wine & Spirits The Graham Company

Cart Sponsor Metz Culinary Management

Golfer Gift Bag Donors Auntie Anne’s Inc. Bahama Breeze Best Western at King of Prussia Capital Wine & Spirits Outback Steakhouse The Graham Company The Rose Group   POWER PEC GOLF CLASSIC WEST

Beverage Stations Sponsor Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Platinum Sponsor Hoss’s Steak & Sea House

Ambassador Sponsors Alsco Linen Rental Service ARAMARK Best Western Inn at King of Prussia Coors Light/Origlio Beverage Delran Builders Kingston ATM’s & Amusement Miller Lite/Muller Inc. The Graham Company

Gold Sponsor Eat’n Park Hospitality Group

Golf Ball Sponsor Hoss’s Steak & Sea House

Tee Sponsors American Beauty Produce of West Chester Ashley Foods Ateeco/Mrs. T’s Pierogies Bahama Breeze Bassetts Ice Cream Capital Wine & Spirits Coca-Cola L.T. Verrastro Inc. Pocono Produce PRLA Brandywine, Lancaster and Western chapters 14 •

Silver Sponsors C.A. Curtze Company Turner Dairy Farms Hole-in-One Sponsor Future POS of Pennsylvania Shotgun Start Sponsor Flaherty & O’Hara PC Golf Ball Sponsor US Foods Cart Sponsor Metz Culinary Management Beverage Cart Sponsor Gordon Food Service Lunch Sponsor MillerCoors


FALL 2012

Reception Sponsor Buffalo Wild Wings Friends of PRLA Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Fuzzy’s Ultra-Premium Vodka Heartland Payment Systems H.J. Heinz McCain Foods USA Nemacolin Woodlands Resort PepsiCo Foodservice Southern Wine & Spirits UnitedHealthcare Putting Contest Sponsor Liberty USA Inc. Tee Sponsors Auntie Anne’s Inc. Cellone Bakery Inc. Ken’s Foods Paragon Foods Pilgrim’s Pride/EFD Associates

PRLA Lancaster Chapter PRLA Western Chapter Roto Rooter Plumbing Services Sara Lee Foodservice Sysco Pittsburgh LLC Golfer Gift Bag Donors Auntie Anne’s Inc. Buffalo Wild Wings Eat’n Park Hospitality Group Fuzzy’s Ultra-Premium Vodka PepsiCo Foodservice PRLA The Hershey Company Purveyors Coors Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Joey D’s Fine Cigars at DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant McCain Foods USA PepsiCo Foodservice Turner Dairy Farms



Knowledge is power in your operation. As a member of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA), you have many informational resources available at your fingertips to help you with your day-to-day legal, regulatory and operational questions.

Who should I call on the PRLA STAFF? PRLA’s knowledgeable and professional staff is just a phone call or mouse click away to answer or help you find the answer to any question you might have about running your operation. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll do the research for you and connect you to the solution. Call us toll-free today at (800) 3455353. The following PRLA staff members are happy to answer your questions:

Other than this quarterly magazine, where can I find information to help me in my operation? E-NEWSLETTERS AND ALERTS Our monthly e-newsletter, Quick Bites, keeps you informed on PRLA news, government affairs, events and upcoming ServSafe ® classes, as well as industry tips from around the nation. The PRLA Legislative Update is a weekly email from our government affairs department that summarizes the legislative and regulatory issues we are currently tracking at the local, state and national levels. National affiliates, National Restaurant Association (NRA) and American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), also send email alerts to all dual members regarding industry information. WEBSITES PRLA’s website,, has everything from how to contact staff to event registrations and more. As part of the transition to PRLA, we will be unveiling a new website later this year.

STAFF MEMBER CONTACT INFORMATION Regulatory/Legislative Questions Melissa Bova ( ) Member Benefit Questions Amy Kieffer ( ) Christine Preuss ( ) Eric Adams ( Events/Meetings Questions Heidi Howard ( Education/Food Safety Questions Hope Sterner ( Communications/Press Questions Stephanie Otterson ( )

Visit the AH&LA website,, or NRA website, for information on industry trends and research, legal problem solver topics, government affairs updates, event registrations and more. DVD LOAN PROGRAM Do you or your staff need a refresher on food safety, front desk interactions or hotel security? PRLA offers these and several other DVD titles for members to borrow, free-of-charge. Contact the membership department if you are interested in borrowing one of our educational titles.

FALL 2012


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what’s happening? BERKS-SCHUYLKILL CHAPTER Jimmie Kramer’s The Peanut Bar Restaurant in Reading, a third generation family owned and operated restaurant, added a breath of fresh air to lead their exceptional kitchen staff. Chef Andrea Heinly, Chef Andrea Heinly the third-place finisher from season 5 of “Hell’s Kitchen” reality TV series joined the staff as Executive Chef in June. Chef Andrea is guiding her kitchen staff through many innovative creations and providing exemplary leadership in operating an efficient and fun kitchen. BRANDYWINE CHAPTER Last June, Victory Brewing Company announced plans to expand brewing operations. Since then, Victory staff has been tirelessly working to build their second home. If all goes according to plan, they expect to brew their first batch of beer in the new brewery in June 2013. CENTRAL CHAPTER The 21st annual Central Chapter golf outing will take place on Monday, October 15 at Hershey Country Club. The ACF–Harrisburg Chapter produces and presents a delicious barbeque lunch and a fabulous dinner featuring steaks, which were generously donated by Sysco Central PA. Houlihan’s was recently featured on The Today Show as top-rated by guests in Consumer Reports’ “America’s Best Restaurant Chains” article, which ranked 102 restaurant companies on food, mood, service and value. Houlihan’s was awarded the best scoring chain restaurant in the Pub/Grill category as surveyed by 47,000 consumers. “This honor is a direct result of the hard work from everyone in our corporate and franchise restaurants, support center and our vendor partners,” said Houlihan’s CEO Bob Hartnett, which includes the team at Houlihan’s in Hershey! Please welcome the newest member of the Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC) family — the Appalachian Brewing Company of Lititz officially opened on June 10 and is located at 55 North Water Street. ABC Lititz is just three blocks off of the town square, and offers plenty of free parking. LANCASTER CHAPTER Lancaster County Coffee Roasters started operating a stand at Lancaster’s Central Market in August. This classic market house

is the oldest operating farmer’s market in the country. The quality of products and atmosphere available in Central Market fit perfectly with what Lancaster County Coffee Roasters is all about. Visit its stand to enjoy unique and delicious coffee offerings roasted right in Lancaster. Lancaster Host Resort hosted this chapter’s annual golf tournament on September 17, which was well attended. Special thanks to the golf committee and sponsors for their work and dedication to our association. LAUREL HIGHLANDS CHAPTER Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s Mystic Rock Course played host to the PRLA Power PEC Golf Classic on Monday, September 10. Participants enjoyed a full day of networking, dining, product sampling and golf. The tournament committee wishes to thank this year’s sponsors who supported the Political Education Committee (PEC). PEC funds are used to educate elected federal, state, and local officials about the importance of and the issues affecting the hospitality industry.

WESTERN CHAPTER Jason Capps, founder of The PeasOut Project, presents Eat100—a gathering of 100 local purveyors within 100 miles of Bella Sera, Canonsburg, joining together to create 100 seasonal menu items using ONLY their harvest. The PeasOut Project is a grassroots initiative created to generate awareness on local sourcing, education, eating seasonally, gardening and preserving. Eat100 will take place in Bella Sera, Canonsburg, on Friday, October 12 from 5-10 p.m. and includes live jazz, time to chat with local purveyors, interactive chef demos and plenty of food — all for $10. To buy tickets and get more information, visit Congratulations to PRLA member and past PRA Chairman Joseph DiSalvo of DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant, Latrobe on his appointment as chairman of Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRoNA). He will serve as chair for the next two years, and is Joey DiSalvo committed to expanding DiRoNA’s mission of serving as the authority for recognizing and promoting excellence in dining. He is joined on the board by Bill Kohl, Hilton Harrisburg, and Kevin Joyce, The Carlton. Several chapter members attended a luncheon at Atria’s with new member Fuzzy Zoeller to promote the launch of Fuzzy’s Ultra-Premium Vodka.

PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER Philadelphia Chapter members met on September 27 at Top of the Tower, Philadelphia, to discuss several legislative issues including paid sick leave. NORTHCENTRAL CHAPTER World renowned travel advisory website, Trip Advisor, has awarded the Certificate of Excellence to Port Allegany’s The Inn on Maple Street. The Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence standards are based on maintaining a guest rating of 4.5 out of 5 for a minimum of one year. NORTHWESTERN CHAPTER Bertrand’s French Bistro in Erie has been awarded the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for a wine list that offers a wellchosen selection of quality producers, along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style.

More than 120 members attended the chapter’s third annual PRLA Night at PNC Park on July 23. Proceeds from the event were donated to the PRA Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund. Thank you Common Plea and ARAMARK for your generous contributions, as well as all who supported the event.

For more information on any of the above events or to include your event or news in the next issue of Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Matters, contact Heidi Howard, PRLA meeting and event planner, at (800) 345-5353 or email to

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FALL 2012

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3435 Simpson Ferry Road Camp Hill, PA 17011 P: 717.635.2016 F: 717.635.2019 Mon.-Fri. 8:00-6:00 Sat. 8:00-4:00

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615 Bristol Pike Bensalem, PA 19020 P: 215.245.9520 F: 215.245.9512 Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6:00 Sat. 8:00-4:00 1633 Airport Road Allentown, PA 18109 P: 610.434.5200 F: 610.434.5600 Mon.-Fri. 8:00-8:00 Sat. 8:00-4:00






2209 Old Philadelphia Pk Lancaster, PA 17602 P: 717.392.7295 F: 717.392.8133 Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6:00, Sat. 8:00-4:00




Opening Winter 2013


Mandatory Arbitration Clause Should this be added in a business contract?

by Keith A. Clark, Esquire Shumaker Williams, P.C. General Counsel, Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association

OVER THE YEARS our firm has written dozens of

articles for this magazine analyzing the law and providing advice to reduce your exposure to liability. However, even if you have done everything by the book, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be sued. Even if your insurance covers the alleged wrong, litigation in court is still time consuming and emotionally draining. There is an alternative that is finding its way into many areas of business — arbitration. The United States Congress recognized the benefits that flow to all parties in arbitration when it passed the Federal Arbitration Act more than 15 years ago. These benefits include: it is usually cheaper and faster than litigation; it can have simpler procedural and evidentiary rules; it normally minimizes hostility; it is often more flexible in scheduling of times and places of hearing and discovery. Pennsylvania, like many states, has recognized this by enacting laws governing arbitration of disputes. Although there are some disputes which by statutory law must be decided by arbitration, most claims that are arbitrated between private parties do so because of contractual language. Both the United States and Pennsylvania courts recognize a presumption favoring arbitration in private agreements.

Arbitration clauses have become common in all sorts of business activity. The contracts for many major consumer transactions (such as those involving mortgage loans or automobile purchase or lease agreements) may have clauses making arbitration the exclusive remedy for most claims. Minor consumer transactions (such as credit card transactions, repair authorizations, and ticket or claim stubs) also may specify arbitration. One reason for this is that the courts have upheld arbitration even when the agreement specifically provides against a jury trial or class action lawsuits. For instance, some years ago a federal court in Illinois held that a standard credit card agreement amendment sent to card holders, which changed the original agreement by requiring mandatory arbitration of disputes, was valid and enforceable. Two caveats must be emphasized. First, not every document that has arbitration language is deemed to be an “agreement” which binds the parties. Although courts have upheld mandatory arbitration provisions, even without apparent contractual negotiation (such as handling a receipt to a customer), the location, size and content of the arbitration language can be crucial as to its enforceability. The main drawback to arbitration is that “justice,” i.e., a decision by judge or jury in court, may not occur. Arbitrators do not need to be attorneys, and even if they are, they may lack the experience which a judge would have. However, arbitrators and mediators today can secure special training and certification by organizations, such as the American Arbitration Association. Errors by an arbitrator, involving either an interpretation of the facts or the law, generally may not be challenged in an appeal to the courts. In fact, courts can only nullify an arbitration decision on the basis of: corruption; fraud; undue influence; partiality or corruption by the arbitrators; misconduct by the arbitrator which prejudices the rights of a party; or when arbitrator exceeds his or her power. There have been many reported cases where courts have disagreed with an arbitrator’s decision but were powerless to change it because some did not rise to the strict standards for nullification. In summary, arbitration clauses can be used and enforced. They provide a valuable and less costly alternative to litigation, but can limit access to certain court relief. However, they are not necessarily a panacea. They are not always enforceable, and carry the risk that a person might not receive a satisfactory “day in court.” If you wish to consider using arbitration clauses into your business contracts, it is advisable that you consult with your attorney so that you make an informed decision.

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FALL 2012

Association members recognized by Wine Spectator The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA) is pleased to announce that nearly 60 PRLA members earned the 2012 Wine Spectator Wine List awards. Seven members were named to the prestigious Best of Award of Excellence category for their outstanding and comprehensive wine lists. Wine Spectator presented 46 members with the 2012 Award of Excellence for their wine lists. PRLA congratulates the following members for these accomplishments. BEST OF AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Bistro Romano Inn At Herr Ridge Lautrec at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa The Capital Grille — Philadelphia The Fountain Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel — Philadelphia The Golden Sheaf at Hilton Harrisburg Wooden Angel

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 1741 On The Terrace at The Historic Hotel Bethlehem Bertrand’s Bistro Brandywine Prime Bricco

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse Devon Seafood Grill Dilworthtown Inn DiSalvo’s Ditka’s Pittsburgh Earl’s Bucks County Eleven Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Gabriel’s Restaurant at The Inn at New Berlin Glasbern Inn Le Mont Restaurant Mario’s Italian Restaurant Morton’s, The Steakhouse – King of Prussia Morton’s, The Steakhouse – Philadelphia Morton’s, The Steakhouse – Pittsburgh Patsel’s

Restaurant Mazzi at The Inn at Leola Village Ruth’s Chris Steak House-King of Prussia Ruth’s Chris Steak HousePittsburgh Ruth’s Chris Steak House-WilkesBarre Savoy Restaurant Seasons 52 Sette Luna Siba Cucina Tuscan Grill & Wine Bar Skytop Lodge Sonoma Grille Stockyard Inn Stonewall’s Tavern at Tara, A Country Inn Sullivan’s Steakhouse The 1796 Room at Omni Bedford Springs Resort & Spa

The Allen Street Grill at Hotel State College The Capital Grille-King of Prussia The Capital Grille-Pittsburgh The Carlton The Circular Dining Room at The Hotel Hershey The Commonwealth Room at The Yorktowne Hotel The Dining Room at the Nittany Lion Inn The Gateway Lodge The Greenfield Restaurant The Inn At Turkey Hill The Melting Pot The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College The Tavern Restaurant Toscana 52 Tree at The Lodge At Woodloch Yangming

REGISTER TODAY or (800) 345-5353



2012 PRLA SERVSAFE® SCHEDULE sponsored by UnitedHealthcare


Annual Membership Meeting & Awards Gala Nov. 4-5, 2012 | Hilton Harrisburg



Johnstown, Woodside Bar & Grill


Villanova, Villanova University



Bethlehem, Northampton Community College

10/15 Harrisburg, Central Penn College


Butler, Days Inn

10/15 Monroeville, Courtyard by Marriott


Lancaster, Bird-in-Hand Restaurant

10/15 Tannersville, Legendary Tannersville Inn

11/12 Wilkes-Barre, Ramada Inn

10/22 Philadelphia, The Down Town Club

11/26 Reading, The Peanut Bar

10/22 State College, Hotel State College

11/26 Greensburg, Courtyard by Marriott



Philadelphia, TBD


Williamsport, Hoss’s Steak & Sea House

12/10 Harrisburg, Central Penn College


Keep training top of mind for National Food Safety Month Food safety is one of the most important issues in the restaurant and foodservice industry throughout the year, and receives particular attention every September. As part of the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) continuing efforts to educate the industry and the public about food safety best practices, the 18th annual National Food Safety Month (NFSM) was held this September. Restaurants serve 130 million patrons each day, making the industry’s role in food safety critical. The NFSM campaign underscores the importance of training employees in safe food handling practices.


The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA) again supported the NFSM campaign and encouraged all restaurants in Pennsylvania to participate. “Food safety training is a journey rather than a destination, and should be an ongoing process in every restaurant, every day,” said Patrick Conway, PRLA president and CEO.

National Food Safety Month Theme

Be Safe, Don’t Cross-Contaminate

This year’s NFSM theme was “Be Safe, Don’t Cross-Contaminate,” focusing on best practices for avoiding the spread of pathogens from one food or surface to another. Weekly training activity areas included: personal hygiene; hand-washing; cleaning and sanitizing surfaces; preventing cross-contamination during storage, preparation, and cooking; and preventing cross-contact of food allergens. The NFSM materials are designed to be used in quick, in-store huddles to keep food safety top of mind for all employees. These materials and more are available for free download at All the NFSM materials are based on the NRA’s ServSafe® Food Safety program—the leading source of food safety training and certification for the restaurant industry for nearly 40 years, with more than 5 million certifications issued. The NRA launched ServSafe® 6th Edition this spring with streamlined content created by the industry, for the industry. Because the ServSafe® program is developed by NRA, rather than a private enterprise, proceeds go toward helping improve the foodservice industry through research and education. National Food Safety Month 2012 was sponsored by SCA, a global hygiene company and makers of the Tork® brand of away-from-home paper products. 20 •


FALL 2012



Wash your hands. There is no

substitution for frequent and proper hand-washing when it comes to preventing cross-contamination.


Keep foods apart. The most basic way

to prevent cross-contamination is to keep raw and ready-to-eat food away from each other during storage and preparation.


Beware of cross-contact. Food

allergies are a serious issue and require special attention. Prep food for customers with food allergies in separate areas.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Restaurant Members

Lodging Members

Midtown Scholar Bookstore Butler County Tourism & Conference Center, Drums Inn Harrisburg, PA Convention Bureau University of Pittsburgh at Drums, PA Zelienople, PA Johnstown Mixers Dutch Wonderland Family Johnstown, PA York, PA Butler Days Inn Conference Entertainment Complex Center Cornerstone Bed & Lancaster, PA Mixies 1796 Room 1786 The Limestone Inn Butler, PA Breakfast Hershey, PA Eagles Mere Inn Bedford, PA B&B Philadelphia, PA C. Ted Lick Wildwood Eagles Mere, PA Mountainview Restaurant & Strasburg, PA 1863 Restaurant Conference Center Country Inn & Suites Lounge 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast Econo Lodge - Altoona Gettysburg, PA Harrisburg, PA Hummelstown, PA Tannersville, PA Altoona, PA Palmyra, PA All Town Pizza Inc. CB H2O, L.P. Country Inn & Suites York NINETEEN26 Econo Lodge - Mifflintown Glenolden, PA Adamstown Inn & Cottages Tannersville, PA York, PA Philadelphia, PA Mifflintown, PA Adamstown, PA Andalusia Cameron Estate Inn Country Inn & Suites by Olive Garden Econo Lodge Arena Carlisle, PA Allegheny National Forest Mount Joy, PA Carlson Gettysburg Hanover, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA Visitors Bureau Gettysburg, PA Andys Wine Bar Candlelight Inn Bed & Olive Press Elk Mountain Ski Resort, Bradford, PA Pittsburgh, PA Breakfast Country Inn & Suites by Pittsburgh, PA Inc. Altland House Of Ronks, PA Carlson Lancaster Appalachian Brewing Co. Union Dale, PA Penne Restaurant Abbottstown Inc. Lancaster, PA Lititz, PA Candlewood Suites West Philadelphia, PA Elk Terrace Lodge Abbottstown, PA Reading Country Inn & Suites by Bel’lago Italian Restaurant Ridgway, PA Prime Steak & Wine Altoona Super 8 Motel West Reading, PA Carlson Manheim Lake Harmony, PA Restaurant Embassy Suites Center City Altoona, PA Manheim, PA Carlisle Super 8 Motel Blue Moose Bar & Grille Reading, PA Philadelphia, PA Annville Inn Carlisle, PA Country Inn of Lancaster Harrisburg, PA Quaker Steak & Lube Embassy Suites Hotel Valley Annville, PA Lancaster, PA Carnegie Inn & Spa Bridges 446 Bloomsburg, PA Forge Armstrong County Tourist State College, PA Courtyard Philadelphia Coraopolis, PA Wayne, PA Quaker Steak & Lube Bureau Great Valley / Malvern Carriage Barn Antiques Cafe Express Dickson City, PA Embassy Suites Pittsburgh Kittanning, PA Malvern, PA Clarks Summit, PA Philadelphia, PA International Airport Quaker Steak & Lube Asher’s Chocolates Courtyard by Marriott Carriage Corner B&B Coraopolis, PA Center Street Grille Pittsburgh, PA Souderton, PA Pittsburgh Airport Intercourse, PA Enola, PA Emily’s Bed & Breakfast Coraopolis, PA Quaker Steak & Lube Battlefield Bed & Breakfast Carroll Valley at Liberty Lattimer, PA Courtyard Cafe Pleasant Hills, PA Gettysburg, PA Courtyard by Marriott Mountain Resort Greensburg, PA Endless Mountains Visitors Greensburg Quaker Steak & Lube Bear Creek Mountain Fairfield, PA Bureau Crystal Dining Room Greensburg, PA Pittsburgh, PA Resort Central Pennsylvania CVB Tunkhannock, PA Bedford, PA Macungie, PA Courtyard by Marriott Quaker Steak & Lube State College, PA Fairfield Inn & Suites Butler Dairy Queen Harrisburg West / Erie, PA Bear Creek Mountain Chester County Conference Butler, PA Washington, PA Mechanicsburg Resort & Conference Rasberries Bistro & Visitors Bureau Mechanicsburg, PA Fairfield Inn & Suites Lock Center Dairy Queen Of Harrisburg, PA West Chester, PA Haven Macungie, PA Mechanicsburg Courtyard by Marriott Regatta Bar And Grill Christian W. Klay Winery Lock Haven, PA Mechanicsburg, PA Philadelphia Downtown Beaver Co. Recreation & Coraopolis, PA Chalkhill, PA Philadelphia, PA Fairfield Inn & Suites by Tourism Department Dog & Pony Rendezvous Lounge City House Bed & Breakfast Marriott Carlisle Beaver Falls, PA Harrisburg, PA Courtyard by Marriott Lancaster, PA Harrisburg, PA Carlisle, PA Pittsburgh Monroeville Bechtel Victorian Mansion Double Wide Grille River Restaurant Monroeville, PA Clarion House B&B Fairfield Inn By Marriott B&B Mars, PA Pittsburgh, PA Clarion, PA Harrisburg/Hershey East Berlin, PA Courtyard by Marriott Elephant & Castle Pub & Harrisburg, PA Riverbend Bar And Grille Pittsburgh Waterfront Clarion Inn Historic Bedford County Conference Restaurant Philadelphia, PA West Homestead, PA Strasburg Inn Fairfield Inn and Suites by & Visitors Bureau Philadelphia, PA Strasburg, PA Marriott Bedford, PA Rocco’s Restaurant Courtyard by Marriott Fountain Restaurant Neville Island, PA Williamsport, PA Reading Wyomissing Clearfield County Best Western Center City Philadelphia, PA Reading, PA Recreation & Tourism Fairfield Inn by Marriott Hotel Shula’s 347 Galleria Dining Room Authority Lancaster, PA Philadelphia, PA Conshohocken, PA Courtyard by Marriott Lake Harmony, PA Clearfield, PA Lancaster, PA Shadyside Best Western East Sole Food - A Seafood Gas Light Grille Pittsburgh, PA Clinton County Economic Fairville Inn Mountain Inn Restaurant Carlisle, PA Partnership Chadds Ford, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA Philadelphia, PA Cove Haven Resort Giant Eagle - Pine Township Lock Haven, PA Lakeville, PA Four Seasons Hotel Stirling’s Best Western Genetti Hotel Market District Colonial Brick Inn & Suites Philadelphia, PA & Conference Center King of Prussia, PA Crawford County Wexford, PA Hallstead, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA Convention & Visitors Franklin County Visitors Sturges Speakeasy Giant Eagle - Settlers Ridge Bureau Columbia - Montour Visitors Bureau Best Western Genetti Inn Harrisburg, PA Market District Meadville, PA Bureau Chambersburg, PA & Suites The Bistro Pittsburgh, PA Bloomsburg, PA Hazleton, PA Crowne Plaza Hotel Valley Gateway Lodge - Inn, Coraopolis, PA Giant Eagle - Shadyside Forge Comfort Inn & Suites Restaurant & Spa Best Western PREMIER the Market District Supermarket The Bistro @ Wildflowers King of Prussia, PA Allegheny Valley/RIDC Park Cooksburg, PA Central Hotel & Conference Wilkes Barre, PA Pittsburgh,PA Pittsburgh, PA Harrisburg, PA Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Gelinas Manor Victorian The Boat House Restaurant Giant Eagle - Village Square West Comfort Inn & Suites B&B Best Western Parkway Hawley, PA Market District Philadelphia, PA Brandywine Valley Boiling Springs, PA Center Inn Bethel Park,PA The Fairway Casual Dining West Chester, PA Pittsburgh, PA Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh Gettysburg Convention & Clarion, PA Giant Eagle Market District International Airport Comfort Inn Visitors Bureau Best Western Plus Pittsburgh,PA The Garden Grille And Bar Coraopolis, PA Harrisburg / Hershey Gettysburg, PA Gettysburg Hotel Est. 1797 Pittsburgh, PA Great American Grill Harrisburg, PA Gettysburg, PA Crowne Plaza Reading Glasbern Inn Hummelstown, PA The Gem And Keystone Wyomissing, PA Comfort Inn Capital City / Fogelsville, PA Best Western Plus Brewpub Grille At Bear Creek Mechanicsburg Independence Park Hotel Days Inn Harrisburg North Golden Eagle Inn Shawnee on Delaware, PA Mountain Resort Mechanicsburg, PA Philadelphia, PA Harrisburg, PA Bedford, PA Macungie, PA The Great American Grille Comfort Inn Downtown / Best Western Plus Days Inn Horsham Golden Pheasant Inn Habitat Grantville, PA Historic Area Intercourse Village Inn Horsham, PA on the Delaware Pittsburgh, PA Philadelphia, PA Intercourse, PA The Grille Room Erwinna, PA Days Inn Meadville Harvey’s Hawley, PA Comfort Inn Hershey Best Western Plus Meadville, PA Golden Sheaf Fort Washington, PA University Park Inn & Suites Hummelstown, PA The HeadHouse/Le Harrisburg PA Days Inn Penn State State College, PA Champignon De Tokio Hershey Farm Restaurant Comfort Inn Lake Ariel State College, PA Grape Arbor Bed & Philadelphia, PA & Inn Lake Ariel, PA Best Western Premier Eden Breakfast DelGrosso s Amusement Strasburg, PA Resort and Suites The Inn Comfort Inn Midway-Bethel North East, PA Park Lancaster, PA Fairfield, PA Holly’s Sports Lounge Bethel, PA Tipton, PA Greater Johnstown/ Fort Washington, PA Bird-In-Hand Village Inn & The Inn At Woodloch Comfort Inn Presque Isle Cambria County CVB Devon Courtyard by Suites Erie, PA Hawley, PA J.R.’s Grill & Salad Bar Marriott Johnstown, PA Bird-in-Hand, PA East Stroudsburg, PA The Pampered Palate Wayne, PA Comfort Inn Reading Greene County Tourist Black Walnut B&B Country Meadville, PA Jacksons Restaurant Reading, PA Promotion Agency Doone’s Inn at Oakmont Inn Rotisserie Bar Waynesburg, PA The River Room Oakmont, PA Comfort Inn Riverfront Milford, PA Coraopolis, PA Shawnee on Delaware, PA Harrisburg, PA Greystone Manor Bed & DoubleTree by Hilton Brandywine Conference Keatings River Grill Breakfast The Winner’s Circle Saloon Pittsburgh Airport Comfort Inn Wilkes-Barre and Visitors Bureau Philadelphia, PA Bird-In-Hand, PA Grantville, PA Moon Township, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA Media, PA Kevin’s Place Groundhog Day Trails End Cafe DoubleTree by Hilton Comfort Suites Amish Bucks County Conference & Lykens, PA Punxsutawney, PA Macungie, PA Country Pittsburgh Green Tree Visitors Bureau, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA Lagerheads Lancaster, PA HERSHEYPARK Turtle Shell Bensalem, PA Coal Center, PA Hershey,PA Bedford, PA Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Comfort Suites Bethlehem Budget Inn & Suites Philadelphia Center City Legends American Grille Bethlehem, PA Hamanassett B&B and Verdi’s East Stroudsburg, PA Philadelphia, PA Lancaster, PA Carriage House Coraopolis, PA Comfort Suites Carlisle Buhl Mansion Guesthouse Chester Heights, PA Doubletree Hotel & Suites LongHorn Steakhouse Carlisle, PA Wildflowers & Spa Pittsburgh City Center Altoona, PA Hampton Inn & Suites Wilkes Barre, PA Sharon, PA Comfort Suites Hershey Pittsburgh, PA Valley Forge / Oaks LongHorn Steakhouse Grantville, PA Woodlach Pines Bushkill Falls Phoenixville, PA Doubletree Resort Hanover, PA Hawley, PA Bushkill, PA Comfort Suites HersheyLancaster/Willow Valley Hampton Inn Cranberry M Restaurant Harrisburg Bushkill Inn & Conference Lancaster, PA Cranberry Township, PA Philadelphia, PA Hummelstown, PA Center Doubletree by Hilton Hampton Inn DuBois Madison’s Restaurant Bushkill, PA Comfort Suites State Pittsburgh-Meadow Lands DuBois, PA Monroeville, PA College Washington, PA State College, PA McKee’s Tavern Fairfield, PA

FALL 2012


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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS CONTINUED Hampton Inn Easton Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Maple Hill Farm Bed & Rose Manor B&B The Inn at Jim Thorpe Woodloch Pines Resort & Easton, PA Suites - Frackville Breakfast Manheim, PA Jim Thorpe, PA Woodloch Springs Frackville, PA Starrucca, PA Hawley, PA Hampton Inn Harrisburg Schuylkill County Visitors The Inn at Mountain View East (Hershey Area) Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Marriott Pittsburgh Airport Bureau Greensburg, PA Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel Harrisburg, PA Suites - Monaca Coraopolis, PA Pottsville, PA & Conference Center The Inn at Reading Monaca, PA Gettysburg, PA Hampton Inn Pittsburgh Mountain Dale Farm Selinsgrove Inn Wyomissing, PA Pittsburgh, PA Holiday Inn Express King of McClure, PA Selinsgrove, PA The Inn at Starlight Lake Prussia Hampton Inn Pittsburgh My GHM Hotels LLC Sesame Place Inc. Starlight, PA King of Prussia, PA Greentree Ronks, PA Langhorne, PA The Inn on Maple Street Pittsburgh, PA Holiday Inn Express Nature Inn at Bald Eagle Shawnee Inn and Golf Bed & Breakfast Lancaster - Rockvale Hampton Inn Plymouth Howard, PA Resort Port Allegany, PA Meeting Outlets New Stanton Super 8 Motel Shawnee On Delaware, PA The Inn on Negley Lancaster, PA Plymouth Meeting, PA AAA New Stanton, PA Sheraton Station Square Pittsburgh, PA Holiday Inn Fort Vienna, VA Hampton Inn Williamsport Pittsburgh, PA Nittany Budget Motel The Lamberton House Bed Washington 703-790-6047 Williamsport, PA State College, PA Silverstone B&B & Breakfast Fort Washington, PA Hampton Inn and Suites Philadelphia, PA Franklin, PA Northwest Pennsylvania’s Matt Lyle Holiday Inn Johnstown Pittsburgh Great Outdoors Visitors Silverstone Inn & Suites The Minnie Victoria Bed & • Advertising Johnstown, PA Pittsburgh, PA Bureau Lancaster, PA Breakfast • Media/Public Relations Holiday Inn Monroeville Harrisburg Holiday Inn Brookville, PA Jim Thorpe, PA Skytop Lodge Monroeville, PA Hotel & Conference Center Adams Development Oil Region Alliance of Skytop, PA The Mountain Laurel Inn New Cumberland, PA Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Corporation Business, Industry & Bradford, PA Sleep Inn & Suites University Center Middletown, PA Harvest Moon Bed & Tourism Lancaster The Mushroom Festival, Inc. 717-580-3543 Pittsburgh, PA Breakfast Oil City, PA Mountville, PA Kennett Square, PA New Holland, PA Holiday Inn Uniontown Old Mill Woods B&B Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia The Penn Stater Conference John Bowers, CHA Uniontown, PA Hawthorn Suites by Columbia Cross Roads, PA • Construction Management & Philadelphia, PA Center Hotel Wyndham Holly Hedge Estate Services Omni Bedford Springs State College, PA Speedwell Forge B&B Lancaster, PA New Hope, PA Resort Lititz, PA The Queen: A Victorian B&B Advance Restaurant Heritage Hills Golf Resort & Homewood Suites By Hilton Bedford, PA Bellefonte, PA Split Rock Resort Finance Conference Center - York Omni Hotel at Lake Harmony, PA The Stone House Tallahasee, FL York, PA York, PA Independence Park Restaurant & Country Inn 954-689-4044 SpringHill Suites - Erie Heritage Hotel Lancaster Homewood Suites Philadelphia, PA Farmington, PA Michelle Gorczycki Erie, PA Lancaster, PA Harrisburg East Omni William Penn Hotel • Banking Services The Victorian Rose Bed & Harrisburg, PA SpringHill Suites Harrisburg Hershey Farm Restaurant & Pittsburgh, PA • Financial Planning & Services Breakfast / Hershey Inn Homewood Suites by Hilton PA Dutch Convention & Leisenring, PA Harrisburg, PA Strasburg, PA Lancaster Alex R. Szeles, Inc. Visitors Bureau The Westin Philadelphia Lancaster, PA SpringHill Suites Pittsburgh Harrisburg, PA Hershey Highmeadow Lancaster, PA Philadelphia, PA North Shore 717-561-0230 Campground Hotel Palomar Philadelphia Paradise Stream Resort Mt. Pittsburgh, PA The Yorktowne Hotel Hershey, PA Philadelphia, PA Pocono, PA York, PA Brian Szeles SpringHill Suites by Hershey Lodge Hotel Sofitel Philadelphia Park Inn Harrisburg West • Restoration & Rebuilding Marriott Hershey Thomas Bond House Hershey, PA Philadelphia, PA Mechanicsburg, PA Services Hershey, PA Philadelphia, PA Hickory Bridge Farm Hublersburg Inn Park Inn by Radisson, Springhill Suites Pittsburgh TimberMist Bed & Breakfast Allergy Technologies LLC Orrtanna, PA Howard, PAg Sharon Airport Wattsburg, PA Ambler, PA Hillside Farm B&B Hyatt Place Pittsburgh West Middlesex, PA Pittsburgh, PA 1-866-978-6288 Tioga County Visitors Mount Joy, PA Airport Partnership House B&B Springhill Suites by Marriott Bureau Pittsburgh, PA Hilton Garden Inn Erie Lock Haven, PA Helene Fantini Bakery Square Wellsboro, PA Erie, PA Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh • Bedding Pheasant Field Bed & Pittsburgh, PA TownePlace Suites by International Airport Hilton Garden Inn Breakfast Stargazer Bed & Breakfast Marriott Harrisburg Pittsburgh, PA Ft. Washington Carlisle, PA at Sunset Hills Farm Hershey Benjamin Foods Hatboro, PA Ft. Washington, PA Hyatt at The Bellevue Philadelphia Airport Butler, PA Harrisburg, PA 215-437-5000 126 Philadelphia, PA Hilton Garden Inn Marriott Starwood Hotels of Twin Turrets Inn Edward Merry Harrisburg East Indian Echo Caverns Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania Boyertown, PA • Food Products (wholesale) Harrisburg, PA Hummelstown, PA Philadelphia Convention & Lakeville, PA Valley Forge Casino Resort Hilton Garden Inn Hershey Inn at Turkey Hill & Brewing Visitors Bureau Stone Bridge Inn & King of Prussia, PA Hummelstown, PA Company Philadelphia, PA New York, NY Restaurant Valley Forge Courtyard 212-419-2630 Hilton Garden Inn Lancaster Bloomsburg, PA Philadelphia Marriott Union Dale, PA Wayne, PA Lancaster, PA Jean Bonnet Tavern Philadelphia, PA Stone House Inn and Spa Villager Lodge Bristol Susana Ribeirao-Marczak Bedford, PA Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Marriott Macungie, PA Bristol, PA • Travel Services Philadelphia Center City Kaltenbach’s Farm B&B Inn West Stone Ridge Bed & Vineyard Bed & Breakfast Philadelphia, PA Wellsboro, PA West Conshohoken, PA Breakfast Broadband Hospitality North East, PA Hilton Garden Inn Kennywood Park Pineapple Hill B&B Davidsville, PA Youngstown, OH Visit Mercer County PA Pittsburgh Southpointe West Mifflin, PA New Hope, PA 330-629-8848 Strasburg Rail Road Sharon, PA Canonsburg, PA Keystone Inn Pittsburgh Marriott City Strasburg, PA Curt Weingart Visit Monroeville Hilton Garden Inn Gettysburg, PA Center Stroudsmoor Country Inn • Internet Services Monroeville, PA Pittsburgh University Place Pittsburgh, PA Knoebels Amusement Stroudsburg, PA Pittsburgh, PA Walnut Lawn Bed & Resort Pocono Palace Resort Bulk TV & Internet Super 8 Motel / State Breakfast Hilton Inn At Penn Elysburg, PA Marshalls Creek, PA Raleigh, NC College Inn Lancaster, PA Philadelphia, PA 877-285-5881 La Quinta Inn Pittsburgh Potter County Visitors State College, PA Warren County Visitors Hilton Scranton Hotel & Airport Association Susquehanna River Valley Bureau Emily Bradshaw Conference Center Moon Township, PA Coudersport, PA Lewisburg, PA Warren, PA • Media/Public Relations Scranton, PA Lackawanna County Pretty Meadow Farm Tara - A Country Inn • Equipment Washington County Tourism Holiday Inn Clarion Convention & Visitors Newport, PA Clark, PA • Internet Services Promotion Agency Clarion, PA Bureau Quality Inn - Gettysburg • Phone & Television Providers Terra Nova House Bed & Washington, PA Moosic, PA Holiday Inn Conference Motor Lodge Breakfast Waynebrook Inn Center of York Lancaster Arts Hotel Gettysburg, PA buuteeq Grove City, PA Honey Brook, PA York, PA Lancaster, PA Seattle, WA Quality Inn Breeze Manor The Artist’s Inn & Gallery Weeping Willow Inn 206-673-4576 Holiday Inn Express & Lancaster Marriott at Penn Breezewood, PA Terre Hill, PA Tunkhannock, PA Suites Square Quality Inn Penn State The Barnard House Andrew DeLorenzo York, PA Lancaster, PA Westin Convention Center State College, PA Bellefonte, PA • Website Development/ Pittsburgh Holiday Inn Express & Landhaven Bed & Breakfast Radisson Hotel Harrisburg Internet Marketing The Beechmont Inn Pittsburgh, PA Suites Southside Barto, PA Camp Hill, PA Hanover, PA Pittsburgh, PA Whitewater Challengers, Laurel Highlands River Citibank, N.A. Red Barn Village Bed & The College House Inc. Holiday Inn Express Tours Breakfast Philadelphia, PA Lebanon, PA White Haven, PA Altoona Ohiopyle, PA 267-385-3600 Clarks Summit, PA Altoona, PA www. commericalbanking. The Conwell Inn Wilderness Voyageurs Lebanon Valley Exposition Red Umbrella Bed & Philadelphia, PA Outfitters Inc. Holiday Inn Express Corporation Breakfast Michael Prendergast Ohiopyle, PA Allentown / Dorneyville Lebanon, PA The French Manor Inn and Grantville, PA Allentown, PA Spa Willow Grove Residence Inn • Banking Services Ligonier Country Inn Residence Inn Marriott South Sterling, PA Horsham, PA Holiday Inn Express Laughlintown, PA Creative Business Audio Carlisle Breezewood The Harry Packer Mansion Willow Valley Inn & Suites Phoenixville, PA Loews Philadelphia Hotel Carlisle, PA Breezewood, PA Inn Lancaster, PA 484-924-9360 Philadelphia, PA Residence Inn Pittsburgh Jim Thorpe, PA Holiday Inn Express Wingate by Wyndham Luzerne County Convention University/Medical Center Joseph Collura Cranberry The Hotel Hershey Mechanicsburg & Visitors Bureau Pittsburgh, PA • Marketing Cranberry Township, PA Hershey, PA Mechanicsburg, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA Residence Inn by Marriott Holiday Inn Express Hanover Lycoming County Visitors The Hurst House Bed and Winslow Meadow Lodge Valley Forge Design & Supply Co., Inc. Hanover, PA Breakfast Ridgway, PA Bureau Berwyn, PA Chalfont, PA Ephrata, PA Holiday Inn Express Williamsport, PA Wolf Sanctuary of PA 215-997-8850 Reynolds Mansion Harrisburg NE The Inn & Spa at Lititz, PA Lynn-Lee House Bed & Bellefonte, PA Harrisburg, PA Intercourse Village Lee Stranburg, MHS Breakfast Wolfs Camping Resort Robertshaw Country House Intercourse, PA • Interior & Lighting Design Holiday Inn Express Hershey New Milford, PA Bed & Breakfast Knox, PA • Furnishings Hummelstown, PA The Inn at Hickory Run Manayunk Terrace B&B Greensburg, PA • Bedding White Haven, PA Philadelphia, PA

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F.X. O Brien Associates, LLC Harrisburg, PA 717-234-2020 Francis O’Brien • Attorneys/Law/Legal Consultation Fabtex, Inc. Danville, PA 570-275-7500 Robert Snyder • Bedding • Furnishings Fuzzy’s Spirit LLC Indianapolis, IN 317-670-9866 Eric Timmerman • Wine & Spirits Getaways On Display, Inc. Manheim, PA 717-653-8070 James Morrison • Marketing Grease Stop, LLC Reading, PA 610-406-0212 Greg Fisher • Grease Trap Cleaning H-Mak, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA 412-826-8088 Don Mervis • Food Servcie Equipment & Supplies • Kitchen & Bar Design • Design/Build • Equipment Harbor Linen Gibbsboro, NJ 570-854-0600 Douglas Lynn • Linen Service/Supplies/ Rentals • Healthcare • Uniforms • Upholstery

Infostructure Technology Group Wexford, PA 724-934-4636 John Spirnak, Jr. • Internet Services

Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine Huntingdon Valley, PA 800-521-8588 Jim Cohn • Publications

STR - Smith Travel Research, Inc. Hendersonville, TN 615-824-8664,3420 Allison Cowan • Research

Insurance Services United York, PA 717-854-4043 www.insuranceservicesunited. com Jeffrey Lau • Insurance

Pennsylvania Visitors Network Williamsport, PA 570-321-8004 Bill Hall • Advertising • Internet Services

Sorin Rand, LLP East Brunsvick, NJ 484-362-2634 Thomas Kent, Jr. • Attorneys/Law/Legal Consultation

Keystone Insurers Group Northumberland, PA 540-473-2812 Lori Simpson • Insurance Lamar Advertising York, PA 717-252-1528 George Merovich • Media/Public Relations • Advertising Latsha Davis & McKenna, P.C. Mechanicsburg, PA 717-620-2424 Angela Thomas, Esq. Glenn Davis, Esq. • Attorneys/Law/Legal Consultation Liberty Power Corporation Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-489-7110 Charlene Henry • Energy Conservation Consultants • Energy – Multiple Fuels (natural gas & electricity) • Utilities McCain Foods USA Pittsburgh, PA 412-854-0526 John McCune • Food Brokers/Manufacturers/ Distributors

Harris Baio & MCCullough Philadelphia, PA Metro Bank 215-440-9800 Harrisburg, PA 717-760-5210 Jenny Thurstin • Advertising Jeannetta Politis • Financial Planning & Services

Webervations Adam Strickland • Website Development/ Internet Marketing

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Street IQ Pestco Wayne, PA Manor, PA 610-209-5615 724-309-1011 Colin Ryan • Training – Front and Back Bill Peters of House • Pest Control/Exterminators Super Laundry Equipment Pittsburgh Brewing Corporation Company Birdsboro, PA Pittsburgh, PA 610-582-2-44 412-682-7400 Curtis McDowelll Edwin Lozano • Equipment/Service/Sales/ • Beer & Ale Parts Pittsburgh Restaurant Supply Pittsburgh, PA 412-683-8500 Mark Galecki • Parts/Service for Foodservice Equipment & Refrigeration ROOMSAVER / Travel Media Group Wayne, PA 610-585-4545 Dennis Wagner • Media/Public Relations • Advertising RestoreCore Harrisburg, PA 717-982-3065 Mike Dillan • Restoration & Rebuilding Services Russell, Krafft & Gruber Lancaster, PA 717-293-9293 Aaron Zeamer • Website Development/ Internet Marketing

Somerset County Chamber of Commerce Somerset, PA Temple University School of Tourism & Hospitality Philadelphia, PA University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Bradford, PA Western PA Bed & Breakfast Association Authentic Bed & Breakfasts of Lancaster County Fredonia, PA Willow Street,PA Westmoreland County Community College Bed & Breakfast Inns of Youngwood, PA Bucks County New Hope, PA Brandywine Valley Bed & Breakfast Association Chadds Ford, PA Dauphin County Lodging Association Anthony Beltran Hershey, PA Kinzers, PA Greater Philadelphia Hotel Jennifer Casper Association Wycombe, PA Philadelphia, PA Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation Philadelphia, PA Greater Pittsburgh Hotel Association Moon Township, PA Rich Bevilacqua Jamison, PA PA Campground Owners Association New Tripoli, PA PA Farm Vacation Association Avella, PA PA Historical & Museum Commission Harrisburg, PA PA Recreation & Park Society State College, PA Pennsylvania Winery Association Harrisburg, PA Philadelphia OIC, Opportunities Inn Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh Bed & Breakfast Association Avella, PA Pittsburgh Mercy Health System Pittsburgh, PA Professional Association of Innkeepers International Charleston, SC

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The Progress Fund Greensburg, PA 724-216-9160 David Kahley Financial Planning & Services Thermotech, Inc. Harrisburg, PA 717-260-3123 Randy Moore • Refrigeration/Air Conditioning (sales & service) Travel Boards Leasing Solon, OH 440-528-0000 Major Maynard • Advertising • Media/Public Relations TripAdvisor Newton, MA 617-670-6688 Brian Payea • Travel Services

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