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Actions of Council OCTOBER

• Approval of the September 9, 2020 Meeting Minutes. • Approval to advertise an Ordinance to place a “No Right Turn” sign along State Route 11/15 onto Creston Road. • Approval to advertise an Ordinance to place a stop sign on Chestnut and 19th Street, creating an all-way stop. • Approval for payment of checks for September 2020 in the amount of $1,575,803.97. • Approval to accept the 2019 Audit. • Approval for the 2020 Sewer Rehabilitation Project Contract to be awarded to Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe, Inc. for $321,577.00. • Approval for the 19th & Chestnut Street Pedestrian Island Contract to be awarded to Mid-State Paving & Excavating for $75,296.30. • Approval to reduce the total amount of public improvement bonding’s for the Quattro Development on 32nd Street to $23,268.82. • Approval to hire Nathan Sellers for the position of Patrolmen for the Camp Hill Police Department.


• Approval to accept the Resignation and Severance Agreement & Release of Borough Public Works Director, Sam Robbins. • Approval to accept the Resignation and Severance Agreement & Release of Borough Manager, Patrick Dennis. • Approval to appoint Frank Lynch as Interim Borough Manager of Camp Hill Borough, effective 10/21/2020. • Approval to designate Frank Lynch as the Right to Know Officer for Camp Hill Borough. • Approval of the October 14, 2020 Meeting Minutes. • Approval for October 2020 payment of checks in the amount of $1,748,295.09. • Approval of the modified Cemetery Rules and the addition of a footnote identifying who the medallions are for. • Approval of Payment No. 6 for the CCTV Pipe Inspection Contract for $22,678.92 to Pipe Services Corp. • Approval of Payment No. 7 (Final) of $22,985.60 for the 2019 Pump Station Improvements Contract to Monacacy Valley Electric, Inc. & closure of the

contract. • Approval of Change Order #1 for the paving contract in the amount for $29,929.82 (deduct) to reconcile the final installed quantities with the bid quantities. • Approval Payment No. 2 (Final) for $348,599.17 to JVI Group, Inc. & closure of the 2020 Paving Contract. • Approval of Change Order #1 for the pavement marking contract for $3,699.14 to reconcile the final installed quantities with the bid quantities. • Approval of Payment No. 2 (Final) for $25,116.15 to D.E. Gemmill, Inc. & closure of the 2020 Pavement Marking Contract. • Approval of Change Order #1 of $2,706.41 for the Challenger Baseball Project. • Approval of Payment No. 1 for Challenger Baseball of $90,732.27 to TR Stoner General Contractor. • Approval of an Ordinance to post a “STOP” sign on Chestnut Street. • Approval of an Ordinance to post a “No Right Turn” sign on Cumberland Boulevard at Creston Road. • Approval to hold a 5K in the Borough in October 2021 to benefit the Earl Besch Project. • Approval of the Camp Hill Police Collective Bargaining Agreement.


• Approval of the November 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes. • Approval to advertise the Ordinance Amendment to modify park hours for unlit parks. • Approval for payment of checks for November 2020 in the amount of $1,181,350.88. • Approval of the 2021 Borough Budget and 2021 Stormwater Budget. • Approval to remove the non-uniform pension contributions for Fiscal Year 2021. • Approval to increase the tax collector’s salary by $3,500 over the current rate of $7,500 per year. • Approval of the Verizon Franchise Agreement. • Approval of Change Order #2 for Challenger Baseball for $3,584.00 to add fencing. • Approval for the 19th & Chestnut Street Pedestrian Refuge Island for Payment No. 1 of $4,995.00.



10 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 15 – Presidents Day – Borough Offices closed 16 – Planning Commission – 6 pm*


10 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 14 – Daylight Saving begins (Spring forward…) 16 – Planning Commission – 6 pm* 20 – Spring Fling 10 am to 4 pm


2 – Good Friday – Borough Offices closed 6 – Recreation Commission – 6 pm 14 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 20 – Planning Commission – 6 pm*


12 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 16 – May 16 – Kite Festival** 12 to 4pm 18 – Election Day 31 – Memorial Day – Offices closed 31 – Memorial Day Parade ** Note: All public meetings are held via Zoom until further notice. * Meetings are held only as needed ** tentative

These meetings are held at the Borough of Camp Hill Municipal Offices, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 and are open to the public. If you are a person with a disability, please note: 48 hours notice is requested for any individual with a disability who needs an accommodation to participate in a borough meeting, program, service, or employment procedure. Individuals wishing to attend these public meetings who require an auxiliary aid service or other accommodations to participate in the meetings please contact the Borough of Camp Hill at (717) 737-3456 or via e-mail: flymch@camphillborough.com. Residents requiring TDD service should call 1-800-654-5984.

MAY ISSUE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES APRIL 4 Submit to Audrey Logar at alogar@camphillborough.com

CONTACT DIRECTORY Emergency ...........................................911 Mayor – Mark Simpson ............ 737-8596 Police Chief – Stephen Margeson Police Dept (non-emergency).....737-1570 Fire Chief – Mark Simpson........737-4623 EMS Supervisor – Fred Wadlinger Fire Dept (non-emergency) ........737-4623 Ambulance Membership.............737-4623 Camp Hill Borough Office Telephone.................................737-3456 Fax ..........................................730-3961 TDD ..............................1-800-654-5984 Borough Manager Frank Lynch ..............................................ext 1042 Recreation Director – Audrey Logar ...........................................ext 1019 Codes Enforcement Officer – Chris Miller ...........................................ext 1014 Codes Enforcement Officer – John Brenner ...........................................ext 1023 Codes Enforcement Officer – Barb Butler ...........................................ext 1023 Utility Billing................................ext 1022 Public Works Department.........730-3694 Camp Hill Borough Office Hours Monday–Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Mailing Address: 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 website: camphillborough.com general email: info@camphillborough.com Borough Council Leigh Twiford President Carl Schultz Vice-President Bonnie Bentz, Richard Guerin, Alissa Packer, Erin Vroman, Zach Williard Solicitor – E. Lee Stinnett All council members are accessible by email through the Borough website

Tax Collector – Diane Neiper ....737-5324


District Justice Court...................761-0583 Camp Hill Post Office .................737-1461 Camp Hill School District ..........901-2400 Camp Hill Pool ............................909-3148 Cleve J Fredricksen Library.........761-3900 Humane Society...........................564-3320 Cumberland County Courthouse Directory .....1-888-697-0371 Elections Bureau ..........................240-6385 County Tax Assessment...............240-6350 Cumberland Co Tax Bureau .......590-7997 County Recycling Authority .......240-6489 State Representative – Greg Rothman ....................975-2235 or 783-2063 State Senator – Mike Regan ....................432-1730 or 787-8524 Attorney General Office Consumer Protection .......1-800-441-2555 Contractor Problems...................772-2425 Penn Waste........................1-866-575-8720 PA American Water ..........1-800-565-7292 PPL/Street Light Problems1-800-342-5775 Chamber of Commerce...............761-0702

Public Works • Approval to advertise the Committee Meeting Schedule for 2021. • Approval to adopt an Ordinance to amend the Borough Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map, establishing a setback for restaurant drive-through service & to modify land Southeast of Cumberland Blvd. and 21st St. from Commercial-Highway to Medium Density Residential Office. • Approval to authorize the resubmission of the revised SALDO to the Borough and County Planning Commissions. • Approval to advertise a public hearing to adopt the SALDO as revised on January 27th at 6:00 p.m. • Approval to accept a proposal to use consultant Peter Marshall to assist with recruiting a Borough Manager.



Street sweeping will begin on Monday, April 5, 2021. Sweeping will take place the day AFTER your regular scheduled trash collection on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month. Please avoid placing grass clippings, tree limbs or any other debris in the street. This causes damage to the sweeper and down-time for the operator resulting in an inability to maintain the schedule. Property owners are required to keep trees along the curb-line trimmed to a minimum of 12 feet above the street so that the sweeper can work close to the curb without damage to the machine. If branches fronting your property do not meet the above requirement the street will not be swept and you will be cited under property maintenance code.


Compost Facility located at 422 S. 24th Street, reopened on Monday, January 11, 2021. The site improvements assure the facility continues to serve as an economically and environmentally beneficial alternative to landfill disposal. One important addition is an automated gate that opens using Access Cards that will be issued by the Borough. The new access system ensures the Borough can monitor persons entering the facility and limit access to outside commercial contractors as necessary. All persons wishing to use the facility in the 2021 season must obtain or reacti-


vate an Access Card in order to drop-off yard waste or to pick up leaf compost or mulch. Access cards are for the calendar year. Compost Facility Registration and renewal can be found on the Borough Website. The Registration Form, Compost Facility Layout, and Hours of Operation posted on the Borough Website (www.camphillborough.com). Please follow these key points as we transition to the new program:


• Access Cards are available for purchase by Camp Hill Borough resident. • The cost is $15 for residents and $800 for approved Borough-based contractors. Access Cards are valid on a calendar year basis. Replacement cards are $5. • You must submit your completed Registration Form and payment in the drop-box at the entrance of the Borough Building. • Access Cards may not be shared with any persons not living in your household. • The automated gate and facility is under surveillance to assure only authorized persons and acceptable materials enter the facility. • Please keep your Access card in your car. Upon entry, swipe the reader on the left-hand side to raise the lift-arm. Upon exit, you do not need to swipe, just approach the lift-arm slowly and the arm will raise so you may exit. • Please follow the instructions posted on the new signs at the compost facility, drive slowly, and exercise care as you enter and exit the facility.


• Fall Leaf Collection will end on Friday, December 18 • Your leaf collection day will be the day after your trash collection day! • Leaves may be raked into the street five (5) days prior to your regular scheduled curbside collection schedule. • Leaves should be windrowed along the curb or edge of the roadway. • Leaves prior to the October 19th start date can be brought to the Compost Facility or can remain on your property until the curbside leaf collection begins. • Residents are encouraged to place leaves curbside (in plastic cans or brown recy-

Codes Enforcement cle bags) during the 1st and 3rd Saturday’s during the months of October and November for Penn Waste to collect. • DO NOT blow or rake grass, sticks or other yard debris in the street at any time. This is a violation under Ordinance § 176-10 regarding the prohibition of creating obstructions on the streets & sidewalks. • DO NOT place branches, grass clippings, rocks or other debris in with leaves. Any foreign objects placed in leaf piles may damage leaf equipment and significantly impact the leafing schedule. • DO NOT leave cars parked along the street the day of your leaf collection. • PLEASE remember that inclement weather will delay the leaf collection schedule. Residents are encouraged to take leaves to the Compost Facility located next to the Public Works Facility at 422 S. 24th Street. Please visit the borough website, select Public Works and then select Compost Faciltiy.


Plowing borough streets after a snow event is a time consuming process. Following a few simple guidelines can make the operator’s job safer and more efficient: • Pay attention to local forecasts as winter weather and road conditions can change very quickly. • Minimize driving during and immediately following a snow event. The fewer the vehicles on the roadway allows the operator to clear the road more efficiently. • Remove vehicles and trailers from the street prior to a winter event. This will allow the operator to clear the street from edge-to-edge. • Remove basketball hoops from the borough right-of-way. • Please keep a safe operating distance from winter maintenance vehicles. • If you have a mailbox along the roadway, periodically check to ensure that the post and mailbox are in good condition. The post and mailbox must be sturdy enough to withstand snow coming off the plow blade. • Never push, blow or shovel snow into a cleared roadway.

• Never attempt to stop or flag down a plow driver while salting or plowing. • Clearing a space along the curb or edge of road before your driveway will reduce the amount of the snow placed in your driveway. • Wait until the street is cleared before shoveling your driveway and sidewalks. The plow operator will make multiple passes on the same street. • Plow drivers cannot direct snow as it comes off the plow. Plow blades are fixed to plow snow to the right.


Do not flush swiffers, cloth or paper rags, baby wipes, baby cloths, dental floss or other similar materials into the sanitary sewer system. These items will cause clogs in both the public and private sewers, damage sewage pumps and increase maintenance costs. Property owners (private) own and are responsible for the lateral and the building sewer. The lateral extends from the sewer main in the street to the Right-of-Way (typically behind the curb or sidewalk). The building sewer extends from the Right-of-Way to the home. The Borough (public) is responsible for the sewer main in the street. Sewer customers are reminded to keep traps in homes/businesses filled with water. This will reduce sewer odors from entering the living and working spaces of the property. If you experience a sewer emergency during normal working hours (8 AM to 4:30 PM) please call 717-737-3456 and provide your name, address and telephone number. After hours, please call the police department at 717-737-1570 and they will reach out to On-Call personnel. The sewer main will be checked by Public Works Staff and flushed if necessary. If

the sewer main is open and free flowing, staff will contact you and recommend you call a plumber.


Curb and sidewalk are the responsibility of the property owner as outlined in “Chapter 176-13, Responsibility of the property owner”. Please inspect your curb and sidewalk and make any necessary repairs as outlined in Chapter 176, Streets and Sidewalks-Revised. The Chapter 176 ordinance can be viewed from the Borough website…Borough homepage, click Government, click Borough Code under Codes and Zoning, click Chapter 176-Streets and Sidewalks-Revised 2018. If you have questions and would like to talk with Borough staff about your curb or sidewalk please call 717-730-3964 and someone will return your call.



Within eight (8) hours after snow or ice has stopped falling, sidewalks must be cleared their entire length with a path no less than three feet wide. The hours between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. are not figured into this period of eight hours. Of equal importance: It is prohibited for snow, ice and/or liquids to be shoveled, blown, plowed or discharged into the streets or alleys; this is a citable offense.


It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to dump or discharge any

NO ONE SHOULD BE HUNGRY! The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank will be giving food to all qualified Camp Hill residents in need of food assistance at the Christian Life Assembly Church at 2645 Lisburn Rd in Lower Allen Twp. Please stop by between 9 am and 12 noon on the following Tuesdays: February 9th, March 9th, April 13th and May 11th. A utility bill from your residence is the only requirement. Please stop by if your family is in need !


VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD Since 2012 Camp Hill Borough has recognized a resident in the borough for their contributions.

The 2020 Volunteer of the Year winner is Steve Karl. He is a dedicated and longtime resident of the Borough. He has shown his commitment to the community, especially to the children, in many ways over the years. He was a volunteer coach with all of his children’s activities and sports teams. He was also the longtime president of the Athletic Boosters Club contributing hundreds of hours and helping to raise a tremendous amount of money to go towards the athletic programs for students. He also has volunteered for more than 15 years with the Canadensis program for the 6th Grade Education program. He was involved with several construction projects including Eisenhower Elementary School and on the Executive Committee for construction of our new stadium, track and tennis courts in Siebert Park in 2014. Because of his commitment to Camp Hill Borough he decided to run for School Board, where he has served for over 10 years and currently is President of School Board. For all these reasons and so many more, Steve Karl was the recipient of the Camp Hill Borough’s Volunteer Award. The 2021 Application will be available on our website in the coming months.

Penn Waste UPDATE liquid or semiliquid substance in or on any of the streets or alleys in the Borough of Camp Hill, so as to constitute a public nuisance or a menace to public health. This section shall not be construed to mean the natural drainage of surface water produced by rain or the melting of snow or ice on a building or property.


TREES § 187-8

A person commits an offense if he wantonly or cruelly ill-treats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, shelter or veterinary care, or access to clean and sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animal’s body heat and keep it dry. If you observe violations of these or any Borough code, please call the Code Enforcement Division at (717) 737-3457 or email Chris Miller at cmiller@camphillborough.com

Any tree along the streets or highways of the Borough or growing on private property but overhanging any street, highway or sidewalk that, in the opinion of the Shade Tree Commission, endangers the life, health, safety or property of the public or which is affected by any contagious disease or insect infestation shall be declared a public nuisance. The owner of the property shall be notified, in writing, of the existence of the nuisance and given reasonable time for its correction or removal. If not corrected or removed within the allotted time, the Shade Tree Commission shall cause the nuisance to be corrected or removed, and the cost thereof shall be assessed to the owner as provided by law.

Except for species of fish, it shall be unlawful to keep more than four animals six months of age or older on any premises, regardless of the number of owners.


PENN WASTE BILL ADJUSTMENT Beginning April 1, 2021, Penn Waste bills will be adjusted. As expenses for local trash companies have gone up, rates have been raised in all local communities. In an increasingly volatile and competitive trash disposal market, the Borough worked hard to negotiate a fair agreement extension that will also provide important community benefits. New Rates for the Term 4/1/21-3/31/23: • Year 1 (4/1/21-3/31/22) - Quarterly Rate of $53.25 • Year 2 (4/1/22-3/31/23) - Quarterly Rate of $62.25 Low-Volume Service (24 bags per year): • Year 1 (4/1/21-3/31/22) - $6.00 per bag • Year 2 (4/1/22-3/31 /23) - $7.00 per bag Penn Waste Inc. will continue to provide the residents of Camp Hill trash and unlimited recycling collection, and billing will continue to come from Camp Hill Borough, included in the Utility Bill. Current services will remain in place, except that starting this April, yard waste collection will be collected only once a month. Please see the calendar on the Borough website for collection dates. Additional Benefits/Changes are part of this agreement, including the following: • An annually scheduled Document Shredding Event will be offered, free of charge to all residents of the Borough. • Three containers will be provided annually to the Borough to be used in the event of storm damage to aid residents in the cleanup effort. • The recycling dumpster by the Borough building will be removed, but residents are welcome to use the recycling dumpsters located by Public Works. For all trash payment and billing questions, please contact Rachael Burger at (717) 7376532 or rburger@camphillborough.com. The billing will continue to be quarterly in January, April, July, & October.


Clubs and Events

Thrive Here: The Impact of the Downtown Camp Hill Association

"Pennsylvania has nearly 1 million small businesses, but I'm confident that none are in a better position to thrive than the 100 small businesses on our Downtown Camp Hill corridor," says Sue Pera, president, Downtown Camp Hill Association. Working to strengthen the economic health of service and retail businesses on Market Street, the 9-member DCHA is building positive brand awareness for the Borough, a robust retail environment, community health impact, seasonal events, and inclusive opportunities to #ThriveHere for businesses and residents. "As a small business owner and board member, I am deeply inspired by the support our small business community has received. We are grateful to live and work in a community that supports shopping, dining, and giving back locally," says Lisa DeCavalcante, owner, Little Black Dress. The Association has developed sponsorships for five events and onboarded new partners that will bring additional services to the community. Penn State Health, The Drexel Group, Halbruner, Hatch & Guise, LLP, Holmes Cycling & Fitness, The Watershed Pub and Reager & Adler are some recent sponsors supporting our events. Bringing new and creative opportunities for community events like the Candy Cane Walk, Spring Fling, Summer Soiree, and Harvest Hop, as well as providing support and sponsorship to The Peyton Walker Foundation for the first-ever community Save Station in Pennsylvania, the Board is committed to "building a prosperous and diverse business district that supports a walkable and shopable neighborhood concept, inspires community connections and entrepreneurial potential, and believes a vibrant downtown is the heart and soul of this historic Borough." "As business owners or residents, each board member has a passion to uplift and support our neighborhoods. While we do provide numerous retail events that bring foot traffic, new friends, and community

engagement, the Earl Besch Project is a great example of using our network of businesses during the Candy Cane Walk to meet the immediate needs of families and students in our school district. Our promise of #ThriveHere extends to every person and family who calls Camp Hill home," says Anne Deeter Gallaher, owner of Deeter Gallaher Group LLC and board member. For more information on the DCHA, please visit the Facebook and Instagram pages @Dowtown_Camp_Hill_Association or email downtowncamphill@gmail.com.


In my 13 years of Girl Scouting, the most frequent question I get asked is, “When are you selling cookies?” Last year, almost immediately after we received our first shipment of cookies, the precautions from COVID-19 prevented us from inperson sales and deliveries. This left us with a dilemma: how were we going to sell our cookies without being able to use our normal platforms of cookie booths and door-to-door sales? The answer was to completely redesign our business model. We marketed the cookies entirely through social media and were able to sell virtually. We also had the option to buy boxes to be donated to local hospitals for the medical workers and staff. At the end of the cookie season in April, we met our troop selling goal, selling every box we had. Cookie sales are important because it teaches entrepreneurial skills and funds all troop activities. Over the years, cookie sales have funded domestic and international travels for my troop in addition to activities like camping and badge work. This selling season we expect to focus even more on strengthening our online sales. Go to www.gshpa.org/cookies to find an online platform and insert your zip code. Cookie season starts January 15. Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts! Jocelyn Little, CHHS Class of 2021, Troop 11967



The Club’s only goal is to try to preserve /improve Camp Hill’s water, air, land, flora and fauna. We are always looking for new members who share our interests in the environment and to energize our organization. To apply pick up an application, call (737-4548), email (alogar@camphillborough.com) the Recreation Dept., or come to a CHEC meeting. We are currently in the process of formulating plans for 2021. For additional information or to suggest future program ideas, contact Paul Garrett at 717- 514-3546 or paulgarrett40n@gmail.com As we are able, CHEC intends to continue our efforts to recycle at the Siebert Park athletic events and Little League Baseball games. We have adopted Market Street in the Borough and clean it four times a year and also clean litter in other areas of the Borough throughout the warmer weather months. Between May and September CHEC helps the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association clean out sections of the Creek. Our first cleanup is scheduled for May 16th. Let’s talk about RECYCLING. We know you want to do the right thing BUT Penn Waste receives many items that they are not recyitems that should be in your container: • Aluminum & Steel Cans, cleaned • Plastic Bottles & Jugs, #1, 2, & 5, cleaned out; throw away the caps. • Newspaper, clean & dry with no food contact. • Glass Bottles and Jars, cleaned out; throw away the lids. • Corrugated Cardboard, dry & flattened w/no food contact, e.g. recycle the top of the pizza box; throw away the grease-stained bottom. • Milk and Juice Cartons, rinsed Unfortunately, Penn Waste’s guidance for the time being is “WHEN IN DOUBT – THROW IT OUT”. For more information, please visit the Borough website www.camphillborough.com

Clubs and Events


An opportunity for boys and girls with birth years 2016-2013, to develop fundamental soccer competencies in ball control, passing, shooting, and defending while having fun with their peers. This 8 week program will consist of group activities during the week that culminate in an intramural smallsided game on Saturday mornings. Shin guards, cleats, and masks are required during activities and games. All other equipment will be provided.



Camp Hill Girls Softball League has been offering our daughters the opportunity to collect dirt in their socks, to throw projectiles with vim and vigor, and to whack stuff with aluminum sticks since 1973. The league is always looking for young ladies ages 4 (pre-K) through 14 to join for fun and good sport for both spring (March thru May) and fall (August into October) seasons. No experience is necessary. Willingness to wear crazy socks is preferred. If you think you might be even vaguely interested, and you know that you are, please look us up:


REGISTER NOW! The league is open to boys and girls ages 4 year to 15 year olds. Eligible players can register for T–Ball, Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors, Teeners and Challenger Division progams. The 2021 season will run March 1st thru June 15th. Dates are subject ot change with COVID.

Have fun, play ball with Camp Hill Little League.



Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. No-in person payments due to Covid-19. Mail: Mail payments to 2626 Lincoln Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Drop Box: Drop Box is located at Camp Hill Borough Hall, Police Entrance. The box is silver.

Payment: Checks must be made payable to Diane Neiper, Tax Collector All payments MUST include a copy of bill Online bill pay NOT accepted

Cash or cashier’s check ONLY after December 14th

Receipts: Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and ALL copies of

your bill with payment. Requests for receipts at a later date require a fee; plan ahead.

Borough Occupancy Report that must be completed for all residents. You can get the form on the Borough website.

Per Capita: Be sure to contact the Camp Hill School District Business Office. Legal proof of new residence is required. Copies of death certificates are also accepted. The sale of a property does not result in the removal of your name from this list. Statewide Recovery is the company hired by the CHSD for delinquent collection.

Bill Copies: If you need a copy of a bill the fee is $5. If you need a receipted/ dated copy of a bill, the fee is $8. Requests must be in writing. Checks made payable to Diane Neiper or cash accepted. You must provide a selfaddressed stamped envelope for the return of the copy/receipt,

Escrow: Check with your mortgage company as to their procedure for property tax payments from your Escrow account. Some require that you forward your tax bill to them for payment.

Landlords: There is a Camp Hill


Bills: You will receive your Cumberland County/Camp Hill Borough tax on or about March 1. You will receive your Camp Hill School District property & per capita tax on or about July 1.

Failure to receive a tax notice does not exempt you from payment.




2 0 21 T e n n i s M e m b e rs h i p Tennis membership may be purchased by Camp Hill Borough residents, property owners an business owners. When your membership fee is paid, the courts are accessible with your Siebert Park stadium access card. To obtain an access card, call the Borough Office at 717-737-3456. Membership is effective for the calendar year: January through December. Fees are not prorated; early registration is strongly recommended. Memberships are activated weekly, on Fridays. Please plan your registration accordingly. Membership is non-transferrable. All playing members of a household, regardless of age, must purchase an individual membership. Parking on the grass near the tennis courts is prohibited. Violators will be fined. Parking is available next to the municipal swimming pool. Members are required to close the security gate when entering and leaving the courts. Tennis court users must produce their access card to validate their membership when requested by the Police Department or Borough Staff. When members leave the courts, their guests must depart as well. Name: _______________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________

Name of business and address (if applicable) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Members Names

Age (children only)

1. 2. 3. 4.

Adult (18+) $15.00

Youth(17 & under) $8.00

Payment: Amount: __________ Check#: ________ or Cash

Make check payable to Camp Hill Borough. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and debit cards accepted. Credit/debit card transactions will include a processing fee. Credit/debit card #: ____________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date: __________ Security Code: _______ Name as it appears on the card: _______________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________

By purchasing a tennis membership, I understand and agree to follow the conditions listed above. Failure to abide by the conditions may result in suspension of privileges and/or forfeiture of membership. _______________________________________________ Print Name ____________________________________________ Signature

Camp Hill Recreation is working on offering tennis lessons this summer. As the information becomes available information will be posted on our website.



Recreation Department

A Message From the Director...

I hope all of you enjoyed a happy and safe holiday season. We were able to hold a fun holiday activity in December for Toys for Tots and many of you came out and enjoyed the Parade of Lights for Toys for Tots in Siebert Park. It truly was wonderful and a complete community effort. So far this winter we have had some snow and I hope you were able to enjoy it if winter recreation is your cup of tea. With the snow not lasting long, a lot of you are able to get out and walk and run in the community which is nice to see, even in the cold temperatures. Continuing to be active outside if you can is important especially in the winter months and while we aren’t able to offer indoor recreational activities. We are continuing to monitor our current situation and will hold indoor recreational activities as soon as it is safe to do so. As we hope for healthier times and warmer weather, we are planning our summer recreational activities in the Borough. As you might expect, all plans are subject to change, potentially significant change, as the Covid-19 situation evolves and vaccine distribution ramps up. So please keep an eye on our website as it will be updated as needed. If you are on Facebook be sure to like the Camp Hill Parks And Recreation page to enable another way to find out what

is going on in the Recreation Department. We have tentative plans for Siebert Park Day Camp, Theatre camps, Preschool camp, Lacrosse camp and Science Camps so far. Other camps will be added as information is available. We are also tentatively planning our Bunny Eggstravaganza, Kite Festival and Memorial Day Parade some information that can be found in this newsletter. Anyone interested in participating please keep an eye on our website. Please remember that each Newsletter covers approximately 3 months of activities and events. As with all Camp Hill Recreation programs, registration is on a first come first served basis. Please read over all registration procedures for each program carefully, so you do not miss any important deadlines. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for new programs, please contact the recreation office by phone at (717)737-4548 or at alogar@camphillborough.com. I am a one person office, so I am not always able to answer my phone when it rings. If I am not available to answer your call, please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible (usually within one business day). Thank you,

Audrey J. Logar


Jon Arosell, Dustin Chapman, Nick Decker, William Forrey, Patty Gilroy, Melanie Gurgiolo, Interim Borough Manager Frank Lynch, Interim Superintendent Patty Sanker, Mayor Mark Simpson, Doug Snyder and Paul White Cornerstone Coffee House and the Sutliff Family. A special thank you to the group of people who heard the idea and were willing to help make it happen: Mayor Mark Simpson, Patty Gilroy, Jon Arosell, Jeff Capp, Gary Rini and Bridget Rini. Also to Borough Council, the Recreation Commission and many other community members who volunteered as well. A total community effort! Based on the response, we achieved our goal of collecting toys during a pandemic and fun was had by all.


In a year with limited community-centered opportunities, we were trying to find a way to have an event that was safe and fun for everyone. In December, Camp Hill Borough and Centric Bank joined forces to host the Parade of Lights for Toys for Tots. This was our first year for this event in place of our traditional Toys for Tots Parade. We had 27 different displays throughout the park. We had 1,782 cars drive through our display and were able to collect 55 boxes of toys, plus bikes and toys too big for the boxes. We filled 4 ABF Freight cubes compared to the 1 ½ in years past. We collected a lot of cash donations which we purchased toys with for the Marines. We had support from many businesses, clubs and students in the community. Families enjoyed driving through the park and seeing all the lights and Santa. This event could not have been a success without the continued support of donations from various businesses and organizations especially Centric Bank. We would like to thank the Pursel Family and Mid Penn Bank as well for their contribution. There were a number of in kind donations, that don’t’ go unnoticed. Thank you to ABF U-Pack Moving, Camp Hill Woman’s, Camp Hill Lion’s Club, Camp Hill Fire Company, Camp Hill Fire Police,


This year some of us drove around the whole borough, over a period of nights and looked at all the homes decorated for the holidays. There were a lot more this year and picking the top three homes was tough. The winners got a knock on their doors on December 17th. The winners were surprised and it went over well. Prizes were donated by Blooms by Vickrey and winners were posted on Facebook and website. Congratulations Winners! 1st place: 747 Country Club Road 2nd Place: 25 South 29th Street 3rd Place: 2018 Dickinson Avenue



If you are interested in having access to utilize the stadium when it is not being used for an event, call 717-737-3456 or email info@camphillborough.com. To enter the stadium access the Siebert Park Stadium near the Athletic House. Just swipe your card and push on the access gate. It will turn to let one person enter. If you lose your card, you need to notify the Borough immediately, so we can deactivate your card. Replacement cards, are $5.00 each.


If you have not yet purchased a brick at Siebert Park, there is still time. Bricks will continue to be sold even though The Lion’s Den is complete to make additions to playgrounds in the borough. If you are interested in purchasing a brick for yourself or a loved one, please contact the Recreation Department at 717-737 - 4548. Forms can be found on a table outside the borough offices.


In 2021 the Camp Hill Recreation Commission will conduct its meetings at 6 PM at the Borough Building of Camp Hill Municipal Office in the conference room, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011, on the following dates: Tuesdays, April 6, July 6 and October 5, (Dates may be added as needed.)


Due to Covid-19 circumstances, facility rentals are not available until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience, information will be available on our website when rentals can resume.


If you have a class idea or would like to look into becoming an instructor, please call Audrey Logar, the Recreation Director at (717) 737-4548 or email alogar@camphillborough.com. If this type of class is of interest to you or you are someone willing to teach this type of class, we would love to hear from you.

UPCOMING SPRING EVENTS BUNNY EGGSTRAVAGANZA (TENTATIVE) Date to be determined Camp Hill Recreation is working on ways to hold this event in a safe and fun way. Once more information is available it will be posted on our website.

21ST ANNUAL KITE FESTIVAL (TENTATIVE) Sunday, May 16, 2021 Camp Hill Recreation is working on ways to hold this event in a safe and fun way. Once more information is available it would be posted on our website.

101ST ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY PARADE, CEMETERY CEREMONY AND FESTIVITIES (TENTATIVE) Monday, May 31, 2021 Camp Hill Recreation is working on ways to hold this event in a safe and fun way. Once more information is available it would be posted on our website.


This Award Winning Event is back again and will be in Willow Park from 11:30 - 1:00 PM. If it rains, it will be held the following Friday. We would like to invite all of you to come to the park on opening day and enjoy the great music. We aren’t sure yet if we will be selling lunch this year due to our current situation but will have posting on our website. You are welcome to bring your own lunch to the park. You may want to bring a chair or blanket along as well to sit on. More details will be in the available late spring, but for now here are the dates: Dates: June 11th, June 25th, July 9th, July 23rd and August 6th

ADULT CLASSES Due to Covid-19 we are holding some classes outside and some smaller classes indoors. Please look over all information pertaining to the individual program.


BARRE CLASSES (LIVE & ZOOM OPTION) (Instructor: Megan Lesko) Barre is a total body workout consisting of lower and upper body strength training that uses mostly bodyweight, raises your heartrate, and finishes up with core training. Barre is not a dance class; it activates and strengthens the muscles that other workouts may miss. This class is designed for ALL fitness levels, ages, and bodies, complete with progressions so those new to fitness feel successful their first time and seasoned Barre enthusiasts will always feel challenged. Bring a mat, light weights (1-3 pounds/canned food or 2 water bottles can be substituted), and a small loop band (available for purchase for $3 at class). Sneakers or bare feet. If we are unable to hold class on any given Sunday, we will post class information on the CH Parks and Rec Facebook Page and the Barre Class Instagram Page. There is a waiver that needs to be signed and it is available on our website. Megan will also have blank waivers available at class. Also all participants need to bring along a mask to be worn only if social distancing is not possible. Students will be spread out during the class and a mask doesn’t need to be worn, but can be worn if that is what the participant chooses to do. Port-a-Johns available within the park. Zoom information will be sent to zoom participants via email 8am Sunday morning. If inclement weather all students who were to attend live class will be sent zoom information as well. Sunday: February 7 – April 25 (No class April 4) Time: 8:30 am – 9:20 am Location: Bus Parking Lot by Basketball Court in Siebert Park or on zoom Cost: $10 per class and register for each week individually


This class provides a one hour fun class of well-choreographed routines to upbeat music. Hand held weights (max. 6 pounds per hand) and ankle weights (2 ½ pounds per leg) are optional. There will be a waiver to sign at the first class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. Mask will need to be worn into building until you are able to social distance for class. Each stu-

Recreation Department dent will have their own step that they will sign out for this session. Thursday: March 11 – May 27 Time: 4-5 pm Location: Borough Hall – Enter through center door on garden side of building. Cost: resident $115 / non-resident $120


Jacki Sorensen's Strong Step(TM) is a low-impact, high energy, maximally effective fitness class that's fun and easy! Using a STEP to increase lower body resistance, the subtly choreographed routines have an athletic style that appeals to anyone interested in getting a head-to-toe workout. Grab your water bottle, and put on your athletic shoes! Must be pre-registered and space is limited. There will be a waiver to sign at the first class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. Mask will need to be worn into building until you are able to social distance for class. Each student will have their own step that they will sign out for this session. Tuesdays: March 9 – May 25 Time: 4-5:00 pm Location: Borough Hall – Enter through center door on garden side of building. Cost: resident $115 / non-resident $120


If you would like to participate in both the Jacki’s Step classes on Tuesdays and Jacki’s Dance classes on Thursday please register for the combination classes on active net. There will be a waiver to sign at the first class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. Mask will need to be worn into building until you are able to social distance for class. Each student will have their own step that they will sign out for this session. Tuesday: Step March 9 – May 25 Thursdays: Dance March 11 – May 27 Time: 4-5 pm Location: Borough Hall – Enter through center door on garden side of building. Cost: resident $205/ non-resident $215


Have you seen the cute succulents and want to learn how to make your own just in time for winter? Join borough resident, Sarah Dressler, as she shares simple ways to make succulent diffusers for your home. Participants will create their own succulent diffuser to take home. The class space is limited to 15 spaces and pre-registration is required by calling the Recreation Office. Cost is $20 each for materials. Pay at class. There will be a waiver to sign prior to start of class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. All participants will enter through the side door in garden area. Mask will need to be worn during class. Dates: February 17 Time: 6:30-7:30 pm Location: Camp Hill Community Room

YOUTH/TEEN PROGRAMS KIDS CREATIVE ART CLASSES (Instructor: Allison Juliana) An opportunity for young art enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their artist skills. This class will outline various drawing and painting techniques as well as experimentation with a wide variety of art materials. Original artwork will be created to take home upon completion. All supplies are included in the cost of the program. Please wear clothing that is appropriate to get a little messy! Space is limited to 10 students. There will be a waiver to sign prior to start of class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. All participants will enter through the side door in garden area. Mask will need to be worn during class. Monday: March 1 – March 22 Grades: 3 - 6 Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm Location: Community Room Cost: resident $82 / non-resident $88

SUMMER CAMPS INFORMATION As we are trying to plan 2021 summer camps we continue to monitor our current situation and try to find ways to have camps in safe and fun ways. We won’t be opening camp registration in February as we have in the past, we will be waiting and will post on our website, when we can start registration.


REFUND POLICY A refund will not be granted for any session $50 or less. This includes any program (one day programs, camps, or multi session programs) offered by the Recreation Department. For all sessions greater than $50, a refund will be granted according to this schedule:

Refund Request Date >90 days before program/camp 60-90 days before program/camp 30-59 days before program/camp Less than 30 days before program/camp

Amount of Refund 75% of program cost 50% of program cost 25% of program cost No refund

No refund will be granted for any camps after July 1st. If any program or camp is canceled by the Recreation Department at no fault of the participant, a full refund will be granted.

Right now we are tentatively offering the following camps and as more details become available on these camps and other camps we will list them on our website.


FREE COMMUNITY DOCUMENT SHREDDING DAY Plans are being worked on to have a community document shredding day this coming spring. As more information becomes available it will be posted on our website, Facebook, etc.

Historical Society

There Were Horses in Camp Hill

John Sutton, blacksmith, born in 1856, lived in Camp Hill most of his life. He lived and worked here in 1890, when the population was 191. By the time he died in 1920, the population had risen to 1,636. John Sutton is shown standing on the far left with some of his “customers”. (Yes, they are mules, not horses!) His blacksmith business was located behind the family home at 2001 Market Street, the site of today’s Camera Box. Our volunteer fire department was organized in May of 1908. There were 47 original organizers, with fund-raising a primary activity. Their handsome brick building at 2201 Market Street was dedicated in 1909. This first fire truck operated by the C. H. Fire Department, was a chemical, horse drawn wagon. The horses were supplied by the milkman, Edward Walters, of 2139 Market Street. If Mr. Walters and his horses were not available, the firemen would flag down a trolley car and have it tow the wagon in

the desired direction! If the horses were busy delivering milk, the firemen pulled the wagon themselves! Or, if they were lucky, they’d hitch it to a passing trolley! Proprietors of local businesses, such as butcher, grocery and hardware businesses, continued through the years to be the core of the volunteer department. When the siren sounded, they ran down, or across, Market Street to answer the call. It was possible to identify the type of emergency by the number

of rings of the siren. A Saturday noon siren was a long-time tradition. Frank Frownfelter stabled polo ponies behind his home at 100 North 21st Street, on ground that is now the eastern end of the current Fire Department parking lot. In the 1950’s, when this photo was taken, the front door of the house faced 21st Street. It now faces Walnut. From left to right are Quiz, Point Blank, and Norma Jean. [The polo field was on the north side, of Market Street, just west of 36th Street. Max Hempt was another polo player whose horses lived on one of the Hempt family farms outside of Camp Hill.] Several generations of our children “visited” the horses while going to and from Lincoln Elementary School at 19th and Walnut Streets. A few lucky ones were allowed to exercise these horses in and around the cemetery!

CAMP HILL FIRE COMPANY #1 2021 CHICKEN BBQ SCHEDULE Hello Camp Hill Residents, The Coronavirus has forced all of us to look at things differently this year regarding the CH Chicken BBQ. We are going to have 4 separate sales – May 8th, June 12th, August 14th, and September 11th with no rain dates. The price for the dinner will be $10, which includes chicken, potato, applesauce, roll and butter. There will be no presales (door to door), so mark your calendars! Sales will be on a first come/first served basis, starting at 11:00 am until we sell out. There will be a drive through for pickup on Walnut Street in front of the firehouse. One final note, this is the only fundraiser of the year for our volunteer Fire Company. The monies we receive after the cost of the food go directly to updating our technology and equipment, to ensure the safety of all residents. We are always looking for volunteers to assist in all aspects of running a volunteer fire company. If you are interested, please stop by the firehouse on any Monday night at 7:00 pm or talk to us at the Chicken BBQ. You may also email Dave Apgar at a1fireman@comcast.net.



The Lion Foundation 2020-2021 Board Of Directors

Making Things Happen in Camp Hill

Officers Assistant Treasurer Dave Berkebile Secretary Melissa Corbin Assistant Secretary Jen Chaplin

President Lisa Reeves Vice President DJ Healey Treasurer Mike Breon

Board Members Kirsten Jones Carrie Knight Tate Livelsberger Janice Mullin Leslie Sarvis Ken Serafin Vlad Serdar Doug Snyder Rita Steele Ron Tomalis

Aaron Boor Jennifer Branstetter Angela Couloumbis Jenny Crane, CHEA Representative Tina Darchicourt, Superintendent Rep. Vera DiPietro Randy Gale, School Board Representative Chad Gallaher

Emeritus Board William Angino Anna Baldini Michael L. Berney Nancy A. Besch Nancy L. Bigelow H. Leslie Bishop John Brosius Paul Bruder Carlyn Chulick Alan Davidson Carrie DeLone, M.D. Richard Fonte, M.D. The Honorable David Freed, Esq. Betsy Gayner Lucy M. Gnazzo Alison E. A. Goodwin Jeff Haas James R. Hepfer III

Richard E. Jordan III John N. Kennedy, Esq. Connie R. Kindler Brian T. LaBine Robert E. Little, C.P.A J. Scott Massie Charles A. McInnes, RA R. Burke McLemore, Jr., Esq. Howell C. Mette, Esq. Phyllis S. Mowery Theodore W. Mowery Robert L. Myers, D.M.D., M.B.A. Robert L. Shuster, Esq. John E. Slike, Esq. Henry J. Straub, C.P.A. Susan G. Sutliff Kurt A. Twiford Kevin Williams Peter Wilson


Robin Jones, Executive Director Shari Sponic, Project Manager Julia Hoke, Office Administrator Contact The Lion Foundation for more information or to donate: office@thelionfoundation.org 2627 Chestnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the impact of your donations!


Our Children, Our Community, Our Future Dear Lion Foundation Family‌ You may have already heard the news that I am leaving my position at the foundation at the end of April. It has been an incredible 13 years! When I joined The Lion Foundation as its executive director, my youngest son, who will graduate high school in the spring, was in kindergarten. The organization was in its infancy. But over the years, with the help of many volunteers, supporters and believers in its mission, it is now a shining star in the world of education foundations. I truly believe that this is the right time in the evolution of The Lion Foundation to take this step. I was originally tasked with the job of establishing a sustainable education foundation and a process for funding important academic, cultural and athletic programs in our unique, small school district. I believe that, with your support, we have accomplished that. It is because of all of you that we have been able to do so many wonderful things over the years. Together, we created a system to fund more than $1.6 million in grants supporting our schools and community. We built and endowed the annual operation and maintenance of the Grace Pollock Performing Arts Center, supported the Siebert Park Stadium renovation project, and brought the community together to help support our schools and students when they needed it most. And when the pandemic hit, we came together again to provide critical funding for technology as our district quickly shifted to giving students the ability to learn safely both in person and at home. I know that when I step away from my role with the foundation, it will be in good hands. We have so many talented people in our community willing to help. The Lion Foundation board has already started the transition process for filling my position. Be assured that I will help with this transition in any way I can. Finally, thank you all for the support you have given me and our schools over the years. It shows what can be done if we all work together to support Our Children, Our Community, and Our Future. WE ARE‌ Camp Hill! My best,



A special thank you to Nathan Cook, Branch Executive Officer for the West Shore Office of Pennian Bank, who joined Robin Jones, Executive Director of The Lion Foundation, to donate $15,000 through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program to support Camp Hill education. Thank you Pennian Bank for your support of our students and schools!




(10-1-20 TO 12-31-20) In Memory of Mary Beckley


Hon. Elizabeth S. Beckley Jennifer Briggs Christine Holden Jo Mitchell

The Lion Foundation funded school efforts to improve social distancing in part with a $13,000 grant from the Renew Cumberland County Relief Block Grant Program. This included expanding outdoor picnic table seating options on the MS/HS campus, and purchasing additional cafeteria tables for both eating and studying by students at Hoover Elementary and the Middle and High Schools. This Project was financed in part by a grant from Cumberland County available through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, via the federal CARES Act. Funding from our donors was also used to complete this project. Thank you Cumberland County Board of Commissioners and Lion Foundation donors for your support in keeping our students and staff safe!

In Memory of Earl Besch

Donald and Ursula Besch Nancy Besch Bob and Kathy Hamilton Emmett and Rachel Killeen

In Honor of Emma and Kate Chaplin

Charles and Joan Rockwell

In Memory of Dixon and Peg Earley

James and Roberta Grace

In Memory of Dixon Earley

Nancy Black


Inscribe your student’s name on a brick in the Connie R. Kindler Literacy Park next to the Camp Hill High School and be part of Camp Hill history. Since its creation in 2012 in honor of then-retiring CHSD Superintendent Connie Kindler, the Literacy Park has provided Camp Hill students with a place to eat lunch, sit and relax with friends and has been the serene setting for outdoor classes. Take this opportunity to preserve your connection to Camp Hill by purchasing an engraved brick for placement in the walkway of the park. This is a great way to honor graduating seniors. Bricks can be purchased for as little as $50. Order from our website https://www.thelionfoundation.org/literacy-park.html. The deadline for ordering for placement prior to graduation is April 30th. Don’t wait – order your brick today!


In Memory of Peg Earley

Joseph and Jane Bunce

In Memory Donald J. Edwards, Jr.

Schultz's Landscaping, LLC

In Memory of Dick Gulden

Bruce and Nancy Bigelow Camp Hill Lions Club Dorothy G Thompson

In Memory of Senator Hal Mowery

Ted and Lisa Mowery

In Memory of Mike Nelson, Sr.

Don and Peg Drawbaugh

In Honor of Megan and Julia Tomalis

The Earl Besch Project would like to thank everyone who participated in, sponsored, and Doris Tomalis volunteered to help with the 1st Annual Trick or Trot 5K! The 5K raised more than $14,000 to support the Earl Besch Fund! Over 200 runners braved the cold temperatures to run a 5K through Camp Hill Borough. Congratulations to all our first place finishers and all our runners! Mark your calendars for our Second Annual Trick or Trot: Saturday, October 30, 2021


Gold Sponsor Lawrence L. & Julia Z. Hoverter Charitable Foundation Upstream’s Pillars with Purpose, The Foundation for Enhancing Communities

Silver Sponsor Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care & Pest Control Gnazzo Promotion Strategies

MidPenn Bank Orthopedic Institute of PA Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum Vendors Wolf Creek Timing Company Encks Trophy LLC Artistic Imprints Santana Banana MidPenn Bank Service 1st Restoration CarisaK Photography

Bronze Sponsor Cross Country Mortgage Cornerstone CoffeeHouse Schmidt Kramer PC Dana J. Laricks Little, BHHS Homesale Realty Corporate Sponsor Building Blocks Therapy Van Allen LLC Mollybee Kids D&H Distributing Company DaFlure Heating and Cooling Krevsky Bowser Employment Law Halbrunner, Hatch & Guise, LLP


On behalf of The Earl Besch Project, we would like to THANK everyone that has donated financially or by volunteering. Through this program, currently 43 families (99 children 87 adults) receive a hand up 2 times a month. For the last ten months, we have provided nutritional perishable and nonperishable items, diapers, feminine products, toiletries and kitchen needs thru a Choice Pantry. During the 2020 holidays, our Gift Giving Tree provided 180 gifts and $50 worth of grocery gift cards per family for a holiday meal. We cannot thank the community enough for stepping up to help these families in our own backyard. Follow us on Facebook (@theearlbeschproject), Twitter (@EBeschProject) and Instagram (The Earl Besch Project).






Powering Business and Communities


Personal & Business Banking Home Equity Loans & Lines Business Lending & Leasing Mortgages Digital Banking Camp Hill 717.730.2816 | CentricBank.com


Prsrt Std U.S. POSTAGE


Harrisburg PA Permit No. 533

Profile for Graphtech

Camp Hill Newsletter - February 2021  

Camp Hill Newsletter - February 2021