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Hello Camp Hill! A quick note to bring you up to date on the current state of the borough. • The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) remains open and fully staffed. All responders have adequate personal protection equipment with the exception of masks. We expect to receive a shipment of masks next week to remedy our short fall. • The EOC will be constructing a portable mask sanitizing station where used masks will be steam sanitized. • We are reviewing long term solutions for respiratory protection for our public works, EMS and parks and recreation departments. • All emergency equipment and the borough building, including the police department, have been fogged for sanitization. • We have secured sanitizing fluid for all playground equipment and we are ready to go when the time comes to re-open our parks. (And that time will come!) • The Kite Festival has been cancelled. • The Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled. • The pool will not open on Memorial Day weekend. We are being fluid (pun intended) about the opening date with regard to orders from Gov. Wolf. • The Borough of Camp Hill has not made a decision regarding summer camps. If the Borough can open our summer camps, we will do so by rolling, weekly basis dependent on federal and state guidelines. The parks and recreation director is working on ways to keep children and their families safe if the camps are able to be held. The public’s safety is the most important thing during this time and all points involving camps are being explored at this time. • Due to the long lines at the compost facility, we have extended the hours in order to allow for better social distancing. New hours are: o Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30am-3:00pm o Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7:30am-7:00pm o Sunday Closed • If you need an access card, please complete the registration form, located on our website, mail it to the borough and a card will be mailed to you. • Council will have a virtual public meeting on April 29, 2020 at 7pm. If you would like to “attend” please email pdennis@camphillborough.com for the meeting ID and password. Most likely our regularly scheduled monthly meeting on May 13, 2020 will also be virtual. Stay safe and healthy! Continue to look out for your neighbors and to wave when you are out enjoying a walk, run, bike ride or scooter ride. Take care, Leigh Twiford Council President


CALENDAR MAY – AUGUST Meeting & Events details may change due to COVID-19 May 2020 13 – Council Meeting – 7 pm June 2020 10 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 12 – Box Lunch – 11:30 am – 1 pm 16 – Planning Commission – 6 pm* 26 – Box Lunch – 11:30 am – 1 pm July 2020 3 – Independence Day observed – Borough Offices Closed 7 – Recreation Commission – 6 pm 8 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 10 – Box Lunch – 11:30 am – 1 pm 21 – Planning Commission – 6 pm* 24 – Box Lunch – 11:30 am to 1 pm August 2020 4 – National Night Out – Canceled 7 – Box Lunch – 11:30 am – 1 pm 12 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 18 – Planning Commission – 6 pm* Note: All meetings are held at Borough Hall * Meetings are held only as needed

These meetings are held at the Borough of Camp Hill Municipal Offices, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 and are open to the public. If you are a person with a disability, please note: 48 hours notice is requested for any individual with a disability who needs an accommodation to participate in a borough meeting, program, service, or employment procedure. Individuals wishing to attend these public meetings who require an auxiliary aid service or other accommodations to participate in the meetings please contact the Borough of Camp Hill at (717) 737-3456 or via e-mail: pdennis@camphillborough.com. Residents requiring TDD service should call 1-800-654-5984.

Unfortunately, we are all unable to be together for the Memorial Day Holiday due to the Corona Virus. Audrey Logar contacted me and asked me to provide some of my thoughts about Memorial Day. I have lived here virtually all of my life and I would like to share some of my personal memories. As I consider all of the experiences during my lifetime in Camp Hill, I thought of what Camp Hill and Memorial Day have meant to me and my family. Camp Hill has celebrated Memorial Day for over a hundred years. I thought of our Camp Hill Cemetery which has veterans buried there going back to and including The Revolutionary War. Our beloved borough has always had many men and women willing to answer the call to serve our country. On a personal level, as a small boy during World War II, I had a cousin from Camp Hill who enlisted in The Army Air Corps who became a commissioned officer serving as a navigator and bombardier and was a combat veteran in Europe. When he came back from the war he looked like he had aged twenty years. He never really talked much about his wartime service. Sometimes we had veterans who had seen a lot of combat during the wartime who really didn't want to talk very much about it. In World War I we had another family member who was an Army Captain and Ambulance Company Commander in Europe in Combat. He and other veterans in Camp Hill founded the American Legion in Paris after World War I ended. They started the Camp Hill American Legion


CONTACT DIRECTORY Emergency ...........................................911 Mayor – Mark Simpson ............ 737-8596 Police Chief – Stephen Margeson Police Dept (non-emergency).....737-1570 Fire Chief – Mark Simpson EMS Supervisor – Fred Wadlinger Fire Dept (non-emergency) ........737-4623 Ambulance Membership.............737-4623 Borough Manager – Patrick Dennis Camp Hill Borough Office Telephone.................................737-3456 Fax ..........................................730-3961 TDD ..............................1-800-654-5984 Sewer & Trash Billing ..................901-9534 Code Enforcement.......................737-3456 Codes Enforcement Officer – Chris Miller ...........................................ext 1014 Codes Enforcement Officer – John Brenner ...........................................ext 1023 Recreation Director – Audrey Logar Recreation Dept ...........................737-4548 Public Works Director – Sam Robbins ...737-3456 (push “6” from menu) Downtown Coordinator – Mary Beth Brath ...........................737-3456 ext 1018 Camp Hill Borough Office Hours Monday–Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Mailing Address: 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 camphillborough.com Borough Council Leigh Twiford President Carl Schultz Vice-President Bonnie Bentz, Richard Guerin, Alissa Packer, Erin Vroman, Zach Williard

PUblic Works Post 43 which has existed for over 100 years. I think of one of my Legion Colleagues who is a Navy Veteran whose ship was in the Gulf of Tonkin in Viet Nam and was exposed to Agent Orange. These are examples of how some of our people, over the years, have met the call. Duty, Honor, Country - That's what it is all about - Patriotism comes in many different ways, such as service, love of country, and loyalty. I think of the Lee Greenwood song God Bless the USA and the excerpt as follows: “And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.” So, on Memorial Day, I will ask you to consider doing several things: Fly your American Flag all day and, at 9:30 A.M., when the Parade would normally start, say a word of thanks to all of our Veterans for their service. At 11:00 a.m., when our Memorial Day Service would normally begin, say a prayer for all of our Veterans living and dead. God Bless Them All for their service to our country and to all of us. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY Colonel H. Ward Adams U S Army Retired Memorial Day Service Chairman

Tax Collector – Diane Neiper ....737-5324



The Borough opened the compost facility on Monday, April 20. Residents are required to obtain key cards to gain entry. Compost Permits will no longer be processed via email or by dropping them off at the borough building. Please print a Compost Permit form from the borough website, complete and mail the completed form along with your check for $15.00 to the Borough Office at 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011. All forms received by 4 pm Monday will be processed, postmarked and mailed on Wednesday. The compost site hours have been extended to 7 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All other hours remain the same: Monday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Tuesday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Wednesday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Thursday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Friday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Saturday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Sunday Closed




District Judge – Elizabeth Beckley District Justice Court...................761-0583 Camp Hill Post Office .................737-1461 Camp Hill School District ..........901-2400 Camp Hill Pool ............................909-3148 Cleve J Fredricksen Library.........761-3900 Humane Society...........................564-3320

Blowing or sweeping grass clipping and green waste into a public right-of-way is prohibited. This is a violation of both Borough Code and E.P.A. MS4 Permitting. Please refrain from this practice.

Cumberland County Courthouse Directory .....1-888-697-0371 Elections Bureau ..........................240-6385 County Tax Assessment...............240-6350 Cumberland Co Tax Bureau .......590-7997 County Recycling Authority .......240-6489

Section 302-1 of the International Property Maintenance Code states that each property shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition. Pools, spas, hot tubs, fish ponds and ornamental water devices shall be kept in a clean and properly treated condition at all times. Do not allow garbage can lids, old tires or any vessel to harbor standing water as they might become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

State Representative – Greg Rothman ....................975-2235 or 783-2063 State Senator – Mike Regan ....................432-1730 or 787-8524 Attorney General Office Consumer Protection .......1-800-441-2555 Contractor Problems...................772-2425 Penn Waste........................1-866-575-8720 PA American Water ..........1-800-565-7292 PPL/Street Light Problems1-800-342-5775 Chamber of Commerce...............761-0702



• Council and the school district signed an agreement regarding employment of school crossing guards. • Approved to apply for an AARP Community Challenge Grant for additions of benches and exercise stations along the Goddard Trail in Siebert Park • Approved to accept a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Boating Grant for $28,667 for the Borough and Lion Foundation Kayak Boat Launch and Education project.


302.4 WEEDS

All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of six (6) inches. All noxious weeds are prohibited. Weeds shall be

Codes Enforcement NO ONE SHOULD BE HUNGRY! The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank will be giving food to all qualified Camp Hill residents in need of food assistance at the Christian Life Assembly Church at 2645 Lisburn Rd in Lower Allen Twp. Please stop by between 9 am and 12 noon on the following Tuesdays: May 12th, June 9th, July 14th, August 12th and September 8th. A utility bill from your residence is the only requirement. Please stop by if your family is in need ! defined as all grasses, annual plants and vegetation, other than trees or shrubs; however, this term shall not include cultivated flowers and gardens.


All exterior property and premises, and the interior of every structure, shall be free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage


Every occupant of a structure shall dispose of all rubbish in a clean and sanitary manner by placing such rubbish in approved containers.


The owner of occupied premises shall supply approved covered containers for rubbish, and the owner of the premises shall be responsible for the removal of rubbish.


Refrigerators and similar equipment not in operation shall not be discarded, abandoned or stored on premises without first removing the doors.


Every occupant of a structure shall dispose of garbage in a clean and sanitary

The pool unfortunately will not be open on Memorial Day weekend and the Borough continues to monitor the situation. The borough will announce the opening date on our website, Blackboard Alert, and Facebook. Membership rates will be prorated based on the finalized opening date.

manner by placing such garbage in an approved garbage disposal facility or approved garbage containers.


a. No person shall plant, cut, trim or remove any shade tree under the jurisdiction of the Shade Tree Commission or fasten any sign, wire, rope or other materials to, around or through any such shade tree or deposit, place, store or maintain any stone, brick, sand, concrete or other material which may impede the free passage of water, air or fertilizer to the roots of any such shade tree unless he shall first obtain a permit from the Shade Tree Commission so to do. Application for said permit shall be available at the Borough office. b. No person shall move any building or other object on or over any public street within the Borough in such a manner as to damage or injure any shade tree or shrub in such street unless he first obtains a permit from the Shade Tree Commission so to do. c. As a condition to any permit to move any building or object on or over any public street, the Shade Tree Commission may require the applicant to furnish bond

THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS HAVE OFFERED THEIR LAWN MOWING SERVICES TO CAMP HILL BOROUGH RESIDENTS FOR THE 2020 SEASON: Sean and Jason Talbott • 914-7986 • 805-8585 • 343-5070 (Monica Smith, mother) Matt Ulsh • 503-7948 Adam Cleland • 943-5907


Justin Shover • 433-3021 Steve & Harry Bowman • 743-1060 Fred Wadlinger • 609-3584 Mike Ruell • 503-8980 Noah Jack • 395-6822

Those listed are not Borough employees. Advertising their services in this newsletter is a courtesy, not an endorsement. Payment for services rendered is between residents and service providers.


in the amount sufficient to cover any damage or injury to any shade tree or shrubs in such street, and it may direct the route of any such moving so as to minimize damage or injury to shade trees and shrubs. Permits for trimming of trees for clearance purposes performed by or on behalf of utilities must be obtained in advance for other than emergency work. Permits may be requested on an area basis.


The Shade Tree Commission shall trim or require trimming of branches from any trees overhanging the sidewalks, streets and highways of the Borough so that the trees shall not obstruct the light from any streetlight and so that in the center of the street there shall be a clear height of 18 feet above the surface of the street; from a distance of six feet from the curb to the curb a clear height of 12 feet from the surface of the street; and over the sidewalks a clear height of eight feet.


For information about COVID-19 and Severe Weather Safety Tips about Lightning, Flash Flood/Flood and Severe Thunderstorm Straight-line Winds please visit our website at www.camphillborough.com

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT CANCELED We have appreciated your participation in Camp Hill’s National Night Out activities in previous years. National Night Out has been a great opportunity for community members to gather, visit, have some snacks and refreshments, and allow us to help promote crime prevention and personal safety. National Night Out is one of the many events which makes Camp Hill a great community!! Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic situation we are all facing, and the uncertainty about its progression, we are cancelling the 2020 Camp Hill National Night Out. Although we hope the situation would improve enough by August 4th to hold the event, we cannot be sure of that. Public Safety is our main concern. Since the planning for National Night Out would need to start now, and this pandemic has already caused disruption and financial challenges to so many, we feel it would be best to err on the side of caution at this point in time. We certainly appreciate the support and participation in previous National Night Out events. We plan on making the 2021 National Night Out bigger and better than ever!! We hope to see you there!!

AUGUST ISSUE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES JULY 3RD Submit to Audrey Logar at alogar@camphillborough.com



A stormwater program fee will appear on the sewer/trash bill for the July billing period. The stormwater fee is based on the amount of impervious area on a property. Typical residential properties will fall into Tier 2, having Impervious Area (IA) between 2500 and 5000 square feet (sf). These properties will have a fee of $10 per month. Other properties will have a smaller or larger fees based on the Tier resulting from their actual impervious area. Properties with larger amounts of IA (greater than 7500 sf of IA) will fall into Tier 4 and pay $2.90 per 1000 sf of IA. The fee is based on how much impervi-

ous area is on a property. This is more equitable than property taxes, because the program cost is connected to the amount of stormwater runoff generated by properties. Tax exempt properties will pay a fee. The average residential property would pay 40% more if the program costs was paid through property taxes. The development of a stormwater fee resulted from needed improvements to the Please remember to support your local businesses now and when the stores reopen with new guidelines for safety. We need everyone to do their part in making Camp Hill strong. Downtown events will return when we are able to gather in large groups once again. For updates and cancellations, go to the Downtown Camp Hill Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/DowntownCa mpHill/. As of this newsletter, the following dates are only tentative and are subject to change. Safety guidelines will be fol-


stormwater program. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requires certain operating efforts be completed annually and sediment pollution be reduced by 2023 through various projects. If the Borough ignores this mandate, it will end up having to do the same work but also face a large fine. Property owners may reduce their fee by up to 30%, if they apply and qualify for the credits made available by the credit policy. All Storm Water Authority documents can be found on the Borough’s website in the public works section. This outlines the ordinance and other rules and regulations as well as the Borough’s credit policy. Any questions can be emailed to Pdennis@camphillborough.com lowed and may change the details. SUMMER SOIREE – SATURDAY, JUNE 20TH 5PM TO 8PM HARVEST HOP – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH 10AM TO 4PM CANDY CANE WALK – SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND NOON TO 4PM TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE A CANDLELIGHT EXPERIENCE – DECEMBER 10TH 5PM TO 8PM The Downtown Camp Hill Association (DCHA) is a volunteer main street organization that was formed to strengthen the Camp Hill Business District along Market Street between 15th and 25th Streets. If you would like to get involved or be added to our email list to receive event information, contact Mary Beth Brath at mbbrath@camphillborough.com.


I am writing to inform you that, although we are still working with a depleted work force, we would like to resume yard waste and bulk item collection. We understand that there is a need for these materials to be collected and we appreciate your understanding while we worked through the difficult circumstances that led to us delaying those services for a time. We will be resuming Yard Waste collections beginning on May 2nd. The yard waste collections will follow your regularly scheduled collection schedule for May. We understand that customers may have yard waste ready to be collected, but we ask that residents hold until their next regularly scheduled collection day and place a reasonable amount of yard waste curbside. We will not be able to collect an unlimited amount of yard waste from each home, so by asking residents to place a reasonable amount curbside, it will ensure that the entire route is completed. Bulk item collection will resume on Monday, May 4th on your next regularly scheduled collection day. We will be collecting one bulk item per week per residence. We will strive to clean up any back log over the next two months. This is in order to make sure our crews are able to finish routes in a timely manner. We ask that residents bundle any excess cardboard in order to allow our crews to collect this material in an efficient manner. Thank you for your understanding during this crisis. Ed Ward, District Manager


As the rest of the state, country and world, the Camp Hill Lions Club is in "Lock Down" and unable to conduct business, as usual. However, we were fortunate to achieve several activities before this terrible virus hit. The first being our annual pancake jamboree. Once again, with the support of the community, it was a success. Once we are out of quarantine, we will be meeting and will determine what charities will receive this money. In addition, we managed to take advantage of a nice day and cleaned our assigned section of Trindle Road. It was an interesting day and the highway looked really good. As there are fewer cars on the highway, perhaps it will stay that way a bit longer. As always, we are still looking for new members and even though we are not active at this time, we would be more than happy to hear from any interested person and we will forward information regarding what we do and what we stand for. If you feel so inclined, please contact me - Jo Bailey (717) 761-8129. Please stay safe, stay well and stay home.


The Camp Hill Woman’s Club, established in 1950, is a philanthropic and social organization of women from Camp Hill and the surrounding area. Our goal is to raise money through various fundraisers to donate to local charities. In light of the pandemic, this year we gave only to local food banks: West Shore Meals on Wheels, Bethesda Missions, Saint Francis Soup Kitchen, and Downtown Daily Bread to support the meaningful and courageous work they are doing.


The Club’s only goal is to try to preserve /improve Camp Hill’s water, air, land, flora and fauna for our children & grandchildren. We are always looking for new members who share our interests in the environment and to energize our organization. Membership dues are $10 for students and $20 for adults with a maximum of $50 per family. Applications for membership can be picked up in the Recreation Office, calling 737-4548, emailing alogar@camphillborough.com or at a CHEC meeting. Depending upon the coronavirus situation, our next business/breakfast meetings are scheduled for Saturdays, May 9, July 11 and October 12, 7:30 AM at the West Shore Plaza Restaurant. Come join us! As we are able, CHEC intends to continue our efforts to recycle at the Siebert Park athletic events and Little League Baseball games. We have adopted Market Street in the Borough and clean it four times a year and also clean litter in other areas of the Borough throughout the warmer weather months. In addition, we help clean out sections of the Conodoguinet Creek every 3rd Saturday, May – September. The 2020 dates are 5/16; 6/20; 7/18; 8/15; 9/19. These are all weather dependent events. Volunteers will walk upstream in a line picking up trash and getting it to the bank for municipal pick up. At the beginning of each month an event link will be sent out for you to register for that month’s event. We hope to see you at this fun filled event! Has anyone been spending extra time walking the streets of Camp Hill lately? If so, you may have noticed ivy growing up the trunks of some of our trees. English ivy is one of many non-native species introduced in the United States for its decorative appeal. Like many innocently imported species, English ivy can be invasive, damaging trees and structures with extended growth. It is best used in a controlled environment or completely removed, according to numerous internet sources, including Davey.com “A bit of ivy can look nice on a tree, and some people really love the look. Regardless, once too much ivy is growing on your tree, you should remove it. Typically, that’s when ivy is starting to grow into the tree’s canopy,” said Kevin Sheehan of Davey’s Long Island, New York office. At that point, ivy can begin to harm trees, especially English ivy since its fast growing and hard to control. Here’s why. • Trees and ivy rely on the same supply of water and nutrients. Because ivy can be more aggressive, there’s a chance your tree isn’t getting its fair share of nutrition. • Ivy growth crowds tree branches, blocking sunlight trees need to make food. • Vines can weigh a tree branch down, putting it at a higher risk of breaking in a storm. • Over time, an ivy invasion weakens a tree, making it a target for opportunistic pests. According to Davey, there are two ways to stop ivy from harming your tree: 1) cut the vines at the base, (everything above the cut will die but make sure not to pull the ivy off the trunk so you don’t damage the bark); or 2) drench it in vinegar. Either way, getting rid of the roots is the most important thing, so the vines won’t pop up again. Please visit the Borough website for more information on the Environmental Club. www.camphillborough.com For additional information or to suggest future program ideas, call Paul Garrett at 717- 514-3546 or paulgarrett40n@gmail.com


Clubs and Events You are cordially invited to attend our meetings, the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September-April at the Borough Hall at 7:00 p.m. Our meetings include a guest speaker and refreshments. Be on the lookout for information on our Lasagna Dinner to be held in October at the Borough Hall, probably just for take-out this year to be safe. Visit our website www.chwclub.com and Facebook.


The activities of the Camp Hill Junior Civic Club have been halted for March and April . The Club is still planning to prepare dinner for the residents at the Ronald McDonald House on May 19. This is an event that the clubmembers have enjoyed for a few years. The Memorial Day Dash has been postponed and once a date has been confirmed, information will be made available on our site www.gfwccamphill.org. Stay Tune! The club is hoping that this will be an event that brings out many runners. Walkers are also welcome to participate. The club is always interested in having new members to participate in the various community activities of the club. Many members have found working for an evening at the Central Penn Food Bank to be a lot of fun, as well as rewarding!

The Historical Society Camp Hill’s Own “Doc” Lawton

Henry Cuthbert Lawton, born in 1872, was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1903 he received a medical degree from the Medico-Chirurgical College, signed by James M Anders of the Medical Society of Philadelphia. He had been appalled that doctors weren’t taught enough about medicines, so following medical school, he obtained his Ph.G at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. His Thesis was “Vaccine Virus”. The Prothonotary of Cumberland County signed papers on February 23, 1909 registering Henry Cuthbert Lawton as a practitioner of Medicine in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Doc Lawton had come to the U.S. in 1893, and became a naturalized citizen in 1897. He was remembered as saving many lives during

the vicious 1917-18 flu epidemic with his innovative fresh air and cleanliness techniques. It is told that he threw a shoe through a sick room window when he discovered that his instructions for “open window for fresh air” were not adhered to that his instructions for “open window for fresh air” were not adhered to. He was an early conservationist even in his personal life; for example, after boiling water for a soft-boiled egg, he made coffee with that same water. His home at 2300 Market Street, contained not only his office for patients, but a room with a pool table where the youth were always welcome. On Memorial Days, hundreds of homemade doughnuts were given to people who came to sit in his yard to watch the parade. During the school year in the 40’s and 50’s, he would visit classrooms all over town – sometimes he was invited to “lecture” on the topic of the day! We students loved his cheerful interruptions. Perhaps the most amusing detail of his sartorial splendor was the huge ever-changing colorful bow-tie that he wore. His “ties” came directly from floral arrangements left in the cemetery up the street from his home -- where he was subsequently buried in 1959 at 87 years of age. We hope he enjoyed his life as much as we did!

Congratulations to Carys Howard, winner of the Trick-or-Trot 5K t-shirt contest! Look for Carys' design on the Trick-or-Trot t-shirts October 2020. Thank you to all of the Eisenhower Elementary students who participated. All your designs were fantastic!


DIFFICULTY PAYING YOUR SEWER BILL? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Borough has decided to waive penalties for residents who make late payments during the next billing quarter. The Borough understands that some residents may have been financially impacted by this situation and the Borough does not want to add additional fees due to late payments. Bills were mailed out April 25, 2020 and due May 25, 2020. Bills that are paid after the May 25th date will not be charged penalties. In order to receive this waiver, residents must fill out this form and mail it to the Borough office or take a picture of the filled out form and email it to pdennis@camphillborough.com. Forms can also be placed in the drop box outside of the Camp Hill Borough Office.

BOROUGH of CAMP HILL 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 (717) 737-3457 Fax (717) 730-3961


Section I. Explanation of Temporary Fine and Penalty Waiver On March 6, 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf declared a Disaster Emergency (the “Declaration�) in response to the spread of coronavirus, now known as COVID-19. In light of the temporary financial hardship presented to certain sewer customers of Camp Hill Borough, the Borough is implementing a temporary program allowing for the waiver of certain fines and penalties assessed against delinquent sewer accounts for residential property owners who apply and are approved for a waiver. By submitting this Application, the Applicant is certifying that he or she is the owner of a residential property receiving sewer service from Camp Hill Borough and that due to the Declaration is experiencing a short-term financial hardship. The Borough may in its discretion request additional information to evaluate the request including, but not limited to proof of current monthly household expenses or a recent hardship claim approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or a local agency. No waiver will be granted unless or until this Application is approved in writing. Upon approval of this Application, any fines, interest, and/or other penalty assessed against the base amount of any sewer utility bill issued to the Applicant, the payment for which comes due during the period subject to the Declaration or within thirty days immediately following the date of the termination or expiration thereof, shall be waived. To be eligible for approval, the Applicant must not have had an outstanding balance of $100.00 or more on his/her account or have been more than three months delinquent on any account as of the date of the Declaration. If granted, the waiver shall not be construed as a waiver of any other charge, fine, interest, or penalty assessable by the Borough for any service period other than as expressly provided for herein. Section II. Property/Owner Information & Waiver Request Property Address: Account Number: Owner/Applicant: Mailing Address: Describe the financial hardship (e.g., loss of employment, furlough, non-essential business owner, etc.): Applicant submits this Application and certifies that he or she is experiencing a short-term financial hardship due solely to the Declaration resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Owner further certifies that he/she has read and understands this document, and has provided correct information on this Application.

Signature of Owner Section III. Approval

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2020 Tennis Membership At this time, the Siebert Park Tennis Courts are closed due to COVID-19. When we are able to reopen the courts information will be available on our website, through Blackboard Alerts and Facebook. Tennis membership may be purchased by Camp Hill Borough residents, property owners and business owners. The courts are accessible with your Siebert Park stadium access card; access cards are available at the Borough Administrative Office once the offices reopen. Membership is effective for the calendar year: January through December. Fees are not prorated; early registration is strongly recommended. Memberships are activated weekly, on Fridays. Please plan your registration accordingly. Membership is non-transferrable. All playing members of a household, regardless of age, must purchase an individual membership. Parking on the grass near the tennis courts is prohibited. Violators will be fined. Parking is available next to the municipal swimming pool. Members are required to close the security gate when entering and leaving the courts. Tennis court users must produce their access card to validate their membership when requested by the Police Department or Borough Staff. When members leave the courts, their guests must depart as well. Name: _______________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________

Name of business and address (if applicable) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Members Names

Age (children only)

1. 2. 3. 4.

Adult (18+) $15.00 Youth(17 & under) $8.00

Payment: Amount: __________ Check#: ________ or Cash

Make check payable to Camp Hill Borough. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and debit cards accepted. Credit/debit card transactions will include a processing fee. Credit/debit card #: ____________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date: __________ Security Code: _______

Name as it appears on the card: _______________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________

By purchasing a tennis membership, I understand and agree to follow the conditions listed above. Failure to abide by the conditions may result in suspension of privileges and/or forfeiture of membership. _______________________________________________ Print Name ____________________________________________ Signature


Fredricksen Library June, July & August 2020 Events & Programs Main: Cleve J. Fredricksen Library    717-761-3900

Branch: East Pennsboro Branch Library


Hours: Mon - Tues 9-9, Wed 9-6, Thurs - Fri 9-9, Sat & Sun 1-5

Hours: Mon 11-5, Tues, Wed & Thurs 10-8, Fri 11-5, Sat 10-2, Closed Sun



SUMMER Programs & Events For up-to-date information on library programs, please check our website and social media or call the library for any postponements, cancellations, program changes or additions.

Adult Programs For more details or to register go to fredricksenlibrary.org or call 761-3900 x 225.

Holiday Closings Saturday, July 4, 2020 – Independence Day BLUEBERRIES FOR BOOKS FUNDRAISER Order ONLINE May 1 - in library upon reopening - Pickup July 2 - $30 per 10 lb. box. FREDRICKSEN / HOLMES BIKE RAFFLE WIN YOUR CHOICE of a $450 bike! Tickets on sale upon reopening - $5 or 3 for $12, Drawing date to be announced! Sponsored by Holmes Cycling BUSINESS & CAREER CENTER @ Fredricksen - WORKSHOPS - Day & Evening! ~ Career Exploration, Get That Job, Resume Workshops and Mock Interviews ~ Excel and QuickBooks Walk-In Sessions           ~ Home-Based Business Roundtables with SCORE ~ Banking, Budgeting, Retirement and Cybersecurity Workshops REGISTER ONLINE at fredricksenlibrary.org for all workshops or drop in Mon., Tues., Thurs. or Fri. during the BCC’s open hours to see how the BCC we can help YOU on your career path or with your small business! Fredricksen Writes Mondays - 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm June 1 & 15 – Register May 1 July 6 & 20 - Register Jun. 1 August 3 & 17 - Register Jul. 1 This writers group provides aspiring writers a forum for their work and feedback from their peers in a friendly environment. Moving Forward Book Group First Wednesdays - 1 pm to 2 pm Register May 1 for any or all sessions June 3: It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too) July 1: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi August 5: A Stone Boat by Andrew Solomon A book discussion group for those who have suffered a loss or tragedy and could use an infusion of hope. In cooperation with Hospice of Central PA. Ages 18 & older. Language at the Library* Language Immersion Conversation Groups Spanish - Every Thursday, 10 am to 11 am German - First and Third Thursdays, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm French Intermediate Study Group Every Thursday, 11:15 am to 12:30pm French Beginner & Conversation Groups- First and Third Thursdays, 1 pm to 2 pm Russian - Second and Fourth Thursdays, 9 am to 9:45 am Italian - Second and Fourth Thursdays, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Blood Pressure Screenings / UMPC Pinnacle First & Third Thursdays of each month June 4 & 18, July 2 & 16 and August 6 & 20 - 11 am to 1 pm

UPMC Pinnacle & Fredricksen are offering free Blood Pressure Screenings Three parking spaces are reserved near the main entrance. Community Plant Swap Saturday, June 6 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, Outdoors, weather permitting Bring as many plants as you would like to take home. (If you bring two plants, you may take two home.) Plants should be divided in advance and in containers. Plants should be labeled with their name if possible, and the type of conditions they grow best in (shade, sun, etc.). No invasive plants, please. We will have Master Gardeners on site to help categorize and answer questions. No registration necessary.

Imagine Your Story!

Fredricksen Library Summer Reading Program 2020 June 8 through August 9

Participate by logging your reading and activities completely online or on a paper log from the library. Earn tickets and enter to win one of our grand prizes! Join us for our special events too! NEW THIS YEAR--Families who read together can all earn tickets for the grand prize drawing. Sponsored by Friends of Fredricksen Library. * Register JUNE 8 through JUNE 21 for Summer Reading and/or register for a new library card, and you could win a family pool membership or an iPad!

Summer Reading Kickoff!

Thursday, June 11 - 4 pm to 7 pm Outside on the Lawn Rain or Shine! (All activities will move indoors if necessary.) Kickoff this summer and Imagine Your Story with us! Our story will start at 4pm with food trucks (Including Sarah’s Creamery), story characters from The Enchanted Teapot and GIGANTIC bubbles from Grandpop Bubbles! Face Painting by Whitney at special discount prices, Children’s Crafts, Teen Activities, Guessing Games and more! At 7pm, enjoy the Trinidad and Tobago Steel Drum Band! The 2020 Summer Reading Program is sponsored by Friends of Fredricksen Library. Twisted Stitchers Knitting Group Second Mondays - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm June 8, July 13 and August 10 16 years and older. No registration necessary. Curl Up with the Classics* First Tuesdays - 10 am to 11 am June 9 – The Pearl by John Steinbeck July 7 - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte August 4 - Howards End by E.M. Foster Read or listen to the book in order to attend. Ages 18 and older, please. - Register May 1.


Trinidad & Tobago Baltimore Steel Orchestra Thursday, June 11 7 pm to 8 pm Outdoors on the Lawn Summer just isn’t summer without our annual Concert on the Lawn with Trinidad & Tobago Baltimore Steel Orchestra. Join us for a dynamic evening as they bring a touch of the Caribbean to the Fredricksen Library. This stunning group,                the steel drum. Their vivacious tropical music rounds out a lively show for all ages! (Rain or shine) No registration necessary. Sponsored by the McCormick Family Foundation. Trivia After Hours - (B.Y.O.B.) Second Saturdays - 7 pm to 9 pm June 13 – Food TV! – Register May 1 July 11 – Disney Challenge! – Register June 1 August 8 – Classic Rock! – Register July 1 We’ll provide snacks, corkscrews, bottle openers and prizes with Cheaters Never Prosper. Ages 21 & up. Registration REQUIRED. Free-will donation will be taken. Gardening with Nature series February - October – Third Tuesdays 7 pm to 8 pm June 16 – To Enjoy or Not to Enjoy: Invasive Plants July 21 - I Enjoy Pressing Flowers August 18 – I Enjoy Growing Hydrangeas Fredricksen Library and Penn State Master Gardeners bring you a series of workshops that will show you how to garden with nature. Registration required. Stress Management during these Changing Times - Wednesday, June 17 at 1 pm in the BCC Classroom—Register Online! Join us to refresh your perspective and add a few new tools to your career & life toolbox! Reducing stress is a major component to personal and professional success and happiness. Learn how basic breathing techniques, becoming mindful, reducing technology, and getting a good night sleep brings balance to each new day. Find out about positive stress, and how it can keep us moving forward! Fredricksen Reads Fourth Mondays - 7 pm to 8 pm June 22 - All the Ever Afters by Danielle Teller July 27 - The Dutch House by Ann Patchett August 24 - The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay Read or listen to the book to attend. Ages 18 and older, please. Register May 1 for all sessions. German Language Film Group* Fourth Thursdays - 2 pm to 4 pm June 25, July 23 and August 27 No English subtitles, some experience in the language is necessary. No registration necessary. Foreign & Indie Film Fridays Fridays, 2 pm to 4 pm & 7 pm to 9 pm June 26 – Finland - The Man Without a Past July 10 – India - Margarita with a Straw July 24 – USA - I Am Not Your Negro August 7 – France - Odette Toulemonde August 28 – USA - to be announced Sponsored by Jane and Bill Murray.

West Shore Symphony Orchestra: A Musical World Tour - Monday, June 29 7 pm to 8 pm Outdoors on the Lawn India, Africa, Eastern Europe, Norway, and China and more! The Rasika School of Dance will be joining us as well to share their dances of India! Fredricksen will have great multicultural snacks available to purchase, so bring a picnic and enjoy! (This Concert will not be rescheduled if we are rained out.) Sponsored by the McCormick Family Foundation.

    mid-afternoon - Coffee, Teas, Hot Cocoa, Water &  $#!$ .% ##$  ##*

Adult Crafternoon: Fiber & Fabric Summer Garlands Sunday, July 12 - 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm Add a splash of color to your home to usher in the summer! We’ll have options for different styles of garlands. Basic supplies provided by the library, but you may bring your own fabric and/or (chunky) yarn, if you would like. $10.00 per person, ages 16 and older. Registration now open online.

* The Daytime Academy is made possible by a grant from Harsco Corporation, honoring the memory of Derek C. Hathaway and his passion for life-long learning.

Ben Mauger’s Roaring 20s Band and Lindy Central Swing Dancing! Monday, July 13 - 7 pm to 8:30 pm Outdoors on the Lawn Welcome the Roaring Twenties with a night of music and dance from that era! Ben Mauger’s Roaring Twenties Band brings you a toe-tapping, head-bopping night of great music. Come early for some dance instruction from Lindy Central Swing Dancing! No registration necessary. (Rain location: inside) Sponsored by the McCormick Family Foundation.

For more details or to register go to fredricksenlibrary.org or call 761-3900 x 229.

Keep it to yourself: Controlling your Social Media Wednesday, July 15 at 1 pm in the BCC Classroom—Register Online! Social Media has become the new town hall with news articles, opinions, and, best of all, updates and photos from family and friends. In this workshop, we will talk about privacy settings, appropriate postings, and determine “what’s whatâ€? on various platforms. We will place a focus on Face!!%,# *-!%$!&%%$(%(*$%!. % right privacy settings for you, and keep your name, updates and information shared with only the people you choose. Blood Drives at Fredricksen Friday, July 31 - 4 pm to 7:30 pm For more info call Central PA Blood Bank at 1-800-771-0059 or visit http://www.cpbb.org. Musical – “9 to 5â€? at Oyster Mill Playhouse Wednesday, August 5 - The Friends of Fredricksen Refreshments at 7 pm, Curtain at 7:30 pm Tickets are $30 each on sale upon reopening!  $%/#%&# $%!! Concert on the Lawn with Shea Quinn & Friends: Remembering Live Aid @ 35 years Thursday, August 6 - 7 pm to 8:30pm 35 years ago, the biggest rock stars in the country (and be*! ! %!%#%! .% #  %!" event drew an estimated 1.5 billion television viewers and raised millions of dollars. Now get ready to bring back the feeling of Live Aid with some of your favorites from Queen, Elton John, U2, Sting, the Who and more performed by the always-exciting Shea Quinn and Friends! No registration necessary. Sponsored by McCormick Family Foundation. Promoting Yourself:       Wednesday, August 19 at 1 pm in the BCC Classroom—Register Online! LinkedIn is the professional platform that hiring managers scope out most often. Join us for this workshop to learn how %!$%&" ("#!.!##!!%*!&#)$% "#!.%! experience the best professional results. Be prepared for the (!#$!"*' $$%!%"#!."!%!+%$ will effectively communicate your business image. 2020 Master Gardener Plant Clinics Tuesdays: May through August 6 pm to 7:30 pm in the Entryway, Upper Level Stop in with your gardening questions. The Master Gardeners from Penn State Coop. Ext. will be there to solve your gardening mysteries and help you to have the best garden possible! No registration necessary. Device Advice - Tuesdays 10 am to 12 pm Reference Desk, Main Floor Reserve up to one hour with one of our trained Reference Librarians who will assist you with your device. You must have the device, login and password. Call 717-761-3900 x225.

Donation Station Book Donations First Saturday of every month from 1 pm to 3 pm To drop off donations, please park in the lower parking lot nearest to the sidewalk.

Pollock Children’s Library Programs

Imagine Your Story! Children’s Summer Reading Program June 8 through August 9 (see details on previous page)

Tween Makerspace Hangout @ the Kunkel Creation Station Mondays June 1, 15, July 6 and 20, August 3 and 17 - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm The Kunkel Creation Station (KCS) will serve as an idea lab and creation space for tweens to explore their creativity and cultivate their imaginations in hands-on ways! Bring a friend and stop by to tinker with the 3D printer, learn how to code with Sphero, or collaborate on projects with other kids. For ages 9-14. Register two weeks prior to the program date. Fairy Tale STEM Tuesday June 2 from 4:30 pm to 5:30pm OR Thursday June 4 from 5 to 6 pm Once upon a time there was a very smart kid who loved to come to the library. One day, they came to the library to do some awesome STEM experiments about fairy tales! Join us to learn about science through stories! For children ages 6 - 8. Registration begins May 19. Kindergarten Preparation at the Library Tuesday, June 2, June 9 Monday, June 15, June 22, June 29, July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3, August 10 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm This weekly event will help your soon-to-be kindergartener work on skills they will need to start kindergarten. We will &$#*%$%!"#%% . #!$$!%!# and social & emotional skills. Each session is independent, join us when you can! This event is designed for children who will be in kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year. Registration begins May 19 Arts & Crafts with the Lorax! Thursday June 4 at 5 pm to 6 pm To celebrate Dr. Seuss’s belated birthday, join us as we read one of our favorite stories, The Lorax. We will also make crafts to take home and continue your celebration. Ages 6 – 9; Limit 15 Registration begins May 21 Youth Chess Night Fridays, June 5, July 3 and August 7 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm Ages 7-13, all skill levels. No registration req.

Summer Reading Kickoff! Thursday, June 11, 4 pm to 8:30 pm Rain or Shine! (see details on previous page) Teen Paint Nights Fridays, June 12, July 10 & August 14 - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm You can choose to follow along with our guided instruction to create the painting of the month, or you can bring a picture of something you want to paint and get assistance as needed. For ages 11 – 14, register two weeks prior.


Summer Story Times Mondays & Fridays, June 15 through July 31 9:30 am – 10 am for under 3 years OR 10:30 am – 11 am for over 3 years Active, fun story times – no need to register. Just drop in the Community Room and enjoy! Note: stories will be the same on Mon and Fri of each week. Popcorn Hat Players performs Sleeping Beauty Tuesday, June 16 at 10:30 am Loosely based on the beloved classic, this adaptation will have you spinning with laughter! Seating is limited (1:30pm at East Pennsboro Branch) Pool Noodle Castle Tuesday June 16 from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm OR Thursday June 18 from 5 to 6 pm

 *!&&/!% $%!# $%$%! &$%%#$"#!'%!&$%%% /!%  water! For children ages 9 - 12. Registration begins June 2. Drive-In Movie Time with Miss Olga Thursday, June 18 at 10:30 am to 11:30 am Join Miss Olga for our annual summer drive-in event. This year we’ll make mythical creatures to ride while we watch stories on the screen! Ages 3 – 6; Register June 4. Unique Unicorn Pillows (No Sew) Thursday, June 18 at 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

#%*!&#!( $&"#$!%& !# /"!(!"% with fringes. Add cute facial decorations to customize and make your pillow one-of-a-kind! Ages 8 – 12: Limit 12 Registration begins June 4 Family Movie Nights – Fridays, June 19, July 17, August 21 - 6:30 pm to 8 pm A G or PG rated movie with Free popcorn! All ages welcome and all children must be accompanied by an adult. No registration necessary. CALL FOR TITLES. Andrew’s Big Show Tuesday, June 23 at 10:30 am With physical comedy, juggling, circus tricks, yo-yos, audience participation and more, Andrew’s high energy show will put you in a festive mood! Seating is limited (1:30 pm at East Pennsboro Branch) Adventures in 3D Printing and Modeling @ the KCS Tuesdays June 23, July 28, August 25 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Learn all about putting an idea on paper, turning it into a 3D model using TinkerCAD, and bring it to life with our Robo C2 3D printer! For ages 9-14, register two weeks prior. American Girl Book Club Tuesday, June 23, July 28, August 25 5:30pm - 6:30pm We will discuss the book selected the previous month, have activities for participants and their dolls, and choose the next American Girl book to read. For ages 8 - 12. Registration begins June 9 Peaceful Poses Kids Yoga with Ann Fields Wednesdays, June 24, July 15 & 29, August 12 at 9:30 am to 10:15 am Miss Ann will return for yoga postures, mindful musings, and stories! Ages 3 – 6; Limit 25 Registration begins June 10 Summer Story Time at Creekview Park Wednesdays, June 24 through July 29 at 10 am Join our librarians in the park for some stories and fun! Held at Creekview Park North: 4630 Creekview Road, Mechanicsburg Drop-In Family Story Time Thursdays, June 25, July 9 & 23, August 13 & 27 at 6:30 pm to 7 pm Our Drop-In Story Time engages children and their families with literature that explores emotions and how to manage them mindfully. For ages 3 – 6: No registration needed Ryan the Bug Man Monday, July 6 at 6:30 pm Join Ryan as he presents LIVE bugs and Arthropods! Learn the anatomy, defensive characteristics and importance to the environment. The audience will eventually be encouraged to touch the mini-Beasts!

Zoo America! Tuesday, July 7 at 10:30 am On the Lawn A Fredricksen favorite! (1:30 pm at East Pennsboro Branch) 0,/$.$/16;$*( Tuesday, July 7 from 4: 30 - 5:30 pm OR Thursday, July 9 from 5 - 6 pm How do animals hide? Read a book, make a craft, and 92.?;.99./<BA.;6:.9.:<BL.42<?05691?2;H F2.?@<91(246@A?.A6<;/246;@ B;2  Music Play Patrol Tuesday, July 14 at 10:30 am %B?:B@60.9@A<?FA2996;4=?<4?.:D69932.AB?2@A<?62@./<BA 3.6?FA.92@1?.4<;@.;1@B=2?52?<2@+@6;42920A?<;60 instruments and sound processors, students will learn how musical elements like rhythm, dynamics, and tempo can be used with electronic instruments to represent characters in stories. (1:30 pm at East Pennsboro Branch) ,0*(30,55,0*60&&(4413,(4 Thursday, July 16 at 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm )B::2?6@52?2.;1/BAA2?L62@.?2LBAA2?6;46;42?8;6A F<B?<D;:B9A60<9<?21/BAA2?L62@A<.11<;A<52.1/.;1@ .@<?;.:2;A@<?A62<;463A@20?2.A6C2 42@ "6:6A (246@A?.A6<;/246;@ B9F  ,7(#$-(6**.(34 Tuesday, July 21 at 10:30 am On the Lawn <6;B@3<?."6AA926?0B@2.AB?6;4.2?6.93./?60A?.=2G2 7B4496;4.;1A645AD6?2*56@@5<D6@6;3B@21D6A5D.?:A5 humor, and audience participation. (1:30 pm at East Pennsboro Branch) $-,0*$0'1',0*8,5+$-(9$-(9 Tuesday July 21 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm OR Thursday July 23 from 5 - 6 pm What if you could turn any conductive material into a but ton for your computer? Would you make a banana piano? =.=2?4B6A.?C612<4.:20<;A?<992?"2.?;5<DA<B@2 <B?#.82F#.82F@<?05691?2; ?246@A2? B9F Sciencetellers Tuesday, July 28 at 10:30 am <;JA:6@@A56@.0A6<;=.0821.;121B0.A6<;.91?.4<; .1C2;AB?2B@6;4@062;022E=2?6:2;A@3<?@=206.923320A@ AJ@<BA<3A56@D<?91)2.A6;46@96:6A21  =:.A.@A Pennsboro Branch) Picturesque Paint Chip Poetry Thursday, July 30 at 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm April is National Poetry Month, and since we missed our opportunity to celebrate, come let your creativity blossom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

)31/  2/51 2/ !#+634'$96*645

)31/512/ "2.?;./<BA0<16;4D6A5.1.;02A52;:.82<B?)=52?< (</<A@1.;02<?05691?2; F2.?@<91?246@A2? B;2  Tinker Time! #6(4'$96*645 )31/  51 2/! #+634'$96*645 )31/2/512/ <:205208<BAD5.AA52!B;829?2.A6<;)A.A6<;5.@A< offer! Some of our favorite tools and activities will be out for F<BA<@.:=92<?861@.42@(246@A2?B4B@A


11-4()13(,0'(3*$35(0 ,6A5

<<8@23<?2!6;12?4.?A2;=.?2;A@.?205.9 92;421A<?2.1A<A526?05691?2;A<42AA52:?2.1FA<?2.1 Info at Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Desk.

Teen Programs

For more details or to register go to fredricksenlibrary.org or call 761-3900 x 225.

Imagine Your Story! Teen Summer Rea',0* 31*3$/ 60(5+316*+6*645 @2212A.69@<;=?2C6<B@=.42

The Plot Twisters Thursdays, June 4, 18, July 2, 16, $0'6*645$0'  2/51 2/ &9<A*D6@A2?@6@.1F;.:604?<B=<3A22;D?6A2?@246;;2?@ .;1D?6A2?@<3.9942;?2@.?2D290<:2 <6;B@A<@5.?2F<B? D<?8F<B?@A?B4492@F<B?@B002@@2@.;19<A@<39.B45@.@ D2D<?8A5?<B45=9<A=?</92:@216A6;46@@B2@.;1@228 0<;@A?B0A6C23221/.08'B62A6;16C61B.9D<?83?<: =: =:)5.?21D<?83?<:=: =:<?A22;@.42@  *22;D?6A2?@.42@  =92.@20<;A.0AA52*22; &?<4?.::2?A<@B/:6A.D?6A6;4@.:=923<?0<;@612?.A6<; A<7<6;&9<A*D6@A2?@*22;&?<4?.::2?:69F#0'B644.; 2:0>B644.;00=.;2A Teens Create! Contest Saturday, June 6 - Sunday, July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ondays, June 8, 22, July 13 and 27, $0'6*645 $0'  5 pm to 7 pm ?6;4.3?62;1.;1@A<=/FA<A6;82?D6A5A52 =?6;A2?B@2 <B??60BA#.82?B@2<B?/BAA<;:.82?0?2.A2@<:2A56;4 out of duct tape, or collaborate on projects with other teens. $<?246@A?.A6<;;202@@.?F,.;AA<8;<D:<?2./<BAD5.A :.A2?6.9@D25.C2.C.69./92:.69A52*22;&?<4?.::2?.A 2:0>B644.;00=.;2A

Board Games and Brownies "60'$9460( 6.9 6*645  1:30 to 2:30 pm <6;B@=9.F/<.?14.:2@.;12.A/?<D;62@5<<@2. 4.:23?<:<B?0<9920A6<;<?/?6;4F<B?3.C<?6A2.9<;4A< @5.?2<?A22;@.42@  $<?246@A?.A6<;;202@@.?F #((0'7,41393162#((5,0* "60'$960( 6.9 6*645  3:30 pm to 4:30 pm ?21?608@2;J@*22;1C6@<?F?<B=6@.@2?C6024?<B=A5.A helps to plan events, choose books for our collection, run special events, complete volunteer hours, make new friends, .;1.9@<46C2/.08A<A526?0<::B;6AF<?A22;@.42@ H (23?2@5:2;A@D699/2=?<C6121$<?246@A?.A6<; Board Games and Brownies Thursday, June 25 5 pm to 7 pm <6;B@A<=9.F/<.?14.:2@.;12.A/?<D;62@5<<@2. 4.:23?<:<B?0<9920A6<;<?/?6;4F<B?3.C<?6A2.9<;4A< @5.?2<?A22;@.42@   Murder Mystery Dinner Party Wednesday, July 17 - 4:30 pm to 7 pm &<99F/1<<96@5<@A6;4.A<A.99FAB/B9.?.9/B:?292.@2 party for her friend, Debbie Gribson, at a posh VIP Beverly Hills club. Debbie Gribson is a top international pop idol D5<6@?292.@6;452?;2D.9/B:0920A60-<BA5)526@ @6:B9A.;2<B@9F?292.@6;4.;2D3?.4?.;0296;2<3A52@.:2 ;.:2*524B2@A96@A6@@A<083B99<3/64;.:20292/?6AF 4B2@A@D5<D699B;1<B/A219F56AA52@02;26;<BA?.42<B@I @ 3.@56<;-<B.?2<;A524B2@A96@A.;15.C2?2026C21F<B? 6;C6A.A6<;*52?2.?2.32D;.:2@<;A524B2@A96@AA5.AF<B 1?2.15.C6;4A</2.?<B;13<?A52;645A/BAF<BD<B91;JA :6;1A522E=<@B?2*56@6@D52?2F<B?@A<?F/246;@ -<BD699?2026C2.05.?.0A2?.@@64;:2;A.;112@0?6=A6<;6; .1C.;02*56@2C2;A6;09B12@4.:2@16;;2?12@@2?A.;1 6;A?64B2<?A22;@.42@  (246@A?.A6<;6@?2>B6?21.;1 . 

A6082A=?602A</2=.61.AA522C2;A(246@A?.A6<; /246;@ B;2  #((02(0,&,*+5 Friday, July 31 - 5 pm to 7:30 pm <F<B@6;4.0AD?6A21.;02<?5.C2.;<A52?5<//FF<B D<B919682A<=2?3<?:<:2@5<D<33F<B?A.92;A@6;<B?K?@A *22;%=2;#60$645A-<B0.;=.?A606=.A2.@.4?<B=<?<; F<B?<D;??6C2.AA<=608.A6:2@9<A.;10522?<;.99<3 <B?A.92;A21?21?608@2;*22;@<?A22;@ H  Teens Create! Gallery Day "$563'$96*645 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm *22;@*56@6@F<B?A6:2A<@56;2<:2@5<D<33F<B? @B/:6@@6<;@A<<B?A5;;B.9A22;0?2.A6C22E=?2@@6<; contest! Submissions will be on display in the Community ?<<:?2.A<?@.9<;4D6A5A526?3.:6962@.;13?62;1@.?2 6;C6A21A<7<6;B@3<??23?2@5:2;A@D5692C62D6;4A522;A?62@A< A520<;A2@A<?A22;@.42@  .;1A526?3.:6962@

05(3$&5,7(17,("(3,(4 Wednesdays June 10, June 17, July 1, July 8, 6*645)31/  2/51 2/ <6;B@A<D.A05/29<C21:<C62@.;16;A2?.0AD6A5A52:-<B D6993<99<D.9<;4D6A5.3B;;F@0?6=A<3A56;4@A<1<1B?6;4A52 :<C62);.08@.;1@<1.@D699/2=?<C6121;<?246@A?.A6<; ;22121.99A52?232?2;0212@8<?2:.692:0>B644.; 00=.;2A3<?:<?26;3<<;D5605:<C62@D2D699/2D.A056;4

'7(0563(4,0  3,05,0*)13#((04 By appointment <:2A<A52!B;829?2.A6<;)A.A6<;.;192.?;.99./<BA =BAA6;4.;612.<;=.=2?AB?;6;46A6;A<. :<129B@6;4 *6;82?.;1A52;/?6;46AA<9632D6A5<B?(</<   =?6;A2?246;;2?@.;12E=2?A@/<A5D290<:2<?A22;@ .42@ H 2:.692:0>B644.;00=.;2AA<@0521B92F<B? appointment.

Summer Reading Kickoff!

Sketchbook Review for Teens By Appointment in the 60-(.3($5,10"5$5,10 .996;4.99.?A6@A@?2F<B?2.1FA<A.82F<B?@8699@A<A52 ;2EA92C29$221.32D=<6;A2?@A<12C29<=F<B?=<D2?@<3 </@2?C.A6<;.;1=2?@<;.9@AF92?21?608@2;6@;<D5<@A6;4 <;2<;<;2?2C62D@?6;4F<B?@82A05/<<8<?.5.;13B9<3 1?.D6;4@6;6@521D<?86@;<A?2>B6?21*56@6@.;6;3<?:.9 feedback session to share your work, ask questions, and 0<:2.D.FD6A5@<:2.0A6<;./92@B442@A6<;@A</B691<; D5.AF<B8;<D*B2@1.F@.;1*5B?@1.F@@A.?A6;4.A =: F.==<6;A:2;A<;9F<?A22;@.42@ H <;A.0A:69F A<@2AB=F<B?=?6C.A2@2@@6<;.A2:0>B644.;00=.;2A

Thursday, June 11, 4 pm to 8:30 pm Rain or Shine! @2212A.69@<;=?2C6<B@=.42 #((0 $,05,*+54 3,'$9460( 6.9 6*645   pm to 7:30 pm -<B0.;05<<@2A<3<99<D.9<;4D6A5<B?4B61216;@A?B0A6<; A<0?2.A2A52=.6;A6;4<3A52:<;A5<?F<B0.;/?6;4. =60AB?2<3@<:2A56;4F<BD.;AA<=.6;A.;142A.@@6@A.;02.@ ;22121<?.42@ H ?246@A2?AD<D228@=?6<?

31*3$/41<(3('$3(4210413('%9*(0(31644622135)31/,0',7,'6$.4$0'%64,0(44(4,0163&1//60,59 and from the Friends of Fredricksen Library & Friends of East Pennsboro Branch Library.


DECORATE YOUR HOME BY MAY 20TH PRIZES 1ST, 2ND AND 3RD WILL BE AWARDED FOR THE MOST SPIRITED DECORATED HOME We are a community that likes to celebrate and be together. Since we are unable to do that this Memorial Day, we are inviting EVERYONE to decorate your homes in Red, White and Blue to honor veterans past and present, COVID-19 front line workers, healthcare professionals, police, fire, EMS, grocery store employees, trash collectors, postal workers and delivery services. We thank you all for your service! Judging will be during daylight hours between May 21st and May 22nd by Borough Council Members We look forward to seeing all the creative ways we honor all who have served and continue to serve!


Recreation Department

A Message From the Director... I hope you are all doing well as we go through this difficult time in our community and country. I miss seeing you all in our parks and at special events. Although we are unable to have our Kite Festival and Memorial Day events in May, we are working on plans for our future events. I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to celebrate the Grand Opening of Schaeffer Park sometime in the near future. That is it going to be a great celebration of community! In the meantime, at least we are all giving the new grass an opportunity to grow (just trying to find something positive). We do have information about our Box Lunch Review in this newsletter as we await additional guidelines so we can enjoy it safely. We have received numerous questions about our programs and camps this summer. The last thing we want to do is cancel programs and camps. We are taking as much time as needed so we can have the most up-to-date information to make a decision on how best to serve our community and do it safely. Information will be available

on website, blackboard alert and Facebook as it becomes available. Please remember that each Newsletter covers approximately 3 months of activities and events. As with all Camp Hill Recreation programs, registration is on a first come first served basis. Please read over all registration procedures for each program carefully, so you do not miss any important deadlines. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for new programs, please contact the recreation office by phone at (717)737-4548 or by email alogar@camphillborough.com. I am a one person office, so I am not always able to answer my phone when it rings. If I am not available to answer your call, please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible (usually within one business day). Thank you,

Audrey J. Logar Recreation Director


Jon Arosell, Dustin Chapman, Superintendent Patty Craig, Borough Manager Pat Dennis, William Forrey, Patty Gilroy, Melanie Gurgiolo, David Hershey, Mayor Mark Simpson, Doug Snyder, and Paul White


We were unable to hold our Grand Opening of Schaeffer Park in March due to COVID-19. We will hold this celebration in the future, just not sure when. Information will be available on our website, through Blackboard Alert and Facebook once available.


As we work through the impacts of COVID-19 and determine ways to recreate safely, we must make some very difficult decisions. There is nothing we would like to do more than hold our annual Kite Festival, where kids make a kite and run freely around with smiles on their faces and watch Grandpop Bubbles make bub-

bles. Additionally, we would like to hold our Memorial Day Parade and Ceremonial Festivities where we gather along our streets, in our parks, and in our cemetery to honor our veterans. It is with heavy hearts, we need to cancel both events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Camp Hill Recreation received a $1,072.00 donation from the Harry and Nancy Preis Siebert Park Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities to be used in Siebert Park. Camp Hill Recreation would like to thank Harry and Nancy Preis and The Foundation for Enhancing Communities for the generous donation and we will be putting it to good use in Siebert Park.



At this time of publication of newsletter the stadium is closed, but it will eventually reopen. If you need a pass you can come to the Borough Offices once they reopen and fill out an application. One application per family. To enter the stadium access the Siebert Park Stadium near the Athletic House. Just swipe your card and push on the access gate. It will turn to let one person enter. If you lose your card, you need to notify the Borough immediately, so we can deactivate your card. Replace-ment cards, are $5.00 each. You can view the stadium calendar on our website under Recreation/Facilities to see when it is occupied.


In 2020 the Camp Hill Recreation Commission will conduct its meetings at 6 PM at the Borough Building of Camp Hill Municipal Office in the conference room, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011, on the following dates: July 7th, and October 6th


Thomas J. Prosser Hall in the Camp Hill Borough Building is available to rent for parties, wedding receptions, meetings, etc. Our elegant community room seats 200 people, has a large kitchen, and a garden patio right outside. For general information or make a reservation please go to our website: www.camphillborough.com

the park. We encourage you to bring a chair or a blanket to sit on.





If you have a class idea or would like to look into becoming an instructor, please call Audrey Logar, the Recreation Director at (717) 737-4548 or email alogar@camphillborough.com. If this type of class is of interest to you or you are someone willing to teach this type of class, we would love to hear from you.


This Award Winning Event is back again and will be in Willow Park from 11:30 - 1:00 pm. If it rains, it will be held the following Friday. We would like to invite all of you to come to the park on opening day and enjoy the great music. You may bring your lunch or buy your lunch at


This center which is located at Siebert Park in Camp Hill is available to rent for meetings, parties, etc. The EERC can accommodate up to 65 people, has a kitchen, and two restrooms. For general information or make a reservation please go to our website: www.camphillborough.com

The Camp Hill Pool is available to rent for an evening party after regular pool hours. The Pool Parties can accommodate up to 200 people. Please go to our website: www.camphillborough.com for more information and to place a reservation call the Recreation Office.

to pursue Scuba Certification. Certification courses are taught by PADI instructors from Harrisburg’s West Shore Scuba Center. Participant must be in good health and able to swim 200 yards. Students must supply your own mask, fins, snorkel and booties. This is considered personal gear and can be purchased at the scuba shop. For more details please go to our website or call the West Shore Scuba Shop at 717-8367699. July 25 – 26 Ages: 10 and up Times: 8 am – 12:30 pm Location: Camp Hill Borough Pool Cost: resident $207 / non-resident $218 (E Learning costs are not included)

ADULT CLASSES A full description for all classes can be found on our website under Recreation.

JACKI’S AEROBIC DANCE (Instructor: Sandy Cronin) Tues./Thurs.: June 9 – August 27 Times: 5 pm - 6 pm Location: Community Room Cost: resident $154 / non-resident $164 (Drop in - $9)

ZUMBA GOLD® (Instructor: Jenn Dusart) Tues./Thurs.: June 4 – August 27 No class 7/14, 16, 28 & 30 Times: 10-11 am Location: Community Room Pay as go: $5.00

OPEN WATER SCUBA Harrisburg West Shore Scuba: Ron Willis Explore the underwater world by enrolling in a PADI Open Water Scuba Course. This course is for those who wish


Instructor Greg Herb This program will assist you in learning how to play or will assist you in enhancing the skills you already have. Participants are asked to bring their own racquet. Mondays/Wednesdays: July 6 - 22 Time: 8:30 am - 9:15 am, ages 6 – 8 (beginners) Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am, ages 9-14 (beginners and intermediate) Location: Siebert Park Tennis Courts Cost: resident $60 / non-resident $70 (Min. 5 / Max. 20 participants) Registration is due one week before session.

SUMMER CAMPS SIEBERT PARK DAY CAMP –FULL PRESCHOOL SUMMER ADVENTURES (Ages: 3 - 5) Camp will be offered the following weeks and you can register for as many as you wish if there is space. Each week we will include art, music, learning centers and of course, stories (Mercer Meyer books and lots more). We will also enjoy theme based yoga activities each week with Ann Fields, founder of Peaceful Poses Kids Yoga. Monday – Thursday: June 1 – August 13. (No Camp the weeks of June 8th, June 15th, and July 27th) Times: 9 – 12 pm Location: Trinity Lutheran Church Cost: resident $84 / non-resident $94


Science Explorers has compiled our favorite camp experiments into a week-long science extravaganza! In this camp you’ll dissect a shark, make groovy lava lamp test tubes, design a course for your own robot, mix up chemical reactions, erupt a volcano, and make chalkboard and fluffy slime! Monday – Friday: July 13 – 17 Ages: 7-11 Times: 9 – 12 pm Location: Community Room Cost: resident $240 / non-resident $250


We’re doing a club rewind by taking our popular after-school programs from this past year and turning them into a funfilled, week-long camp with different themes each day, including slime, atomic art, popping chemistry, the science of sound, and oozy, odd, outrageous animals. We’ll mix up magnetic slime, get loud as we make thunder cups and musical chimes, investigate the anatomy of frogs, build spin art machines, blast off film canister rockets, and make yummy ice cream. Monday – Friday: July 27 – 31 Ages: 7-11 Times: 9 – 12 pm Location: Community Room Cost per camp: resident $240.00 / non-resident $250.00


Jen Klos lives in the borough with her husband and three school-aged kids. With extensive experience as a teacher of middle school aged students, she knows how to motivate and encourage kids to learn something new. She played volleyball in high school and college and coached high school volleyball for 6 years. Summer volleyball camp is for beginner players with little to no experience with the sport. The camp will teach players the basics through games, challenges and fun activities. You will learn how to serve, pass, and hit. On the last day of camp, we hope to run a tournament. Parents are invited to attend from 10 - 11 am on Thursday. Participants should wear sneakers and bring a water bottle. Monday – Thursday: June 29– July 2 Grades: Entering 6th – Entering 8th Time: 9 - 11 am Location: Eisenhower Gym Cost: resident $87 / non-resident $97


Camp Hill Recreation, in conjunction with the Camp Hill HS Boys Basketball program, will be offering three Boys Basketball Camps this summer. The camps will be run by Scott Barrows, Camp Hill High School Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach and his coaching staff, along with several of the High School players.


Lions Future Stars Camp will be offered to boys entering 4th grade through boys entering 9th grade. This camp will include skill development, competitive team games, individual contests, and sportsmanship. Monday – Thursday: June 15– 18 Time: 9 - 4 pm Location: Eisenhower Gym Cost: resident $148 / non-resident $158


Elite Lion Basketball Training will be offered to boys entering 7th through boys entering 9th grade. This is a concentrated skills camp for the serious basketball player to hone his individual abilities and improve agility through focused basketball-specific training. Monday – Thursday: June 22 – 25 Time: 3 – 5 pm Location: Eisenhower Gym Cost: resident $110 / non-resident $120


Little Lions Basketball Camp will be offered to boys entering K through boys entering 3rd grade. This camp will emphasize fun and provide age appropriate instruction highlighting skills and games to get the boys excited about basketball. Monday – Thursday: June 22 – 25 Time: 6 – 7:30 pm Location: Eisenhower Gym Cost: resident $82 / non-resident $92 All Participants receive a t-shirt if registered by May 29th. Register EARLY so you don’t miss out.

CO-ED LACROSSE CAMP (Instructor: DJ Healey) If you’re looking to improve your individual lacrosse skills, have fun and meet new friends , then the best thing you can do is attend our Co-ed Lacrosse Camp. Our lacrosse camp is geared to lax players of all ability levels from experienced players to


beginners. Our four-day LAX camp provides lacrosse players with lacrosse training from our expert coaches – while also stressing the importance of developing leadership skills and being a good sport. With a commitment to provide individualized development, you’re sure to develop a newfound confidence and passion for the sport of lacrosse! Monday – Thursday: July 13 - 16 Grades: Entering 3rd – Entering 6th Time: 4:30 – 6 pm Location: Siebert Park Stadium Cost: resident $75 / non-resident $85


Camp Hill Recreation with Mark Clarke, Camp Hill Varsity Basketball Coach, will be offering a Basketball Camp. During the camp the players will work with coaches & VARSITY players on skills, contests & games. All participants will receive a shirt. Monday – Thursday: July 6 – July 9 Ages: Entering 3rd – Entering 8th Grade Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm Location: Eisenhower Gym Cost: resident $93 / non-resident $103


Camp Hill Recreation will be offering a Field Hockey Camp for elementary through middle school players this summer. Run by CHFH Coach, Julie Colestock, with the assistance of the Camp Hill HS/MS Field Hockey Staff and players, camp will be designed for all levels of skill with the focus on Fitness, Fun and the love of Field Hockey. During camp the players will work on individual skills, small group instruction as well as age appropriate competitive games and contests. We will separate camp into an elementary group and also run a separate program for the upcoming middle school girls who may be preparing for the fall season. All participants will receive a shirt, if registered by July 12th. Field Hockey Sticks will be available for use at camp; if you are interested in buying a stick reach out to Julie Colestock at jcolestock@camphillsd.k12.pa.us. All campers should come prepared for activity with shin guards, water bottles and mouth guards (strongly suggested). Monday – Thursday: August 3 - 6, if needed Friday, August 7 will be used as a rain make up day

Please read Refund Policy before registering. Ages: Entering 2nd – Entering 8th Time: 6 – 8 pm Location: Siebert Park Stadium Cost: resident $93 / non-resident $103


Youth wrestling camp will be directed by High School Coaches & coaching staff. Camp will consist each evening of wrestling drills and skills in a fun competitive teaching style. Opportunities for live wrestling and tournament style wrestling will exist most days. All experience levels from never having wrestled before to any level of experience are encouraged to attend. Wrestling shoes and headgears are encouraged but not required. Coach Gallaher would love for anyone who has never wrestled before to give this a try. All participants will receive a shirt, if registered by June 28. Sunday – Thursday: July 12th – 16th Grades: Entering K—Entering 7th Times: 6-7:30 pm Location: Hoover Cost: resident $83 / non-resident $93


Introduce your child to the beautiful game. Current players, sharpen your skills. Players will train with and learn from the High School team and the Camp Hill High School Boys Coach, Justin Sheaffer. Sessions are for both boys and girls and are designed to teach skills through fun drills and games. Advanced players may be asked to move up an age group after the first session. Each player will receive a Camp Tshirt, no guarantee of shirt after May 1st registration. Players should wear cleats (or sneakers) and shin guards, bring a ball, and bring water to the camp. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the sessions. Questions? email Justin Sheaffer at jsheaffer@camphillsd.k12.pa.us Rain dates if needed will be on the Friday of the week your child is participating in camp. Ages: 5 – 6 year olds Monday – Thursday: June 15 – 18 Time: 5 – 6 pm Location: Siebert Park Stadium Cost: resident $46/non-resident $56 Ages: 7 – 9 year olds Monday – Thursday: June 15-18 Time: 6 – 8 pm Location: Siebert Park Stadium Cost: resident $93/non-resident $103

Ages: 3 – 4 year olds Monday – Thursday: June 22-25 Time: 5 – 5:45 pm Location: Siebert Park Stadium Cost: resident $40/non-resident $50 Ages: 10 – 12 year olds Monday – Thursday: June 22-25 Time: 6 – 8 pm Location: Siebert Park Stadium Cost: resident $93/non-resident $103


More details to be announced in the coming weeks on: www.camphillborough.com Monday - Friday Grades: Entering 1st thru entering 3 Dates: TBD, weren’t available by publication Times: 9:30 – 11 am Location: Grace Milliman Pollock Performing Arts Center Cost: resident $83 / non-resident $90 Descriptions of Classes: Will be available on our website soon.

REFUND POLICY A refund will not be granted for any session $50 or less. This includes any program (one day programs, camps, or multi session programs) offered by the Recreation Department. For all sessions greater than $50, a refund will be granted according to this schedule:

Refund Request Date >90 days before program/camp 60-90 days before program/camp 30-59 days before program/camp Less than 30 days before program/camp

Amount of Refund 75% of program cost 50% of program cost 25% of program cost No refund

No refund will be granted for any camps after July 1st. If any program or camp is canceled by the Recreation Department at no fault of the participant, a full refund will be granted.


SUMMER STAGE CAMPS CANCELED Due to the COVID-19 regulations set forth by federal and state governments for school districts and Performing Art facilities, we are unable to offer any of our Summer Stage camps this year. We will attempt to offer arts-centered small-group classes once our state and local officials have established timelines and parameters for our community to safely resume group activities. Please check ThePollockCenter.com, for more information and to register. New classes and updated information will be posted as it develops, so be sure to check back weekly.

SUMMER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES During this difficult time we continue to plan for brighter days ahead for our community. We are still accepting applications for camp counselors for Siebert Park Day Camp and Preschool Summer Adventures as well as applications for our Snack Shack at the pool. Details and applications are available on our site and applications can be emailed to alogar@camphillborough.com.


• Must be 17 years or older • Dedicated • Positive Role Model • Loves working with children • CPR and First Aid Certification desired, however training will be available


• Must be 16 years of age or older • Loves working with the public • Strong work ethic • Must be good with money and making change • Some basic cooking experience

The Lion Foundation 2019-2020 Board Of Directors President Jennifer Branstetter Vice President Lisa Reeves Treasurer Aaron Boor

Making Things Happen in Camp Hill


Assistant Treasurer Dave Berkebile Secretary Melissa Corbin Assistant Secretary Jen Chaplin

Board Members John T. Brosius Paul J. Bruder Angela Couloumbis Patricia Craig, Superintendent Jenny Crane, CHEA Representative Randy Gale, School Board Representative Chad Gallaher

DJ Healey Jennifer Hoover Kirsten Jones Janice Mullin Jaime Novinger-Toigo Sen. Mike Regan Leslie Sarvis Doug Snyder Rita Steele Ron Tomalis

Staff Robin Jones, Executive Director Shari Sponic, Project Manager Julia Hoke, Office Administrator

Contact The Lion Foundation for more information or to donate: 2627 Chestnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011


office@thelionfoundation.org or visit us on Facebook Note: The Lion Foundation operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, charitable organization in support of the school district, funding programs and projects not covered by taxpayer dollars.

Our Children, Our Community, Our Future

WE Are because YOU Give… I want to thank The Lion Foundation’s board members, who volunteer their time so freely to help support programs and projects that would otherwise not be funded in our schools. Because of them, our donors and our many other volunteers and staff, we are able to have such a positive impact on our students and community. This Spring, we have several board members whose terms are ending. I would like to thank Paul Bruder, John Brosius, Jaime Novinger-Toigo, Jennifer Hoover and Sen. Mike Regan for their many hours and years of service supporting our schools. They have all brought amazing talents to our board that will be missed. I also want to thank outgoing President Jennifer Branstetter for her outstanding leadership over the past two years, and congratulate Lisa Reeves, who will be taking over the helm as The Lion Foundation’s president in May. While this Spring has been unsettling with the closure of our schools and businesses, it is in times like these that small communities can really shine. I am grateful to be part of The Lion Foundation and our Camp Hill community, and I know that whatever is asked of us, we will pull together and support each other! This is what we are all about.


Robin Jones, Executive Director

The Earl Besch Project

In 2015, the Besch family established a memorial fund to continue the legacy of Extending a Helping Hand to Our Community caring that Earl Besch had inspired. The Earl Besch Fund at The Lion Foundation provides an opportunity to help those less fortunate in our community. In 2018, various groups joined with school principals to create The Earl Besch Project, which supports our students and their families who need a helping hand through funding for food programs, school supplies and participation fees. With the recent school closures, the support of the Earl Besch Project has never been more needed and appreciated. Our community has stepped up and increased food pantry box deliveries so that the 35 area families that depend on this support will not go without needed food during this time. We want to thank all those who helped organize, donate and deliver the boxes, including the Camp Hill Little League. We especially want to thank Camp Hill schools for donating food from the cafeteria that would have otherwise expired during the school closures; the West Shore School District for partnering with Camp Hill to offer carry-out lunches to our students; Al’s of Hampden and Hershey’s Ice Cream for donations of food; and Liberti Church and Trinity Lutheran Church for their financial support of the project. You can support The Earl Besch Project in a number of ways. To make a monetary donation online, visit our website at thelionfoundation.org and click the “Donate Now” button. Be sure to identify The Earl Besch Fund in the comments box. In addition, you can donate your time or make contributions by contacting organizers at TheEarlBeschProject@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Facebook: @earlbeschproject; on Twitter: @EBeschProject; and on Instagram: the_earl_besch_project




In an effort to get families reading together, The Lion Foundation recently supported a grant for the One School One Book Program, where all elementary students and their families were asked to read the same book. During the month of March, each student was given a copy of The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz. It’s a fantastic book that touches on the themes of friendship, determination, dreams and adventure! The program began with school-wide assemblies, during which teachers announced the book and a dog musher visited with his dogs and sled to get the kids excited. Each day during Spirit Week, the kids wore items related to the book. Our teachers led discussions to encourage reading together. If you know elementary students, ask them about the book!

A note from a teacher… I wanted … to reiterate how grateful I am for all of the time, long hours, and dedication you put into The Lion Foundation in order to assist and support our teachers in educating our children. For me, it is difficult to ask for help because I know so many projects need funding; and unless you know the population of students that we work with, finding a list of toys as teaching materials may not have seemed like a necessity. Thank you for listening, considering, and approving our Pineapple Room sensory tools and toy grant for our students and school team. I will be placing the order this week. I PROMISE to capture and share out the joy your grant will bring to our children through videos and pictures. And as I shared with you on Saturday evening, you are always welcome to come and visit with us whenever you are free to share in the joy of play and communication with our remarkable Pineapple Room kids. With great appreciation, Stacey L. Zangle, Speech/Language Therapist K-12 Students recently cashed in on their Winter Celebration silent auction experience, spending time with 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Carricato and making pizza.


Over the years, The Foundation has helped support the creation of a Middle School High School Archery Club, which has held over 25 practices and competed in three tournaments. Congratulations to Kristhian Acevedo-Cuevas, who qualified for the PA State Tournament this year by shooting a 281/300.



We replaced our Senior Athletic Banner program with yard signs featuring our senior spring athletes. We felt it was more important than ever to acknowledge these athletes, who unfortunately did not get to enjoy their last season on the playing field because of the mandatory school shutdown. The yard signs were first placed in front of the Middle/High School for two weeks, and then moved to the front yard of each senior being recognized.

Please go to thelionfoundation.org, click on the alumni page, and then the Wall of Honor page to fill out a nomination form. Nominations are due by August 31.

NEW HONORARIUM & MEMORIAL DONATIONS (12-18-19 TO 3-29-20) R. Burke and Barbara McLemore, Jr., In honor of Helga Rist Dave & Julie Colestock, In Memory of Bob Coover Phyllis Mowery, In Memory of Senator Harold F. Mowery, Jr.


We ROARED into the 20s Winter Celebration 2020

The Lion Foundation Second Century Society 2019 Members Please join us in thanking those individuals and businesses who made it a priority to support the Camp Hill schools and community through annual giving of more than $999 in 2019. Lifetime Circle ($100,000 and above) Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc. Grace Milliman Pollock The Sutliff Family Valedictorian Circle ($10,000 and above annually)

Salutatorian Circle ($5,000 to $9,999 annually)

Avalon Insurance Company Capital Blue Cross J. Dixon Earley The JDK Group Pennsylvania Ballet Academy Richard T. Reynolds Foundation Riverview Bank Ryan and Rita Steele

Distinguished Honors Circle ($2,500 to $4,999 annually) 751 Home Association Bob and Jen Branstetter Camp Hill Borough Camp Hill MSHS Association Jonathan and Krissy Casey Centric Bank Dauphin Middle Paxton Home Association Hilton-Diminick Orthodontic Assoc., PC. John and Carrie Hyams Rick and Liz Jordan Robert and Jane Manlove Senator Mike Regan Michael Serluco Kelly and Bob Shuster Patrice and Pete Taleff Tanner Law Offices, LLC UPMC Health Plan UPMC Pinnacle Scott Witmer Wood and Myers Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Honors Circle ($1,000 to $2,499 annually) AFR Foundation Eugene and Brenda Anastasio Bart and Alice Anderson Anonymous Jon and Sarah Arosell Eric and Sarah Battisti Hon. Elizabeth S. Beckley Thomas Beckley and Karen E. Minehan David Berkebile and Minke Kooistra Mike and Beth Berney Nancy Besch Nancy and Bruce Bigelow John Brosius

Paul J. Bruder David and Laura Butcher Carlyn and Frank Chulick Deloitte Brian and Crissy Dopkowski Donna B. Earhart Enola Sportsmen’s Association, Inc. Equitrans Midstream Scott and Daneen Fegan The Fitzgerald Family David and Amy Freed Steve and Myra Gons Jesse and Jessica Gutierrez Halbruner, Hatch, and Guise, LLC Craig and Christine Hatch James and Melissa Hepfer Heritage Builders In Memory of Michael Hillegas, ‘54 Bill Ilgenfritz, Ilgenfritz Financial John Patton Trust Brad and Robin Jones Jack and Debbie Jurasits KENNEDY PC, Law Offices Michael and Beth Kern Connie Kindler Rob and Beth Kozicki Steve and Laura Kuller Brian & Barbara LaBine Robert and Kristine Latham Dave La Torre and Jessica Meyers Jim and Gretchen Leslie Bob and Dana Little Mollie McCurdy and Kevin McKeon Law Office of Geoffrey McInroy, LLC Merrill Lynch – DePalma, Frye & Associates Microsoft Mid Penn Bank Holly Mishkin Mount Calvary Episcopal Church Mountain Research Phyllis S. Mowery Ted and Lisa Mowery Mark and Deborah Osevala Brian and Debbie Perry Planet Fitness The Plum PNC Bank/Financial Services Group Art Pursel and Diann Roffe Friends of Sean Quinlan Marc and Lisa Reeves Mick Reinhard and Chris Miccio Martin Rogoff Schultz’s Landscaping Sundhar and Liane Sekhar Drs. Scott and Dana Setzer Shenk Company SOHO Legal Jonathan and Jill Stahl Susquehanna Beneficial and Social Assoc. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church UGI Utilities Weis Markets, Inc. Craig and Karen Zerby

This year’s Winter Celebration, held on February 1st at the Camp Hill Radisson, was a big success! More than 350 attendees roared into 2020, raising more than $69,000 to support Camp Hill School District programs and projects not funded with taxpayer dollars. We debuted a new video by Camp Hill alumnus Trevor Polly ('09) that reflects the impact your donations have on our students. Visit thelionfoundation.org to see his wonderful production. We want to thank all of our volunteers, sponsors and silent auction donors for making this event so special. We also want to thank the Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, and Boys Baseball teams that helped with set-up for the event. And thanks to you - our donors - for your continued support of our Camp Hill students!

A Special Thank you to our 2020 Winter Celebration Sponsors Main Event Sponsor

Supporting Sponsor

Community Sponsors Friends of The Downtown Camp Hill Association: Conte Wealth Advisors Cornerstone Coffeehouse Deeter Gallaher Group, LLC Little Black Dress The Millworks L.B. Smith Estate Foundation, Inc. Event Design Sponsor The JDK Group Catering & Events

Bar Sponsors Halbruner, Hatch & Guise, LLP Heritage Builders Mountain Research, LLC

Table Sponsors Deloitte FirstLight Home Care and the Twiford Family Craig & Christine Hatch Law Offices of John M. Hyams Krevsky Bowser Merrill Lynch – DePalma Frye & Associates Friends of Sean Quinlan Senator Mike Regan State Representative Greg Rothman/RSR Realtors Technology Sponsor Law Office of Geoffrey McInroy, LLC

Entertainment Sponsor Glossner and McElwee

Coat Check Sponsor Erica & Derek Dilks

Live Auction Sponsor Cordier Auctions & Appraisals

Video by Trevor Polly Studios

Camp Hill athletic teams helped with setup for the celebration



CAMP HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT Educational Excellence

Community Strength

Student Success


Dear Community Members,

Can you picture where you were and what you were doing the afternoon of March 13, 2020? At approximately 3:00 p.m. that day Pennsylvania Superintendents received a press release from the Governor ’s office announcing the closure of all public schools due to the escalating number of cases of COVID-19. On March 13, 2020, the world of public education across the commonwealth was turned upside down. Despite the fact that many of us were anticipating some type of announcement earlier that morning, it was certainly a difficult one to read and to act upon. Prior to dismissal, an announcement was hastily made in our schools asking students and staff to take their educational resources and any personal belongings home with them. “Why?” many students and staff members asked. We could not have predicted at that time that March 13, 2020 would be the last time many of us would walk into our learning and working spaces for the remainder of the school year. The subsequent and final closure announcements were equally difficult and especially disappointing to the Class of 2020. Our hearts go out to this class who has not been able to fully participate in and enjoy the culminating milestones of senior year. I believe I can speak for our entire staff that we are mourning the daily personal interactions that are critical to the work we do ever y day for our students. Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking take on a whole new look and feel in a remote learning and working environment. We truly miss our students, our families and each other. In the days following the March 13 announcement, District staff worked diligently to successfully implement a structured remote learning plan by grade level, subject or course. On April 6, teachers began posting Learn at Home plans that can be accessed on our District website through teacher webpages. The plans offer review and enrichment activities as well as essential new learning for all of our K-12 students. Because our Learn at Home plans include the use of digital platforms and educational resources, it was critical for the District to sur vey families to determine their level of access to devices and ensure equity. After reviewing the data, we were able to schedule multiple Chromebook distribution dates from two of our buildings based on the needs assessment. Despite the challenges of implementing a new and unfamiliar model of learning within a ver y short period of time, the CHSD staff has not wavered from their ongoing commitment to doing the ver y best for our students. The bottom line is that we are all learning. Teachers and staff have embraced and ramped up their own professional learning in order to utilize effective digital tools, coupled with best practices, to ensure that our students are engaged in meaningful learning activities during this last marking period. continued on next page




Stephen B. Karl, President Randalll G. Galle, Vice President Arthur C. Pursel, Treasurer Gregory E. Lamay, Assistant Secretary Neil O. Connelly Melanie W. Gurgiolo Laurie S. Kennedy Robert E. Latham Geoffrey S. McInroy

Patricia S. Craig, Superintendent Tina Darchicourt, Business Manager & Board Secretary Traccey Quigley-Jones, Director of Special Education & Student Services Mark Ziegler, High School Principal Leslee DeLong, Middle School Principal Nicholas Snider, MS/HS Assistant Principal San ndra Fauser, Eisenhower Elementary Principal Eileen Czarnecki, Hoover Elementary Principal

2627 Chestnut Street Camp Hill, PA 17011 (717) 901-2400 www.camphillsd.k12.pa.us


A MESSAGE FROM SUPERINTENDENT PATRICIA S. CRAIG (CONT.) During this pandemic, the Camp Hill Community has come together in unprecedented ways to support each other, spread joy, and demonstrate that the sense of belonging in our community is second to none. I am confident that we are going to continue to do great things in the Camp Hill School District. I know that we will push through to the other side of this experience where we can look back at March 13, 2020 and see that we have become stronger, wiser and closer as a community. On behalf of the entire District and the Camp Hill Board of Directors, we extend our best wishes for the health of our entire community. We thank you for your continued support, for partnering with us to empower our students to achieve their full potential, and for helping us to make ever y day a great day to have Lion PRIDE!

SENIOR STRONG The announcement that Pennsylvania schools would be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year was difficult to hear but especially for our Senior Class. In an effort to recognize the Class of 2020, High School Principal, Mark Ziegler, and Athletic Director, Sarah Fanus, coordinated a senior signs project. Yard signs were made and distributed to each student in the Class of 2020 to display at their house. Principal Mark Ziegler commented that this is a hardworking and creative group of students and this is one way that we can show our support. To view a video with details about the project, visit https://youtu.be/ceIiHlyZtrE. Yard signs were also placed near the Middle/High School along Chestnut Street for each senior athlete involved in a spring sport. In addition, Senior Spotlights were posted on the Camp Hill Athletics Twitter page (@GoCHAthletics) to recognize these students. Thank you to Sara Kaplaniak , Alison Goodwin, Haas Printing, the Lion Foundation, and the volunteers who made this project possible! To the Class of 2020, thank you for your hard work , dedication, and perseverance. We are proud of you and appreciate your contributions to the Camp Hill Community!


CELEBRATING LION SUCCESS! CONGRATULATIONS TO: • Quin DeCavalcante, 7th grade, CHMS winner of the 2020 National Geography Bee. • RoaR & Mr. Diehl for an outstanding performance of the national anthem at a Hershey Bears’ game in Januar y. • Samuel Stahl, 6th grade, who competed in the WITF Grand Championship Spelling Bee. • Deja Smith, 7th grade, who participated in Penn State Harrisburg’s production of Millie D’s Bar & Grill. The play was performed to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. • Josiah Garber, 6th grade, who swam in 19 races at the Junior Olympics. • Mini-THON participants who raised $104,310.28 to donate to Four Diamonds. Thank you ever yone for your continued support! • the High School students inducted into the World Language Honor Society & the National Honor Society. • Kristhian Acevedo-Cuevas, 12th grade, who earned a spot in the state tournament for archer y. • Mason Long, 12th grade, who was named Student of the Quarter at Cumberland Perr y Vo-Tech School. • Gus Eberlein & Matthew Gurgiolo, 12th grade, who were named as finalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Competition. Gus was selected as a winner of the National Merit $2500 Scholarship. • Zach Raab, Nick Feagin, Kristhian Acevedo-Cuevas, Aidan Stever, Lisander Diaz & Jacob Shellenhamer for graduating from the S.T.E.P. Academy at HACC. Special thanks to the Lion Foundation for their support. • Audrey Edwards, Kate Knepper, Sadie Schultz, Madelyn Stalter & Anjali Zumkhawala-Cook who completed Hershey Medical Center ’s PULSE Program. • Caleb Aranos, Gur veen Batth, Hannah Brosius, Julia Dolimpio, Maya Forte, Ella Jack , Amelia Jones & Reese Rettberg who completed the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course through HACC & the Camp Hill Fire Department. Special thanks to the Lion Foundation for their support. • The Indoor Guard for placing 1st in the KIDA show at Central Dauphin in Februar y.

• Matthew Gurgiolo who is a finalist for the 2020 John Travers Award. • the Wrestling Team for Camp Hill’s first ever District Team Win. • Max Delaye & Sean Getty who both won gold medals in wrestling at District Championships. • Connor Trumpy who scored his 1000th point during the District Championship game for boys basketball. • the Wrestling Team for their 4th place finish (out of 32) at the Jerr y Mita Tournament in Pinellas Park , FL. Sean Getty, Christian Doi, Ben Mullin, Parker Rice, Paul Parise, & Joe Carey earned medals. Sean Getty was named most outstanding wrestler in the heavier weight’s categor y. • The following students who were named Mid-Penn Capital Division All Stars: Wrestling - Max Delaye, Sean Getty, Paul Parise, Christian Doi & Parker Rice; Girls Basketball - Kendal McCall; Boys Basketball - Jake Perr y & Connor Trumpy. NEWS AROUND THE DISTRICT: • Hoover & Eisenhower held One School, One Book kick-off assemblies where they learned about sled dogs, the Iditarod & the sport of mushing. Ever y child received a copy of The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz. Special thanks to the Lion Foundation for their support. • 4th grade students learned about aquatic environments using the aquaponics cart. They also planted lettuce and herbs. • 11th and 12th grade students participated in Junior Achievement’s Real Life Financial Literacy program. • Approx. 25 CH students from elementar y through high school performed as part of the K-12 District Art Show. Musical performances included a selection from the HS musical and solo & ensemble performances on piano, trumpet, flute, oboe, baritone, and singing. Newsletter photos courtesy Samuel Getty, Meg Murphy, The Lion Foundation, & CHSD


MAY 1-29 25

JUNE 1 1 4 8

Learn at Home plans can be accessed on the District website through teacher webpages. SCHOOL CLOSED, Memorial Day Last day for kindergarten & grade 12 School Board Work Session, 7 PM, Green Room TPC Last day for grades 1-11 School Board Meeting, 7 PM, Green Room TPC


Enjoy your summer!

AUGUST 3 10 27

School Board Work Session, 7 PM, Green Room TPC School Board Meeting, 7 PM, Green Room TPC First Day of School


@CampHillSD @GoCHAthletics @CampHillHighSc1

@PrincipalCHMS @IKEelem_chsd @HooverES_CHSD

TECH DEPARTMENT COORDINATES CHROMEBOOK DISTRIBUTION FOR CAMP HILL STUDENTS Camp Hill School District’s small but mighty Technology Department worked diligently following the announcement of school closures in March to identify access needs for students. With the introduction of Learn at Home plans and increased use of digital platforms, it was crucial to ensure students had access to digital educational resources. The Technology Department began collecting information through parent sur veys for students in grades 6-12 and, as the school closures were extended, for students in grades K-5. Building administrative assistants helped with the process by contacting families who were not able to complete the sur vey. Following a review of the data collected from the sur veys, they scheduled dates for families to p i c k u p C h ro m e b o o k s . B y m i d - A p r i l a p p ro x i m a t e l y 1 5 0 Chromebooks were distributed to Camp Hill students. In addition to Chromebooks, the Technology Department provided information about Free/Low-Cost Internet Options for Camp Hill families which may be found at www.camphillsd.k12.pa.us under Coronavirus Updates and Resources. Thank you to the Technology Department and district staff who coordinated these efforts!



memorial day is only once a year

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Camp Hill Borough Newsletter - May 2020  

Camp Hill Borough Newsletter - May 2020