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Paradigm Shift what it is about This is an exciting opportunity to join a new Paradigm Shift Social program. 100% of active members get paid within 3 to 6 days. Join here: There is even better news. The site is still in pre-launch so it is a good time to get in. There are Founder Positions Available in Paradigm Shift before Tuesday, Hurry.

Standard and Founder Membership The founder positions were closed but due some members dropping out or not following through they have re-opened for a few days. So it is a chance to be a founder of new website like Zeek or Bidify. In this new program there are 4 pots or ways of making money, one of them is a Penny auction site. Penny auctions are where people buy the chance to bid on items and get them dirt cheap for pennies or dollars. The Details: Now here are some details, I am being upfront about some of the bad points or cost: - $23 gets you a lifetime founder membership. Once it is gone it is gone. - You need to pay through eWallet which does have some fees. Approx $2 join up, $2 a month, $5 to close the account. There are may be some fees for other transactions too. You will need to have read about it in the eWallet site because some countries have different fees. - You can join as a free standard member and stay free for 30 days. After that it $10 a month. - If you refer people then you will make more money, but you don't have to refer anyone to make money. - You can make more money by promoting them. - They do have a marketing company for which you can use to promote your stuff for you, for 25 bids you promote they take 5 bid to do it. - The program guarantees everyone makes money within 6 days. - Founders get paid every 3 days from a Founder pot.

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Paradigm Shift what it is about - If you are more active you will get paid more. Have a look and see what you think. You need to be invited so Join Here using the Link below: Click here to join or just check out the program: Don't miss out at this start-up opportunity. What Happens Next? So from the Start: So basically you Join the Ultimate Power Profits and you get 2 mails. - 1st from UPP to join the program. - 2nd from eWallet to set up an account.

Mails From eWallet and UPP Set up your account and then login into your UPP to see your back office, look at the top LHS corner. (Or what I did was clicked on the eWallet link first but didn't finish setting up my account and had a look around UPP first).

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Paradigm Shift what it is about They don't use PayPal or anyone else. They only use eWallet. eWallet is used by other crowds (such as Empower network, I checked) so it does seem to be safe enough. It took me about 5 mins to setup and pay the founder fee with a credit card. If you are in the US you have a lot more options inside eWallet such as Bank account or cash. I believe some people went to like Wal-Mart and deposited or wired cash. Then I went and finished my eWallet setup, added a credit card. I had to verify the credit card for which they test the usual small refundable transaction and then I was able to pay the Founder fees. I had to pay $1.73 in fees or vat tax because I am from the EU. So I paid less than $25 overall. How You Earn? As a Founder you will get paid from a Founders pool every 3 days. I don't know how much. - They have a penny auction site which will pay you twice I Go Bid Win, once through the auction site and twice through referrals, whether that that will be 1. Affiliates you referred. 2. Customers you bring in. Again I can't tell you how much. But people are earning from similar sites like Zeek or Zeek rewards or Bidify. As I mentioned it is not necessary to bring anyone in yourself, they have a marketing company you can use. - They also have a spinify type program which rotate people through the top and bottom of a matrix (I believe every 6 or so days). - There is also another program which they have released details yet. They do have Webinars regularly on what it is all about once you join. You can get some replays in the Back office. If you want to see them join as a standard member first, watch or listen to them and then upgrade to Founder.

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Paradigm Shift what it is about Recommend I would highly recommend grabbing the founder option now at the very start, but you can join the free option and have a look around to see what you think and then upgrade to founder before next Tuesday. But don’t wait too long; once the Founder positions are gone they are gone. But again look at it and assess your own comfort level and risk as with any new program. Or going from login, in your back office at You can click on the "Founder" or "eWallet" buttons at the top menu to upgrade. If you are having trouble with paying the fees, join as a founder and pay later. They will put you as "Wannabe" or "Pending" founder until you sort out the fees. I know they will keep it that status as long you are actually doing something to transfer the money. I was a "Wannabe" at one stage before I paid. They will keep it open for a few days as long you are in the process of paying. PS. The site does seem to go down at times so keep trying if it doesn't connect and you usually get it fairly quick. It is still in pre-launch, remember. Thanks for reading.

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Opportunity to Make Money as a Founder of a New Program  

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