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October 2019



Noble Spirits is dedicated to source authentic wines and spirits brands that have a holistic approach to production from grain to bottle, from farmers to consumers.


FLUÈRE Spirito non alcolico

FLUÈRE is a luxurious drink for everyone who wants to live a more mindful life and at the same time refuses to compromise on anything. With FLUÈRE mocktails, lowalcoholic cocktails and nonalcoholic longdrinks these ‘experience maximisers’ make a bright and adventurous choice.

FLUÈRE is the Latin word for ‘Flow / Flowing’. Flow links directly to our distilled liquid and the design of the bottle that flows like a river. Indirectly and a bit more subtle, flow refers to the state of mind you want to be in at any social event.

FLUÈRE is a ‘spirito non alcolico’. A piece of art made with the same distilling techniques used by perfume houses to create their high-end scents. FLUÈRE bursts with botanicals that issue a complex yet balanced taste and ensure a unique after-bite that normally only alcoholic drinks have.

FLUÈRE boasts botanicals from exotic Casablanca to the peaks of the Himalaya with hints of the Provence and the Mediterranean in between. To get the best out of every branch, leaf and berry, all botanicals are individually distilled in a copper pot still using so called hydrosteam distillation.



Château Les Mesclances Exquisite and thoughtfully produced Provençal wines

On this prosperous land, the







vineyard of





back from the ancient Greek and

Grenache, Cinsault, Vermentino,

Roman times. The winery has


operated since 1530, originally


by Lord de Boutiny, an ancestor

spread over several acres of land

of the current winemakers.




and These


Cabernet vines



are sun

exposure suitable for blending.

The new winery renovated in

The AOP Côtes de Provence









winemaking cellar, a laboratory,

Chateau Les Mesclances. This is

and a bottling line. All steps of

represented by the Cuvees Saint

production are run at the the

Honorat and Romane, in red,

property by a team of passionate

white and rosé.




Château Les Mesclances Premium Rosé Wines St Honorat Côtes de Provence Rosé Romane Côtes de Provence Rosé Quintessential Provence grape varieties (Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault) give this rosé a beautiful clear colour with flashes of

An outstanding Côtes de Provence, very elegant, structured

vibrant pink, and a charming, elegant nose. The fresh, well-

and aromatic - the best companion for warm summer nights.

rounded palate is accented by fresh, lively citrus flavours. On

On the nose, it smells of fruit, English sweets and redcurrants.

the nose it is delicate and complex with scents of grapefruit and

On the palate it is fresh and subtle. Overall, it is a structured

rose. In the mouth it is straight, balanced and round with a fresh

and aromatic wine best enjoyed as an apertif due to its




Château Les Mesclances Cuvée Charmes de Provence

Located in one of France’s oldest wine regions, Château Les Mesclances is a winery with deep family history dating back to the roman times. With the knowledge acquired through generations of wine making and the perfect climate offered by the Provence region, the producers use direct pressing through a mechanical membrane wine press and a careful clarification. To make sure to get the best of the grapes fermentation temperature is strictly controlled. Domaine les Mesclances Cuvée Charmes is a delightful and elegant pink salmon coloured rosé. On the nose, it has scents of sweets. On the palate it is intense and also slightly crisp. It is best enjoyed with appetizers, grilled meat, poultry and salads.


Château Les Mesclances

St Honorat Côtes de Provence AOP White

Cuvée Saint Honorat

This wine is labelled as ‘Agriculture Raisonnée’, meaning less pesticides are used. The wine is matured on its lees, regularly stirred and raised in oak barrels for 12 months. Best served between 8º and 12º Celsius. On the nose, it has a nice complexity that’s mineral and buttery with a light vanilla on the touch. In the mouth it is round with an elegant structure and long lasting aromas.

Cuvée St Honorat Côtes de Provence AOP Red The Cuvee St Honorat Rouge is an old French style of making wine, blending Cabernet Sauvigon and Syrah. This style of wine is very popular nowadays in Australia but almost forgotten in Europe. The wine is aged in oak for 12 months and left to rest in the cellar to


smoothen its tannins.

Champagne Frerejean Frères


In the quest for authenticity and

Taittinger grew up respecting

purity, Frerejean Frères only work

the great Champagne traditions.


Passionate about oenology, the

Premier Cru originating from the


famous Côte des Blancs.









House of Champagne: Maison Frerejean Frères.

To achieve the roundness that

Frerejean Frères want to build



their Champagne the same way

house, all Champagnes are aged

as great wine. They strive to

for 5-7 years. Using only the best

reach excellence and perfection;


and aim to make this their fully-




process creates


an incredible

complexity and finess.

8 8


fledged signature.

Champagne with finesse and elegance FJF Brut

FJF Blanc

Premier Cru is aged for 5 years in a cellar before

de Blancs is aged for five years before

undergoing a late disgorgement. The Brut is the result of the

undergoing a late disgorgment, and is a High

harmonious blend of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. It

Gastronomy Champagne. The blend is made from 100%

is enhanced with a small amount of sugar, 6.5g/litre. This

Chardonnay from different years, sourced from their

Champagne has tastes of white fruits, crystallised fruits, spices

Premier Cru region. It has an oppulent delicate and

and honey

satin texture with a rich level of dryness.

FJF Extra Brut Premier Cru 2007 is the first wine created by

FJF Grand Cru VV26 is aged for eight years and sealed

Frerejean Freres. With an incredible 11 years developing its

with a traditional “agrafe” that makes it

flavour on the lees, this is serious limited edition (only 6000

mineral. Sourcing Chardonnay from ninety-year-old


vines planted in 1926, this beautiful Blanc de Blancs

This Champagne for the connoisseur delivers an elegant

blends the best of Grand Cru vintages 2008 and 2009.

balance of citrus, exotic fruits and an intense crisp finish.

FJF Cuvée

creamy and

FJF Rosé

des Hussards is aged for 8 years on the lees

vintage 2012 Premier Cru is a very limited

before undergoing a late disgorgement. Made from 100%

release from Frerejean Freres. With only 2000 bottles

Chardonnay from old vines of Premier Cru of the Côte des

produced on this vintage, we were

Blancs, it is an exceptional vintage. On the palate, this

cartons into Australia.

Champagne is powerful and well supported by a creamy and

This is a very nice expression of crisp red fruit, as well as

delicate foam. It has scents of white and yellow candied fruits

a very textural wine. This wine is made from an

with a note of saffron spice.

assemblage of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir made as a red wine.


lucky to get 20

Maison L. Tramier & Fils Wine merchant and grower since 1842 Louis Tramier, an innovative and dynamic man, created his Maison in

Maison Tramier combines tradition with progress. Tradition, on

1842. He chose to establish in Mercurey, a long-standing reputation

account of time-honoured expertise handed down from father to

wine city, and acquired both a promising vineyard and one of

son providing in-depth wine maturing experience whilst respecting

Mercurey's finest cellars. Over the generations his descendants have

past techniques. Progress, by way of ensuring that its vintages

been eager to expand and improve the family estate with prestigious

benefit from the very latest oenological technology, notably for

parcels of Musigny, Clos de Vougeot and other well known Burgundy



Still produced in the estate's original buildings overlooking the

At the beginning of the sixties, the domain launched its own vintage

Mercurey vineyard, Maison Tramier’s wines mature in vaulted cellars

wine: the Roncier. Several generations of expertise were combined to

dating from 1830. They are the only Mercurey cellars to be entirely

produce a high-quality wine and the vintage has now made a

built in the rock face, thereby ensuring a constant temperature and

reputation for itself. It has contributed to the company's rapid growth,

exceptional aging conditions for all vintages.

pushing it up among Burgundy's top 50.


Wines from the heart of Burgundy, France


Santa Marta Limoncello The new taste of Italy


Santa Marta is a range of high quality Italian liqueurs made by the experts at the family-owned Francoli Distillery. The attractive, vibrant design shouts from the shelves whilst each and every sip recalls the charm of Italy. These liqueurs can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, straight from the fridge, or mixed into the most delicious cocktails.

Limoncello is one of the most world-renowned Italian liqueurs. Limoncello imparts a strong lemon flavour without the sourness or bitterness of pure lemon juice: it is a trendy ingredient in cocktails and desserts. The only ingredients are lemon juice, lemon infusion (100% lemon peel), neutral spirits, sugar and water.

Established in the Piedmont region, in the foothills of the Alps and close to lakes Maggiore and Orta, the distillery benefits from an exceptional climate. This region has some of the purest air and cleanest waters in Europe.

The Francoli distillery was the first ever to be officially certified “carbon-neutral” with “zero footprint” by Lifegate, the reference for Sustainable Development in Italy.

The Artisan Drinks Co The New Generation of Mixers

New generation of mixers bringing innovative flavours, all made locally with natural ingredients. CRAFT QUALITY An entrepreneur, an Artist and the Spirits Experts Mikey Enwright joined forces to create this new generation of Mixers. Craft quality on the inside and out, with outstanding artwork and superb natural recipes born in a bar, not a lab to complement premium spirits. INDIVIDUAL ELEGANCE Innovative, new generation craft mixer range which brings individual elegance, style and colour to the conservative mixer category. FREE SPIRITED Artisan is a celebration of the bold, free spirits that add colour and squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of life. Why blend in when

you can stand out!


Classic London Tonic Suave & classic meets funky and modern, this crafty collaboration combines complex natural citrus flavours with subtle botanical notes to create the perfect canvas for drier premium gins. The recipe has been developed to enhance the gin botanicals through the middle of the drink, with a fresh citrus finish giving a clean aftertaste. Mikey’s recommendation: The Garden Grown Gin.

Skinny London Tonic Why can’t guards wear heels, why can’t light be tasty? This low calorie beauty is a blend of aromatic botanicals with orange & lemon essences. With only 17 kcals per 100ml, the crisp, clean aftertaste brings out the flavour in your favourite craft gins. Fresh





stronger flavoured craft gins or premium flavoured gins. Mikey’s recommendation: FAIR. Juniper Gin.


Violet Blossom Tonic A blossom for all seasons, this violet virtuoso combines floral flavours in elderflower, apple & violet blossom, fragrant herbs and refreshing citrus notes to create an elegant bouquet which pairs perfectly with craft gins or as a stand alone star on the rocks. Light floral flavour with slight violet hue. No artificial confectionery violet flavour. Mikey’s recommendation: Fishers Gin.

Barrel Smoked Cola A truly adult cola with a real depth of flavour. Classic meets








dark mixing





contemporary. It combines complex cinnamon and natural oakwood notes, giving a full bodied flavour with a clean smoky finish. Best enjoyed over ice with an aged Bourbon or rum. Mikey’s recommendation: FAIR. Rum XO.


Pink Citrus Tonic If you prefer a Paloma or love a Blushing Lady then you’re in luck. Fresh pink grapefruit and bold blood orange flavours will lift your spirits to new levels.

Lemon Agave Tonic This agile agave lemon is a top tonic for tequila or a sharp-suited partner for gin. Lemon juice, agave syrup, a touch of chilly and rock salt makes up our Mex mix.


Garden Grown Gin


Created by Frank Bethel and Philip Moore, one of the most renowned Australian botanists and master distillers, this is the first garden grown gin, hence its beautiful name. All the ingredients are handpicked in the garden surrounding the distillery. Only the non-native juniper berries are sourced in Macedonia..

Garden Grown Gin offers a unique approach to ginmaking by using fresh herbs to give aromas and taste to the gin. Rose, chamomile and muraya are the three key ingredients making it so special. They also use aromatic plants like oris roots and sage that are common perfumes.

The distillery uses several kinds of stills to boil and infuse the different botanicals. The flowers are prepared using Enfleurage, a thousand year old French method from the perfume industry which extracts the aromas using a coconut oil fat wash.

Awarded with two gold medals at the San Francisco Spirits Awards only five months after the launch of the gin and again with a gold and a silver medal at the London IWSC. We are proud to have one of the most internationally recognised Australian spirits.

Botanicals are what make this gin special. Garden Grown Gin has captured as purely as possible the essence of the Australian garden summer. Local botanicals are used in the creation of their gins, using their garden as their muse. The powerful flavours are due to their rare extraction process, enfleurage. The method captures the ingredients as purely as possible, without the use of heat. This helps the aromas of the botanicals come alive.



Botanic Garden Grown Gin Quite possibly the most Australian gin ever made

A collaboration with the Mount Annan botanical garden, following the highly sought after and now sold out “Rather Royal Gin�, which was made in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.


The world’s first line of ethical spirits

20 20

Since the launch of the distillery eight years ago, FAIR. Has been the first distillery to work in direct collaboration with Fairtrade farmers. EWS, the company behind FAIR. is the first Social Enterprise in the spirits world.

All the ingredients used to produce the FAIR. spirits are certified organic. This is also true for the recycled paper and the ink they use for their labels.

FAIR. was one of the pioneer craft distilleries in France. Their quality approach and small batch production uses the best resources and equipment available on the market. This has helped make it one of the most awarded French distilleries.

With more than 25 prestigious awards from most of the main international wines and spirits competitions, FAIR. is proof that having a sustainable approach to business is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your drinks.

Made from the finest Organic quinoa FAIR. quinoa vodka from

FAIR. Quinoa Vodka

Bolivia has been awarded in numerous spirits competitions, making it a favourite of the cocktail bar scene in New York, London and across Europe and Asia. FAIR. supports the local community of the Andean farmers by re-investing part of their profit into local projects.

Single Distilled Vodka Ongoing research for the purest quality spirits has pushed most of the vodka distilleries to distill their vodka several times. FAIR. Vodka has a very different approach. Working on a malt made of 80% quinoa and 20% mixed wheat and barley, the vodka is distilled only once in a traditional French column still. This raises the alcohol to a very high proof, whilst keeping the creamy texture of the essential oils and the rich taste of the grain. Well balanced vodka with rich aromas

Warm and persistent. Mineral with notes of citrus and cereal

A superbly silky, elegant and delicious vodka

Barrel Aged Vodka – Limited edition Aged for six months in single malt Scotch whisky barrels, FAIR. Barrel Aged Vodka is smooth yet powerful, with hints of vanilla and fruit. The peaty flavor brings this vodka close to a Scotch whisky. Very limited stock is available.

21 21

FAIR. Rum XO is made in Belize


from organic molasses and aged for a minimum of five years in American oak barrels. FAIR. Rum XO offers a complex aromatic structure but, above all, it is a real charmer od a rum. FAIR. has received unanimous acclaim from international press and critics including The Economist, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Edible UK, ELLE and Le Figaro (France). FAIR. Rum XO is one of the only rums that does not contain any added sugar.

Sustainable sugar cane The sugar cane used in the rum making process is grown using organic and sustainable farming methods on small farm plots. Each stalk is carefully hand harvested to maximise the yield and protect the land. Sugar cane farmers are all members of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) ensuring Fairtrade conditions.

22 22


he botanicals used in FAIR. Gin are sourced in the Cognac region of France and across Central Asia through local organic co-ops. This spiced gin is made from organic juniper berries along with its other botanicals (coriander, cardamom, angelica root & grains of paradise) which are all macerated in small batches for one week during production. All the ingredients are distilled once in a Stupfler still. This kind of still is very famous in the production of liqueurs as it retains more flavor than any other still in the market. It is considered one of the best stills for small batch gin production.

FAIR. Gin Soft and delicate on the palate

Fresh and strong juniper flavor

Exquisite balance of fragrant spices

Barrel Aged Gin – Limited edition


This unique gin is aged for a minimum of three months in French Cognac oak barrels which provides its spicy notes and freshness. This gin has been inspired by the trend of “gin old fashioned” from the UK during the 8th anniversary of the distillery. Only five barrels were produced, two of which were sent to Australia.

FAIR. Liqueurs The superfruit phenomenon

The essence of the kumquat is extracted through a slow maceration process. Kumquats are sourced from Fairtrade farms in South East Asia, with the fruit symbolizing good luck. Research has found kumquats to be rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Said to be one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet, goji berries also known as lyceum fruit come from the remote, unpolluted valleys of the Himalayas in Tibet. FAIR. source the berries from a Tibetan monks’ farm that has been farming for more than 2000 years. Everything is made from high quality organic raw materials. Nothing is added, the colour is natural and so is the taste.

Açaí commonly grows in the rain forests of the Amazon. This indigenous berry contains a lot of antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats. The sugar used in FAIR. Açaí Liqueur is also organic and Fairtrade Certified, coming from two local co-ops in Malawi and Paraguay.

Known in ancient cultures as the ‘fruit of paradise’, FAIR. Pomegranate liqueur is made using pomegranates grown in Fairtrade organic farmes in Uzbekistan. This liqueur allows you to enjoy the deliciousness of the humble pomegranate without having to figure out how to open one.

24 24

FAIR. Café and Cacao Liqueur

FAIR. Café Liqueur Unlike other coffee liqueurs, FAIR. Café is produced from only the finest, handselected Fairtrade Certified Organic and 100% Arabica coffee beans. These are grown in the mountains of Huatusco, Mexico. Organic raw sugar is sourced from Malawi in Africa and is harvested through



cooperative farmers.



300 Café

Liqueur is the lowest sugar content coffee liqueur on the Australian market, with only 9% sugar.

FAIR. Cacao Liqueur FAIR. Cacao Liqueur is made from premium quality cocoa nibs imported directly from Peru. Following a process of fermentation and cold roasting, the beans are prepared in the most conservative way to fully express their fruity aromas. The cocoa beans are then milled and cooked in raw sugar cane juice before being infused with the FAIR. Quinoa Vodka. This cocoa liqueur is totally different from usual chocolate liqueur. Yum!


Stache House Cold Brew Coffee


Made in Melbourne using locally roasted coffee beans. Stache House Martini is perfect for espresso martinis creating amazing micro foam and rich flavor.

Mark Rigby, the founder of Stache House, has been a Barista for more than ten years in Victoria. His unique technique allows more intense coffee flavor to be extracted without burning the beans or having to add artificial flavours.

A custom made and built device that takes over 24 hours to brew cold fusion coffee. Made up of a blend of four different origins of Fairtrade coffee beans to deliver a rich and balanced flavor of coffee, hazelnut, caramel and dark chocolate notes.

When shaken Stache House creates a beautiful fine foam that doesn’t dissipate like many other coffee mixers. Mark is getting noticed in Melbourne and we are excited to have partnered with him to distribute his beautiful cold brew coffee.

Fishers Gin Rare. British. Pure

27 27

Born from the union of master distiller John McCarthy and Oxford University botanist James Firth, Fishers Gin reflects a passion for nature and research, capturing the wild and forgotten flavours of the English coastline.

Fishers is more than a gin – it is an expression of the English coast, its awe-inspiring natural landscapes and captivating traditions that have flourished there for so long. It uses herbs used for generations to flavor coastal dishes.

The gin is distilled from barley native to the Suffolk coast. The rich flavor comes from a blend of several ancient herbs including Signel, Rock Samphire, Wood Aven and Bog Myrtle. Each herb is distilled separately before undergoing blending.

Every selected wild botanical has been ethically sourced, many foraged daily, and are native to the Suffolk coast. Each botanical is carefully considered, picked and dried at the optimum time for the best impact on the flavour and aroma.

KOVAL Chicago’s first distillery since the Prohibition

Established in 2008, KOVAL produces organic whiskey in Chicago’s first distillery since the mid-1800s. Embracing the Grain-To-Bottle mentality, each step of the spirit-making process is thoughtfully monitored.

Founders Robert and Sonat Birnecker vowed to make organic spirits from scratch and to change the way people understand whiskey. They created a new signature style – using only the “heart-cut” of the distillate – affording a brighter, cleaner take on whiskey.

All of KOVAL’s whiskies are “single barrel” sourced from The Barrel Hill, a local sustainable manufacturer. This ensures that the distillate, made solely of the heart cut, is able to develop its flavor with the purest grain notes and luscious flavor.

The name Koval means “blacksmith” in numerous Eastern European languages, but the word in some local dialects also refers to a “black sheep” or someone who forges ahead doing something new or out of the ordinary.


Single Grain Whiskeys

Four Grain


KOVAL Four Grain is distilled from a mash bill of oat, malted barley, rye, and wheat. This whiskey is aged in heavily charred new oak barrels from Minnesota and bottles from single barrels at 94 proof. Only the “heart’ of the distillate is used. Grains sourced from a local organic farmer collective in the Midwest.

The KOVAL Millet is aged in new American oak barrels from Minnesota. Millet is a prized grain in Asia and Africa and popular base for spirits in Nepal, though this is the first whiskey to be made from Millet. Only the “heart cut” of the distillate is used, no “heads” or “tails”.



“This is no ordinary rye, because it doesn’t come from an ordinary distillery. Despite being 100% rye grain, this whiskey is fresh and light with a maple-y, candy corn entry and a kiss of spice on the ‘finish’.” - The Wall Street Journal

KOVAL Distillery’s organic, single barrel bourbon has the requisite mash bill of at least 51% corn, but instead of the usual rye or wheat supplement, they have included millet. Tucked away in a charred new American oak barrel to age, millet and corn lean to complement each other, neither taking the lead.

Koval Whiskey Gift Set This whiskey set from KOVAL is a clever way to discover three of their Organic whiskies (Rye, Millet, Four Grain) having to purchase three large bottles. Perfect for gifting or for a whisky night with friends.


KOVAL Dry Gin is a multi-awarded dry gin and is one of the most premium gins available on the market. This beautiful Dry Gin is made exclusively from organic ingredients with premium grains sourced in Minnesota. The base spirit is infused via fresh and fragrant botanicals.



Barreled Gin is a limited edition gin. Aged in barrels

Gin Gift Pack is the perfect

previously used for the KOVAL Ry Whiskey, this gin has a dark gold

present for all gin lovers. It includes

colour and a unique aromatic characteristics of vanilla and spices.

KOVAL Dry Gin and KOVAL Barreled

Half way between a gin and rye whiskey, this gin is perfect for

Gin. Great for the holiday season or to

Negronis or Boulevardiers.

enjoy at dinner with friends.


Susan for President


“ usan for president is a homage to my Aunt Susan, an artist, sculptor, connoisseur of finer things and true original’, said KOVAL co-founder Sonat Birnecker Hart. “As part of her artistic approach to life, she casually campaigned for President of the World. The promotion of her unattainable goal had little to do with becoming president of anything: rather, she campaigned as a celebration of art, the joys of life, and the constant striving to be the greatest version of oneself imaginable.”

Special Edition, Limited Australian Stock

Susan for President Barreled Peach Brandt is ethereal and delicate. On the nose it has surprising hints of white tea, wild flower and bergamot. It has a warm, round and fuzzy mouthfeel with a butterscotch finish. Whiskey drinkers will appreciate the subtle peppery entry from the barrel-ageing process, while the soft essence of peach that rests on the palate from start to finish will appeal to those with sweeter tastes.

Susan for President Prune Brand is bright and elegant. On the nose it has a balanced blend of flowers, custard and roaster almond. The thorough attention to detail used to distill Susan for President’s Prune Brandy shows in the warm, feathery mouthfeel that rounds out with a honey-like, subdued sweetness that sits well on the palate and leaves an unforgettable taste.

31 31

KOVAL Cranberry Gin Made with ingredients sourced directly from local, organic Midwestern farmers, the Cranberry Gin offers an enticing blend of fruit-forward and bittersweet flavors, surrounded by the well-rounded notes of KOVAL Gin’s signature 13 botanicals.

Homage to aperitif culture, excellent base for easy, enticing cocktails and spritzes for all seasons: simply mix with a splash of Prosecco or any sparkling water, or even incorporate into a classic mulled wine recipe when the holidays approach.

With its dazzling all-natural ruby color and refreshing tart sweetness, it makes for an approachable yet distinctive way to play with new flavors and enhance classic recipes.

GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards Best American Gin Liqueur - World Liqueur Awards 2019 GOLD SIP Awards, Individual Bottle Design 2019 Beverage Tasting Institute New and Innovative Spirit Awards 2018 SILVER Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2019 SIP Awards 2019 American Craft Spirits Association 2019 BRONZE London Spirits Compeititon 2019 Design - World Liqueur Awards 2019


Old Sport Whisky Rare Highland malt

33 33

This Scotch Whisky was created for the legendary ‘Old Sport’. He required a Scotch that was smooth enough for his daily tipple, yet powerful and refined for his many guests. He chose only the finest Cognac to finish his blend and impart a unique and irresistible flavour profile.

Old Sport is more than a whisky, it is a lifestyle representing British and American eccentricity and a mix between old tradition and modern liberal ideas. Old Sport sells a dream of fashion, lifestyle and exclusivity with constant jovial undertones and dandy images.

The malts are carefully chosen from a selection of Scotland’s finest distilleries. The malts are delicately combined to produce a smooth, sumptuous and delectable blend reminiscent of old Scotch Whiskies.

The whisky is aged in whisky casks and then in specially imported XO Cognac barrels. The resulting whisky is smooth, fruity and nutty with both power and finesse and a hint of tropical fruit.

Hong Kong Baijiu The Gateway to Chinese spirits


Baijiu is the world’s bestselling spirit, representing more than 30% of all the spirits sold in the world. This traditional Chinese alcohol has been produced for centuries all over the territory of China, with different local traditions and styles.

Hong Kong Baijiu is produced respecting the tradition of the Sichuan strong style, characterized by fruity aromas and some sweetness. The name is a tribute to Hong Kong symbolizing the western gateway to China.

Hong Kong Baijiu is distilled twice, using both a traditional Chinese still, and a second distillation in a Italian grappa still, giving it its specific characteristics. The baijiu is then aged for four years in traditional clay vats before bottling.

Hong Kong Baijiu is the first traditional Chinese alcohol to be replicated outside of Asia. It has been massively awarded in international spirits competitions and acclaimed by the bar communities in New York, London, Hong Kong and now Sydney and Melbourne.

HKB Hong Kong Baijiu

HKB Baijius are made entirely of organic ingredients. Each spirit is a handcrafted small-batch liquor blended to perfection according to ancient Chinese techniques passed down through the centuries by master distillers. Before bottling, HKB is refined through a filtering process to remove impurities and enhance the very unique aromas of a multi-secular distillate into a smooth, complex and aromatic spirit.

Delicate notes of red

ttractive sweetness with subtle

fruits, green apple and

flavours of fruit and toffee

sweet meadow grasses

with a long and fragrant finish


SASSY Cidres Handcrafted French ciders

36 36

Sassy Ciders are made from different varieties of apples that are rigorously selected from Normandy. Made using an artisanal press, the aromas of the fruit are enhanced and exude a taste of freshness to reveal a well-balanced flavor.

Sassy encourages a disruptive spirit in the universe of cider and pushes its boundaries. SASSY embodies the return of the ‘real taste’ of cider, with a modern spirit. Simply, SASSY aims for excellence.

The ciders are all naturally alcoholic beverages that are gluten-free and low in calories. Made uniquely from fruit extractions without any additives or concentrates, making it extremely refreshing and intensely fruity.

The ciders originate from Normandy at Château de Sassy. The tradition of cider and calvados-making has been preserved at Xavier’s familyowned property. The recipes are inspired by the cider served at Chateau Sassy for many generations.

*cidre = cider, in French

The Cocktail Mixer

SASSY Apple Cider shows a perfect balance between the dry of a dry cider and the fruitiness of a semi-dried cider. Characterised by an aromatic complexity and delicacy, this cider is perfect for an aperitif or paired with meat, cheese, or an apple dessert.

SASSY RosĂŠ Cider is halfway between a sweet cider and a semi-dry cider. It provides the right balance between fruit and acidity which allows the apple aroma to shine through. This cider is ideal as an aperitif or paired with desserts such as sorbet or pastry.

SASSY Pear Cider distinguishes itself through its effervescence and delicacy. The pure flavour and sharp finish balances perfectly with the pear’s natural sweetness. It is perfect for an apertif and pairs well with shellfish, fish and chocolate desserts.

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6. The Product is deemed to be delivered when the Product arrives at your nominated delivery point, which delivery point must be safe and fully accessible by our carriers. 7. You cannot cancel an order once we have accepted it and you cannot refuse to accept delivery. 8. We are entitled to charge you additional fees to cover any delay or storage needed if we attempt to deliver the Product to you, but cannot for any reason. 9. Where you choose to collect the Product, or make arrangements for its collection, you will need to give us advance notice so we can let you know when, how and where you, or your agent, can collect the Product from us.

General Conditions Definitions In these Terms, the words below have the following meanings: Claim means any action, claim or demand, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence), under statute, at common law or otherwise. Equipment means any equipment we provide to you (pursuant to these Terms or any other arrangement) to assist you in dispensing Products or involved in the delivery of Products, including pallets, kegs and signage. Product means wine and spirits manufactured or distributed by us. Product Price means the purchase price payable for the sale of the Product excluding any applicable Service Fee. We, us or our refers to Noble Spirits ABN 49 167 337 966. Service Fee means a separate fee which you agree to pay us under a Separate Service Contract for providing, on your behalf, freight, handling, delivery and insurance, including any charges referred to in clause 7. You means the Customer specified on an invoice, and if more than one person, each of them jointly and severally. Buying the Product 2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you request that we supply the Product specified in invoices on these Terms. 3. We may accept or decline any order for the Product in whole or in part. On acceptance, these Terms apply (unless we have made a separate written agreement with you about supply of the Product). 4. You warrant that:a) that you hold a valid and current liquor licence in the State of Territory in which the Product has been ordered or is to be delivered to, or b) that you are authorised to purchase the Product on behalf of the holder of such licence (the “licensee”); and c) that the information contained within the ‘Application for trading and credit account’ is true and correct. Delivery 5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, and as a separate and independent contract from the contract relating to the Product, you agree to contract with us to deliver, on your behalf the Product you order to you at the place specified in this invoice and we will insure, on your behalf, the Product against loss or damage while it is being delivered to you.


Charges and Payment 10. The Product Price is specified in our standard Price List (as provided to you and updated from time to time) or as specified on our invoices. 11. The Service Fee payable under any Separate Service Contract will be as specified in our standard Price List (as provided to you and updated from time to time), as agreed in a separate contract or as listed on our invoices. You are liable to pay all freight charges shown on our invoices. 12. The charges specified in our standard Price List do not include GST. Wholesale prices in our standard Price List do not include Wine Equalisation Tax unless specifically stated. Product related final invoice prices (and prices specified in this invoice) do include Wine Equalisation Tax or excise tax, as applicable, and GST. 13. The Product Price is separate and distinct from any applicable Service Fee. Even though the amounts may be listed in one invoice they are not a single lump sum consideration but represent separate consideration for each independent contract. 14. You must pay all charges listed in an invoice (including any GST and other taxes payable in connection with the supply or under these Terms) without set-off by the due date specified in the invoice. - For Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Metro: $15 delivery fees if orders are under $300, free delivery if above. - Rest of Australia: $15 delivery fees if orders are under $800, free if above. Minimum order quantity: Spirits and Liqueurs: 3 bottles – Wine and ciders: 1 carton. Can be mixed. 15. If you pay by cheque, payment is not made until cleared funds are credited to our account. If you pay by credit card, we may charge you an additional amount to cover any service fee. 16. We may charge you interest on any late payments at the Reserve Bank Interbank Overnight Cash Rate + 2% , calculated daily and compounding monthly, until you pay the overdue amounts.

17. We are entitled to apply any payments we receive from you against any invoice or liability you have to us (including interest payments). This provision revokes any different or contrary direction given by you to us. 18. If you do not pay any amounts payable under these Terms by their due date or you become bankrupt, insolvent or have a receiver, manager or liquidator appointed to you, then all monies for all Product and Equipment delivered to you become immediately due and payable (regardless of any agreed credit terms) and we are entitled to suspend all further delivery of Product and Equipment under this or any other arrangement and all further performance of any other contract between you and us, until you pay all amounts due. 19. You indemnify us for all costs we incur because of any overdue payment, including dishonour fees, collection or legal fees. 20. If any payment you make is voided or conceded to be void or voidable, then that payment does not discharge your debt to us, and we remain the owner of the Product. Ownership & Return of Equipment 21. We remain the owner of the Product specified in the invoice until you have paid all money you owe us for the Product and for any other Product we have supplied to you (excluding any applicable Service Fee), or until you sell the Product to a third party at arm’s length on market terms. 22. We remain the owner of any Equipment at all times. You must not part with possession or control of the Equipment at any time, or attempt to sell it. 23. After we deliver the Product to you and while we still own it, you hold it for us as our bailey, which carries certain legal obligations including a duty to take care of the Product. You promise to fulfil all your legal obligations as bailee. 24. You must store or keep the Product and Equipment so that it is clearly identifiable as our property while we still own it. If you sell the Product while we still own it, we have the right to trace any proceeds of sale. 25. Until you have paid us the charges in full for all monies payable to us, we may repossess the Product and Equipment which we own and you authorise us or our nominees to enter any premises they believe the Product and Equipment are located to repossess the Product and Equipment and to inspect your records. 26. We may resell Product and Equipment which we repossess on any terms and as we see fit. We may apply the proceeds to repay any debt you owe us. 27. We are not liable for any damage caused to the premises during any repossession. You indemnify us against any Claim for the damage made by another person.

28. You will return to us, at your cost, any Equipment provided to you when it has served its purpose or if we request its return. If you don’t do this, then clauses 24 to 26 will apply. You agree to pay us the replacement cost of any Equipment lost, damaged, destroyed or not returned to us. 29. If we have agreed to provide maintenance and repair services for the Equipment, you must allow us access to the Equipment to carry out those services and pay us the agreed service fee (plus GST). Otherwise, you must maintain the Equipment and keep it in working order. 30. If these Terms (or a transaction in connection with it) is or contains a security interest for the purposes of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (“PPSA”), you must upon request do anything which we consider necessary for the purposes of ensuring that the security interest is enforceable, perfected and otherwise effective, and to enable us to apply for any registration, give any notification, and to exercise any rights in connection with the security interest. 31. We are not obliged, before exercising a right under these Terms or conferred by law, to give you any notice or demand, or allow a lapse of time, that is required by law unless the notice, demand or lapse of time cannot be excluded. To the extent permitted by law, you expressly waive any rights it may have under the PPSA (including without limitation s. 157) to be given any such notices or demands. Risk and insurance 32. Risk in the Product and any Equipment passes to you as soon as it leaves our premises (even if we are delivering it to you). Where we deliver the Product under a Separate Service Contract, we will insure the Product and any Equipment in accordance with clause 4. 33. In all other cases you must take out insurance covering the Product (and also insure any Equipment that is on your premises) against loss or damage and note our interest in them. You must pay us any insurance payout you receive. 34. You must show us evidence on request that you have taken out all required insurances.


Restrictions 35. You must not do anything (including failing to act) that we believe is likely to adversely affect our reputation, sales or brands. 36. Products supplied to you for consumption or dispensing on licensed premises must not be mixed with other liquids or substances, except as expressly requested by a patron, and must only be dispensed from any devices bearing our product name or logo for the Product.

37. Unless we otherwise agree, Equipment supplied to you is only for use in relation to the dispensing or sale of our Products. 38. You must exercise your own judgment and skill in the use of any Equipment, rather than relying on any advice we may give you about its use. You must seek any independent advice or instruction you need. 39. You must notify us within 7 days of any change in your ownership, shareholders, directors, registered office or business address.

Indemnity 47. You indemnify us against any Claims for injury to any person or loss or damage to any property relating to the Products, Equipment or the services we provide you in connection with them. Your liability under or in connection with this indemnity will be reduced to the extent our breach of contract, negligence or other wrongful act caused the injury, loss or damage that is the subject matter of the indemnity.

Disputes and Claims 40. You must inspect the Product and any Equipment within 24 hours of it being delivered to you. 41. You must raise any Claims or dispute relating to the Product, the Equipment, an invoice or payment within 24 hours of the Product/Equipment being delivered to you. Otherwise, you waive and give up all Claims you have against us.

Privacy and Spam 48. You can access the personal information we hold about you in the manner set out in our privacy policy. 49. We may use your personal information to obtain and process credit reports about you, to manage and enforce our rights under these Terms, to meet our legal obligations to you and for direct marketing and promotional purposes. 50. We may disclose your personal information to our contractors or agents on strictly confidential terms. 51. You consent to receiving commercial electronic messages from us and not to withdraw your consent. You agree that we therefore do not need to include an unsubscribe function on those messages.

Liability 42. To the maximum extent permitted by law (including Part 3-2 of the Australian Consumer Law), we limit our liability to you in respect of any Claim relating to the Product, the Equipment or any services we provide to you in connection with them to our choice of supplying equivalent Product or Equipment, or resupplying the services, or giving you a credit for any price paid or payable for the Product, Equipment or services. 43. Except for those statutory guarantees that apply under the Australian Consumer Law, we exclude all express or implied warranties or representations about the Products, Equipment or services we provide to you in connection with them. 44. Except as provided in clause 42, we are not liable to you for any Claim in relation to lost profits or savings or any indirect or consequential losses. 45. Neither we nor you are liable to the other for any failure to perform an obligation under these Terms (other than the payment of money) where we are prevented from performing because of an act of God, natural disaster, terrorism, war or any other occurrence beyond the relevant party’s reasonable control. Company losses 46. You acknowledge that we will supply the Product and Equipment to you. You indemnify us against any loss or damage we suffer as a result of your breach of these Terms or any act or omission by you under or in connection with these Terms.

General 52. These Terms (including any details included on the invoice) constitute the whole agreement between you and us and may only be varied by us in writing. 53. These are our standard terms of supply and we may change them from time to time. When you order Product from us, you are offering to acquire them on the most up-to-date version of these Terms as printed on the relevant invoice or otherwise notified to you. 54. Any leniency, indulgence or extension of time we grant you does not affect our rights in any way and does not constitute a waiver of those rights or of any of these Terms. 55. Any remedies in these Terms do not limit or affect any remedies available to us in law or equity. 56. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. 57. These Terms are governed by the laws of State in which the Product is delivered to you. You and we accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of those courts and courts of appeal from them.


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