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5 Website Features That Will Help You To Get More Leads For Your Business Driving leads on the website is one of the highest priorities for most businesses. Generating leads on your website allows you to collect details of users who have indicated an interest in your company’s products or services. Businesses use several strategies to generate leads on the website. There are many effective website features that can help you to achieve this. This article takes a look at some website features that can help you to generate leads and acquire new customers for your business. They are very easy to add to your website and can improve your performance manifold. Here are five effective website features that will help your business to generate leads. 1. Call to Action

A call to action, or CTA, is a banner, button, image, graphic or text on a website that prompts a user to perform a desired action, typically resulting in a sale or lead for the business. It encourages users to click and continue down a conversion funnel. The main objective is to convert the casual website visitors into a qualified leads for the business, and later into a customer. Good call to action is an essential part of an effective business website. It is a must if you want to leverage your website to drive leads and acquire customers. It does not have to result in a direct sale. The key is to use call to action to encourage users to leave personal details so they can be contacted in future. Here are some tips to get more out of call to action: •

Make sure call to action elements get the desired attention on your website

Include CTA’s on all pages

Make your CTA’s compelling e.g. by offering incentives or creating a sense of urgency

2. Live Chat

Live Chat or Live Support software enables a business to receive and respond to text communication from website visitors in real-time. It is a great way for website owners to instantly engage their website visitors, and respond to queries in a live environment. It also increases interactivity and trust with the website visitors, and can result in increased sales or conversions. Modern web chat systems are very easy to use and simple to integrate. Most systems run on the provider’s servers without the need to install any software. You can simply sign-up for a free account on one of the providers such as and add a couple of lines of provide code to your website. 3. Request a CallBack

Consider adding a request a call back form on your website. This is particularly beneficial if you offer services. It does not have to be complicated. Simply labeling your existing contact form to request a call back should also work. Most websites have an enquiry form of some sort but it is often buried on the contact page. It is important for your enquiry or request a call back form to be easily accessible from any page of your website, not just on your contact page. Displaying your form in-line on the page may produce better results than a separate page. This will also reduce the number of clicks required to complete the action. 4. Click to Call

“Click to Call� button on your website provides a fast and easy way to connect website visitors with your sales team. Click-to-call is a form of web-based communication in which a person clicks on a button on your website to request an immediate connection with a member of your staff in real-time. There are many third-party click-to-call services that are very easy to integrate on your website. Calls can be routed either via a regular phone line or VoIP. Skype too offers a click-to-call button for your website that can prove effective for generating leads. 5. Email Opt-In Form

Collecting email addresses via your website is one of the most popular ways to generate leads on a website and should be high on your list of priorities. When users complete an opt-in form on your website, they are giving your business permission to email them with the information they have signed up for. Newsletters are the most common approach to build an email list. Other effective ways include offering tutorial series via auto-responders, webinars, eBooks, or any other incentive or resource that users consider valuable enough to sign-up for. Conclusion Is generating leads on your website a high priority for your business? Are you taking advantage of the features above? Do you know of any other website features or methods that can help to drive conversions and generate leads? Please share your responses by leaving a comment below.

The Author K.Singh is Web Design Consultant for London based Web Design Company and the Editor-inChief of Internet Marketing & Web design Blog.

5 Website Features That Will Help You To Get More Leads For Your Business  

Is generating leads on your website a high priority for your business? Are you taking advantage of the features above? Do you know of any ot...

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