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3 Ways to Get a Professional Website Under 50 A professionally designed website is important for every business. A good quality website makes your business appear trustworthy and ensures customers feel confident of buying from you. A good quality website with the right features is also a very useful branding tool for your business, and plays a significant part in your long-term success. Building a quality website for your business does not have to cost you thousands. The cost can vary significantly depending on the approach you use to build your site. There are several options to choose from and not every method is expensive. In spite of this, choosing the right service is not always easy. In this article, we take a look at three ways to get a professional website for under £50 the most affordable ways below that you can use to build your website for under a 100. The benefits of each approach are highlighted to help you to make the best decision. 1. Buy A Website Template Cost: £50 or $80 Website templates have become very popular in recent years. Thousands of website templates are sold every month on popular template sites like Template Monster. In my experience however, templates are far from finished websites and require professional skills and time to create a complete website. Templates are not typically designed to be used as ready-made websites but instead to be modified and adapted to suit individual needs. However, templates make the design process faster as you don’t have to start from scratch. If you are commissioning a designer to build a website for you, you can save time and money by providing them with an existing template.

2. Get a Pre-Made Website at a Low One-off Cost Cost: Approximately £49 or $75

This is probably the best option if you are looking for a professional website fast. There are many places to get a pre-made website to suit your need but the quality varies significantly from place to place. Here is one that I particularly like and recommend. Pre-Made Website from Small Business This affordable website service is run by a professional team of designers from London. It is a great place to get a niche website by professional designers for under £50 ($75 for International customers). It is different to a standard template as you get a fully functional website with core pages and many powerful features. It is different to hosted website builders as there is no monthly fee and you get full ownership of your website code.

What You Get for £49 • •

Up-market, social media enabled website designed by experts Full ownership & instant download of your website code

Up-market designs that are different to the usual templates

Professionally prepared industry standard text for core pages

Flat one-off Fee of £49. No monthly charges

Many built-in features including Live Chat & Email marketing

1 Year Free web-hosting on third-party server

FREE Logo for your business

Free subscription to monthly email series – “How to promote your business online”

Timely Support

3. Use a Hosted Website Builder at a Low Monthly Fee There are many web-based website builder platform services that you can use to create your website e.g. Webnode and Shopify. These services provide you with a collection of easy to use, drag and drop tools to setup your own website for a small monthly fee. A free/trial version with limited features is also available to try the service. Premium versions provide more features and allow you to use your own private domain name. One of the main drawbacks of web-based website builders is that you do not get to download your code and so technically you do not own your website. You will lose your website when you cancel your subscription. It is still a relatively inexpensive way to get a website fast. The cost can be anything from £19 ($30) per month onwards.

Conclusion Above are three great ways to get a professional website for your business for under £50. Whether you want a website for your new business venture or are looking to redesign your existing website, you will find the above approaches useful for creating an affordable website. What About You? How did you build your website? Have you used any of the services above? We welcome suggestions about other affordable methods for building your website. Please add your response by leaving a comment below. If you already have a website, you can learn more about how to promote your business online.

3 Ways to Get a Professional Website For Under 50  

Building a quality website for your business does not have to cost you thousands. There are several options to choose from and not every met...

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