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OUR BELIEF We believe that being a small and intimate spa is real luxury. This allows us to provide true personalized service. Attention to detail and design that feels good for our guests and team members is in our core.

HARMONY Harmony for us means that every aspect of your PURE Spa experience has been well thought-out. For us, it is very important that our team feels the same harmony—that they have time for you and can transfer the core values of PURE Spa.

THE FEELING We work hard to ensure that your visit with us leaves you feeling beautiful. If it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t good enough. At PURE Spa, you enter an environment based on trust, personality and the PURE good feeling.


From traditional Swedish Massage to an exotic Papaya Body Polish you will find the ever present natural products by Maria Ă…kerberg, our exclusive partner. These products are lauded by spa professionals around the world.

Where Scandinavia meets Florida SW E D I S H H E R I TAG E The concept behind PURE Spa originates from the Swedish-owned Pelican Grand Beach Resort and the dream of bringing the exotic Scandinavian feeling of well-being to Fort Lauderdale.

AT L A N T I C O C E A N The Atlantic Ocean plays a vital role in the creation of PURE Spa. Unobstructed Atlantic Ocean views from the 11th floor are described by most as “breath-taking.�

DISCONNECT YOURSELF From the very first blue print, PURE Spa has been all about telling a story, creating valuable memories, and finding a truly disconnected feeling.

Massage License #MM33993

SWEDISH Enjoy a full body treatment using long massage strokes maximizing your stress release. This massage is designed for relaxation and decompression.

DEEP TISSUE This full body massage works deep into the muscles, releasing tension and tightness. This technique relaxes the muscles leaving you in a deep state of calm.

SPORTS This full body massage combines stretching and deep kneading techniques. This style of body work eases tension in tight muscles and stimulates healing.

S A LT S T O N E Innovating healing technique using warm salt stones help balance the body. These carved stones aide in an approach to sooth away stress, tension and pollutants while bringing the mind and body into balance. Ideal for those seeking therapy and a deeper relaxation process.

PURE YOU Make it your own! You and your therapist work together to personalize your massage.

PURE YOU COUPLES During the session, you and that special someone receive our customized PURE massage at the same time in our luxury spa suite. This shared experience is sure to have you feeling like you’re floating in the clouds.

MOMMY-TO-BE Massage for pregnant women has commonly been described as not only beneficial for the strains of the body for mom but also extremely comforting for baby too. Featuring Lovely Mother organic oil to assist in the reduction of stretch marks and skin elasticity. This massage is not for pregnancies defined as high risk or those currently in the first trimester.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY A technique utilizing pressure points on the underside of the foot known as the reflex zones. This massage uses pressure points to target different parts of the body and assist in deep relaxation.

M Å FO OT T R E AT M E N T Begins with a foot scrub, balm and warm towel infusion. Ends with an application of MÅ essential oils and creams specifically formulated for the feet leaving them soft and supple. A luxurious hydrating treatment.

IN-ROOM MASSAGES Don’t feel like leaving your room? We come to you! Also available on your private balcony. Hot Stone Massage not available In-Room.

Body & Bath PA PAYA B O DY D R E A M Blending the naturals of papaya and the tropical blend of Florida, this body treatment provides a deep cleansing of the skin. Experience a full-body wrap, scrub and relaxing scalp massage finished with a delightful application of Beautiful Maria’s own special recipe, leaving your body soft and smooth.

PURE YOU BODY SCRUB Your body, your choice. Choose from one of three aromatherapy essential oils to blend with your scrub. Designed to polish the skin and finshed with a Maria Ă…kerberg moisturizer.

R E S T O R I N G & P U R E LY SOOTHING BODY WRAP (Created w/ MĂ… products) Aloe Vera Barbadensis is the most effective of the aloe species. As an after-sun treatment, this body wrap will cool the skin and aid in the restoring process. Completed with a specialized cold-press technique and application of hydrating lotion you will begin to feel relief immediately.

AT L A N T I C V I E W BAT H I N G R I T UA L Our beautiful bath feature is designed to leave you with a micro silk effect. An almost effervescent feeling comes from this submersion into total relaxation. Enjoy with your favorite essential oil customized from Maria Ă…kerberg Organic Oils & Salts.

Facials MARIA ÅKERBERG LUXURY This Maria Åkerberg luxury facial, created to assist with the natural aging process, encourages your skin to heal and age beautifully. Find yourself completely relaxed with the help of a therapist and organic products. Enhances a natural glow.

V I TA M I N C BOOSTING Helps re-build sunburned or damaged skin. Complete energizer for tired skin. Increases the natural glow and vitality. Skin should not be shaved or exposed to sunlight 24 hours before and 48 hours after as we prepare and allow the skin to enjoy the restorative process.

GENTLEMEN’S Activates your skin and enhances its natural vitality while counteracting clogged pores and assisting with ingrown hairs.

PURE YOU Our PURE facial includes cleansing, extractions, toning, a mask to meet your skins needs plus either an Eye or Lip Treatment.

BEAUTIFUL ANTI-AGING This luxury facial treatment prevents visible signs of aging by increasing the skins elasticity, leaving you feeling firm and radiant. The lifting effects of this treatment are further intensified by our exclusive, firming face massage techniques.

MĂ… PURE CELL EXTREME From the Laboratories of Sweden comes this exclusive LIVE PLANT STEMCELL facial. Created to maximize results and nourish the skin with true active plant stem cells leaving skin nourished, glowing and ready to combat the radicals of everyday attacks on the skin.

HydraFacials Experience the Hydrafacial difference where heightened technology meets skincare. This 4-in-1 technology includes Vortex-Cleansing, HydroPeel Exfoliation, Vortex Extraction and Vortex Fusion. Combining botanicals, serum and the latest in technology to lift, tighten and tone your skin for immediate results and radiantly healthy skin.

S I G N AT U R E This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

R E S TO R AT I V E DELUXE Includes CTGF TM to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture and elasticity.

RADIANCE DELUXE Includes BritenolTM to minimize the appearance of dark spots.

AGE-REFINEMENT DELUXE Includes DermaBuilderTM to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

CLARIFYING DELUXE HYDRAFACIAL Includes extended extractions & Blue LED Light Therapy

P L AT I N U M The ultimate HydraFacial experience. Begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage. Then, the Signature HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin while addressing your specific skin concerns with a Booster of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging. Upgrade to MÃ… PURE Cell Extreme Facial and HydraFacial combo: + Additional Fee

ADDITIONAL HYDRAFACIAL OPTIONS: Dermabuilder Britenol Intensive Spot Corrector Connective Tissue Growth Factor Lymphatic Drainage Red or Blue Light Therapy

Nails CLASSIC MANICURE Complete with clipping, shaping and trimming of cuticles ending with our Vegan line of nail Lacquers from Spa Ritual.

SLOW BEAUTY S I G N AT U R E M A N I C U R E Experience a signature breathing ritual created to suit your mind, body and spirit. Signature Slow Beauty massage will melt away tension and restore balance while delivering intense moisture to hands and arms. Nails are perfectly polished and finely groomed.

V I TA M I N I N F U S E D G E L POLISH MANICURE Like no other; this vitamin infused gel polish nourishes the nails offering long wear, full protection, incredible shine and easy removal. Experience a dry manicure where nails, cuticles and hands are cared for with extreme precision and without water. You’ll be happy to get the extended wear with products that offer the very best for the natural nail.

MINDFUL PEDICURE Soak your tired feet in Dead Sea Salts and minerals while the slow beauty massage is administered by our team of professionals. Nails are finished, groomed and perfectly polished or buffed.

SLOW BEAUTY S I G N AT U R E P E D I C U R E Begin with our signature breathing exercise and float into a world of luxury. Exfoliation and masque treatments are incorporated into this beautiful treatment, designed to renew and restore hydration. Massage of the feet and legs leads you to the finishing touches of finely groomed, polished or buffed nails.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: French Polish Polish Change Gel Removal Gel Polish Upgrade

Makeup Maria Åkerberg mineral makeup is an extension to thoughtful skin care. This line of makeup uses vegetable ingredients and minerals such as iron oxides, talc and titanium dioxide. With a variety of colors and shades, you’ll achieve a beautiful look while the products protect your skin from daily and environmental stresses. Makeup Application Formal Makeup Application (includes lash strips) Additional Options: Air Brush Lash Strips

Wax Services Eyebrow Wax

Lower Leg

Lip Wax

Full Leg, Upper & Lower

Chin Wax

Underarm Wax

Eyebrow, Lip & Chin

Full Arm

Bikini Wax

Lower or Upper Arm

Brazilian Wax

Full Chest (male)

Patch Wax

Full Back (male)

Upper Leg

Packages P U R E DAY Includes 50 minute PURE You Massage, 50 minute PURE You Facial and 25 minute PURE You Body Scrub.

PURE INDULGENCE Includes 50 minute PURE You Massage, 50 minute PURE You Facial and 50 minute PURE You Manicure/Pedicure Combo.

PURE TRANQUILITY Enjoy our spa suite, Microsilk couples bath experience, 50 minute couples massage overlooking the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and a bottle of Champagne to enjoy in private.

PURE ROMANCE Enjoy our spa suite—the perfect setting for your unique occasion. Includes Microsilk couples bath experience, 80 minute couples massage overlooking the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and a bottle of upgraded Champagne to enjoy in private. This is ideal for proposals, pre-wedding events, anniversaries and romantic moments to be shared with your special one.

P R I VAT E S PA PA RT Y EXPERIENCE Want it all? Complete spa blackouts reserved especially for your party. Customized to your specific needs exclusively available on Monday through Thursday evenings. B Y C O N S U LTAT I O N

Wedding Party Packages & Services Please contact PURE Spa for additional ideas and suggestions as to how we can accommodate your special occasion. B Y C O N S U LTAT I O N

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