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hours S U N D AY- S AT U R D AY 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

A N D D A I LY U N T I L 7 P M B Y A P P O I N T M E N T hours are subject to change

about your visit SCHEDULING To schedule your retreat, please contact SpaTerre directly at 305-295-7017 or email: spaterre@oceankey.com

C A N C E L L AT I O N P O L I C Y Please notify the spa at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule without a 50% penalty, and to cancel with out 100% penalty. No shows will be charged 100% of scheduled service. Packages, special occasion parties and group bookings must be canceled 48 hours in advance to avoid a full charge.

ARRIVING TO YOUR APPOINTMENT Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled service. Our Fitness Center and Pool are available for use on the day of your service. Feel free to arrive to your service in your robe or comfortably dressed. For your safety and comfort, we suggest leaving your jewelry and valuables in your guestroom.

QUIET PLEASE To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, we ask that you turn off your cell phone and keep conversations to a whisper.

S E R V I C E C H A R G E / G R AT U I T I E S A 22% service charge will be added to all services and distributed to staff.

AGE REQUIREMENTS Guests must be 16 years of age to receive a private treatment. Spa services for guests 15 and younger are provided at our discretion, and a parent or adult guardian must be present during the treatment. Our couple’s room is ideal for children’s massage.

IF YOU ARE PREGNANT We request consent from your medical professional before beginning treatment. If this is unobtainable, we request that you sign a waiver of liability prior to your service .

S PAT E R R E F I T N E S S C E N T E R The Fitness Center is adjacent to the spa. Hours of operation are 6 AM- 8 PM daily. Guests must be at least 16 years of age to use the equipment without adult supervision.

SPA B O U T I QUE Visit our spa boutique for exclusive gifts designed to create a spa experience at home.


facial care S PAT E R R E S I G N AT U R E FA C I A L This results oriented facial is customized to your skin’s needs be it quenching your skin’s thirst, treating acne or breakouts, calming sensitive skin, or repairing sun damage and fine lines. Includes a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. 50 or 80 min / $130 or $180

COL L AGEN BO OS T ING FACI A L Our anti-aging facial uses powerful natural ingredients packed with collagen to correct depleted, damaged cells to a more youthful condition. Massage techniques are designed to lift and contour. A customized mask hydrates and helps to restore your skin to it’s youthful condition. Includes neck, décolleté, and back treatment. Add the Arctic Berry Peel for enhanced results. 80 min / $195

U LT I M AT E A G E D E F Y I N G FA C I A L A luxuriously relaxing facial that produces obvious results. Using products chosen specifically for your skin, massage techniques to lift and contour, a specialty serum for your skin’s individual needs, and a mask for hydration. Includes a eye and lip enhancement, a neck, decollete and back treatment, and a hand, arm, foot and scalp massage. 110 min / $260

GEN T L EM A N ’ S FACI A L A skin soothing treatment designed specifically to treat skin affected by shaving and environmental aggressors. Includes a relaxing shoulder, neck and scalp massage. 50 min / $125

E XPR ES S FACI A L Cleansing, exfoliation and hydration along with a facial massage make this service a great addition to your massage. This facial does not include extractions. 25 min / $75

facial enhancements

Enrich any facial with an enhancement. Choose from: Illuminating, Pore ref ining, or Collagen-Boosting Peel $50 Back Treatment 30 min / $75 Microcurrent Eye & Lip Treat ment 15 m in /$75 Brilliant brows - Includes shaping, wa xing and brow tint $60 Nourishing Sca lp Treatment $45 Coconut Cr ush Foot Pol ish $ 45

the hydrafacial experience AGE-DEF Y ING H Y DR A FACI A L This 80 minute experience begins with lymphatic drainage, and then transcends the facial experience into a luxurious sequence of treatments using state of the art technology and spa practices. We combine the 4 step Hydrafacial with a soothing eye treatment that reduces puffiness or redness, LED red light treatment to target fine lines and wrinkles and your choice of Dermabuilder collagen boosting enhancement or Britenol dark spot reducer. A facial massage, and eye and lip treatment, neck and decollete treatment, along with an eight flower nectar Hydrafacial hand treatment accompany this treatment for the ultimate in anti-aging experience. 80 min / $280

SO OT HING A ND PLUMPING H Y DR A FACI A L Designed for clients showing loss of elasticity and firmness, age spots and open pores, this rejuvenating facial helps slow the aging process using the 4 step Hydrafacial, combined with lymphatic drainage, LED red light therapy, and choice of Britenol dark spot treatment or our Dermabuilder enhancement. Age- Defying essences saturate and plump the skin for instant radiance. 50 min / $245

E XPR ES S H Y DR A FACI A L Vortex Cleansing deeply cleanses and hydrates, Hydrapeel exfoliation resurfaces without irritation, vortex extractions allow for quick and painless extractions, followed by vortex- fusion to “fuse� potent antioxidants into the skin improving the appearance of oily skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. 30 min / $180

R E A L R E S U LT S B A C K FA C I A L Depending on your concerns, our back facial can deliver the results your skin needs. The Hydrafacial’s patented vortex extraction system painlessly relieves congested skin, while the remaining 3 steps deeply cleanse, resurface and deeply hydrate the skin. Add lymphatic drainage to increase the level of care to your skin’s health. 50 min / $245


Allows further care for your skin’s health while draining the lymphatic system in your body, with options for face or back. Excellent for post operative clients, and used to detoxify the skin before the Hydrafacial. $75 Dermabuilder

A unique combination of peptides driven deep into the skin to promote collagen production and stimulate cell growth. $75 Vo r t e x E x t r a c t i o n s

Painless extractions using vortex suction to clean out pores. This approach can be used in any of our facial indulgences $75 LED Red Light/ Blue Light

Red LED lights are used to reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, and boost collagen growth. Blue LED lights are used to discourage growth of bacteria and are great to purify the skin and for acne treatment. $40

massage therapies * Choice of Aromatherapy with these massages **All massage therapies can be enjoyed as a couple’s treatment. Services are priced per person.

OCE AN DE VOTION Our signature treatment uses a combination of Himalayan Salt Stones, and Balinese techniques performed in a specific motion to pay tribute to the connection between your body and the ocean. 80 min / $230

TROPICAL ESSENCE MASSAGE This tropical massage begins with a brown sugar and tahitian shell body polish. Our Organic Coconut melt is worked into sore, tired muscles for a total body glow. Your therapist will deliver the perfect amount of pressure to help you ‘melt’ into paradise. 80 min / $195

H I M A L AYA N S A LT S TO N E M A S S A G E * Surrender to the healing warmth of an ancient massage practice while enjoying the added benefits of Himalayan Salt as it soothes sore muscles, reduces inflammation, supports immune health, and purifies the air around you. 50 or 80 min / $140 or $195

BALINESE MASSAGE Be transformed by this traditional Balinese massage ritual. A combination of acupressure, rolling techniques, and rhythmic strokes relieve tension and promote relaxation. Choice of exotic Indonesian oils 50, 80 or 110 minutes / $140, $195 or $260

NOBLE MASSAGE A personalized massage designed to fit your needs by you and your therapist. This massage combines swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, aromatherapy, and focuses on specific areas as needed. 50 min/ $140, 80 Min/ $195 or 110 min/$260

MOTHER TO BE MA SSAGE A massage tailored to fit your needs as your body changes during pregnancy. Using unscented oil and pillows to make your experience relaxing and comforting, prenatal massage can ease muscle tension, fatigue, and many other every day symptoms. 50 min/ $140 or 80 min/ $195

SWEDISH MASSAGE* Unwind with this gentle, relaxing massage that improves circulation and vitality. This massage uses our lightest touch. 50, 80 or 110 Min/ $130, $180, or $250

DEEP TISSUE/ SPORTS MASSAGE* Facilitate muscle recovery with this moderate to deep tissue massage. Therapists use muscle balm to help relax muscles and techniques designed to relieve soreness from exercise or exertion, to improve range of motion, and increase flexibility. 50 or 80 min / $140 or $195

HEAD, NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE* Clear your mind and relax as we rejuvenate your scalp, neck and shoulders. 25 min / $75

FOOT AND LOWER LEG MA SSAGE* Enjoy the benefits of a foot and lower leg massage designed to improve circulation, release tight muscles, and provide overall relaxation. 25 min / $75

enhancements N O U R I S H I N G H A I R A N D S C A L P T R E AT M E N T $45

MINI GLOW BODY SCRUB A rich sugar rub is used to buff away dead skin cells to uncover smooth, radiant skin. Enjoy this service before or after any of our massage journeys. 25 min / $75

THER APEUTIC MUSCLE BALM Ask for this pain-relieving formula to alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness. $10

R I T U A L B AT H Sink into a traditional Japanese soaking tub with fresh flower petals and infused with aromatherapy essence. Relax and unwind before or after any of our spa experiences. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea while you soak. 25 min / $50

DILO RESCUE WR AP Nourish dry or sunburned skin as you are drenched in our most decadent coconut and aloe vera treatment and wrapped snug in warm towels. Includes a nourishing scalp and hair treatment. 25 min / $75

global rituals J AVA N E S E R OYA L T R E AT M E N T Lose yourself in a lavish ritual direct from the ancient palaces of Java. The tradition begins with a luxurious Balinese massage using Jasmine scented flower oil. A rice and turmeric skin scrub exfoliates and sweetens the skin followed by an application of warm yogurt. After a fragrant jasmine scented shower, you will sink into an exotic flower petal bath. A final application of Jasmine scented lotion will be applied to your renewed skin to seal in the benefits. 110 min / $260

H OT C O C O N U T P O U LT I C E T H E R A P Y a hot poultice of raw coconut is used to relieve muscle tension and hydrate the skin using a blend of massage techniques and pure organic coconut oil. 50 or 80 min / $180 or $200

C L E O PAT R A’ S M I L K B AT H R I T U A L Cleopatra, legendary in her time for exquisite skincare, bathed in milk and honey to soften and hydrate aging skin. Sacred combinations of traditional practices accompany this journey of deep peace and spiritual awakening. This ritual begins with a customized sugar exfoliation, followed by a serenity milk bath soak and a nurturing spa experience. Emerge refreshed with significantly softer skin. 110 min / $260

body indulgences COCONUT CRUSH BODY RENE WAL Exfoliating brown sugar and Tahitian Coconut Shells buff away tired skin cells to allow maximum hydration. After a warm vichy shower, you will be wrapped in organic coconut melt while we give your scalp, hair and feet a relaxing coconut milk massage. This treatment leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and completely glowing. 50 min / $145

D U VA L D E TOX W R A P A muscle-warming, re-mineralizing and purifying body wrap designed to stimulate energy flow and bestow a sense of therapeutic relaxation, comfort, and vitality. A warm, deep cleansing mud mask for the body is applied along with a therapeutic treatment for the muscles and joints. 50 min / $130

STONE CROP HE ALING WR AP Immerse your skin in the benefits of Stone Crop succulent in this exfoliating, hydrating and healing wrap. Our warm vichy shower rinses away Stone Crop’s exfoliating scrub before you are wrapped in our healing and hydrating Stone Crop body mask. 50 Min/ $145 Add Stone Crop Contouring Cream to finish this treatment- $45

grooming and glamour NAIL CARE Classic Manicure & Classic Pedicure

This fun and natural manicure or pedicure includes a fresh scrub, body butter mask, hot towel treatment, and nail polish of your choice. 30 min or 50 min / $50 or $65

Spaterre Signature Manicure and Signature Pedicure

Restore the youthful appearance of hands and/or feet by minimizing brown spots, fine lines and softening dry areas. A warm coconut melt wrap provides moisturizing benefits along with cuticle nail work. This treatment includes a soothing massage and nail polish of your choice. 50 min or 60 min / $60 or $85 Key Lime Margarita Pedicure

A cocktail for your feet and for you. A Key lime soak, sugar scrub and mask fill the air with the scent of our islands. Includes warm coconut melt, foot and leg massage, and polish of your choice while you sit back, relax and sip a key lime margarita. The tropics have arrived. 60 min $100 G ent lem a n’s M a n ic u r e a nd G ent lem a n’s Pe d ic u r e

The traditional results of a manicure or pedicure are enhanced to soften the skin, tidy and buff to keep a gentleman’s nails fit for presentation. 30 min or 50 min / $40 or $60 Express Manicure and Express Pedicure

25 minutes each / $30 or $50

Na il En ha ncements

Coconut Melt Hand or Foot Treatment $10 French Style Polish $10 Nail Repair $15 Polish Change $25 Shellac Polish/Removal $15 Facia l A nd Body Depilation

Lip $20 Chin $20 Brow $25 Underarm $25 Bikini $50 Half or Full Leg $45 / $80 Back $80 Spa To Go

Visit our SpaTerre boutique for exclusive gifts to create a home spa experience. Find products used in many of our treatments, sun care, bath and beauty products, and more.

Private Yoga or Meditation available upon request

Spa Packages

*Enjoy the treatments in each package consecutively, or over the course of your stay at Ocean Key.

KEY LIME IN THE COCONUT This package is paradise overlooking Mallory Square. Enjoy a 50 Minute Coconut Crush Scrub to exfoliate and soften your skin, an 80 minute Hydrating Coconut Poultice massage and sink into a Key Lime milk bath while you sip on a Key Lime Martini. This is Key West at its best. 150 min / $310

C L E O PAT R A’ S E S C A P E Melt away worries beginning with Cleopatra’s Milk Bath Ritual which includes a body scrub, massage, and milk bath with tea service. Pamper your fingers and toes with an express mani and pedi, and treat your skin to a 50 minute anti-aging facial. 220 min / $375

D U VA L D EEP D E TOX Detoxify your body with a warming mud wrap in the duval detox wrap, followed by the purifying benefits of a 50 minute Himalayan salt stone massage before you sink into a detoxifying mineral bath. 115 min / $245

PA R A D ISE FO UND The perfect escape for your body, mind and soul. Includes: Coconut Crush scrub | Your choice of any 80 minute massage | Age defying facial | Nourishing Scalp Treatment | Express Mani & Pedi. Spread this package over your stay in Key West, or enjoy the services all in the same relaxing day. 260 min / $430

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