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Carolina, I have had a chance to see three of them recently. During the summer of 2015, my family and I visited Rob Strang and his family in Malta for a few days after a week of vacationing in Barcelona. Rob works for the U.S. government in Malta, partnering with a group of countries to defend against international terrorism. Rob’s eldest son is a freshman at Harvard, and his entire family was delightful and entertaining during our visit. This past spring, I had the pleasure of dining with Tamar Newell Taffaro during a weekend visit to Boston to celebrate my grandmother’s 102nd (!) birthday. Tamar has left Dow Jones to work with a landscaping business and spend more time with her daughter, Tori, who is in middle school. Tamar drove down from New Hampshire to have dinner (and a shot of Fireball whiskey) with me and reports that she is now a second-degree black belt in kick-boxing. A few weeks later, I played tennis with Lynnie Haynsworth McCarthy in her home city of Aiken, South Carolina. Last year, Lynnie captained her league tennis team to victory in the South Carolina State Championships. This year, my team reached the State Championships, held in Aiken, so Lynnie and I had a chance to talk and hit some tennis balls together between my matches. We hadn’t seen each other since high school, so we covered lots of ground—from Trouble Core to Fun Bunch, and from Moondogs to Wahoos. In the end, my tennis team managed to win the championships, but the most impressive part of the weekend was Lynnie’s outstanding backhand.”



Heather Markey Zink 508-359-9553 Jessica Tyler 781-934-6321 Eliza Kelly Beaulac 703-476-4442 The Class of ’86 rocked Reunion! We had a great turnout on Friday evening, full of laughter and cheer, including Jeff Patterson, Ken Keyes, Rick Johnson, Reid Parker, Craig Perry (jet-setting from L.A.!), Andy Janower, Kate (McLaughlin) Blake, Sara (Stone) Ginand, Ellen Mecray, Heather (Kerns) Labenski, Steffi Hartwell

and me, Heather Markey. Many thanks to Jeff Patterson for “the Patterson tab.” Thank you also to Rod Walkey ’84 for letting us take over the bar at Blue on Highland. On Saturday, 30 of our classmates and their families enjoyed the reunion/sesquicentennial festivities. Shout out to Dan Pastore for representing the class of ’86 in the alumni lacrosse game! Whether it was roaming the campus during the day or celebrating 30 years during the evening (including a recreation of the Heather Club photo!), it was great to see so many of our classmates return to campus and enjoy catching up with old friends. Thirty years later, and ’86 still rocks! Joy Densler Marzolf was very happy to get to reunion and catch up with so many people. For those who didn’t have the chance to see her, she writes, “I recently bought a house in Framingham and installed solar panels. It is a great way to cover all the energy my animals use with heating pads!

Lots of work to do on the house, but nice to be close to work and have plenty of space. I also spent the holidays in Florida photographing wildlife and leading a few ‘swim with the manatees’ tours. In March, I helped run our Boston Sea Rovers show in Danvers featuring underwater filmmakers and photographers from around the world. I have been getting back into dressage again and am riding two horses for other people right now.” Jeannine (Swift) Jeffrey and her family are still enjoying living in Woods Hole. In addition to the benefit of having a D.C. job that allows her to work remotely, she also has many Nobles friends close to home. “I get to see Sue (Powers) Petro at her house during the summer in Falmouth. This past Halloween I went trick-or-treating with Ellen Mecray and her husband and daughter, and we were at a party given by Katie (Keally) Cochran’s sister Laura (Keally) Heywood ’90. Laura’s daughter Madison and

Left: 1986 classmates Kate McLaughlin Blake, Heather Markey, Sara Tague Fox and Drew Jenkins Lemieux at reunion this past May. Right: Joy Densler Marzolf ’86 is back to dressage (horse training).

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