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1964 Top left: Bill Miles and Helene Rassias-Miles. Top right: George Darrell and Alexander Caskey, both ‘64, with Sandy Bigelow (Ned’s wife). Right: Carmen Lozano, her husband Alexander Caskey, and George Darrell

George Darrell, Topher Cutler, David Brooks, Gail and Mike Wiggins, Bill Miles and Helene Rassias-Miles, and Sandy and me.


Ned Reece


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Peter Pach 860-267-9701 Toby Burr has good news from Marion: “My daughter, Alaska, is getting married in September to a young man we really like. It is not a hostile takeover.” Brad Wilkinson reports that the biggest event of 2016 for him and Mary was the sudden trip they took to Tennessee with their daughter, son-in-law and their two little children to adopt a newborn. The adoptive parents had to be in Tennessee for two weeks, so Mary left with them to help out, and Brad flew down with the two older sons a week later. “It was great traveling to a new (for us) part of

the country, fascinating to watch the adoption process unfold, and, of course, joyful to welcome a new one into the family,” Brad said. Kit Walker sent along a terrific report from Uruguay, where he lives. Here are excerpts: Kit writes, “I guess it’s safe to announce that I got my Ph.D., but . . . not from a university. I got it from the universe. So, this Ph.D. is selfcertified. Who better but yourself to certify yourself? My new life is taking shape in a way that is, I guess, uniquely mine, a kind of free, monastic, musical, contemplative way. Over the past few years, I have passed through the most intense set of changes that could only be described as a rude (spiritual) awakening. So at the moment, I am trying to learn how to navigate. How do these wings work, anyway? The only thing that really inter-

ests me is the collective spiritual awakening of humanity. Because if that doesn’t happen, we are in for a hard time. That’s my feeling. On the surface, things don’t look very encouraging, but behind the curtain there is some miraculous stuff going on, and me, I’m curious! There’s got to be a way to fix this thing! Ha ha! I have started blogging ( It is about astrology, music and the spiritual awakening process. For almost 50 years, I have been into astrology. So lately I have been coming up with a different way to look at astrology. I am calling it ‘Zero Point Astrology.’ Then, also, the music continues, although the music business is so disenchanting now that I find it hard to believe in. That in no way diminishes how I feel about music, but to be honest, I am just as happy being silent.” Kit and his partner Mariana Ingold have a live concert video that plays on TV in Uruguay, some of which is on YouTube (youtube. com/user/kiwa11?feature=watch) and well worth watching. Back in Middle Haddam, The Hartford Courant continues to keep my wife, Kathy, and I busy in the tumultuous newspaper business. I’m supposed to register for Medicare soon. I don’t feel quite old enough, but I am noticing that many of the guys I play squash with seem to be getting younger.


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Nobles Fall 2016 Magazine  

Nobles Fall 2016 Magazine