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Hello Sadie, pretty lady, You keep life from bein’ shady, You’re up early, with the sunshine, With your smile on, Life is so fine, Then its outside, for a pee, poo, And come inside, for some good food, As the new day moves us all on, We do fun walks, which move along, When we’re out and you do home stay, On our return, you do prance play, We then love you, ever so more, You are life’s friend, we do adore. Richard Seiler writes, “Salut to you all, my very good friends and brothers. As a French author, I can say that through the difficult times we have to deal with today, we cannot compromise our values. Our values are those of the Republic. They are Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. No compromise with those who want to destroy democracy and bring us back to the Middle Ages. I am, however, optimistic, because we will win this war. It will take a very long time, but our following generations will win this new ideological and religious war. You can find me on Wikipedia (in French!). I just finished writing the manuscript of a novel: a love affair during WWII in France. Keep in touch! Salut et fraternité.”


Albert Vandam Tom Walker writes, “Retired officially on May 1 after just slightly more than 16 years with the State of New Jersey. No immediate plans, other than taking it easy, spending more time with our five kids and four grandchildren, and enjoying where we live. We expect to stay here—Bordentown, New Jersey, just south of Trenton—for at least a year before deciding what comes next. If any of you happen to be passing by on the turnpike, we are about a mile away (‘You from New Jersey? What exit?’ to which I reply, ‘Exit 7.’) and we would love to see anyone looking for a break in the otherwise monotonous drive from one end of the state to the other. Not many actually stop on their way through.”


Jim Newell 802-467-3555 Brad Willauer has been tearing up the seas in his J-46 and winning many races. He was elected vicecommodore of the Cruising Club of America at the annual meeting of the New York Yacht Club in March and will likely be commodore next year. A hearty group of ’61 classmates, many accompanied by their lovely wives, recognized our 55th Reunion by attending events at Nobles and/or the splendid

dinner party at the Somerset Club in Boston on Saturday evening. (Thanks to Sam Perry for making the Club available.) Sam, Boynton Glidden, Dave Mittell, Ken Reiber, Jack Lowell, Sam Emerson, Brad Willauer, Bert Dane, Sam Mandell and I represented the Class of ’61. Besides good food, drink and conversation, the ancient walls resounded with song and poetry from Mr. Bird’s German and Mr. Eaton’s English classes. One thing becomes increasingly clear at these gatherings: Despite our differences as schoolmates and the various roads we have taken as adults, we all share the indelible experience of growing up together at Nobles during our formative years. And in that sense we are very much a family. Much talk about getting together on an annual basis. Let’s do it!

Patrick Murray ’16. Patrick is the recipient of the Collier-Morison Scholarship, which the class gives in memory of Ed Collier and Nick Morison and is usually awarded to a student entering Nobles in the third or fourth classes, as Ed and Nick did. Outstanding captain of the Nobles hockey team, Patrick will enter Harvard as the sole freshman cadet in the ROTC program reinstituted by President Drew Faust after a 42-year lapse. Old Boys were duly wowed in his presence.




Peter McCombs writes that he and Elaine now spend six months of the year in South Florida (Palm Beach Gardens). “It helps sanity if not longevity.” D.A. Mittell has published a collection of articles written during his 23rd trip to Ukraine in January. He is working with classmate Paul Pilcher on a longer book but felt that the dearth of on-the-ground reporting about Ukraine needed to be remedied immediately. In the book he credits Tim Coggeshall with stimulating his interest in the “captive nations” of Eastern Europe. On May 13, George Bird, Peter Damon, D.A. Mittell and Ken Reiber had lunch at the school with


Jim Lehan 508-520-1373

1964 Ned Bigelow 339-203-0086 On Saturday, April 2, Elizabeth and Clint Smith hosted a group of our classmates and wives for dinner at their home in Lexington, Massachusetts. Alexander Caskey and his wife, Carmen Lozano, had contacted a group of us earlier, letting us know that they would be on the East Coast and would there be any chance of getting a few people together. The Smiths graciously took the bull by the horns, and the following had a wonderful evening of reminiscing, catching up, and laughing together: Clint and Elizabeth Smith, Alexander Caskey and Carmen Lozano, Janet and Ned Lawson, Dena and Maurice Hamilburg, Rick Farlow,

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