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At the 65th Reunion of the Class of 1951. Pictured are Sue and Galt Grant, Sonja Yates (widow of our classmate Bill Yates), and Dick Willis with Halcott Grant ’45 (Galt’s brother) and his wife, Cornelia.


Winston “Hooley” Perry It seemed kind of crazy, but to prepare myself for the upcoming presentation of the Lawson Service Award at the school’s 150th Anniversary springtime reunion, I dug out my old copy of J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and started reading it on the flight from Tampa to Boston to get into my manyyears-ago “prep school mood.” What a delightful and refreshing reminder of the good old Holden Caulfield dorm days while living in “The Round Room” with some of my oldest and best friends. Wouldn’t my favorite English teacher Sid Eaton be surprised

and pleased, and I bet you don’t remember the origin of the book’s interesting title (yes, this is a test). My usual jovial host Bob “Stretch” Cumings ’52 and his vivacious wife, Carolyn, and everpresent dog, Shadow, rolled out the welcome mat in their very exclusive town of Winchester, where they had graciously reserved the Presidential Suite for me overlooking Winter Pond at the CCCC (Carolyn Cumings Country Club). A free room, free drinks and delicious food is a hard combination to beat at any exclusive high-end resort, and I highly recommend their excellent service and friendly atmosphere, and henceforth have awarded their establishment a five-star rating. Their big, tall and friendly guard dog Shadow dutifully protects the premises

and is more than happy to lick your dinner plate clean at the dining table whenever he finds it convenient or available. For those of you who didn’t/ couldn’t attend the school’s 150th Reunion Weekend, you missed an exceptionally fun time. Friday night’s weather was cold and damp, but the delicious dinner on May’s Friday the 13th (my lucky day) in the new, improved and amazingly enlarged Castle was attended by our class’s usual and dependable reunion stalwarts (in alphabetical order of course). Sam Bartlett ’53, who stayed for the free soft drinks but left before the delicious dinner so as to beat the Cape Cod traffic jam, headed south on Route 3 and somehow or other on Saturday morning found his way back to Dedham for the presentation festivities (the usual Bartlett “you won’t believe this” story). Also in attendance: Jean and John Childs ’53, Bob “Stretch” Cumings, Jack Farlow ’53, who drove all the way from Waldeboro, Maine (the Sauerkraut Capital of the World), Susan and Bobby Hoffman ’53, Terry and David “Scroot” Horton ’52, our wellknown professional photographer Peter Partridge ’54 and wife Gretchen, yours truly, “Hooley” Perry ’52 & ’53 and last but certainly not least, David “Tib” Thibodeau ’53. As an added attraction, Isa Schaff, the school archivist, had an extensive and interesting display of

Nobles memorabilia and videos to take us all back in time to our (much) younger days. A sunny Saturday morning greeted everyone, and after enjoying coffee, cupcakes and sweet stuff, a very large crowd congregated in the Morrison Athletic Facility, where we were serenaded by the school’s Glee Club with the new sesquicentennial “Noble and Strong” school song. Numerous announcements followed, where Timothy Leland ’56 was awarded the Distinguished Graduate Award for his creation and early involvement with the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight Team” and the recent and very powerful Oscar-winning movie Spotlight, which if you haven’t seen, you should. And then, and then (drum roll, please), and then (trumpets, please), that was followed by some very kind introductory presentational words by Michele Abrecht ’84, vice president of the Graduates Association: the announcement of the recipient of this year’s Lawson Service Award. Little Olde Me. I am still so overwhelmed by the enormity of it all and extremely honored to be so recognized for what I call my Labor of Love, keeping every one of my very special ’52 and ’53 classmates and best friends involved and informed and held together as a Nobles graduate group as best I can. Thank you all from the depths of my heart for joining me in this fabulous journey together. After

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