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PROJECT FACTS AND FIGURES ACADEMIC INQUIRY CENTER Square Footage: 21,400 gsf (1st floor: 17,000/2nd floor: 1,400) ■■

Schedule ■■ Begin construction: October 2016 ■■ Completion: December 2017 ■■ Occupancy: January 2018 ■■ Putnam Library demolition: Winter 2018 ■■ Final landscaping: Spring 2018

■■ ■■

Academic Inquiry Center Program ■■ 10,000-square-foot Putman Library ■■ 20,000 volumes ■■ Reading room (furniture and stacks are movable) ■■ Quiet study room (doubles as a large meeting room) ■■ Glassroom (500 square feet) ■■ Rare books storage room ■■ Five small meeting rooms (with AV equipment) ■■ Four new classrooms ■■ Two innovation classrooms: Designed for collaborative student work. A typical room includes AV infrastructure for primary projection and multiple flat-screen monitors. These classrooms are designed to be used for traditional seminar-style classes, student groups of two, and groups of four. When the classrooms are not used for classes, sliding glass “barn doors” can be opened to allow students to use the spaces for study. ■■ Four faculty office spaces Technology ■■ Each classroom is equipped with a projector and a projection/ writing wall. ■■ Innovation classrooms are equipped with projector, writing wall, infrastructure for four flat-screen monitors and student project storage. ■■ The quiet study room includes a recessed projection screen and projector. ■■ Miscellaneous digital signage Sustainable Design Features ■■ 100 percent of stormwater infiltrated on campus ■■ Selective tree preservation—preserve woodland between the Academic Inquiry Center and Castle Road ■■ Only native plantings ■■ Cut off-site lighting fixtures ■■ LED light fixtures throughout ■■ Daylight dimming system in classrooms and public spaces ■■ Reading room wood shades—reduce glare/reduce heat gain ■■ Occupancy sensors ■■ Roof and wall insulation is approximately 40 percent better than code minimum. ■■ White roof—reduces cooling loads ■■ The structural system is designed to take the load off solar panels. ■■ Steel-frame structural system will allow for future flexibility. For example, there will be no steel bracing between innovation ART CREDIT

classrooms. These classrooms could be connected in the future to form a large room if desired. The library VRF (variable refrigerant flow) mechanical system is more efficient than traditional VAV systems. Based on designphase energy models, the building will perform 20–25 percent better than the national EUI (energy use intensity) median for buildings of this type (national median, according to Energy Star, is 58.2 kBTU/gsf). The Academic Inquiry Center EUI will be in the 40s. Low-VOC products Carpet tile (minimizes waste—easier replacement)

BAKER SCIENCE RENOVATION AND ADDITION Square Footage: 31,650 gsf (existing building: 28,800 gsf/ new addition: 3,600 gsf/entry lobby to be demolished: 750 gsf) Schedule ■■ Begin construction: March 2017 ■■ Completion: End of August 2017 ■■ Occupancy: September 2017 Science Program Renovation ■■ Renovate seven (three biology, three chemistry and one physics) 1,000-square-foot existing classrooms/labs ■■ Two new classrooms/labs (biology and chemistry) ■■ One new physics electronics/robotics workroom ■■ One new bio/chem project room equipped with a new fume hood Science Program Addition ■■ Two new physics classrooms/labs. The first-floor class/lab is a workshop designed to be used for project-based learning classes and/or student projects. ■■ New building entry facing campus Technology ■■ Each classroom/lab is equipped with a projector and a projection/ writing wall. ■■ The workshop is equipped with HVAC exhaust for a future laser cutter. ■■ Overhead steel truss is featured in the two new physics workshops for lab experiments. ■■ Two new fume hoods (new chemistry lab and bio/chem) Sustainable Design Features ■■ The renovation is inherently sustainable, since building systems and spaces will be upgraded, lengthening the life span of the building. ■■ New exterior cladding material (brick) is locally sourced (by LEED’s definition, “locally sourced” is within 500 miles). ■■ Low-VOC paints and adhesives ■■ New lighting is LED.

*The basement, faculty offices and Towles Auditorium are not included in the renovation. FALL 2016 Nobles 27

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