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The impact of social networking on kids It is well known that social networking websites have a lot of restrictions in place for kids. If you have ever wondered why, here is the reason for it. While helping children socialize and finding new friends is extremely good, social media networks can also have a lot of negative effects on kids. One of them is the way it affects their focus. The more time a child spends socializing online, the more his ability to learn and concentrate on school-related work will be affected. Adults have already developed their organizational skills and know how to manage their time. But kids don’t, and the more time that they spend chatting online, the lower their grades will most likely be. Studies have shown that social network sites can influence the behavior of both adults and children, by developing narcissistic tendencies. But that is not all; too much exposure can also lead to anti-social behavior or depression. Real-life communication problems are also frequent for those that don’t get out of the house too often. Kids’ physical health can also be affected. By spending too much time in front of the computer, kids will also spend less time outside, playing sports. And that can affect their physical development in the long run. Another thing that you would like to avoid is the unnecessary exposure. Because you can find anything on the internet, it also means that your kid can do that as well. The problem is that viewing certain content can affect them permanently and in a negative way. This is not something to joke around. Parents should always monitor their online children activity. That doesn’t mean that kids should be kept away from the social network websites. Let’s be honest, as long as your kid browses the internet, eventually he or she will create a social profile somewhere. Instead, parents should try and control their exposure to bad content. There are a lot of tools out there that can help them. is among those websites that don’t let small kids use their services. policy strictly prohibits the creation of social profiles for children under the age of 13.  

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