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Can social media websites cause depression? According to a lot of psychologists, the answer is yes. Studies have shown that there is a new kind of depression that is linked with the usage of social media. It is called the ‘Facebook Depression’. Chances of having this depression are connected with the number of hours that you spend checking your social media feeds. One of the signs is the increased vulnerability to the posts that pop-up on yourhomepage. If you didn’t do anything the last past weeks and you see posts and pictures from your friends that they had a lot of fun, then sooner or later it is going to affect you. Another thing that matters is the number of virtual friends that you have. What is the point of having 984 friends on Facebook if you can’t talk important stuff with any of them? If you see 100 of them onlineand no one that you can talk to, it can only lead to loneliness and depression. It is the real-life friends that matter, not the virtual ones. What about all the happy couples that share their love with everyone else? If you are single, then it might get you after a while. Seeing that someone else lives a perfect life and that you don’t, will eventually lead you in a sad place. You should never forget that people tend to post only the good things on their social media profiles. Just because someone seems to have a perfect life based on their profile,doesn’t mean that they actually do. Everyone shares only the good parts of their lives and tries to hide all the bad ones. Remember, appearances are always deceiving. And remember that no matter what you do, there will always be someone on your network who will appear to live a better than you. That is just the way these sites work. So the next time when you are on, remember that not everything there is as it seems. That doesn’t mean that has false information on it, but rather it only shows the good parts of their users’ lives.  

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