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Social Media and its forms When people say “social media” they automatically think of social networking sites like Face book, Twitter or Pinterest. But that is not all that it means. In fact, social media is related with pretty much everything that has to do with the Internet. There are a lot of different types of social media, such as: 

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Social networking – sites like Facebook and Twitter give people all around the world a place where they can share photos, videos, status updates or important events in their lives. Most social network sites are free to use Blogging – thinks of blogs as the place where you can write about pretty much anything that you can think of, from public (or private) diaries, to your favorite band or how to cook pancakes. You can also upload photos and videos or stream whatever you consider relevant. There are a lot of widgets that people can use in their blogs that will make them more attractive. E-mail and chat –Site like Gmail or Yahoo give the people around the world a way to communicate with each other. They are extremely easy to use and nowadays everyone has an e-mail account Gaming –there are a lot of community gaming websites on the internet where players can chat and participate in online or offline tournaments. Those sites usually offer special offers and discounts to their members. Information and downloads about the latest games and downloadable content are also available. News updates – in our days every important news channel has its own website where you can find anything that they reported on TV Photo or video sharing websites – there are a lot of websites where users can upload photos or videos and share them with their friends and family Online music – more and more people listen to live streams from online radios or from dedicated websites like YouTube or Sound cloud

In conclusion, there are a lot of different types of social media, ranging from sites like Facebook or to blogs and gaming websites. For those of you that don’t know, is a people finding website. For more information click here and include .com and include .com  

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