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Growing Brokerages Are Facing New Challenges With the ever expanding market for online forex and binary options trading, brokers are having to expand quicker than ever to meet the demands. Another major challenge for brokers is staying relevant by offering additional trading platforms and solutions for their clients. With the rising market, many brokers are growing organically and constantly expanding their infrastructure when needed, while others are growing by acquiring other brands and brokerages. One of the issues that comes with all this growth is having multiple offices and call centers, as well as varying trading platforms. These disparate locations and systems introduce complexities into the business and trying to manage all of this requires more and more operational staff, but ultimately, this does not lead to efficiency or the ability to view or manage the business cohesively.

PROFTIT – The Solution to The Challenges

A team of industry veterans from forex and binary options, who understand first hand all these complexities, have launched a new company called PROFTIT with the first ever, purpose-built brokerage management solution. PROFTIT is designed for brokers, big and small, who want to manage their organizations effectively and efficiently. From marketing to sales, conversion and retention as well as all other operational and reporting needs, PROFTIT covers it all. Plus, for those brokers who are expanding and have multiple locations, brands and or call centers, PROFTIT ties this all together into a single management console.

PROFTIT has built in API’s for all major trading platforms including: TechFinancials, Tradologic, SpotOption, Leverate and more, which means brokers can manage and report on all activities without the need for additional development or standalone solutions. The same applies for call centers, irrespective of the underlying platform or physical locations. PROFTIT gives users all the tools and workflow as if they are working with a single provider. To really tie everything together, PROFTIT also has builtin integration into many popular payment gateways, once again consolidating the operations and enhancing productivity. PROFTIT boasts many other features, that makes running a brokerage far simpler and profitable. The CRM and workflow within PROFTIT eliminates the need for other CRM solutions which were not designed specifically for the needs and demands of a broker. The PROFTIT CRM also has gamification features that makes setting and tracking KPI’s not only simple, but rewarding and motivating for employees. Finally, every component in PROFTIT has powerful reporting that allows for visibility into all areas of the business and facilitates faster and better decisions.

The Bottom Line The features of PROFTIT are endless and it’s clear that this well designed, intuitive and user friendly platform is going to change the way brokers work. In fact, early adopters of PROFTIT are already reporting vast improvements in all areas of their business, including marketing, conversion and retention, with some organizations reporting bottom line increases of 37%+. For more information on PROFTIT and to setup a demo visit

Growing brokerages are facing new challenges  
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