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The Ozone Business The Definitive Guide to Starting an Ozone Business

The National Ozone Association Success in a Tough Economy Getting Started in the Ozone Business How Many People Need Ozone Services? Is Ozone Environmentally-Safe? Staying Ahead of the Competition It’s about Timing and Opportunity About the National Ozone Association

Success in a Tough Economy

Getting Started in the Ozone Business

One of the unique features for the ozone business is that it literally grew during one of the most difficult economic periods of the last forty years. Average people with a desire for something better stepped out on the belief that ozone was a great idea, but why? First of all, ozone cannot be put into cans and sold on shelves, so the big companies will never take over this business leaving independents struggling.

The biggest pitfall is getting your information from the well-known Internet promoters. Less than reputable promoters are anxious to sell ozone generators, but will not deliver on the support they promised. The National Ozone Association is a network of hundreds of ozone-type businesses. NOAI was formed by people who are “In the Business” not just blindly selling ozone generators. Their goal is to prevent the errors they made and help others succeed.

Ozone is the perfect “Service Business”, and must be delivered on the spot and as needed. No inventory to manage, easy work that anyone can do, and the hours are what you make of it. The job is setting up and taking down the units, or about 15-20 minutes to start, and then to finish the job. Ozone is environmentally smart and a sustainable business idea. Ozone comes from oxygen and reverts back to oxygen. There is no raw product used or waste left over. The ozone program is chemical-free and leaves no toxins behind. Enjoy great income that can easily go above six figures. Hourly incomes of $100 to $400 an hour are routine in this business, once you understand how to build an ozone business the right way. Many NOAI members have proven the business is legitimate and sound.

The first step if education and certification as a Certified Ozone Technician. The National Ozone Association offers this to insure a uniform basis for serious ozone business programs. Buying ozone machines are often the first big investment, and too often bought from the wrong sources. Check the website to find “NOAI Approved®” ozone generators. These machines have been tested and reviewed for quality of design and true ozone delivery. Marketing materials consist of a great website and good printed materials. NOAI provides this for all members. NOAI offers the support every ozone business needs. That is why the first choice should be to connect with the National Ozone Association in order to have the best advice possible and improve your odds of success once the decision is made.

What it Really Takes to Succeed in the Ozone Business?

from allergies. Others have foul odors. How often is this a problem in gyms, businesses, homes, or even kennels?

How many people need what you plan to offer? Prime Targets for Ozone Services:

Before you jump into this business, it is important to do a reality check. Every service business needs to connect with people and build a clientele. Do not think that even a great website is enough. Advertising is not how you grow a business, but how you build awareness. Every successful ozone business relies on your commitment to get your business in front of people who need your services. Starting a business is not for everyone; but for those who dream of something better, ozone is a pretty attractive idea. We have found that you must have a passion and love for what you offer rather than seeing it only as a money-making idea. In other words, you need to really believe in what ozone is all about. The Certified Ozone Technician course will help you there. When reaching out in to your community, it takes drive and fortitude. No matter how much you love the idea, it must translate to something of value to others. This is where marketing and knowledge come in to play. A service industry must meet a need that already exists. So, let’s talk about allergy relief, since 55% of American suffer

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Home owners with Pets Day Care Centers & Schools Used Cars with foul or smoke smell Hotels with Smoke and Odor Smells Gyms and Workout Centers Realtors with Homes that Smell Apartment Owners Pet Grooming and Kennels Taxis, Police Cars, and Buses that smell Funeral Homes with Strange Smells Theaters and Banquet Facilities Homes with Allergy Sufferers Mold Smell in the Building Senior and Nursing Homes Therapy Facilities Medical Offices Chiropractors & Dentists Massage & Sauna Facilities Flood & Fire Restoration Food processing & Storage Butcher Shops Restaurants and Bars Hoarders & BioTrauma Ozonate Water for Fruits & Vegies Warehouses & Walk-in Coolers Insect Control Sanitize & Deodorize Sports Gear Meth Lab Clean Up Cancer & Chronic Illness sanitizing Clubs & Nightclubs Destroy Curry and Cooking smells

Not to mention the numerous industrial applications that are out there.

Environmentally-Safe and Sustainable Think of how many chemicals are used in homes, offices, schools, stores, and public buildings. Though not fully understood, ozone is formed when oxygen is impacted by UV light or electrical spark. So, it is simply an enriched form of oxygen that will revert back to breathable O2 oxygen in about 20-30 minutes. While in the ozone state, the extra oxygen molecule will react with many unhealthy threats and oxidize them. Ozone is 3000 times more effective as a sanitizer than chlorine products, eats holes in the outer membrane of bacteria, destroys mold and mold spores, destroys odors on the molecular level. Yet, there are no chemicals to buy or waste to dump. Since ozone is just oxygen, it is sustainable. It does not deplete any natural resource, and leaves no waste. That makes ozone one of the most efficient and sustainable processes anywhere. While ozone is a respiratory threat when delivered in large volumes, it is non-toxic once the work is done. There is no chemical residue. In fact, ozone will neutralize many harmful pollutants in the air. In the end, ozone does a powerful job to destroy environmental health threats without chemicals making is a very Green and sustainable business.

A Profitable Business Model Think of any business, and make note of the cost of inventory which is a big bite on profitability. Then there is the storage and transferring of needful products. Once you own a few ozone generators, you will not need to buy product. This means you will keep more of your money than any comparable business. Start with yourself as the key person. The work is easy. Equipment will be about 20-25 pounds and easy to handle. Once you finish training, the rest comes with a little experience and the support of our office. Single jobs range from $100 to $350, but if you run multiple equipment (like in an apartment complex), the fee for the night could be $1000. Larger jobs, could go $500 to $2000 requiring several machines to do the job. So, the set up and take down is 90% of the work. Then you can spend the treatment time visiting other businesses in the area or sipping coffee. Schedule the work to suit your schedule. This is not a stressful business’ although it could be a pretty busy one if you work it ‌ Then you bring on some help.

The Competition

BioZone Expands Your Options

Any good busy idea will not remain a secret for long. Right now, the ozone business is in its early cycle, and there is plenty of business to go around. But, competition will come. We have planned for this, and have designed a program that will keep you far ahead of the completion. Your training and certification sets you apart as a professional rather than a fly-by-night operation.

BioZone Protectant is particularly helpful for infection control. BioZone Protectant will inhibit germ re-infection for up to six months after application. But, since anyone can buy an ozone machine, you will want something that the competition cannot get. This is why we have added the BioZone Protection system. This is a spray-on process that would be similar in Scotch Guard, but does something different.

When applied after an ozone treatment, the odors are constantly reduced, germs cannot return to colonize, and mold cannot grow. So, this is extra value to the client that your competition cannot provide. All this for about $2-$4 per application!

It helps to know that ozone is an immediate process. Once you leave, things start going back to their normal state. By applying BioZone Protectant, the benefits of your work will last for months.

BioZone Protectant is a door-opener for those that worry about infectious diseases in the office, school, day care, or gym. BioZone can be applied as a stand-alone infection control application, or after the ozone treatment has run.

BioZone Protectant is an antimicrobial surface treatment that will continue to eliminate odors, fights germs, and keep mold from coming back. This is the perfect addition to the ozone business.

BioZone Protectant adds dimension to your service. In sports, BioZone treated uniforms and sports equipment will not stink or collect germs.

BioZone Protectant is our proprietary product that your competition cannot buy on the open market. Neither can your clients.

The very affordable concentrate comes in a gallon jug and works out to about $20 a gallon of RTU. A gallon covers 2500 sq ft that would easily go for $400-$500 in retail costs.

In the End, It is about Timing and Opportunity

To be fair, even the best business idea must be carried out and promoted. For all the reasons previously stated, the ozone business seems like the perfect business model. The no inventory, labor-light work, and the good profits certainly commend this business when many franchises are expensive to buy, take a bite out of every dollar made, and have no guarantee of success. The ozone business is still a fresh concept. There is probably not one close to you. Even if there is, the amount of work in your city is substantially unreached. So, the opportunity seems to be open for those looking for an idea that hasn’t already been beat to death. If you thought of starting a janitorial business, just look at how many there are around you. Competition has driven prices to the floor, and it is hard to get profitable. Once the decision is made, you need to get educated. Take the Certified Ozone Technician course offered at You can get the course and NOAI membership for just $199. It is well worth the price. The second step is preparing your marketing. Word of your business travels slower than you think; so getting your website up, cards

and brochures printed, and starting to talk up your business is the second step. Finally, ordering your equipment is the last step before you start up. Do this last because you need to make a smart choice here. Too many eager entrepreneurs will buy equipment first and regret that they fell for the Internet hype that falls short of the truth. NOAI is your business coach. NOAI will provide an unbiased review of possible best choices for decisions to buy equipment. The final decision is yours, but professional advice may save you thousands in poorly chosen equipment. Finally, you are ready to road test your new business. The first 30-60 days will test your resolve, and NOAI offers coaching and advice that can make all the difference in the world. There are things you will learn as you go, and there are questions that will come up. It is entirely possible to have money coming into the business in 90 days. People with a little business experience have a leg up on how to run a business and talk to people. If you are tied to some good business sector, those connections are very important. If you have a positive outlook and desire to succeed, the ozone business can be rewarding. Figure that this is a business that can be fully developed and running for between $5000 and $10,000, which is very affordable. It is also a business you can bootstrap by paying for necessary equipment from your business as you grow. Given a year of solid effort, there is no reason not to exceed a $40,000 figure with the business; and in five years, we see larger, sixfigure incomes are very possible.

About the National Ozone Association

NOAI also promotes your business on its highly rated directory. This is a boost to the SEO value of your website. As NOAI reaches for national accounts, it is very important that we have active members in every key city where associated firms are found. Your Certified Ozone Technician certificate is a credential of your professionalism. The NOAI emblem on your cards, website, and brochure lifts you above the amateur with an ozone machine in the trunk.

For a decade, a brave few stepped out to start their ozone business. Some succeeded, and some failed. The fact that these businesses could start and flourish in a bad economy said something of their value in the market.

However, one of the real values of NOAI is that you are not alone or scratching to get to the critical information you need. Our vast membership has literally done it all. If our office can’t answer your questions, we know people who will.

In late 2012, the more experienced ozone services reacted to the misinformation about ozone on the Internet and the ozone generator hype from various promoters. They joined to form the National Ozone Association, which was a peer group of ozone services seeking to better define their industry. By the end of 2013, NOAI had grown to more than 200 members in the United States and Canada, and was recognized as the best source of support for various types of ozone services. The National Ozone Association is a portal for great information. Follow our Google Plus page at We update this constantly as a means of communication. We use Google Hangouts to get helpful information to our members.

Our members are proud to display the Certified Ozone Technician seal and the NOAI emblem on their website, or even their vehicles, because it sends an important message. Our future depends on building a respected industry where none existed before. NOAI is part of securing that future for our members. or Reach Mark Tipton at (815) 272-1653 Follow us at:

Attend one of our Ozone Business Schools

National Ozone Business Conference Each year, NOAI hosts the National Ozone Business Conference in mid-September. This is not like most conferences where you hear from special speakers. During these two days, you will hear from others who are doing this business every day, and enjoying the kind of success everyone wants.

From time to time, we offer live ozone business school. These are arranged on a demand basis. We also provide personal coaching because it happens that people are ready to get started before we have a live class available. In the coaching program, we make sure your business basics are all in place. This includes corporate name, website, marketing materials, equipment, and basic training. We then invite you to our area or visit in your area to do a one day personal training. During this time, we offer marketing guidance, instructions on how to do the work, and explore your best marketing options. We offer this service on a limited basis due to the time it takes to assist people in the start-up of your business. It is best to call the office and see if we can provide the coaching service for you on a timely basis. Regardless, do not buy ozone generators before you get your training or talking to our team. Once you know what you are looking for, it will change how you view the equipment you will purchase.

This conference is the best opportunity to get true insight into what is working for others, how it is done, and how the business is marketed. With so many avenues to the ozone business that there is an application that will fit anyone. There is not a narrow business that has one path to follow. The ozone business works on many levels, and there is likely something that will be a good for anyone with a heart to succeed. You will also see the innovations for this market, learn new aspects of the business, and sharpen your business skills. You will not spend your time visiting tables and gathering pens.

Aqueous Ozone Applications There is so much more that can turn an idea into a great business. Ozone is used in water for a better washing machine, it is used on farms to purify water and treat crops. Ozonated water is used to clean and sanitize surfaces by cleaning firms. The applications for ozonated water are incredible. Hear more from these industry segments at the next NOAI Ozone Business Conference in September. Find out more at:

How to Start an Ozone Business  

Discover a business that has emerged in one of the worst economies in the last fifty years that can change your life and improve your future...

How to Start an Ozone Business  

Discover a business that has emerged in one of the worst economies in the last fifty years that can change your life and improve your future...