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Environmentally Sound Most businesses are built on a product that you must buy and then resell to someone else. That is why most businesses you will ever consider ask you to buy and stock their equipment or product. The underlying cost means most business ideas are lucky to offer a 10-20% profit margin. Out of this, you must pay your expenses and pay yourself.

OUR MISSION is solely about business and business development. The National Ozone Association (NOIA pronounced NOA) is to assist as many enthusiastic entrepreneurs as possible to find a proven and serious business that is part of the service industry. The service industry means a service that can be applied in any community to meet the needs that are actively needed. The use of ozone, hydroxyl, or related technology is the core of our program; but we look at any service, equipment, or technology that can fit into the cleaning, odor removal, mold remediation, and sanitizing service. ADVERTISING

Advertising in this magazine reached a targeted market. NOAI does not sell equipment nor does it work exclusively with any brand or manufacturer. Our program is pleased to bring many great solutions to its growing membership. Advertising is Whole Page Half Page Quarter Page Block Ad Page Header Page Footer

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Membership in NOAI provides a tremendous network for those in the services segment. Our goal is to provide powerful tools, quality business programs, online training and live classes, and business mentoring for those who want to avoid a “Catch as Catch Can” strategy in their business efforts. Contact NOAI National Ozone Association 2885 Sanford Ave 18504, Granville, IL 49418

Ph: (331) 472-7116

That is what I love about ozone. It comes from nature and goes back to nature. It can’t be bottled, packaged, or sold on store shelves. There is no raw product that is harvested or waste that is left behind. Ozone is a SUSTAINABLE product that can’t be exhausted or end up in a landfill. Ozone is an environmentally-safe idea because it is oxygen in a different form. It is safe when used properly! We all know about the warnings about breathing heavy doses of ozone, but have you spent just 15 minutes in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store? Cleaning and sanitizing product carry far worse health warnings. Some will kill you. Some will scar your eyes. Others will cause cancer. These products are part of the real problem. They pollute the air, the surfaces, and leave toxic residue. Of course, it takes a lot of resources to make and ship this stuff, and thousands of plastic cans and spray cans fill our landfills. There is every reason to feel good about the ozone business. Like making electricity from the wind, it is the right way to enjoy nature’s resources.

How to Start an Ozone Business This issue will introduce you to an idea that has emerged in an otherwise tough economy. The ozone business is a service that promises to remove odors, sanitizing, mold, toxins, and insects. That is a huge service need, but consider the factors of this market. Chemicals are not sustainable because of what it takes to make them, the pollution they cause, and they end up as waste in the trash. On our first event, you will meet people who have been a success in this business. We are inviting our leadership team to give their best ideas, and you will see the top ideas that will explode your business. This is not going to be a traditional vendor conference, but a true intensive business event that will equip you, excite you, and send you back home with the best ideas in the business. In fact, we especially invite anyone who is thinking about starting a business. Before you make any decision, take a day to look at the best ideas that can be assembled in one place.

Yet. billions are spent each year to make homes and offices smell better, cover fouls smells, and clean our buildings. The whole cleaning world is tied at the hip to chemicals that are known to harm our healthy although it cleans our buildings As super bacteria emerge that are resilient to antibiotics, common methods are failing. Triclosan is under EPA review because it is showing up in mother’s milk and the blood of children. Mold is everywhere! It produces mold spore and mycotoxins that definitely will impact health. Mold is never a good idea, and you can’t live a healthy life with mold filling the air with its allergenic and toxic spore.

Meet Jim McDonald, Dallas Randolph, Steven Monk, Larie Craig, Mike Perrenoud, Chris Gilson, and more of our ongoing success stories. Take a look at the best ideas in the business in this fast paced event that gives everyone a chance to connect on business ideas that are true moneymakers.

NOAI Internships Take a two-day internship with one of our NOAI mentors. These are held ONLY ONCE in the area with a maximum of twelve people attending. During the two days, you will learn everything about how the business is run, the secrets of their success, and how they work. Internships will be held in West Palm Beach, FL San Antonio, TX Nashville, TN Richmond, VA Chicago, IL

There are those who see the perfect opportunity to make the world a better place, improve the quality of life of those they assist, and to do all of this without chemicals. Find out more about You will find a ready-to-run business package that can change your life for the better with a business that is needed by more people than you might imagine.

Cleaning with Ozone Could ozone do every more? Ozone is soluble in water, and it does some remarkable things when used in ordinary cold water. First of all, it is 3000 times better at sanitizing than chlorine, and that is quite a boast. Why do you think that more pool companies are shifting from chlorine to ozone to sanitize the water? Even the city of Los Angeles is one of thousands of water treatment plants using ozone. We have a unique opportunity to provide ozone cleaning to key businesses. Medical, food services, and janitorial represent programs in need of a better solution. The ozone faucet is one fantastic tool. An ozone spray cleaning cart will do what no other can do. A mobile unit uses cold water to clean, sanitize, and degrease in half the time and at a 70% reduction in material costs. To represent this program, the criterion is to purchase the sample models for demonstration purposes. The ability to show live results makes all the difference when proving the power of ozonated water. Basically, if you like bringing solutions more than providing the service, this is something to consider. We are planning a webinar on this subject, and we will invite all interested parties to look at this concept. And, if this is not for you today, it is a part of the program that is ready when you are. This point is important. Success comes in different ways. We endeavor to show you how this is done by our successful members. We are asking them to create articles for the NOAI blog telling their story. We also hope to do a kind of Skype interview that everyone can view as we lead up to the regional meetings. Offering several pathways to success is part of the strategy we will offer. So, ozonated water will be yet another venture that will be available, but it is not for everyone. There is a new market in the cleaning and sanitizing industry that this concept will fit, and it will change how cleaning is done.

The ATP Meter You read about the ATP meter in your Certified Ozone Technician course. This device is becoming a standard in the cleaning industry. Clean to the naked eye may not be nearly as clean as we might suppose. An ATP gives a convincing visual to what we cannot otherwise see. How do we know if a sanitizer actually sanitizes. If it cleans to the eye and touch, our ability to judge is done. An ATP meter does not measure the actual bacteria, but the conditions of contamination. This could be body fluid, food residue, or organic evidence of bacteria. ATP is adenosine triophosphate which is more of a marker of contamination. A high reading tells you that this surface is contaminated, and this is what makes a strong impression on the customer. Once the surface(s) have been treated, repeat the ATP test to show the difference. Use BioZone Protectant for demonstration since ozone takes too long for a test demonstration. You can only imagine walking into a store, gym, day care, or office showing a reading of over 400 after it has been cleaned. Then after treatment, the reading drops to less than 10 or 20. This is the kind of in-your-face proof that takes the need of your service from optional to mandatory. No public facility wants to be a cesspool of germs. Every year, there is a new type of health threat, superbug, or common illness sweeping through the community. When people start to realize that “Cleaning is not Enough�, they will want to bring on a program that will reduce sick time, lawsuits, and harm to their customers. The ATP meter is broadly used by maintenance managers to track and record effective cleaning and sanitation success.

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Thinking Ahead of the Curve

The new BCG ozonated water unit can be used to sanitize hands, clean and sanitize surfaces, and it is 100% safe on vegetables.

What about Grocery stores

Take a look at a similar concept already used in a few Whole Food stores: Video Report

No one doubts the extent of contamination of shopping carts. With hundreds of hands all over them, children with dirty diapers sitting in them, and food bouncing around, shopping carts are a literal nightmare of liabilities.

As you can tell, this has potential of exploding because it is cheap, it is environmentally safe, and it works better than the best chemicals that you can find.

Mothers can track illness of their children to a cycle of when they were in the shopping cart. To help the issue, wipes are made available, but now we know that Tricolsan is the normal ingredient and it is under review for accumulation in the bloodstream of children.

If you have any entrepreneurial blood in your veins, you already see that combing ozone for immediate sanitizing works in air or water. Then adding BioZone Protectant to the process changes the dynamics in the most profound ways possible.

Take your ATP meter to the grocery and check for yourself. Then apply BioZone Protectant to the cart and test again after a few minutes. The grocer has to be impressed. He or she will be more impressed with what these reading mean to their customers.

New doors open us wherever food and people are connected. Retailers see a bump in profits if they have less waste, can boast of an environmentally sanitary facility, and avoid any embarrassments from the spread of disease.

Imagine posting a sign on the cart “This is a Germ-Protected cart by BioZone Protectant” with your contact information!

Install a handwashing ozonated faucet in the restaurant to sterilize hand in 5 second in cold water, clean and sanitize all food prep surface, and then use BioZone Protectant on the tables to assure that germs are not an issue in this facility. If you hit the kitchen with ozone, the bugs and germs die. Add ozonated water and the germs die and vegetable live longer. Treat surfaces with BioZone Protectant to keep it germ-free for 30-60 days. I hope you catch my point! As other people jump into this business, you can worry that they will siphon off your business, or you can be so far ahead of them that it doesn’t matter.

Here’s the kicker. With the new portable ozonated water sprayer, all the vegetables will stay fresh and disease free much longer. Waste is a huge cost to groceries! What is you could demonstrate, side-by-side, how a spray of water will wash away toxins, kill bacteria, and perk up sagging vegetables?

NOAI is about helping you with your business, and we are actively bringing you the ideas and tools to become an extreme success. This doesn’t happen because it is a good idea, but that we take this idea to a receptive market. As this market matures, you will need to grow with it. NOAI is there to pave the way. .

The Next Phase of Sanitizing Chiropractic Alliance Sure you can go after apartment buildings. They are a great source of business if they are large and have monthly turnovers. Many NOAI members have proven the value of this market. Diversification into other areas allows you to grow your business, add on workers, and increase revenue. That is why we have been laying the foundation of working with area chiropractors. See the Chiropractic Alliance as Chiropractors are familiar with detoxification of the body, but have little influence over the home. The home or office can be a serious part of the problem when it comes to allergies and asthma. Other health issues may be tied to chemical exposure and toxic buildings. You have certainly heard of the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) making hundreds of workers sick from the polluted air inside. Chiropractors can refer your ozone service as a way to reduce health threats, allergy and asthma attacks, or relief other hard-to-detect health problems. Many chiropractors already use and recommend therapeutic ozone, use it in their office and homes, and understanding it purification abilities. The NOAI site is adding more information that will aid in a growing alliance between ozone services and chiropractors. With dozens of chiropractors, naturopaths, and similar services in your area, it is worth working on growing this alliance in your area as well. We have mapped out the process on the NOAI site, and we encourage our members to explore a connection that will help many you suffer from sick homes and sick offices. Ozone will reduce the causes of allergy and asthma attacks.

BioZone Protectant is the perfect addition to your odor removal or sanitizing service. Ozone will cure the problem today, but BioZone Protectant will keep soft or hard surfaces odorfree and germ-free for 60 days to 6 months. BioZone Protectant is available only through our distributorship. It is extraordinarily effective, and it provides a great profit margin that everyone will want. Easy to apply with spray, fogger, or electrostatic sprayer. One gallon dilutes to 15 gallons of RTU product. Better yet, this can be sold to the public in small quantities as another revenue source. EPA and OSHA approved with plenty of documentation for sports, medical, and critical areas needing an environmentally safe solution

The Ozone Business Concept  

For anyone thinking about a great business, ozone services offer a growing need for environmentally safe and needed services for odor remova...