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PortfoliO NoaH ShayE Student of Landscape Architecture • The University of Georgia • 2008-Present

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Multi-use Design


Urban Design


Residential Design


Water Colors




Caldwell Corridor Re-Design Located on the on the North Campus of the University of Georgia the Caldwelld corridor needed a face lift. The re-design is based around one unified multiuse pathway. The pathway follows the current route of the roadway and is wide enough to allow for cars, bikes and pedestrians to move freely and safely throughout the space. The planting concept is based off of Georgia’s Ecological Zones. The path creates 3 roundabouts as it meanders down the corridor. Within each of the roundabouts is a depression containing one of Georgia’s Ecology communities. The Northern most roundabout represents the Upper Peidmont and Appalachian Foothills plant commuity. The middle roundabout represents the Southeastern Peidmont plant community. The southern most roundabout represents the Coastal Plain plant palet. The plantings on the outside of the pathway is based upon the ecological communities that it is nearest too.


North Caldwell Corridor Planting Design

In this design I chose plant pallet commonly found in the Upper Piedmont Region. The planting design creates a series of outdoor study pockets in which students can relax on campus without seeing all the hussel and bustle of student life.

White Pine (3) Holly Osmanthus Purple Fountain Grass

White Pine (3)

Inland Sea Oats

Holly Osmanthus (9)

Day Lily

Day Lily Day Lily (40)

Southern Red Oak

Day Lily Panic Grass Rosemary Day Lily

River Birch Panic Grass

Purple Fountain Grass

Panic Grass

Panic Grass

Holly Osmanthus

Purple Fountain Grass

Eastern Red Cedar

Annuals Panic Grass Holly Osmanthus

Holly Osmanthus

Purple Fountain Grass


Panic Grass


Southern Red Oak (5)

River Birch Rosemary

Panic Grass Oakleaf Hydrangea

Panic Grass Willow Oak

Rosemary Oakleaf Hydrangea Honeysuckel Azalea

Flowering Dogwood (4)

Purple Fountain Grass Holly Osmanthus

Autumn Fern Holly Osmanthus

Honeysuckel Azalea

Autumn Fern

Oakleaf Hydrangea Panic Grass Okame Cherry


Panic Grass

Honeysuckel Azalea

Creeping Juniper

Inland Sea Oats Oakleaf Hydrangea Purple Fountain Grass

Flowering Dogwood



Athens Clarke County Community Eco-Village

Management Plan

A Land-use Project For the 21st Century The central defining aspect of the Athens Clarke County Community Eco-Village is sustainablity. The communities mission is to promote a simple sustainable lifestyle that emphasizes on locally producing an organic crop while educating the public on their practices. The eco-village is located in north eastern part of Athens Clarke County, Georgia. The site will have 10 quarter acre plots for sale, each with individual gardens and access to local building supplies such as a Brick Press and hay-bail insulation. The main focal point is the village green which will host a farmers market on weekends and will showcase the eco-village’s organic produce. All extra goods will be sold all week long at the co-op market. The green will also be used for seasonal arts and music festivals. The development and design mirrors the worldwide movement towards a more sustainable and responsible community that mizinmizes ecological impacts. Athens Eco-Village is a community that aims to create an alternative model for suburban living while providing a satisfying, healthy, and educational experience to the public.

Climax Oak Hickory Piedmont Forrest

The Enitre west side of the Site will be managed toward a healthy Oak Hickory Forrest.

Agricultural Land

The land will be managed organically to produce popular healthy Crops that will be Rotated seasonally. This will help to increase land fertility and crop yield.

Tall Grass and Wild Flower Meadow

Manage toward a piedmont Tall Grass and wild Flower Meadow

Wetland Buffers

Manange the buffers of the hydrology with heathly wetlands. This will encourge the Beaver habitats to stabalize.


Manage the Hydrology to stay current shape and size.

A’ A

Town Green Section


Community Eco-Village Plan Green Belt Sol


ar F

A’ en Gre e s Hou




Town Hall

ork eW

Vila Are

en Gre se Hou

l ag

10 Plots Available for Sale Plot size ~ 1/4 Acre



Confrence Center Village green


Agricultrual Learning Center

Artisan Market Elderly Housing Co-Op Market

village green

Art Gal-



Shopping Board Walk


Green Belt

Big Beaver Lake


Multi-Use Communtiy Design



Topography Transformation with Residnece

Proposed Topography with residence

Proposed Topography

Original Topography


Athens, GA Pocket Park

The site we used for our pocket park was ideal for the creation of an urban relaxation park. Located next to the polic station in the heart of downtown Athens. The is flat and walled of on two sides, making for a some what concealed urban settring. I chose a rectilnear pattern because it created the most vissually exciting design. The focal point of the site is a cascading water wall located in the north east corner of the park. The water wall not only creates a pleasnt vista but also drowns out some of the street noise.


Rendered SketchUp Model



Parking Day was an in class competion to design a temporary “park” within the confines of two parking spots located in downtown Athens, Ga. Our design concept focused on the use of local, recylced, and organic materials to showcase the Universite’s ecological and agricultural background. The center peice of the site was a tire arch filled wtih grasses and annuals. The arch would mimic our state logo and university symbol.


Pruitt Igoe Now Ideas Competition


Plumer Residence Rendering



Hydrology Diagram

Lyndon House Re-Design There are several driving design attributes that lead me to my final design. First and foremost I wanted the landscape to reflect the southeastern piedmont. The gradual terracing resembles the topography of the region as well as providing a more experiential and functional transition through the space. Each terrace represents a different ecological zone within the piedmont. The individual terraces represent; praries, wetlands, orchards, farms, longleaf pine and hardwood climax forests. I also wanted to introduce a solar light sculptures located at each swollen path joint, the sculptures charge during the day and then light the landscape at night.

- Impervious Surface - Retention basins



different ecological zone within the piedmont. The individual terraces represent; parries, wetlands, orchards, farms, longleaf pine and hardwood climax forests. I also wanted to introduce a feature of solar light sculptures. Located at each swollen path joint, the sculptures charge during the day and then light the landscape at night.

Pre-Design Analysis

Lyndon House Illustrative Plan


A’ Lyndon House

Final Illustrative Plan






Jekyl Island Water Color Class






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Noah Shaye's Portfolio  
Noah Shaye's Portfolio  

This is the updated and revised version of my landscape architecture portfolio. The work included was completed at the Universtiy of Georgi...