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Havanese Breeder Servicing New York and Illinois We hand-deliver happy, healthy Havanese puppies It’s difficult to find a trusted Havanese breeder in New York and Illinois. Thankfully, you’ve just found the perfect place for your next best friend. Welcome to Noah’s Little Ark, the breeder of your new Havanese puppy. As a Havanese breeder, we’ve hand-delivered puppies to New York, Illinois, and countless other states around the U.S. Our commitment is to bettering this amazing breed, ensuring our customers a healthy, happy new family pet. And these are amazing pets. We learned that first-hand in 1996, when we brought home our first Havanese. We immediately fell in love with this small, sturdy breed. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were being contacted by other New York and Illinois breeders to provide our puppies to their customers. Our name has since gone international. With our hand-delivery promise,

we’ve traveled to Bermuda, India, and many other countries to hand-deliver puppies to their new families. What’s started as our family business has grown into a way of life here at Noah’s Little Ark. We’ve been breeding quality purebreds for nearly 17 years, and are committed to maintaining healthy animals and pure lines. We offer all-natural dog food that we use with our mothers. We also provide history and papers to make it easy for you to register your puppy, and encourage life-long relationships with our customers. Unlike some breeders who are difficult to contact when concerns come up, we want to know that we are breeding successfully. When you do business with us, we see it as a relationship. As a result, we feel that our dedication to your Havanese’s health and well-being is unlike any other breeder. Most breeders will ensure a replacement puppy in the event that your dog has congenital defects. We not only ensure a “replacement puppy” policy – to switch out your pup with another, healthy one – we go one large step further. We offer to “repair”, or help cover the bills for congenital health problems

that we may have missed in our screening. We’ll even cover up to the amount that you paid for your pup.We look forward to sharing our wonderful Havanese puppies with you. Perhaps our next delivery will be to your doorstep. Please take a moment to look through our website to see why we are the recommended Havanese breeders in Illinois and New York.

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Call us at 262-993-0460 to reserve for a high quality havanese puppy today ! as all of our Havanese Puppies are potty trained when you rece...

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