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4K Design Approach For the design of the 4K space we wanted to design a space that was both efficient and pleasant to work in. We decided to design the 4K space as a two level space rather than the typical 4K space that is stretched out over one level. By doing this we were able to create a number of double height spaces that not only make the space feel bigger, but it also allows more natural daylight to filter deeper into the office space. Since the open office is a space that is going to be used the most often and by a larger amount of people, this space was positioned along the perimeter as well as a double height space. This allows the workers to have the maximum amount of natural daylight as well as take full advantage of the maximum views.

Electrical Approaches: The designed floor plan was done with respect to the forty foot lease span. By keeping the lease span to forty feet or less this will maximize natural daylight to reach deep within the office space. In addition to this, light senors were placed throughout the building. These light senors will measure the amount of natural daylight entering the building. When the natural daylight is sufficent the senors will automatically turn down the electrical lights and when the natural daylight is not sufficent, the senors will automatically turn up the electrical lights.

Electrical Space: The main electrical room is located on the second floor on the eastern most part of the building. Each floor has a cenralized electrical room that are stacked vertically. The telecommunications rooms are located on either end of the building near the two fire stairs. The emergency generator is located on the second floor near the main electrical room. By positioning the main electrical room and the emergency generator along the eastern wall, this will allow fresh air to enter these spaces and naturally ventilated. In addition it will also allow for these spaces to be easily accessible.

Variable Refrigerated Flow (VRF) VRF systems feature simultaneous cooling and heating. Also called heat recovery, these systems enhance the capabilities of zoning technology considerably by using a branch circuit (BC) controller to control energy. The BC controller can remove energy from one zone that doesn’t need it, and apply it to a different zone that does. For example, if an indoor unit in one room is calling for cooling and an indoor unit in another room is calling for heating, the BC controller can take the heat removed from the room operating in cooling and use it to warm the room in heating mode. The BC controller performs all the work, bypassing the compressor unit and saving electricity.

Closed-Loop Geothermal Heat Pumps The geothermal closed loop system provides heat from the water that is conditioned by the natural temperature of earth; this system uses heat pumps to transfer water through a building system providing a pleasant environment. The water both provides heat in a cooler environment and absorbs heat from warmer areas and circulates it to create a more desirable workspace.

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Integrated Design Competition Drawing Set  

Drawing set from Kent State University's Integrated Design Competition Spring 2013- Third place winner

Integrated Design Competition Drawing Set  

Drawing set from Kent State University's Integrated Design Competition Spring 2013- Third place winner