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List of Design Loads: Dead Loads: 4.5� Normal Wt. Conc on 2� Metal Deck Beams/ Girders Ceiling/ Lights Sprinklers Mechanical/ Electrical Partitions Misc Carpet TOTAL

77 psf 5 psf 3 psf 2 psf 4 psf 15 psf 3 psf 1 psf 110 psf

Live Loads: Open Office Conference Dining Retail 1st Floor Corridor 2nd Floor Corridor Mechanical Loading Stairs

50 psf 80 psf 100 psf 100 psf 100 psf 80 psf 125 psf 125 psf 100 psf

Structural Drawing Set

S-100 Code Analysis S-101 Foundation Plan/ Calculation S-103 Typical Prime Floor Framing S-104 Enlarged Framing Plan S-105 Winter Garden Structure S-106 Special Condition Structural Narrative When designing the structural system, the idea of structural expressionism was a desired effect. To accomplish this, the Winter Garden design was planned to be a floating structural truss to express the shelter in an elegant way. Similarly, the two floor truss on the East of the building not only eliminates problematic columns from the tenant space below, but also expresses the open cooperative office that Macrofrim and JCN share. While aesthetic was a consideration, so too was overall function. As previously mentioned, the two floor truss is a uniqe condition that eliminates columns that would impede tennant space utilization. Also, the structural framing is organized such that the framing members over the corridors are significantly smaller. With more interstitial space in the corridor, many system elements such as VRF units may be placed without sacrificing space. In this way, maintainence can be performed on the units without disturbing speculative tenants.

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S 001

Integrated Design Competition Drawing Set  

Drawing set from Kent State University's Integrated Design Competition Spring 2013- Third place winner