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Junior Charlie Argon and sophomore Masha Winchell present a mock debate during an afternoon practice. As one presents their case, the other writes a rebuttal.

Nothing debatable about this Successes of this year’s debate team

Nataly Farag, ‘13

Staff Reporter


he debate team has had a successful year. Not only did the team participate in all the tournaments organized by the Washington-Arlington Catholic Forensic League (WACFL), but many members competed in the Metro-Finals, the most competitive tournament in this area. Senior Mallory McKenzie, the WACFL Metropolitan Lincoln-Douglas Debate Champion, said that there are five WACFL tournaments each year, which generally last from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The competitions can be exhausting and tough at times, but McKenzie is happy to have amiable competitors. “It is nice to be able to have a conversation and wish each other luck instead of dealing with passive-aggressive, snide people. There’s definitely been an improvement in sportsmanship,” McKenzie said. She revealed that there has been an increase in the number of girls participating in debate this year, which she is pleased with. “When I was a freshman, I was the only girl on the team and kept facing mostly guys, but now it seems to be the opposite. The top four in Metro-Finals were all female,” she said. The only skills one needs to do debate, according to McKenzie, are being able to speak well, have good logic and to think as fast as possible. She also believes that the debate team has gotten this far because they have very strong debaters across the board. This has made sharing evidence, preparing rebuttals and even intimidating their




47 days


opponents a lot easier. “At a certain point though, when you have really good varsity debaters face each other, it really comes down to luck: what kind of judges you get and what points come out as more clear,” McKenzie pointed out. Junior Charlie Argon, who has been debating since his freshman year, represented WashingtonLee at districts, where he placed third. He also participated in Metro-Finals and placed fifth in the Varsity division. Argon said that he debates because he likes “the mix of morality and current events that we talk about.” “Debate requires quick thinking and logic, which I like,’’ Argon said. To prepare for the tournaments, they talk about arguments and philosophy, and quiz one another to be able to argue quickly. He also pointed out that even though competing with schools can be fun, it can get challenging at times. “Each round of debate is about 45 to 50 minutes. It’s just you, your opponent and one judge in a room for that time,” he said. Like many members of the debate team, McKenzie continues to devote her time to practice, research and long competitions because she enjoys constructively arguing with people. “I think it’s good to have an activity where what you say and think matters. We spend a lot of time learning what other people think, or just decompressing from all the stress from our busy lives, but debate allows you to develop your own voice and opinions.”



Read about the Scholastic Awards and find out why Arlington recently named Calloway Cemetery a local historic district.

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Spring has sprung! As the weather gets warmer, take a trip outside with ideas for picnics and hiking trails near Arlington.

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Allergies are on the rise, and so is the popularity of Suzanne Collins’ book trilogy. Luckily the competitors in The Hunger Games did not have any food allergies.

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Learn how the recent dress code enforcements have created controversy on the track team and about the consequences of cyberbullying.

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April 17, 2012


Crossed Sabres

Breaking down the walls

County honors local African American history Sarah Sears, ‘14

an archaeologist conducted a “minimally invasive archaeological study,” probing Tiny tombstones lie scattered across a the graveyard in search of “lost” graves small plot of land on Lee Highway. The and buried or covered markers. The study graveyard, called Calloway Cemetery, is concluded that the remains of at least 100 nestled between busy strip malls and fast people are interred at the site, only about food restaurants and is the burial place of half of which are marked with gravestones. an estimated 100 African-Americans from On March 10, the County Board held a the historic Halls public hearing to Hill/High View decide whether Park neighborto make the site hood. a local historic The predistrict. Liccesedominantly AfTorres presented rican-American the Historic Prescommunity has ervation Promaintained a hisgram’s findings torical presence in about the history Arlington throughof the cemetery, out the years, which included which prompted the discovery the County Board that the remains to decide to name of ten unknown Calloway Cemepersons were retery a local historic moved from the district on March site in 1960 when 10. Lee Highway Two years was widened ago, members of by the Virginia Calloway United Department of Methodist Church Transportation asked county offi(VDOT), as well cials for help preas the burial sites serving and revivof at least three PHOTO BY SARAH SEARS ing the cemetery, former slaves which is adjacent to One of approximately 50 marked graves in and a former Calloway Cemetery. An archeaological study the church. County uncovered these graves, along with about 50 Union Army solpreservation planner other unmarked burial sites. dier. The earliest Cynthia Licceseknown burial was Torres and other county staff researched in 1891, while the most recent was in 1959. the history of the cemetery, using his- “The individuals buried here represent torical documents such as data compiled an important link to Arlington’s African by the Arlington Genealogical Club and American heritage,” said Liccese-Torres. censuses. According to Liccese-Torres, Halls Hill, or High View Park, is a Staff Reporter

historically black neighborhood near Lee Highway between George Mason Drive and Glebe Road. After the Civil War, many local freed slaves purchased parts of estates owned by William Marcey and Bazil Hall. The neighborhood grew throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and continued to consist of mostly African American residents. In the 1950s and 60s, the neighborhood's residents participated in the Civil Rights movement; in 1959, four teenagers from the neighborhood took part in the desegregation of Stratford Junior High School, now H-B Woodlawn. In Up on the Hill, an oral history of the Hall’s Hill neighborhood compiled by Thomas D. Carroll, residents describe a very different Arlington landscape. In the early 1900s, Arlington was mostly farmland and woods. “I remember big corn, nothing but corn. There was no street, just woods,” said Idabel Jones, who was interviewed by Carroll. Back then, Arlington was full of trees and dirt roads. “Around here, Halls Hill, back there was nothing but bushes back then...wasn’t that many people back then,” said Thomas Spriggs another resident interviewed by Carroll. As the twentieth century progressed, Arlington experienced development and huge demographic change, often at the expense of the African American community. The Halls Hill neighborhood became surrounded by all-white neighborhoods, and segregation walls and tall fences were put up along North 17th Road to mark

the boundaries between white and black neighborhoods. Halls Hill residents disliked being boxed in, but they had an even stronger fear of being kicked out and having to move to South Arlington, or worse, Cherrydale, which was thought to be the “Ku Klux headquarters” according to the Reverend James Brown in Upon the Hill. “There was always talk of trying to move folks out of this community into South Arlington, some place, because they wanted to build a medical center [or] a shopping center,” said Reverend Brown. PHOTO BY In 1944, the Virginia HosSARAH SEARS pital Center was completed. Although it was just blocks away from the center of Halls Hill, African Americans did not have complete access to the hospital. Local resident Peggy Deskins said, “Even when my children were born, they could not be born down at Arlington Hospital. They were all born in Washington because they didn’t allow any black people to have children at Arlington Hospital.” As the twentieth century progressed, segregation laws were repealed and local high schools were integrated. The Halls Hill/High View Park community has remained an important part of the community. The designation of Calloway Cemetery as a local historic district is a way to honor the neighborhood’s contributions to the county’s history and to bring closure and acknowledgement to the some of the inequitable political and social situations that have occurred over the course of the neighborhood’s history.

Obama 2012 pushes forward Re-election campaign emphasizes accomplishments Lucy Naland, ‘15

Staff Reporter

Over the past couple of months, there has been a gluttony of news concerning the several GOP candidates in the upcoming presidential election, which has overshadowed President Barack Obama’s reelection efforts. However, President Obama has been working diligently in the background in a variety of ways. To start, President Obama has been touring the nation, hosting events and giving speeches as parts of his campaign. These different events are announced on his Twitter page. His speeches touch on the economy, education, the environment, equal rights, health care and more. His primary goal seems to be repairing the economy, and he is promising to put more Americans back to work. “One thing he will do is continue to try and get the word out about all of the great accomplishments we’ve [Democrats] made over the past several years,” said senior Jarrod Nagurka, President of the Young Democrats club. Indeed, President Obama’s website is features graphics and statistics showing his many accomplishments. “It’s difficult when the right-wing media distorts the President and his policies. The real challenge it to tell the American people the real

His campaign raised $45 million in February alone, and though significantly less than what he was able to raise four years ago, he has been drastically outpacing his opponents. However, several factors in President Obama’s campaign have not been running as smoothly. Voters are unsure if the economy is recovering and many think the current economy is weak. He is also having trouble gaining the support of independent voters. Still, his chances of ultimately winning the election seem positive as the GOP candidates are not being warmly received. PresPHOTO COURTESY OF REAL CLEAR POLITICS ident Obama is leading the A real clear politics poll shows President Obama (top line) and main GOP challenger Mitt Romney’s (lower polls, beating Mitt Romline) current standing in the 2012 race. As of April 10, President Obama was leading Romney by 5.3 points. ney, the top candidate. When asked if he ing all his time campaigning and raising thought President Obama’s chances of story,” Nagurka said. being re-elected were good, Nagurka reIn addition, President Obama’s job money like his opponents,” said Nagurka. Still, President Obama has attended sponded, “When it comes down to it, this does not allow him to completely focus on the election. “The President’s disadvantage many fundraising events each month and election is going to come down to whether is that right now, he is the President of the continues to hold these events, and his at- or not Americans are better off than they United States. That means that President tempts at raising money seem to be paying were four years ago. Clearly, the answer is yes.” Obama doesn’t have the luxury of spend- off.


Crossed Sabres

Police quotas create controversy Memorandum rescinded after public outcry Abby Boshart, ‘13

mums and punishments, which sounds like a quota system to me.” On March 1, news station WUSA 9 Many were not surprised when this soreported that a memorandum titled “Procalled quota was revealed and one student activity Expectations 2012” was sent to recalled that they often notice that there Arlington County police officers, which are more police officers out and about at appeared to outline a quota system for the end of every shift. This student also parking citations, traffic tickets and even revealed that every time officers have arrests. stopped them has been at the The memorandum came end of the month, and although from Captain Henry Turble, that does not directly pertain to Patrol Commander and Capthis quota, it suggests that there tain Frants Desamour, Patrol may be other ones. Commander, and shocked Other students paid little atmany people within the police tention to this issue, and believe department and outside of it. that it was just a simple misAlthough the memo was understanding. “I really hadn’t clearly stated that “there is heard about this,” admits a seno, nor has there even been a nior, “and if the police claim quota for traffic enforcement,” there’s no quota system, I beit does state monthly numbers lieve them.” that each officer is expected It is ACPD’s job to keep to meet and that “consistently Arlington safe. Chief Scott failing to maintain these goals claimed that the memo was inicould result in disciplinary actially created because certain tion”. officers were not doing their job The evening shift requireand was written with the best ments included expectations of interests of Arlington citizens seven arrests, 30 traffic sumin mind. mons and 10 other citations or Despite the recent negative reports. light shed on the Arlington PoThe morning after the lice Department by local news memorandum went public, stations, the overall reaction to PHOTO BY ABBY BOSHART Arlington County Police Chief the department has been posiM. Douglas Scott rescinded the The memorandum issued by the Arlington County Police Departtive. Police officers have been memo at a March 20 press con- ment has received praise and condemnation from Arlington residents. seen outside directing traffic in ference. Chief Scott claimed that the memAlthough the memorandum has been the mornings and have been responding orandum was a mistake and again stated, rescinded, many students are still skepti- quickly to the many calls they have re“The Arlington County Police Department cal to believe that no quota system actually ceived in the past few months. The depart[ACPD] does not support a quota system exists, and will not be quick to forget this ment hopes to move past this issue quickly with regard to enforcement efforts.” incident. “I thought the memo was very and continue to protect Arlington in the The biggest source of controversy in clear,” said a sophomore. “There are mini- best way possible, without a quota system. Staff Reporter

the memorandum was the proposition that disciplinary action would be taken against the officers who do not meet these expectations and one of the biggest reasons that Scott chose to rescind the document. Scott promised that ACPD will be reviewing all other internal documents to ensure that an incident like this does not happen again.

April 17, 2012


Coming up on your calendar... April 20 – SCA Olympics It is the battle of the classes! Student representatives compete in Tug-ofwar and other contests in an attempt to bring glory to their class. Will the seniors take the victory yet again? Join the school in the stadium from 2 to 3 p.m. to find out! April 21 – Spring Fling Dance Break out the pink ties and sundresses! The Spring Dance will be held from 7 to 11 p.m. in the Cafeteria. Tickets will be sold from April 16 to 20 for $10 apiece during both lunches. One guest per person will be permitted. April 25-26 – Formals for Five In need of a cheap prom dress ASAP? Come to Formals for Five at this event taking place from 3 to 6 p.m. Formals for Five provides countless $5 gowns for girls of all sizes and all income levels. For more information about donating and purchasing dresses, email All donations should be dropped off by April 22. May 3-5 – Spring Play The theater program presents Fiddler on the Roof. Senior Arman Hussein stars as Tevye the Dairyman, a Jewish father concerned with preserving his family’s culture in Tsarist Russia. Performances will be held in the main theater at 7 p.m. on May 3 to 5. COMPILED BY ANGELA MESTRE, ‘12

Paintings and prose take the prize The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards announce national winners Kaila Brown, ‘15

owns a studio in Del Ray, has been sculpting for four years and took a ceramics class for two years. A senior, Loustaunau was awarded Best in Grade for her sculpting, as

she enjoys sculpting in her studio because her sculptures seem to take over an area. Manon is currently focusing on her Like many students at the school, Carthemed artwork on what it means to be a oline Toone, Manon Loustaunau and Luwoman. “My sculptures just isa Banchoff were filled with start with an idea, usually,” she anticipation in late March. said, “and grow into art.” Winners of the Scholastic This year, selected award Art and Writing Awards, a recipients and high school 89-year-old national contest seniors recognized with top in which students in grades honors will have their pieces seven through twelve can exhibited at Parsons, The New submit their creative works, School for Design, in New were to be announced. York. Students strive for a One student showcased her chance at a gold medal, talents in language arts. Banwhich includes a trip to New choff, a junior, was awarded a York City’s Carnegie Hall, gold medal for her poetry. She or a silver medal, which said her inspiration came from includes sponsored awards “a great English teacher, who and stipends to attend a actually had a poetry unit for summer art program. Gold PHOTOS BY KAILA BROWN AND LELIA TROIANO his class.” and silver keys are also Three students at the school were honored for exceptional art and writing at the national level of the Scholastic Awards. Banchoff, who usually awarded for outstanding The gold medal winners will be going to New York City in May for the awards ceremony. writes about real people and work within each region of well as a gold medal. “Art is how I figure real life, said that she wants to major in the United States. feeling.” Thousands of dollars in scholarship Toone had originally been lured in by out how I feel about things,” Loustaunau English when she goes to college to conmoney is also available for senior winners. the glitz of photography, but by experi- said. “I just start with an idea. I knew I tinue working on her goal. “I’ve always wanted to be a novelist These three students were among several menting with it, she found a love for digital wanted to do this when I couldn’t see myand get published,” she said. “It’s such an who received top awards for their work. art. “I was pretty nervous [about entering self doing anything else.” Manon expressed that her mother affirmation to have authors that have been Toone, a sophomore, won a silver med- the contest],” she said. “I’m not a very upwould have liked her to do something published [serving as award judges] think al for a talent she discovered only a year front person about my art.” ago--digital art. She noted that her family Those with established talent were also mathematical in a future career, but she that my writing is worth something. This and her hometown served as her main in- honored for their work. Loustaunau, who was supportive nonetheless. She said that makes me feel like I can be published.” Staff Reporter

spirations. Toone prefers to be in a more rural area when focusing on her art, because she says, “it gives the picture a more natural



April 17, 2012

Crossed Sabres

The world will be watching

The Hunger Games makes the transition from page to screen novels. Young adult book franchises such as Harry Potter and Twilight have made especially popular and lucrative transitions to the screen. The Harry Potter movies have earned a total of over $7 billion at the box office. Occasionally, a movie can make a book famous, but in the case of The Hunger Games, as in Harry Potter, the movie will be aimed at an audience already very familiar with the books. “For movies, I think it’s really important that they stay true to the book because that’s why readers want to go and see the movie,” said Rowell, “They’re going to be, like, half the people going to see the movie.” The Hunger Games stayed true to the book for the most part, but the filmmakers did make some N E changes to minor characters E AH and plot points. Kaku thought M Y TB R that although the movie was faithful A to the book in details and appearance, “They missed the main plot of the whole story, how the Capitol is supposed to be the scariest thing in the whole entire world, and how gross and how evil the Hunger Games really are. It just seemed kind of easy for Katniss.” A second film, based on the next book in the series, Catching Fire, is in development. The main actors are signed on to act in the films for all three books. ID

On March 22, a few minutes before midnight, fans waited breathlessly in the movie theater at Ballston Common Mall, where The Hunger Games would shortly be playing. Despite record-breaking ticket sales of $155 million for its opening weekend, The Hunger Games had mixed reviews from fans of the book series upon which it is based. The Hunger Games is a dystopian story about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, who must fight twenty-three other children to the death in a fierce battle for survival on live television. The government that rules her world chooses children to participate in these “Hunger Games” by lottery. When her young sister Prim is chosen, Katniss volunteers to take her place--the first-ever volunteer. Through her participation in the Games, Katniss inadvertently sparks a revolution against the government. The novel, written by Suzanne Collins, was released in 2008 and has spent 80 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The novels Catching Fire and Mockingjay complete the Hunger Games trilogy. The popular books have a base of highly devoted fans. “I think it was seventh grade that I read the first one, and I finished it in about two days. I thought it was one of the best books ever written, so I immediately got the second one when it came out and read that,” said freshman Becca Rowell. Fans of the books had been eagerly anticipating the film adaptation. “I’m really excited for the movie,” said Rowell prior to the movie’s release date March 23. “[The previews] look so awesome! I love the makeup of the Capitol people.” Although all three books in the series are highly violent with many gory deaths, the producers of The Hunger Games were careful to keep violence and gore at a PG-

13 level for the movie’s largely teenage audience. After seeing the movie, sophomore Jennifer Kaku did not like the way the director chose to portray the deaths. “I know that they didn’t want it to be super brutal, but...I couldn’t really understand what was happening.” In the film, Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta Mellark and Liam Hemsworth plays Gale Hawthorne. Lawrence has received positive reviews as Katniss, but some of the casting choices were more controversial. “I think they did really well for Katniss, that is how I imagined her completely,” said Rowell, “I thought Gale should be so much better looking, and I don’t really like the actor who plays Peeta.” Kaku said, “I expected Katniss to be a lot younger. I think [Hutcherson] was okay for Peeta, but I also expected Peeta to look a lot younger. I don’t like Gale in general...I thought [Woody Harrelson playing] Haymitch was a good choice.” Similarly, choosing a director that could bring the book to life was a difficult task; ultimately, Gary Ross fit the bill. Ross, however, has declined to direct future films, despite the fact other recent book-to-film adaptations have been highly successful. At the Academy Awards this year, five films nominated for Best Picture were based on


Staff Reporter


Claire Spaulding, ‘15


Crossed Sabres

April 17, 2012

A century of cherry blossoms in D.C. Elena Amparo, ‘14

Staff Reporter

One hundred years ago, the mayor of Tokyo gave Washington, D.C. a gift of 3,000 cherry trees. This gesture is celebrated each year in the district’s National Cherry Blossom Festival. In honor of the centennial anniversary of the planting of the original cherry trees, the Festival will last for five weeks this year, instead of the usual two weeks, and will include a wide variety of activities and events. One of the largest events is the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, which is scheduled for April 14. The National Cherry Blossom Festival website, www.nationalcherryblossomfestival. org/about/2012-centennial/, says the parade will follow Constitution Avenue and should include floats, cherry blossom-shaped helium balloons, marching bands and other performers. According to dc.about. com, this year’s parade will feature performances by Nathan Pacheco, Kristine W., and Siobhan Magnus, a former American Idol contestant. Actress Marie Osmond and Olympic figure-skater Kristi Yamaguchi will appear as honorary parade marshals. It is free to attend the parade. Another of the Festival’s main events is Sakura Matsuri, the biggest Japanese cultural festival in the United States. The event typically showcases Japanese food, art and culture, as well as offering live performances. According to Sakura Matsuri’s website, Yosakoi Dance Project,

Samurai Sword Soul and Ryukyu Chimdon Gakudan, a street orchestra from Okinawa, will serve as key performance groups. The Taste of Japan, which features vendors from 25 Japanese and Asian restaurants rounds out Sakura Matsuri on April 14. The event is scheduled to be held at the corner of 12th Street and Pennsylvania Av e n u e , and costs $5.

Cherrypicks. The Festival will also offer musical events. “Jazz at the Jefferson,” offered every day at noon beginning April 19, will include free, live jazz performances at the Jefferson Memorial. The National Gallery Orchestra will give a free concert at 6:30 p.m. on April 22 in the Garden Court of the West Building of the National Gallery of Art. The event is set to include music by Hisaishi, Noadira and other composers. The Festival’s I k e b a n a International flower-arranging e x h i b i t i o n showcases Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement. Experts will give demonstrations at T h e the National Bonsai N a t i o n a l and Penjing Museum on Cherry Blossom April 14, 15, 21 and 22. The Festival also demonstrations are free and BY KIRA JORDAN includes a Cherry begin at 1 p.m. Picks restaurant program., Another attraction includes where participating restaurants will offer the “Timeless” photography exhibit. The food and drink inspired by cherries and Festival website explains that the exhibit cherry blossoms, such as cherry chocolate features photos of the cherry blossoms bread pudding and pickled cherry salsa. taken by photographer Ron Blunt. The A list of participating restaurants can be pictures have been printed onto a variety found at of mediums, including wood, metal and


plastic. The exhibit is located in the Fathom Gallery. It is free and will be open on April 14 from noon to 3 p.m. The Textile Museum is holding an exhibit on Japanese woven fabrics, with an exhibit including kimonos, screens and other fine silk products. The exhibit will be open until August 12, Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler galleries will also be holding several exhibitions. The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery is presenting “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji,” a series of prints by famed artist Katsushika Hokusai. The prints will be on display until June 17. The Freer Gallery of Art is also displaying works by Hokusai. An exhibit of paintings and drawings will be available until June 24 and an exhibit of Japanese screens will be available until July 29. If museum exhibits are not your favorite, try one of the National Park Service’s variety of free tours of the cherry trees. Running tours are conducted in the mornings, bike tours are held in the afternoons and lantern walks are held at night. Free ranger talks on the history of the cherry trees are also available to the general public. Information on dates and times can be found at cherry/schedule-of-events.htm. The National Cherry Blossom Festival will conclude on April 27 with PetalFest, a block party taking place at Woodrow Wilson Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th Street NW. The event will be free and offer live performances from 5 to 8 p.m.

Student food allergies on the rise in Arlington, nationally Abigail Bessler, ‘13

However, through the Allergy Action Plan, a regarding what allergies a student may have, as well personalized plan created by both school nurses and as their last reaction and treatment. “Student and staff Imagine a diet without nuts, seafood, fruit, broccoli, parents for children with allergic reactions, the hope is “to education, training and having a care plan are essential in peas, chocolate, gluten or wheat. Now imagine that if minimize the risk of exposure to food allergens caring for these students,” she said. you happened to accidentally eat a small amount of any that pose a threat to those students, Ms. Cadogan said that “full-blown” of these foods, your throat would close up, your tongue educate the community and maintain anaphylactic reactions are rare, and would swell and you would get rashes. Freshman Hannah and regularly update a system-wide despite her six years at the school, she Walmsley, who lives with this diet and these complications, protocol for responding to their has only needed to use an EpiPen “[Allergies] just is one of many students suffering from food allergies. needs.” once. Despite the rarity of severe started appearing. I Walmsley’s allergies emerged in the summer of 2011. School nurses are required reactions, the school has a wellIn addition to the above foods, she is also allergic to red #40 to give training to staff and realized it was a problem and developed plan in place. “In food dye, caramel coloring and most lotions. “[Allergies] discuss epinephrine autothe unlikely event that clinic I was tested. Everything came just started appearing. I realized it was a problem and I injectors (EpiPens) with staff is out of the building, five out positive.” was tested,” she said. “Everything came out positive.” parents, a type of medical designated staff members have One out of five Americans suffers from allergies, and device used to deliver been trained to administer the according to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, adrenaline via an injection EpiPen,” she said. - Freshman Hannah as many as 15 million Americans have food allergies. Of into the leg of a child having Teachers are also informed that 15 million, 3 million are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts an acute allergic reaction. These Walmsley if a student with an allergy is in or both. devices help to avoid anaphylactic their class and are provided with Food allergies occur when the immune system attacks shock, a fatal condition characterized information on the use of an EpiPen. a food protein, causing a sudden release of chemicals. by difficulty breathing and low blood In addition, food service personnel are Allergic reaction symptoms range from mild rashes, hives pressure. Those suffering an anaphylactic expected to eliminate peanut and tree nut products or swelling, to severe reactions, including reaction increased from 21,000 per year in from cafeteria food, wear non-latex gloves to serve food trouble breathing or loss of consciousness. 1999 to 51,000 per year in 2008. and sanitize tables to avoid cross-contamination. Children with food allergies are more An estimated thirty-eight students Despite these procedures, Walmsley said she avoids likely to have asthma or other at the school have allergies to nuts, school food because she does not know what potential allergies. With 8.5 percent of shellfish, bee stings, latex or other allergens it contains. The prevalence teenagers ages 14 to 18 with food foods. Of this number, nineteen Studies have shown that despite preventive measures, of food allergies among allergies, this presents a serious carry medication (EpiPens, for the prevalence of food allergies among children under problem. children under eighteen has severe reactions, or Benadryl eighteen has increased by 18 percent from 1997 to 2007. The Food and Drug for more mild reactions) or have One theory for increased food allergies in the U.S. and increased by 18% from 1997 Administration (FDA) requires medications in the clinic. European countries is that, according to a CNN report of a to 2007. manufacturers to list the eight Walmsley, who has both study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, most common ingredients that Benadryl medication and an “the Western diet has made people more susceptible to trigger an estimated 90 percent of EpiPen available for emergencies, developing allergies.” allergic reactions: milk, eggs, peanuts, said she has had an allergic reaction Some scientists say that the lack of diverse food, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat. in each of her classes this year. “I get and the myriad of sugary, calorie-dense foods consumed The 2004 U.S. Food Allergy Labeling really frustrated when I have a reaction, but by people in Western cultures could lead to more food Consumer Protection Act requires food labels to now I’m pretty used to it,” she said. “All my friends allergies. clearly identify all allergen ingredients. know how to use an EpiPen. I try to avoid the foods, and In the wake of these new studies, Arlington schools In an allergy manual sent out to elementary schools, sometimes, I take two Benadryl to eat whatever I want for continue to develop the one achievable goal—a supportive Arlington Public Schools states that they “cannot four hours, and it works really well.” environment for students with allergies. Although foods guarantee to provide an allergen-free environment for all Ms. Joyce Cadogan, the school’s nurse, said that parents cannot be eliminated completely, providing options and students with life-threatening allergies, or prevent any receive a questionnaire and a medical authorization form considering the serious concerns of students with allergies harm to students in emergencies.” to be filled out by their physician, providing information is key in providing a safe place for students to learn. Features Editor


April 17, 2012


o G ’s


Jes sic

Celebrating our national treasures Andrew Dudka, ‘12





April’s New Workout Schedule ministered by physical education (P.E.) teachers. These tests help determine the fitness level of students at many schools in the United States, including Washington-Lee. There are three awards participants are eligible for: the Presidential Fitness Award for students who score above 85th percentile on all five tests, the National Physical Fitness Award



Opinion Editor

future exploitation by the federal government. Yellowstone was the first location to be distinguished as a legitimate park for protection and enjoyment. Forty-four other national parks besides Yellowstone were created before the government created the National Park Service (NPS) on August 25, 1916. The NPS is an agency of the US Department of the Interior and currently employs 21, 989 people who oversee 397 pieces of land, 58 of which are full-blown national parks. As a result of the resources put into the conservation and utilization of natural capital by the federal government, national parks are increasingly prevalent. From coast to coast, national parks offer hiking, backpacking and camping opportunities which may be scarce otherwise. Students who are familiar with national parks are quick to share their praise. “I’ve backpacked through several national parks and enjoyed each of them,” said senior Thomas Fontaine. “They present a beauty unrivaled by anything I see on a day to day basis, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to take advantage of them.”

Take a un R y

This is not a hike, per se, but I find it to be worthy of being included. Windy Run is hidden away right off of Lorcom Lane here in Arlington. It’s a tiny little trail that follows the Potomac and is lined by steep rocky cliffs and some dense shrubbery. It isn’t the slightest bit challenging, but it is an oasis amongst the humdrum of suburban Arlington life. During the day, cars are easily heard whizzing by on the Spout Run Parkway directly above Windy Run, but somehow the polluted, slowly flowing waters of the Potomac manage to make the place very peaceful. And in a town filled with eight hundred Starbucks, Burger Joints, and angry impatient drivers going to and from work, this little slice of peacefulness is a gem. Best Season To Hike: Fall or Spring


W i

diabetes rates in the United States. Slowing the obesity epidemic could reduce The last several decades have been marked government spending; in 2008, up to $147 bilby a rise in inactivity and intake of excess calolion was spent on care for obesity-related health ries, leading to an obesity epidemic that the issues. Federal programs encouraging healthy national government is now desperately trying lifestyles are becoming increasingly important to slow. According to the federal government, as the obesity epidemic spreads. March is National Nutrition Month and March While some students might complain about 8 is National having to dress out “What’s on my for P.E., health and Plate?” Day. physical education This focus on classes do attempt nutrition is part to teach children of the Obama and adolescents administrahow to make tion’s plan to healthier choices. raise awareness “This is the time about healthy in your life when eating and the you begin to make importance of decisions and crephysical activate habits that will ity. greatly influence The Presiyour health and dent’s Counwellness in your cil on Fitness, later years of life,” Sports and Nusaid health teacher trition (PCFSN) Ms. Beth Black. has been one of Ms. Black the main supadded that develporters of Naoping these habits tional Nutrition now makes it easPHOTO BY ELENA PARCELL Month. Naier to uphold them Students in Mr. Adam Moir’s 7th period gym class walk around the school’s track as a part of their tional Nutrition cardio warm-up. throughout life. Month was first Freshman Alestablished as a week-long program in 1973, but for those who score above 50th percentile for all lison Jaffe said that health and P.E. classes do in 1980 it became a month long. five tests, and the Participant Physical Fitness help prepare students to make healthier choicThe PCFSN has also been one of the main Award given to students who participate in all es, especially the nutrition and food compoproponents of “Get Your Plate in Shape,” which five tests, but at least one score is under the 50th nents of health classes. encourages consumption of more fruits and veg- percentile. Jaffe said, though, that initiatives etables (and less sodium and fat), portion conPresident Obama is not the only one trying like the Presidential Fitness Tests trol and the promotion of healthy snacks. to create a healthier America; First Lady Mi- do not necessarily encourage her Over the past few years, there have been chelle Obama created the Let’s Move! program to work any harder in P.E. than many changes made to national food programs, in 2010 in an attempt to end the childhood obe- she normally would. Jaffe including the food pyramid and school meal re- sity epidemic in the United States. said, “I try for myself; quirements. These revisions have stemmed from The main goals of the Let’s Move! program my motivation is fitthe Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act President include accessible healthy food for children, in ness.” Obama signed in 2010. PCFSN’s 2012 initiative and out of school, and the promotion of daily encourages people to focus solely upon improv- exercise. Let’s Move! focuses on both exercise ing their health, rather than losing weight. and healthy eating; often through activities such The PCFSN does not focus solely on healthy as the Let’s Move! dance challenge video. eating, but also advocates for the President’s According to the Centers for Disease ConChallenge. The President’s Challenge offers trol, 17% of children in the U.S. are many awards for physical activity and healthy overweight or obese as are 35.7% eating, and creates the criteria for the Presiden- of adults. Mississippi and Alabama tial Fitness Test, a series of five fitness tests ad- have some of the highest obesity and Staff Reporter



Old Rag Mountain is located in Sperryville, Virginia, in Shenandoah National Park. It offers lush forests and gently sloping hills, about an hour and a half away from Arlington. The actual Old Rag hike is a seven-mile circuit trail that snakes its way from the base of the mountain to the plateaulike peak. Upon arriving at the peak, hikers are greeted with towering boulders that are practically begging to be climbed. The hike itself is relatively easy with minimal elevation gain and plenty of beautiful outcroppings and overlooks to stop for lunch or for a rest. Best Season To Hike: Fall, when the rolling hills are lit up by the wide range of colors.

Ol d

Elena Parcell, ‘14


In the increasingly urbanized setting that is Arlington, natural environments are getting harder and harder to find. Although Arlington is a particularly constructionheavy environment, this problem is also facing the rest of the nation, and has been for some time. In response to this danger during the 1830s, the government instituted national parks. National parks are defined by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources as places with one or several ecosystems not materially altered by human exploitation and occupation. The first area to receive this designation in the United States was what is now Hot Springs, Arkansas. Andrew Jackson signed legislation legitimizing this designation on April 20, 1832 to protect the natural thermal springs found there. Later in the 1800s, Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park received the same distinction, although initially just as protected lands slotted for


Picture this: you are lounging on a quilt in a grassy field with your friends, chatting the night away while eating delicious snacks. Going on a picnic with your friends is a great option for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Planning a menu for such an occasion, however, can prove to be a quite the formidable task. The perfect picnic menu is comprised of three parts: beverages, a main course and a light dessert. Fruit is typically a must-have item because of its nutritious value, as well as its sweet taste. Watermelon and strawberries are great options because they are easy to pack in plastic containers and there is little to clean up if you cut them up beforehand. If you are feeling particularly fancy or really want to go all out, you can bring whipped cream or cool whip to dip them in.

Senio rs

Specials Editor


April 17, 2012


The top

ckyard. ’s ba ano roi aT e li

Paige Taylor, ‘12


Crossed Sabres

Although bringing a water bottle is a perfectly main course on a picnic. acceptable choice, making a pitcher of lemonade A light summer pasta salad may be the perfect can really quench your thirst on a hot choice if you do not want to go with the classic day and elevate your picnic from peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A pesto drab to fab. Bringing colpasta salad is easy to make, delicious lapsible water bottles is a and will stay fresh if packed in ebraine picn D great option to lighten a cooler. Simply pick your n i t ic in ar dM s your load after you favorite pasta, mix it with e n nio a rL lan eat as well. pesto and toss in some toe h Picking a matoes if you so desire. main course is Lastly, to top off a tricky task your picnic, a deswhen it sert of some sort is comes to a must. Cookies are picnics beperfect because they cause you are easy to transport want to enand do not squish sure that it like cupcakes or will remain brownies. fresh after Finally, keep evbeing in the erything as portable sun for a while. as possible to make the One should be transportation of your cautious of dishes meal simple. that are made with All of these tips should mayonnaise that will be kept in mind when planL easily spoil in the heat. ning and packing a picnic beBY O OT Opting for vinegar-based cause just one wrong step and H P salads and spreads are a much your dinner could easily be better choice when it comes to your spoiled (no pun intended). aW


a n o

Crossed Sabres

For more information about trails and other hiking opportunities in Arlington, visit:

The four best hikes in the area

tT a Go


This trail is located mere minutes away from the D.C. metro area. It features vast quantities of jagged, protruding rock, and cliffs that dangle precariously over the rushing rapids of Great Falls National Park. The Billy Goat Trail is a relatively easy hike, with some moderately challenging rock scrambles. For the most part, as long as you have sturdy ankles, you should have no problem completing this scenic fourmile hike. Best Season To Hike: Every Season

Bil ly


Cat oct Mount Catoctin in

is located in central Maryland, about an hour away from Arlington. It has twenty-five total miles of trail, all of which are relatively easy to hike and boasts beautiful scenic views from atop a ridge. Near the parking lot, there are the Cunningham Falls, which are breathtaking, especially when they freeze during winter. Catoctin is a great place for a simple day hike with the family and/or friends, but not particularly challenging. If you are looking for a stroll through the woods and a nice overlook to eat lunch on, then this is the place for you. Best Season To Hike: Spring or Winter, when the Cunningham Falls and all of the gurgling streams are especially beautiful COMPILED BY ALEX STEPHANSON, ‘12 PHOTO BY ABIGAIL BESSLER

outdoor dining spots in Arlington Kirby Miller, ‘13

Lifestyles Editor

It is that time of year again: birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and Arlington restaurants are setting up their outdoor seating. With many places to choose from for an outdoor eating extravaganza, finding the exactly right one may be a little difficult. Let this guide direct your taste buds towards delicious delight and some mighty fun nights. The best outdoor place for pizza is Courthouse’s Fire Works. With pizza options ranging from the overwhelmingly American barbeque pizza to a Mediterraneaninspired spinCourthouse’s Fire Works ach and feta, Fire 2350 Clarendon Boulevard Works has something for even the pickiest eater. Fire Works plays off its name in its outdoor seating area. Fireplaces are abound on the patio that wraps around the restaurant on Clarendon Boulevard. To make a beautiful spring night even better, try one of Fire Works’ delectable desserts. They offer a wide array of pies and cakes, as well as ice cream and gelato from Boccato on Wilson. If that does not make for a perfect spring night, what will? Clarendon probably has the most options in Arlington when it come to outdoor restaurants. Whitlow’s on Wilson has been open for years and has been serving great food the entire time. The dining options at Whitlow’s are as American as possible, boasting juicy burgers, tasty sandwiches and a weekend brunch that will leave your stomach full. Whitlow’s Whitlow’s on Wilson rooftop seating, as 2854 Wilson Boulevard well as street level options, makes this restaurant a warm-weather favorite. While the Clarendon neighborhood has numerous options, Ballston takes the cake when it comes to Mexican food. Short of hopping on a plane headed south, not much can top El Ranchero. El Ranchero is located on the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Abingdon Street, just before the hubbub of central Ballston. Having its location closer to neighborhoods allows El Ranchero to have a quainter, more personal feeling then many of the other similar dining options. Another factor working in El Ranchero’s favor is the delectableness and authenticity of its food. Rarely is Mexican food this delicious found this far north. El PHOTOS BY CJ BURKA Ranchero is one of El Ranchero the outdoor-seating 4617 Wilson Boulevard greats of Arlington. Regardless of what type of food it is, Arlington has a restaurant that does it well and does it outdoors. This spring, enjoy a sampling of them with your friends in the warm air. All you have to do is choose where to go!


April 17, 2012


Crossed Sabres

Fresh Start for Baseball

The varsity team looks to retool with new players and equipment Alice Maggio, ‘13

Staff Writer

It is a new season for the varsity baseball team, and the many new players, in addition to the returning players, are the source of great optimism. The team is led by head coach Doug Grove, assistant head coach Terry Dwyer and the varsity pitching coach Ron Greenstreet. New players include sophomores Lucas Dolan (pitcher/ shortstop), Hunter Grey (outfield/pitcher) and freshman Chris Seymour (Catcher). “I think that our defense is stronger all around than we were last year,” said returning shortstop Seth Whitmore, a junior who played for the

team last year. Mr. Grove, the head coach, touched on another change in the team this year. “We have been using differently styled bats this year,” he explained. “They have a lessened spring effect off the barrel of the bat, which

team will be able to fill the shoes of last year’s team. “We had a really strong team last year, so I hope that we can do as well as we did last year. In fact, I expect us to. I think once our team gets rolling we will be a hard team to stop.”

Vitally or Ben Coffman. You cannot expect that, but they should contribute. There is pressure, though.” Right field Junior Alex Coppa , a new addition to the varsity team this year, is enjoying his new experience. “It’s much more fun than JV because we get more field time,” said Coppa in a recent interview. When asked about a team the Generals should be worried about, Coppa gave a predictable response. “Our top rival in the district will be Yorktown, as always.” That is a game no parent, friend or fan is going to want to miss this baseball season. The Yorktown game will take place at home on May 2 at 6 p.m. and is sure to be thrillBY ALICE MAGGIO ing. Left: Part of the team warms up before practice. However, Mr. Grove does not worry about other baseball Above: Senior Matthew Brower and junior Justin Snow teams. “Never worry about any warm up prior to a game. other teams, just ourselves,” he stated. “It does not do any means they have a lower exit-speed ratio.” Mr. Grove acknowledges the team last good.” So basically, there will be less long hits and year as well. “We lost about five good guys In the first month of the season, the home-runs. last year. I wouldn’t expect the newest team went 5-7 overall and 2-3 in the disWhitmore is also optimistic that the freshman to be former players like Charlie trict.

Athlete of the Issue: Brooke Rippy Zach Perlman, ‘13

Staff Writer Girls softball is leading the district this year and it is all thanks to fourth y e a r starter Brooke

Rippy. Rippy is a senior and made the conversion from baseball to softball in eighth grade in order to be ready to play the sport in high school. Attesting to this, Rippy said she “just felt like baseball did not have the opportunities that softball does since I am a girl.” Rippy, who, when she still played baseball, competed with many of the current varsity baseball players was just as good if not better than many of the boys. In Little League, Rippy made the allstar team every year and won two championships for her recreational team. Now she is trying to do the same for the Generals.

Rippy’s play earned her a spot on the softball team’s roster at the Randolph College. “I am really excited to play at the collegiate level and I hope that it will be to the intensity that I have always played,” said Rippy when asked about her post-high-school career. Rippy has always had a love for baseball which transferred over to softball when the time came and she did not miss a beat. She made varsity as a freshman and immediately started over many seniors. Although it was a big transition she showed she could handle the task and continues to perform well in her senior year.

Spring Sports Records Varsity Baseball: 5-7 overall, 2-3 conference Varsity Softball: 6-4 overall, 4-1 conference Boys Varsity Lacrosse: 2-4 overall Boys Varsity Soccer: 3-3-1 overall, 0-1 conference


Crossed Sabres

On Track For a Great Season Track team starts the season off well Story by: Elena Amparo, ‘14; Sarah Angell, ‘14; Sydney Johnson, ‘15; Elena Parcell,‘14and Sarah Sears, ‘14. The spring sports season is in full swing, hours, with distance and sprinting events Martin Debraine. As a sophomore, hurdler Cailin Ramsey and the track and field team has started alternating on the track and throwing already knows how the meets work and the season strong in competitions against events taking place on the field. As a result, track is not often considered what track is like: “I’m more comfortable Mount Vernon, Yorktown, Wakefield, Falls Church and Edison. The team, which has a team sport, since runners, jumpers and in the atmosphere now.” been training Part of that since late atmosphere is F e b r u a r y, dedication. Even has already though practices competed were not held in three over spring Vi rg i n i a break, the team H i g h members still S c h o o l tried to work out. League Some managed to (VHSL) run a majority of m e e t s . the days, while Selected others ran one or athletes also two times during competed in the week. Even the Legard with time off, Relays, an injuries are still invitational, very common on March on the team: 24. senior Helen Outdoor Amend, Nichols track is and Troy have made up of all suffered from a sprinting injuries, ranging team, a from shin splints distance BY MATTHEW HIRSCH quadricep r u n n i n g Martin Debraine, Lukas Eigler-Harding and Patrick Odlum practice after school. Debraine leads the to injuries. team, and boys team with a 4:44.74 second mile time. Amid injuries a throwing and skipped t e a m . Sprinters tend to run distances of 100 to throwers mostly compete in individual spring break workouts, the girls’ team 400 meters, while distance runners usually events. However, the team still has to work remains undefeated and the athletes run distances of 400 to 3200 meters. together, since everyone’s performance continue to look forward to the rest of the Sprinters also jump hurdles for distances affects how the team does overall. “Even season. “We have a bunch of really good ranging from 100 to 300 meters and often though it’s not an organized team sport, underclassmen,” said Amend. “It would participate in long jump and high jump. it still feels like a team,” said sophomore be a great accomplishment to sweep all three [girls] district meets in a school year. The sprinting, distance and throwing teams hurdler Emma Troy. practice separately but participate in the Members of the track team are The boys are looking to gain respect in the same meets, and the scores are combined generally very committed to their sport, district,” said Coach Przydzial. The team is looking forward to rest of to get the team’s overall score. Other especially if they have been on the team for than relays, all of the events at meets are multiple seasons. “It’s the only true sport. this season and as Debraine said, “We have individual. Meets usually last three to four The others are just games,” said senior a good future for the next few years.”

April 17, 2012


Outdoor Track Stats Boys Mile Times (seconds) 1. Martin Debraine, 4:44.74 2. Jordan Ricker, 4.46.44 3. Haileye Demsie, 4.49.14 4. Patrick Odlum, 4.52.55 5. Lukas Eigler-Harding, 4.53:34

Girls Mile Times (seconds) 1. Sarah Angell, 5:23.90 2. Donia Nichols, 5:36.04 3. Jordan Selby, 5:38.66 4. Caitlyn Mulcahy, 6:18.84 5. Isabel Larocca, 6:30.84

Boys 200m Dash (seconds) 1. Victor Ramos, 25.24 2. Yordan Manchev, 25.64 3. Sean Pratt, 26.04 4. Zakaria Ennijm, 26.34 5. Raghay Damera, 27.04

Girls 200m Dash (seconds) 1. Marsharika Coleman, 26.54 2. Janel Moore, 27.54 3. Brianna Hogan, 28.24 4. Heidi Schmidt, 30.44 5. Emily Perrow, 30.94

Washington Nationals: Finally Ready to Succeed? With young talent, the Nationals look to join the elite ranks of the MLB Chris Seymour, ‘15

Staff Writer Since the Montreal Expos moved to Washington D.C. and became the Nationals in 2005, they have had a team of young athletes. These young players have finally come through the organization and have the chance to make a name for themselves in the Major Leagues. They can bring the Nationals to the playoffs, something that has never happened before. The Nationals are extremely excited to have Stephen Strasburg healthy for the whole season. Pitching coach, Steve McCatty referred to him as “the prototype number one starter,” when talking to the Washington Post. He will play for the MLB team for the 2012 season. He made his debut when he came up from the Minor Leagues on June 9, 2010. He pitched at home against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates had four hits in seven innings and managed to score two runs in the fourth inning. The most exciting and memorable thing from that game was Strasburg’s 14 strikeouts. Since this game, he has pitched a few games in the Minor Leagues. He made a few rehab starts after having Tommy John surgery, an operation that repairs a ruptured ulnar collateral

ligament (UCL) in the elbow, according to Most of Strasburg’s rehab starts went well, but some were not as good as his debut. A fan favorite, Ryan Zimmerman has been strapped down to stay in the district

for at least the next six years. This offseason, he signed a six year, $100 million contract extension. Zimmerman played only 100 of the 162 games this past season due to an injury. As the team leader, it is vital to keep him in the lineup. Among the top prospects and biggest headlines this spring training is outfielder,

Bryce Harper. Baseball fans were interested in one question: Where would Harper be on opening day? The Nationals made the decision to keep him in the minors for the first few months of the season. Should he play in the majors in the first 21 days of the season, his contract would allow him to leave the Nationals one year earl i e r.

barring a problem with current second basemen, Danny Espinosa. Espinosa had a breakout rookie season last year, hitting .236 with 21 homeruns and 66 RBIs. The numbers were not the best, but he seemed to always get hits when the team needed them. Alongside Espinosa last year was shortstop Ian Desmond who also had a good year. He hit .253. The most important thing he did last year was acting as a catalyst for the lineup. The team had a tough time filling the leadoff spot when outfielder Roger Bernadina went to the minors. After searching for a catalyst at the beginning of the lineup, manager Davey Johnson put Desmond into the leadoff spot. During this time, the Nats had an offensive surge. Desmond was able to get on base for the following hitters in the lineup. Everything seems to be going the Nationals’ way. This could be their breakout year, despite the tough NL East. They have built ART BY MAHEEN SHAHID themselves for the long run by getting young players. This is perThe Nationals do not want to put him in the MLB roster prematurely. Through nine fect because the rest of the division, except for Atlanta, has older players which may games, he is batting .286. The Nationals have quite a few other soon decline in ability. Should the Nationyoung players to be excited about. Steve als continue in the direction that they are Lombardozzi played a few games towards headed, and draft young talent, they have the end of last season at second base. The a chance to be very good for the next few Nats may not have a good spot for him, years.



Crossed Sabres

April 17, 2012

A Walk in the Park








1. Senior Luke Fichter enjoys a boat ride in Central Park on a birthday trip to New York. Many students this time of year go on day trips because of the warmer weather. 2. Daffodils begin to bloom on Columbia Pike. 3. The 9/11 Memorial, which opened on September 11, 2011, attracts many visitors to New York. Visiting monuments around Washington, D.C. is a great activity to go on with your friends and family. 4. A band in Central Park plays for people passing by. Oftentimes, local musicians will perform around Arlington metro stops, attracting listeners. 5. A bee pollinates a flower in Quincy Park.

First Annual Crossed Sabres Hunt Winner: Matthew Zetkulic, ‘14 PHOTO BY NOHA OSMAN

Clue Answers 1) 2012 5) 2214 2) 3114 6) 2210 3) 1123 7) 4004 4) 3036 8) 4021


Crossed Sabres

April 17, 2012

Rushing into things


An analysis of the criticism of Rush Limbaugh Isabel Larroca, ‘14

News Editor You could not open a newspaper, watch the news, or go online during the first few weeks of March without hearing about the controversy caused by the conflict between conservative radio personality, Rush Limbaugh and Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. Fluke had testified before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee about the issues of contraception and health coverage. Fluke criticized the health insurance policies of Georgetown University, stating that the school’s lack of coverage for contraceptives negatively impacted female students. Shortly after Fluke’s testimony, Limbaugh, whose radio show draws millions of listeners a week, heavily criticized Fluke’s argument, stating that it made Fluke, “A slut right? It makes her a prostitute.” Limbaugh’s comments drew almost immediate backlash. Prominent liberal commentators such as Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow condemned his comments, calling him a “terrible person” and that he and others like him were “being mean because the fact that they don’t understand

something makes them angry.” Political figures soon joined the public in expressing their outrage. One of President Obama’s political advisors, David Axelrod, stated, “I think what Rush Limbaugh said about [Sandra Fluke] was not only vile and degrading to her, but to women across the country.” After increasing pressure from the public and the loss of 43 sponsors, Limbaugh apologized, stating that, “In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke,” and that,“My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.” However, despite his apology, numerous people criticized him for being misogynistic and waging a “war on women.” There are a couple of ways Rush Limbaugh’s comments can be interpreted. Clearly, the most popular point of view is that Limbaugh was deliberately making misogynistic comments about Fluke in an attempt to degrade women as a whole, and that Limbaugh deserves the utmost criticism. Others believe Limbaugh was mere-

ly joking or just trying to be provocative. Perhaps the most interesting point made so far in this controversy is not the nature of Limbaugh’s comments, but the nature of the criticisms against him. Kirsten Powers, a columnist for The Daily Beast, pointed out in a recent article of hers that misogynistic attacks on women, be they joking or serious, come from the left (who largely led the charge against Limbaugh) as much from the right. The sheer number of examples Powers cited was astounding. Liberal commentator and radio show host Ed Schultz stated that Sarah Palin set off a “bimbo alert” during the 2008 election. Nightly talk-show host and news anchor Chris Matthews referred to Hillary Clinton as a “she-devil,” and “witchy.” Television host Bill Maher has made countless attacks on Sarah Palin and her family, some too graphic to be printed. Perhaps the most telling example of this hypocrisy could be seen in two facts. First, President Barack Obama’s super PAC received one million dollars from Maher and has yet to return the money. As president, Obama sets the tone for how this conflict should be handled. What weight do his

criticisms hold if they are not backed up by actions? I could not agree more with Ms. Powers. If Limbaugh’s comments were meant as jokes, and should be seen as such, then there is no reason to be offended. If it is, however, a “war on women,” then those who attack Limbaugh are hypocrites for their silence when liberal commentators have made equally, if not more, offensive remarks about women in the public eye. Just because someone agrees with your point of view does not make them above criticism. What makes this hypocrisy all the worse is that it dulls the argument many liberals were making that personal attacks in the media are inexcusable. How can progress be made in this issue if those pointing out the problem are not willing to call out those on their own side? We may all have to agree to disagree on the nature of Limbaugh’s statements. We can not deny, however, that for anything to change in the tone of the media, everyone must be held accountable. Until this is done, all productive discussions on this issue will be lost in squabbling over who called who what name.

The pros of choice

One students take on the issue of womens rights and abortion Emily Walker, ‘12


When making any decision, there are few things more important to consider than respect. Especially in political progress, no amount of partisanship should get in the way of advancing the position of members of society—litigation that puts women, minorities or disadvantaged peoples on a more equal level with white, heterosexual, middle-class men that have benefitted from a centuries-old system of patriarchal structure in the family and in the congressional chambers should be encouraged. Unfortunately, as many know, recent laws passed in some states and on the House and Senate floors are a slap in the face to this most basic assumption. Instead of advancing rights, specifically women’s rights, they are taking them away, chipping away at decades worth of hard-won progress. I do not identify as a radical feminist, but rather as someone in search of equality, so my views should not be read as extreme, rather as only what is required for women to stop being treated as second-class citizens. When half the population is paid less, is more often denied health coverage and has laws imposed upon its reproductive choices, there is quite obviously a problem: a lack of equality and respect. While I suppose that certain people will

always think women deserve fewer opportunities than men, what really bothers me is the government, at the state and national level, actively taking away women’s liberties. Take a bill up for vote in Arizona, H.B. 2036, which would make the start of an unborn child’s life to be the first day of its mother’s last menstrual period. Congratulations, ladies, you are now all pregnant. The rationale behind this is that, in Arizona, you cannot get an abortion if you are past 20 weeks pregnant, so saying that conception happened before it actually did would limit the window of time in which a woman could have an abortion. This law serves only to make it difficult for women who are not physically or emotionally ready to be pregnant to make their own decisions. It is not the place of anybody to interfere with the needs of a living, feeling woman who is carrying a fetus that cannot think or have emotional responses. There will always be controversy over whether a fetus is a person, but there is no denying that a woman is one. Thus, her decision as a sentient being must be respected; there is no reason to force your opinions upon women who view abortion as the best option for them. The abortion issue is closely linked to the issue of access to birth control, the female version of which is significantly more expensive than the male one. Under

Crossed Sabres is the student-produced newspaper of the Washington-Lee High School community. Editorials reflect the opinion of the editorial staff and, unless otherwise noted, are written by a member of the staff. The editorial board encourages responsible commentaries and letters to the editor, but reserves the right to edit for grammar, style or lack of space. Letters and commentaries containing obscenities, racial slurs or libelous content will not be published. All letters must be signed by the author to be published. They can be printed “name withheld” upon request. The Crossed Sabres publications lab is in room 1028. Any correspondence may be dropped off there or emailed to

the Affordable Care Act, there would be no more co-pays on birth control. When religious employers objected, citing their personal faith as a reason to deny their female workers preventative medication, they were exempt from paying for birth control directly, with insurance companies picking up the cost instead. There are still people who object to this, saying that they do not want their tax dollars to fund birth control. First of all, this is a flawed assumption, as insurance companies operate independently as large corporations, autonomous from any tax-collecting body. Secondly, even if the government would cover contraception (which it does not for all of its programs), it would not be the first time taxes were used for something one might not agree with. This objection to access to birth control harkens back to a year almost as enlightened as 2012—1873—when the government could search mail to confiscate contraceptives. What progress we have made! Of course, some people feel the need to impose their views upon everyone else out of ignorant misunderstanding. Take the recent crass and inappropriate remarks made by outspoken radio host Rush Limbaugh about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, who advocated for her reproductive health (contraceptives can be used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome, which

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can cause cancers and infertility) and her right to prevent unwanted pregnancies in front of the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. She said the cost of contraceptives, which she had to pay upwards of $3,000 for, was too expensive to pay for out of pocket, so insurance companies should cover it as a preventative medication and as a treatment for certain conditions. Limbaugh responded by calling her a “slut,” “prostitute” and “immoral, baseless, no-purpose-to-her life woman.” No, Rush Limbaugh, what people decide to do with their own bodies for their own reasons does not establish their worth or contributions to society or intelligence. Nor is it any of his business. That is the most important thing, that so many regulations governments have been imposing upon women’s rights to take care of their own bodies have absolutely nothing to do with anybody else. What an individual woman decides to do with her body has no effect on any of the people who are getting so riled about the issue of women’s sexual health and rights. It is all about respect—respecting women’s choices and needs—and there is just not enough of it. Until people are respectful of a woman’s most basic right to manage herself accept that their personal beliefs cannot be forced upon others, true progress towards equality can never happen. Editor-in-Chief: Emily Walker, ‘12 Managing Editor: Noah Pilchen, ‘12 News Editor: Isabel Larroca, ‘14 Art Editor: Maheen Shahid, ‘12 Lifestyles Editor: Kirby Miller, ‘13 Features Editor: Abigail Bessler, ‘13 Sports Editor: Matthew Hirsch, ‘12 Opinion Editor: Andrew Dudka, ‘12 Special Sections Editor: Paige Taylor, ‘12 Online Editor: Emily Cook, ‘12 Business Manager: Manbir Nahal, 14 Adviser: Ms. Kira Jordan

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April 17, 2012

Generally Speaking

Crossed Sabres

The Biased Opinion of the Crossed Sabres Staff

Taking a byte out of crime The absurdity of cyberbullying

We think most agree that technology is not always the best means of communication. You try sending your essay to your English teacher, and the file doesn’t open at school, or when it does, the document is blank. You need to call someone using someone else’s phone and realize their speed dial is not the same as your speed dial. You want to look something up really quickly on your laptop, then end up spending three hours watching cat videos. Perhaps it is just us, but we do not see the harm in becoming a partial Luddite. At least then, without technology, one would actually have to handwrite an essay, giving more thought to words and phrases, and go to the library to find information. Then, return home to actually play with their cat instead of watching other people play with theirs. We suppose another

advantage of modern Luddism would be the elimination of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet and other technologies to harm other people in an intentional, repeated


Cyber bullying is harsh, and occurs on many social networking sites.

and hostile manner. With the elimination of technology, cyberbullying would cease to exist. Without social media such as Facebook,

Twitter and Tumblr, how would something that is that closely associated with such means continue to exist? If one were to delete their social profiles, that would result in the unspeakable -- people coming out from behind their monitors and keyboards to criticize others in person. Of course, there will always be the one person who defends themselves with the ageold argument, ‘I’m just being honest! It’s a fact, if they can’t deal with it that’s their issue!’ For anyone who genuinely believes in that argument, I suggest playing Binky’s Facts and Opinions on the PBSKids website. This game is designed to teach children how to differentiate between a fact and an opinion. It also features characters from the popular children’s show, Arthur. We are all for anonymity on the web. If you would like to publish your opinion without

Sure-footed and shirtless An argument for the athletes freedom of comfort and expression Isabel Amend, ‘12

Staff Reporter

protect female athletes from uncomfortable and unsafe situations both on and off the track. The rule covers male athletes to be fair, but the crux of the problem deals with females. The administration does not want to be liable for a girl that faces provocative jeers on the road. It also does not want to be liable for a swath of phone calls, all complaining about fifty half-naked teenagers on the track. I understand that public institutions constantly face the ominous issue of liability. In

The school administration continues to enforce a rule that prohibits school athletes from exercising shirtless during practice both on and off the track. I disagree with the notion that the administration can enforce what we must wear during practice. In the same way that regular school students choose what to wear as opposed to wearing uniforms, athletes should have the right to choose what sportswear they can use during practice. Granted, school students follow a basic set of rules that appropriates sensible dressing; for example, a student could not BY MATTHEW HIRSCH show up to class What is acceptable attire for athletes in our in a bikini and flip society? flops. Likewise, school athletes this case, however, I adamantly should have the ability to vary believe that the cost of personal their sportswear according to freedom taken away from runweather conditions and the dif- ners heavily outweighs the cost of ficulty level of practice, while si- safety issues that might arise with multaneously abiding by sensible us runners. From personal expetenets of dress code rience and talking to others, the Since running is the only sport overwhelming consensus is that I know, the sensible tenets of the people favor exercising shirtless, “runner’s dress code” seem pretty despite uncomfortable situations simple- wear shorts or appropri- that might arise. ate spandex, wear a shirt when To be more specific, let me the weather is moderate, and take present a real life example that off your shirt if the weather is occurred only two weeks ago: yielding excruciating discomfort. a group of girls and I were on The administration’s rationale an easy run through Clarendon. behind this rule is centered around A car full of obnoxious teenagsafety, protection and liability. ers started jeering at us not once, The rule’s primary intention is to but at two separate points during

the run. Since we were in a group of five, we laughed at the jeerers and brushed the incident off of our shoulders. The incident was neither risky, nor for that matter abnormally uncomfortable. In fact, the situation was fodder for humorous conversation after. I am very aware that this kind of situation stands in stark contrast to a more dangerous one- i.e. a girl hypothetically faces real danger of molestation or unwanted physical contact on the road. In this case, the essential question must be asked: if the girl were wearing only a sports bra, were the chances of this situation occurring heightened because of her choice of sportswear? In final analysis, the common consensus found on the track is that athletes should be able to adjust their sportswear according to extraneous conditions. Frankly, it seems ludicrous that we do not have the choice to take our shirts off after running miles and miles at a fast pace. When I say fast, some boys on the team run 5:30 miles as intervals. With all due respect, the administration should give student athletes this one personal liberty.  

your name, go ahead. We are sure you have a legitimate reason for browsing the My Little Pony: Friendship is Forever message board without an account. If you find yourself constantly using the anonymous function on a website, sit back and think for a minute. First off, think if what you are about to say is potentially harmful or not. If it is, you probably should not be sending it to someone. It is as simple as that. If you have totally ignored the first guideline, wait ten minutes before pressing send. Chances are you probably will not harbor the same hate once you have cooled off a bit. If you are still ignoring this advice, at least keep this in mind: will this matter two weeks from now? Probably not. You can save a lot of time by skipping the whole being-meanfor-no-reason step and just going straight to watching cat videos for the remainder of your night. Trust us, that is a lot more productive. Of course, humans will always be unqiue in their rudeness. We highly doubt a pride of lions has ridiculed another lion for being

too fat, or too ugly, or having braces. What we are saying can be applied universally. People have no excuse for putting others down. You can apologize all you want, but it’s never going to excuse that fact. A lot of the bullying now is seen over networks and has created its own term. We see this as cowardice. People have learned that they do not have to criticize others to their faces, and they can therefore avoid confrontation. Instead, they throw hatred at people in Facebook comments, anonymous messages on Tumblr, tweets, emails and instant messages. This bullying does not make you more of a hero or an honorable person. We have been on the Internet long enough to see just how ignorant people are. It is a fact of life, that some people will always be ignorant. The key to surviving is perseverance. In the words of Bernard Baruch, “those who do not mind matter, and those who do mind do not matter.”

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