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December 9, 2011

Egyptians in Washington, D.C.




“Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt� opens at the Natural History Museum Saira Rehman, ‘15

Staff Reporter

To the Egyptians, eternal life was very important. It was a precious journey. On November 17, a new exhibit RSHQHG DW WKH 6PLWKVRQLDQœV 1DWXUDO +LVWRU\ 0XVHXP ³(WHUQDO /LIH LQ$QFLHQW (J\SW´ LV WKH ODUJHVW H[KLELW LQ the museum and shows major artifacts and mummies both old and new. Some artifacts at the exhibit are the Facience QHFNODFHZKLFKLVIHDWXUHGDVDSDUWRIWKHH[KLELWFDOOHG ³,Q7KH0XPP\œV7RPE´ZKLFKDOVRKDVRQGLVSOD\DIHZ RWKHUREMHFWVGDWLQJEDFNIURPFDWR$' ³2XU IDYRULWH SDUW RI WKH H[KLELW ZDV SUREDEO\ WKH animal mummies section where we saw the process of PXPPL¿FDWLRQKDSSHQWKURXJKDQLPDOV:HDOVROHDUQHG about how Egyptians used these mummies,� said museum SDWURQ$P\/RHPDQZLWKKHUWZRGDXJKWHUV³,ZRXOGQœW change a thing.� $QRWKHUVHFWLRQRIWKHH[KLELWLV³:KDWœV,Q$)DFH´ 7KLV VHFWLRQ GLVSOD\V PXPP\ PDVNV WKURXJK WLPH DQG VKRZV GLIIHUHQW VW\OHV RI FRI¿Q GHFRUDWLRQ DQG EULQJV visitors face-to-face with the living people behind the

mummies. 7KH PRVW UHFHQW PDVN RQ GLVSOD\ GDWHG $' LVSDLQWHGLQ*UHHNVW\OHDQGLVQDPHGWKH)D\XPSRUWUDLW ZKLOHWKHROGHVWPDVNLVIURPWKHWLPHFD%& $VWXGHQWQDPHG-RVK0LOOHUVDLGÂł7KLVVHFWLRQLQLWVHOILV so diverse in time and shows a great deal of information.â&#x20AC;? 0LOOHUOLNHGWKHHQWLUHH[KLELWDVDZKROHEXWWKHVHFWLRQ on the insects interested him the most. 7KHVHFWLRQ0LOOHUZDVWDONLQJDERXWZDVWKHÂł,QVHFWV LQ$QFLHQW (J\SW´ ,Q WKLV H[KLELW YLVLWRUV ZLOO ÂżQG RXW ZKDWH[DFWO\WKHUROHRILQVHFWVOLNHVFRUSLRQVEHHVĂ&#x20AC;LHV locusts and scarab beetles was in Egyptian life and death. $SSDUHQWO\WKLVVHFWLRQZHUHSRSXODUWRRWKHUVDVZHOOÂł,W was so cool to see how there were all sorts of bugs around the Egyptians even after they were buried,â&#x20AC;? said ten-yearROG-XOLR6DQWRVZKRFDPHZLWKKLVPRWKHU Visitors should expect a wide variety of sections as %<6$,5$5(+0$1 well as detailed descriptions. This exhibit lets visitors This is a male mummy about 2,000 years old. Studies show he DWHOLWWOHPHDWDQGKDGVRRWLQKLVOXQJVGRWRWHQGLQJWRÂżUHV explore and learn about ancient Egyptian life. There are DOVR SOHQW\ RI RWKHU VHFWLRQV LQFOXGLQJ Âł7KH *RGV DQG (WHUQDO /LIH´ DQG Âł7HQWNKRQVXÂśV &RIÂżQ´9LVLWRUV VKRXOG H[SHFWDQLQIRUPDWLYH\HWHQWHUWDLQLQJYLVLWDWWKHÂł(WHUQDO Life in Ancient Egypt.â&#x20AC;?

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is located at the intersection of 10th Street and Constitution Ave., NW 20560. Admission to the museum is free, with the exception of some special exhibits and movies. The museum is open from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. The museum can be reach by Metro, the D.C. Circulator Bus, or car. The museumsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Metro stop is the Smithsonian Station exit on the Blue and Orange lines. For more informatin visit


These are the oldest maskes in the exhibit dating to  %& 7KH\ DUH QDPHG ³0DQ¶V &RI¿Q 0DVNV´

Rosebud takes over Rosslyn

Rosebud Film Festival showcases local film talent 2

on a road-trip around Virginia, telling the Staff Reporter stories of several of the people they met and their struggles during the current economic For four hours on Saturday, November downturn. Âł$0RQXPHQWIRU0DUWLQ/XWKHU.LQJ 12, about 200 people gazed up at the ceiling of the Artisphere dome in Rosslyn, watching -U´ E\ 7LP &RQH RI :DVKLQJWRQ '& this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 19 nominees in the 22nd annual explored the history of monuments and WKH GHVLJQ RI WKH 0DUWLQ /XWKHU .LQJ -U Rosebud Film Festival. The festival, created by Natasha Reatig memorial recently erected in the District. Âł+RPHZDUG $QJHO´ E\ -HQQLIHU in 1990 to honor and screen exceptional ÂżOPV E\ ORFDO ÂżOPPDNHUV LV UXQ E\ Schwed of Alexandria, told a story of love Arlington Independent Media (AIM). AIM and loss through interpretive dance with a LVD&ODUHQGRQEDVHGQRQSURÂżWRUJDQL]DWLRQ poetic voice over. :LQQHUV RI WKH 5RVHEXG )LOP that offers courses in media production, Festival were announced a professional video production on Sunday, November facility and equipment rental. 13 at The Clarendon In selecting nominees, %DOOURRP Âł0LMR 0\ MXGJHV ORRNHG IRU Son),â&#x20AC;? by Chithra inventiveness and -H\DUDP ZRQ %HVW originality in the submitted in Show. The four ÂżOPV 7KH ÂżOPV VKRZQ other winners were in the festival covered Âł&KURQRPHWHU IRU many genres, including Poetic Directionsâ&#x20AC;? documentary, personal by Arturo Martinini narrative and animation, and Perry Lindstrom, and ranged in length from Âł$SSOLFDWLRQV´ E\ 3DXO three minutes to 66 minutes. /+XJLQVÂł1H[WWR+HDYHQ $OWKRXJK DOO RI WKH ÂżOPV -XG\ÂśV 6PLOH´ E\ 5RE made strong points and 3DUULVK DQG Âł3ULVP´ told intriguing stories, by Dan Quinn, Alexa the visual and audio Miller and Debra quality varied &RKHQ $OO ÂżYH f r o m %<0$+((16+$+,' winners received a near$1,000 cash prize, television professional to a less polished, more showcases on AIMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s local cable channels and a one-year membership to AIM. homemade presentation. For more information about the Rosebud Even with the great variation in genre DQG VW\OH VRPH ÂżOPV VWXFN RXWÂł%ODQN Film Festival or other AIM programs, such 6WUHHW´E\%HQ6DXQGHUVDQG-RH\6FKLKO as the Arlington Youth Film Festival and ÂżOPPDNHUV IURP 0HFKDQLFVYLOOH ZDV D Document Arlington, visit arlingtonmedia. GRFXPHQWDU\WKDWIROORZHGWKHÂżOPPDNHUV org.

Sarah Sears, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;14

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