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December 9, 2011

Crossed Sabres

Artist of the ssue

Meredith Sweeney showcases her talents in many mediums

Isabel Larroca, ‘14

News Editor

Sophomore Meredith Sweeney has been involved in art since elementary school and is currently taking art classes. She has won multiple awards for her work, and plans to continue pursuing her talent at both Governor’s School this summer and possibly at an art college when she graduates.

+RZ GR \RX JR DERXW VWDUWLQJ ZRUN RQ “I usually work from a subject‌get the a piece? Do you just draw from your basic shapes and lighting. Most of the time I stick to that subject, but sometimes I’ll imagination? elaborate a bit.â€?

Who or what originally got you interested in art? “I don’t think there was any particular person. It’s just always been something I’m interested in. From a young age I liked it, but when I got to middle school the classes became much more interesting, which helped to keep me interested in it.�

Have you been awarded for any of your ZRUN" “I’ve gotten ‘gold keys’ at a juried show called the Scholastic Art Competition, ZKLFKLVNLQGRIOLNHÂżUVWSODFHEXWJLYHQWR multiple people. Otherwise, I’m applying to the Governor’s School for Visual Arts.â€?




Were you involved in art when you were younger? How? What do you do currently? Âł, WRRN H[WUD DIWHUVFKRRO FODVVHV LQ elementary school, and in middle school I took art electives. I’m in Art II and Ceramics II right now, and over the summer I do pottery, drawing and painting classes.â€? $UHWKHUHDQ\VSHFLÂżFNLQGVRIDUW\RXDUH more interested in? Why? “I’m most interested in drawing, because I can do it anytime, anywhere‌As long as I have something to draw with and draw on.â€?

Do you have any inspirations? “I really like Keith Haring, who was an DUWLVWZKRGLGWKHVHJUDSKLFJUDIÂżWLSLHFHV with these very bold designs. They are very H[SUHVVLYHIRUVRPHWKLQJVRVLPSOH7KH\ have a lot of contrast and motion.â€? Do you plan on pursuing art in the future? Why? “My back-up plan for Governor’s School is to go to an early-college program at the Chicago Arts School. If I could make a career out of selling my art, that would be great. It would be nice to be able to make a career out of something I really care about.â€?



'R\RXKDYHDQ\SLHFHRIZRUNWKDWÂśV\RXU 1 favorite? “I like this one portrait I did of one of my friends, and a lot of people seem to like it too. It’s very bold and has a lot of contrast.â€?

1. This portrait of a friend is Sweeney’s favorite drawing that she has done. 2. Sweeney used charcoal to draw this seashell. 3. This multi-color bowl was made by Sweeney in Ceramics class. . 4. This drawing of a hand and a book is an example of Sweeneys work on paper. 5. Sweeney made this zebra sculpture by using newspaper.

Hugo hits the theaters Martin Scorsese adapts Brian Selznick’s hit novel for the big screen Paige Taylor, ‘12 Special Sections Editor A truly masterful blend of narrations and illustrations, The Invention of Hugo Cabret is an enticing novel full of adventure and despair. Written and illustrated by Brian Selznick, it is enchanting tale full of challenging obstacles for Hugo, an orphan, to overcome. With 284 pictures within the 533 pages, the story depends equally on the detailed illustrations as it does actual words. This winter, Selznick’s FKLOGUHQVERRNKLWPRYLHWKHDWUHVLQDÂżOPDGDSWDWLRQHugo. In the book, Hugo lives in the walls of a train station LQ 3DULV ZKHUH KH PDQDJHV WKH VWDWLRQÂśV FORFNV ÂżOFKLQJ food whenever he gets the chance. His unique situation has the ability of touching even the coldest of hearts, as he is completely alone, void of a mother and a father. The premise of this novel is revealed following the death of Hugo’s father, who had discovered a human-like machine at the museum he worked at. Working together, Hugo and his father tried to give life back to the automaton. $IWHUKLVIDWKHUGLHG+XJRFRQWLQXHGWRÂż[WKHPDFKLQH stealing parts from a toy maker’s shop in the train station. The automaton that Hugo works on throughout the story is propped upright with a pen in its hand at a desk. I was not sure what this machine was supposed to do until they revealed its purpose at the end. I was still left somewhat confused as to why the automaton was originally constructed, although the machine’s purpose was actually quite interesting. Although Hugo is depicted as a thief, his attempt to carry out his father’s last wish seems honorable the way Selznick describes it. His determination is admirable and Selznick creates a character that one can really relate to. Even though I am not usually a fan of 3D movies,

¿QGLQJ WKHP GLVWUDFWLQJ DQG RYHUGRQH Hugo’s use of the tactic was refreshing. While some movies have scary images plunging into the audience’s faces, the 3D effects in Hugo ZHUHSOHDVDQWO\VXEWOHDGGLQJWRWKHH[SHULHQFH Throughout the movie, one was really able to really VWHSLQWRDVFHQHDQGH[SHULHQFHWKHPRYLH$QREVHUYHU H[SHULHQFHGWKHYLUWXDOVQRZDVLWEHJDQWRIDOOLQWKHWKHDWHU ChloÍ Moretz, who plays Hugo’s new friend, Isabelle, perfectly played a precocious young girl with a wide vocabulary. In the book, I had originally found her to be annoying and pushy, but in the movie she was seen as supportive and caring of Hugo. I found that KHU UROH LQ WKH PRYLH RXW VKLQHG $VD %XWWHU¿HOG ZKR portrayed Hugo, but not in a way that hurt the movie. The station inspector, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, added another element of adventure in the movie. The inspector spotted Hugo living in the train station and had been out to get him ever since. Throughout the movie, he was unsuccessful in his many attempts to catch Hugo and send him off to an orphanage. Cohen, who usually acts in adult comedies, was surprisingly pleasant and very likable in his role. In the beginning, it was very peculiar to watch him play a character that was not completely ridiculous. Originally thinking that I would prefer one over the other, the movie was equally as enjoyable as the book. The story line and character development was done superbly DQG , IHHO WKDW DQ\ DJH JURXS ZRXOG HQMR\ WKLV ¿OP Hugo is rated PG. FROM HUGOMOVIE.COM

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