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Crossed Sabres

December 9, 2011

Holiday assembly takes center stage Administration moves assembly to auditorium Zachary Perlman, ‘13

Staff Reporter

place before winter break and will have performances by the band and many other student groups, musical and otherwise.

junior Benjamin Rim, who went on to say how much he enjoys the Holiday assemblies each year. The assembly is a time to celebrate all the different culture’s holidays in unison, and with performances from many different groups it’s set to entertain. Even though there are debates about the changing of the schedule, students still look forward to the event anyway. As Solomon said, “Time to celebrate is great, no BY ISABEL LARROCA matter

In recent years assemblies have been held in the gymnasium, but due to an increase student population the school has moved the assembly to the auditorium for safety reasons, to facilitate evacutation in an emergency situation. Since the auditorium holds even fewer numbers than the gymnasium, the assembly has been broken up into three increments. Classes attend the asVHPEO\ DFFRUGLQJ WR Ă€RRU number, and number of students in the class. In order to EHDEOHWRÂżWWKUHHGLIIHUHQW assemblies into one period third period and Generals’ period are both canceled, Up until this year, the gym was used for assemblies and pep rallies. However, due to the ZKLOHÂżUVWLVH[WHQGHG growing student population, the auditorium is having to be used instead. “I enjoy the setting because of the comfortable VHDWLQJ DQG UHOD[LQJ >DWPRVSKHUH@´ VDLG sophomore Gabe Solomon. While the gymnasium is cramped and uncomfortable, the auditorium provides comfortable seating DQGDUHOD[HGHQYLURQPHQW Both of the arrangements have their pros and cons. Junior Nick Bornbusch thought otherwise about the new decision .“Honestly, I didn’t mind being cramped and uncomfortable in the gym because it was DIXQH[FLWLQJHQYLURQPHQWDQGLWEURXJKW together the school as a whole. Now, I feel like it’s divided and the assemblies are not DVH[FLWLQJDVWKH\RQFHZHUH´ With all the debate about this new change in assemblies most students are not looking forward to the holiday assembly as they usually do. “It really is just a time to BY NOAH PILCHEN celebrate and enjoy the time of year as a Assemblies will now be held in the auditorium. This is do to the large student population, community. Normally I am pumped to sit which poses a safety risk in the gym. with friends and enjoy the different perforPDQFHVLQDMROO\HQYLURQPHQW´VDLGMXQLRU “It’s a great time to celebrate all the festivi- where it is, even if it’s not with the school Ryan Uckert. WLHVDQGWKHHQGRIWKHFDOHQGDU\HDU´VDLG DVDZKROH´ The holiday assembly is set to take


What’s going on? Important upcoming events that you need to know about Dec 9,10: The fall play, “The CruFLEOH´EHJLQVDWSP7KHSOD\ is about the drama surrounding the Salem Witch Trials that occured in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. 7LFNHWVDUHLQDGYDQFHDQGDW the door. Dec 13: The winter Choral ConFHUWZLOOEHJLQDWSPDQGUXQ until around 8:00 p.m. The Concert Choir, Madrigals, Chorale and Jazz Vocal Ensemble will all perform a variety of selections, including “And WKH*ORU\RIWKH/RUG´E\+DQGHO Âł)ORZHU'XHW´E\'HOLEHVDQGÂł$ 0HUU\&KULVWPDV´ Dec 14: The winter Guitar and 2UFKHVWUD&RQFHUWZLOOEHJLQDW SPDQGUXQWRDURXQGSP The Sinfonia Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra and Guitar 2 and 3 Ensemble will all perform selections from Handel’s Âł0HVVLDK´&RSHODQGÂśVÂł+RHGRZQ´ DQGÂł,GLWDURG´ Dec 15: Interim report cards will be mailed. Dec 23: School lets out for Winter Break and will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd. -DQ4XDUWHUH[DPVIRUUGDQG 6th period. Jan 16: School is out for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. -DQ4XDUWHUH[DPVIRUVWDQG 5th period. -DQ4XDUWHUH[DPVIRUQGDQG 4th period.

An introduction into Islam Social Anthropology students visit Islamic Center LQWHUHVWLQJWRIXOO\H[SHULHQFHWKH,VODPLF culture and see how those outside of that Staff Reporter culture are viewed. “It was interesting to wear the hijab and noticing how people It has been ten years since the SeptemWUHDWHG\RXGLIIHUHQWO\´VKHVDLG ber 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Senior Nina Troy also found it interand in the past decade the American meesting how strangers reacted to the group’s GLD KDV VHHQ WR WKH YLOLÂżFDWLRQ RI DQ HQclothing. “The trip really changed my view tire religion and culture: Islam. However, on stereotypes... the imam was very inforWashington-Lee seems to be making a mative and I learned a lot about Islam that FRQFHUWHGHIIRUWWRFRPEDWWKLVYLOLÂżFDWLRQ I never knew before. The most interesting effectively. thing, however, was the Metro ride to the This past month, IB Social Anthropolcenter. We were all wearing head-coverRJ\ VWXGHQWV DWWHQGHG D ÂżHOG WULS WR WKH ings, and we were getting looked at much Islamic Center of D.C., an international PRUHFDUHIXOO\WKDQLVQRUPDO´ PRVTXH QHDU 'XSRQW &LUFOH 7KLV ÂżHOG Another senior, Olivia Weltz, added trip was in correspondence with the class’ that she feels that “this trip ought to open study of rural Iraq through the ethnography COURTESY OF PILAR CURTIS up people’s eyes, who have been, to some Guests of the Sheik. Many say that this trip IB Social Anthropology students pose in their traditional Islamic clothing. The H[WHQWEOLQGHGE\WKHFRPPRQSRUWUD\DORI promotes openness and diversity within a students visited the Islamic Center as a supplement to their reading of Guests of the WKH,VODPLFIDLWK´ school already lauded for its diverse facSheik. +RZHYHU H\HRSHQLQJ WKLV ÂżHOG WULS ulty and student body. trip seem to concur. Senior Taylor Brandt was, it is merely a small step in the right IB Social Anthropology teacher Mr. RIH[SRVXUHWRFHUWDLQWKLQJV´ Vogel agrees that this trip promotes openHe adds that this is especially important VD\VWKDWVKHZDVÂłQRWVXUSULVHGWRÂżQGWKDW direction towards acceptance and undermindedness, saying, “I believe that the LQDWLPHZKHQÂł,VODPLVDEVROXWHO\YLOLÂżHG none of the negative stereotypes of Muslim standing of Muslim culture, and diversity PRUH H[SRVXUH \RX KDYH WKH PRUH RSHQ in the media, mainstream culture and espe- culture were at all present or visible at the in general. We must each strive to eliminate ignorance and foster openness in our PRVTXH´ minded you become. Close-mindedness FLDOO\LQ+ROO\ZRRG´ Senior Casha Stempniewicz found it community. seems to stem from ignorance of and lack 7KH VWXGHQWV ZKR DWWHQGHG WKH ÂżHOG


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