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Page1: Two-Tone poem (Red and Grey) Page 2: Sonnet (Acceptance) Page 3: Personification Poem (Paris) Page 4: Cliché Poem (Lose Track of Time) Page 5: Found Poem (The Grassy Field) Page 6: Extended Metaphor (Photography vs Poetry) page 7: Free Verse (Game of Life) Page 8: Limerick (Goat on a Boat), Lantern (Square)

Two tone poem

The times I am a fierce red, Nothing stands in my way. No mountain rises too high, no valley too low, Capable and competent, I tackle problems with a vicious determination. Yet I can be a dark gray. Doubtful and unsure of where I fit in. Tired of judgment from the world, I’m not ready for the calendar’s activities. But today I’m a bland yellow, Sleepy and not ready for what the world throws at me.

Sonnet Acceptance

I look around and wonder what it’s like, To be accepted, loved, for who I am. I walk the barren streets alone in life, The emptiness crushing my diaphragm. I don't need from others, their approval, Nor popularity do I aspire. Because for me, what feels the most truthful, Is to fit it, that is all that I desire. Yet I have my family around me, Above all, it is blood that’s the thickest. And I’m sure that most of you would agree, They stay with you in good times and sickness. For there is nothing I would want to take, To have the bond with my family break.

Personification Poem Paris

" The aroma of bread rises from her café’s." The sound of music and dance come from her many plays." Her mimes tell stories without words," While she gets flocked with with an onslaught of birds." On the subway, you will hear a lot of chatter," As the train speeds by, the rails make a clatter." At the Louvre, her pride and joy’s are on display," To give the tourists an exiting getaway." The city of love, so free and gentle," A time for couples to get sentimental." She enjoys watching from above," Reminiscing about her own past love."

Cliché poem Lose Track of Time Why is it so easy to lose track of time? It might crawl by Or fly at the speed of light. Sometimes we miss what’s important When we’re speeding down the highway of life Never bothering to soak it all in. So before you bite the dust, Live life to the fullest. Don’t just sit there like a knob on a log. Get lost in the moment, And live now, not later.

Found poem The Grassy Field (taking words from In Flander’s Fields and The Road Not Taken)



Extended Metaphor Photography vs Poetry

She raises the camera Up to her eye. He sits down to write His pencil held high. She picks her shot, He searches for the perfect rhyme. She adjusts the angle, While he spends so much time Seeking the words, That will go on his page, As she adjusts the lighting, And sets her stage. Two different professions, Two different lives. But for both of them, It’s for perfection they strive


Free Verse Game of life In the game of life," You get one chance to play " No repeats, no do-overs." You might be lucky enough" To get kinged," Or find yourself a ladder," But you’ll come across shoots," And your queen will get taken. " So take some risks," And use your cranium," Because at the end of the day," When your king gets check mated" And all your battleships sunk" There is no back to square one" No pass go and collect." It’s just game over" I hope you had fun."


Limerick Goat on a Boat There once was a very old goat Who lived on a rickety boat He awoke one night In a terrible freight To find that his boat could not float

Lantern Square Square Not round Same size sides Has four corners Box

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