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there was a wonderful world full of mysterious creatures who lived in seven separate lands that made up a Magical Kingdom. During the day, the kingdom was visited by many special guests who came to see the creatures and have a wonderful time in their lands. But at night, when the guests went home…the creatures became restless and were often known to get into all kinds of mischief. So, one night – after an especially animated argument over what the rules should be and who would enforce them, Jiminy Cricket offered a suggestion…

“We need to have a set of rules to keep things under control in the Magic Kingdom while the guests are away� said Jiminy Cricket to Mickey Mouse. Everyone knew that Mickey Mouse was in charge because he was the first creature to live in the land – so, they made him President and asked that he call a meeting of the creatures. In order to be fair, Jiminy Cricket suggested that the group of creatures be selected from among the population of each land. These Representatives and Senators could then help decide what laws would be put in place and which rules would be important to the people from their land. And that is when Mickey Mouse organized the first Magical Kingdom Congress to be held.

Independence Hall in Liberty Square was the perfect place to hold the Magic Kingdom Congress. After all, it was filled with the Hall of Presidents and those gentlemen had done a pretty good job making rules for the United States of America.

Maybe some of them would be willing to help the Magic Kingdom make their new Constitution?

The Magic Kingdom lands held an election to pick their Representatives and Senators for the Congress. Then all the elected creatures traveled to Liberty Square to be a part of the big meeting and help make the new rules for the kingdom.


Representatives Senators Jack Sparrow – Adventureland Pocahontas – Frontierland Cinderella – Fantasyland Ariel - Fantasyland Woody – Toontown Stitch – Tomorrowland Mickey Mouse – Main Street USA James Madison – Liberty Square

These are the elected officials for the first Magic Kingdom Congress

Jimney Cricket – Main Street USA Aladdin – Adventureland Mustafa – Adventureland Mulan – Frontierland Mary Poppins – Fantasyland Cruella DeVille – Fantasyland All Princesses – Fantasyland Sebastian – Toontown Scrooge McDuck – Toontown Lightening McQueen - Tomorrowland

At the congress, the lawmakers wrote up a Constitution which laid out some basic rules and provided some ways to protect the rights of the creatures in the land.

They sent the Constitution out to the lands to be approved – but the creatures asked them to go back to work and make a list that more clearly defined their rights and protected them even more.

The Representatives and Senators met again to work on this new “Bill of Rights.� There were a lot of ideas about what things were the most important and needed to be included on the list. Many of the elected officials spoke up about the rights they felt strongly about. Because of their ability to speak their mind and share the ideas from the creatures in their lands, a Bill of Rights was created.

Mickey Mouse was the first to speak up‌ He thought that everyone should have the right to freedom of speech, religion and the press. Everyone should also have the right to gather and assemble and protest the policies of the government. The Congress agreed, and the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights was written.

Next, Mulan offered her idea. As a soldier who defended her family and homeland, she thought it was important that all citizens had the right to bear arms – especially in the defense of their homes.

Everyone agreed and the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights was written.

Pocahantas felt it was important that everyone’s home should be sacred and that no one should be able to invade it. Especially soldiers – even if they were from your own land. So, she proposed that no soldiers should be given lodging in a house during war or peace without the permission of the owner. And the 3rd Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

Having been a victim of several illegal search and seizures by ill mannered creatures, Sheriff Woody wanted to be sure that all of the Magic Kingdom was safe in their own home. He suggested that houses could not be searched without a warrant from the proper authorities and the warrants had to have probable cause – this meant that nobody could come in your house and take your toys without permission from the law. And then the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

Cruella Deville had a lot of ideas – some of which the group thought may be to protect herself because she was known for committing some questionable acts – especially concerning puppies and their fur… Nevertheless, she had a pretty good idea in adding that nobody should be tried twice for the same crime and that creatures could not be called to testify against themselves in court. Her idea led to people “pleading the fifth” which means to call upon the law that protects you from saying something that might prove yourself guilty. And then the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

Always looking for the fastest way to the finish line, Lightening McQueen suggested that everyone should have the right to a speedy and public trial by a fair jury in the land where the crime was committed. He also thought it was important that if a creature was accused of a crime, they should be informed of the charges against them, be able to call witnesses in their defense and have the help of a lawyer.

And then the 6th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

Aladdin was worried about the little guys and the petty disputes that always come up in the marketplace. So, he proposed that in common law suits everyone should have the right to a jury and once the decision is made – it is final and no other court can hear the case. And the 7th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

Scrooge McDuck had some ideas too. He was worried about his money of course, so he wanted to be sure that fines and fees would be expensive and the punishments for crime would be too harsh. So, he proposed that excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed nor cruel and unusual punishment inflected. And the 8th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

James Madison spoke up and said “Wait a minute, we’re making a lot of extra rights and rules here and we may forget something or the list may get so long that it loses it’s power.” The group agreed. So, James Madison proposed that the enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Which means there are a lot of rights that all creatures shall have, even if they are not listed one by one on the Bill of Rights.

And then the 9th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

“What about under the sea?� said Sebastian. All the rules for the land lubbers don’t apply to those of us who live in the water. So, he proposed that the lands be able to make their own local laws that applied to people in their areas and that the Magic Kingdom could not revoke or change local laws of the lands so long as they did not interfere with the rights governed by the Kingdom.

And the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was written.

So, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were adopted throughout all the lands of the Magic Kingdom. The creatures lived by the rules and learned to respect each others rights. From time to time, there were new rights and rules that were proposed and changed.

Here are some other Constitutional Amendments that followed the Bill of Rights






• Abolished Slavery

• Prohibition of Alcohol

• Women’s Right to Vote

• Repeal of Prohibition

• Limits President to 2 Terms

The Magic Kingdom still lives by the rules set during it’s first Congress. The creatures have made many changes and the lands have grown. But the basic rights of all the creatures remain the same. And they all lived happily ever after‌

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Magic Kingdom Congress  

Journey to the Magic Kingdom where Disney's most famous characters use the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights as inspiration to w...

Magic Kingdom Congress  

Journey to the Magic Kingdom where Disney's most famous characters use the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights as inspiration to w...