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Visual Proposal Roman Road 2118 Due to my second project outcome consisting of still images as opposed to moving image, I feel that the best way in promoting my narrative would be through public transport advertising. I myself make the commute every day to and from university and in doing so find myself lost in a world of digital promotions through public transport. Whether its endless posters on the way down to the underground or signs at the bus stop, they are everywhere.

Public Transport Advertisments

For the following designs, I have decided to keep to a minimalistic theme, with all designs featuring the ‘Avenir book’ typeface, a typeface I consider to be very. When comparing the following poster project designs to that of the last, it is clear to see the immediate difference. The original posters in project 2 were that of a very much chaotic nature, merging images and extreme edits through Photoshop etc. whereas with these posters I have tried to place them into the correct context fitting with other typical surrounding advertisements.

I feel as if the unusual nature of the still images featured on these posters will result in viewers asking questions of the visual proposal, a very much enticing way of promoting my narrative.

Social Media Promotion

Due to instagram being one of the largest social media platforms to date, I feel that it would be a great way to promote my narrative. Here I have created a new instagram account by the name of RomanRoad2118. The account features up close snapshots of my stills along with various advertisements and promotional material.

Visual proposal final  
Visual proposal final