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In an effort to provide additional services to our users in the area of real estate professional networking, recently formed a new business to develop a real estate professional networking business, including a web site and real-world networking events. What this means for you As a PropertyShark user, you immediately qualify to be a member of the new business, meaning that you will be pre-registered on the new site and may receive promotional emails from it about the site or events in your area. This arrangement is exclusive to users. Through the website, which will launch under a new name within 90 days, you will be able to: Advertise your skills and services to over 300,000 members Build your cross-industry professional network Discover events in your area relevant to your professional needs Join or form professional groups and discussion forums Search job listings, property listings, and service listings Upload and privately share deals, projects, and related documents Co-registration agreement data fields As part of the formation of the new business, we created an agreement to allow it access to the following fields from our user database: name, email address, profession, primary region, and secondary region. No other user information has been or is being shared between the two companies. How to opt-out We are concerned about your privacy needs. While we developed this agreement working within the guidelines of our Privacy Policy, you may elect to have your information removed from this Co-registration Agreement. If you do so, you may not be able to register on the new site without an invitation from another member, as this arrangement is being made exclusively with To have your user data removed from this agreement, click here to opt out. To go to, click here. Start using PropertyShark

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