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Diablo 3 Billionaire - Hardcore Mode Offers Players a Real Challenge in Diablo 3 Diablo 3’s hardcore game mode offers players a truly challenging experience. It plays exactly like the standard version of the game, except for one incredible difference: you only live once. In hardcore mode, once your character dies, it is gone forever. The items disappear with it, but any gold you’ve collected is still shared amongst your other hardcore characters. This game mode is obviously not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. Players need to utilize the best strategies possible to ensure they stay out of danger, especially once they reach the later acts of Hell and beyond. The smallest slip up can cause hours of game play to be completely erased. A different mindset from the standard game mode is necessary to ensure success in the hardcore version of the game. An important point to note is that hardcore has its own auction house. Also gold is not shared between your hardcore and normal characters. Hardcore characters own their own separate gold, which is shared only between other hardcore characters you create. There is also a stash shared between all your hardcore characters. When a character dies, its items are not placed into the stash, they simply get deleted with the character. Only the most prepared players are successful in the hardcore game mode. It requires intimate knowledge of the game and perfect strategies if you hope to be successful. Hardcore mode offers a different type of experience that even the most veteran of Diablo 3 players will be challenged by. Truly The World's First, Only And Most Complete Diablo 3 Package ,here : Diablo 3 Billionaire

Diablo 3’s hardcore game