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“Tacoma’s Got Talent” Talent Show:! NLF’s ProTeen initiative will highlight the many vibrant gifts and talents that our city’s youth possess. !For more information, contact Alex Davis at

NLF’s Proyecto MoLÉ initiative will gather Latino youth from !"#$%&"$%!'()*"+,&!$,'-!)!.')!'/)0+10'2%!".#),'3,+4.#*+!56*' campus for the 8th'),,%)7'289:;<'=<39>'-3??:9@! The Summit is committed to inspiring Latino Students in grades 8th-11th through inspirational speakers, !a post-secondary opportunities fair, and workshops on topics including education, +AA+&#)!+$,'),B'1,),0+)7'C7),,+,&@ Save the Date: NLF’s 4th Annual “In our Back Yard” barbeque and fundraiser D+77'E.'$,'9"%#*B)5F'8%&%*!'GH!"@'?$#.'B.!)+7*')#.'*$$,'!$'I$77$D@

Date, Time, & Location

August 24th

April 20th

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God delivers a vision that must have been utterly unfathomable to the people of Israel.! Yet through NLF President, Pat Talton Zechariah, God nevertheless unfolds this powerful image: a city “Old men and old women will come back to where the most vulnerable, the Jerusalem, sit on benches on the streets and elderly, and the youth, experience spin tales, move around safely with their the city as a place of peace, as a canes—a good city to grow old in. And boys playground. !"#$ %&'()$ *&(($+(($,-.$/01(&2$ /!'3)4$ (!0%-&"%$ " It is this vision that NLF and playing—a good city to grow up in." works to live into every day through our work in the City of —Zechariah 8:5 (The Message, Tacoma. Our vision is that all Eugene Peterson) residents, young and old, will experience the city as a place of abundant peace— " Z e c h a r i a h d e l i v e r s t h i s a good city to grow up and grow old in.!! prophetic message of urban renewal At the end of the day, all of work to a broken Jewish community and a —our programs, direct services, devastated city. After having spent c o n v e n i n g o f l e a r n i n g seventy long years in Babylonian communities, and capacity captivity, the Jewish people were building—is only as good as it 1,)775' C.#A+!!.B' !$' #.!%#,' !$' !".+#' works toward this vision of God’s homeland.! Yet they arrive in peace being made manifest in K.#%*)7.AF' $,75' !$' 1,B' !".+#' E.7$4.B' our city. “City of Peace” as anything but " In this new quarterly peaceful. Only rubble remains of newsletter, we are excited to !".+#' $,0.' A)&,+10.,!' !.AC7.@! Its share with you some glimpses of formerly impenetrable walls lie in where we see this peace actually ruins. Into this urban battleground, taking place. Too often our

wonderful “City of Destiny” gets a bum rap.! ' (.')#.'J$$B.B' D+!"' negative images of our city, to the point where we are blind to God’s graceful movement of renewal.! As you read through these pages, please take it as an invitation to be a part of this work we feel called to, living into Zechariah’s vision of Peace: seeing our city as a playground.!! -NLF President/CEO,

Encouraging, developing, and strengthening leadership for the spiritual and social renewal of the


717 Tacoma Ave. South Suite A Tacoma, WA 98402 Phone: 253.272.0771 Fax: 253.272.0719 Website: NON-PROFIT ORG US POSTAGE PAID TACOMA, WA PERMIT NO.340

Urban Leaders in Training:Transforming Young adults into leaders What do I do with my life?! Where do my passions meet the needs of our city? How do I live out my faith in a meaningful way? These are just a few of the questions that young adults wrestle with in a year of service through NLF’s Urban Leaders in Training (ULT) initiative.! Now in its 5th year, ULT selects groups of emerging leaders to participate in year of full-time service and intensive training.! Participants serve in an NLF program or with partnering community organizations to meet the critical needs of Tacoma’s most vulnerable populations. " Current participants coordinate after-school tutoring programs for high-risk youth, work with homeless families, and increase college access to underrepresented students.! They receive a modest living stipend and an AmeriCorps education award that can be used to pay off student loans or future educational opportunities.! # Through the Urban Leaders in Training initiative, NLF seeks to transform these young adults into leaders with a heart to serve. It is our hope that

Financial Snapshot

2012-2013 Distribution of Expenses

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Capacity Building 14% Management 3% & General



Education 39%

Picture features ULT participant, Taryn Kloster.

would see a new generation of leaders raised up throughout the city who have a deep heart to live out their faith in concrete ways.! As participant, Taryn Kloster puts it: “ULT teaches me to be fully present in my community through service and engagement.! I’ve learned what it means to let the city transform the way I see.! This year has given me a fresh lens and much needed tools to help me thrive on this often B+I10%7!' L$%#,.5' $I' *.#4+0.@' M$#'!")!' :' )A' +,0#.B+E75' thankful.”

Leadership Development

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87% of the NLF’s operational budget goes directly to services and programming formulated to address critical needs in our community. To become a part of the NLF difference, please go here to make a donation:

The Eagle Center: Holistic Approaches to Serving the Youth

Community Leader Spotlight: Tara Yi

Eagle Center for Community Learning is a collaborative partnership between the Northwest Leadership Foundation, Tacoma360, and First Creek Middle School, working to transform First Creek into a full service community school.! As a full service community school, First Creek will become a hub in the Eastside area of Tacoma, offering a holistic approach to serving youth and their families. Services provided will not only ready students for college and beyond, but will also help meet the social and educational needs of their families. Programs range from after-school tutoring for students, to opportunities for parents to continue their education, to free tax preparation for low-income families. These services will not just prepare better students; they’ll help create a better community. NLF and its partners )#.' 0$,1B.,!' !")!' *%0"' ),' )CC#$)0"' D+77' )77$D' !".'

Tara Yi is one of Tacoma’s many leaders who have personally felt the effects of your support and the impact of NLF’s mission. Tara grew up in Tacoma and 1#*!' ".)#B' )E$%!' ;2M' D"+7.' )!!.,B+,&' 2+,0$7,' >+&"'-0"$$7@' -".'E.0)A.')' 1#*!' generation college student after receiving a full-need scholarship through the Act Six program and graduating from Whitworth University with a B.A. in Biology. Through the leadership training Tara received she grew to further appreciate her own heritage as well as the rich diversity of Tacoma. Tara’s heart for the Tacoma community has brought her

Eagle Center to realize its vision: “That all youth and I)A+7+.*'#.)0"'!".+#'&$)7*'),B'I%7177'!".+#'B#.)A*@N

Picture features First Creek middle school student with mentor


full circle. This year she returned to NLF, deciding to give a year of service as a part of the Urban Leaders in Training program where she works with Act Six to support and nurture young C.$C7.' )*' !".5' 1,B' !".+#' 4$0)!+$,' ),B' grow into the next generation of community leaders. Tara sees the important work of challenging and inspiring Tacoma’s young people as a lifelong call and plans to pursue this passion as a high school science teacher.

Picture features ULT participant, Tara Yi

Encouraging, developing, and strengthening leadership for the spiritual and social renewal of the city...


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