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Halloween Everybody has been excited waiting for Halloween at the American School in Japan! It has finally come. Everybody is hyped up and ready. After a hurried lunch, students quickly put on their scary clothes. Chris Klemm remarked, “it was kind of strange changing in front of the moms, but who cares?” After assuming their new identities they walked around the school in a parade to show off their costumes. Muditha /zombie said, “Ya, am very excited for Halloween. I can get all the candy I want.” There is a huge line for the library because every year the library is the most popular. The line is probably going to be lined up all

day. After some kids came out we asked the about it. Cody said, “It was the best ever!!!” Viplav said, “The main idea was a dead rock band. When the music starts everybody comes alive and starts rocking!!!” The party is a crazy mad house. Some of the kids have been sent to the hospital because they have had too much sugar. Some kids have had a heart attack from the scary costumes, but everybody came home safely.


Halloween is scary

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